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also remembered:

took a lot of valtrex 3 yrs ago when dr thought it was herpes - but didn't go away - finally realised it was allergy and aclovate cream helped. Similar charact - crusty scabs, red pimples.

Have taken quite a bit of antihistamines in the past although havent taken in the past yr

Also 3 yrs ago took advair and albuterol for a chesty cough that wasnt gng away and hurt. Had a v low level of vitamin d which caused calcificatin in left rib area.
Skhan last decade
since we are gng into so much detail - I think might be good if i give mental symptoms too. I am vey emotional and sensitive, cry very easily - movies, books, happy occasions.Don't like to watch the news or hear about bad things happening in the world. Get anxious quite quickly about getting things done, am always able to accomplish but not without stress. Am a perfectionist, want things the perfect way, get depressed when they don't turn out the way I wnt them to (like wanted natural birth, had to take pitocin to speed up labour and got v upset) Am stubborn, don't like to admit I'm wrong, have a difficult time saying sorry. Dont like to be alone most of the time, depend greatly on my husband. At night prior to preg, have difficulty falling asleep bc of worrying about family abroad, esp younger sister.

Tend to snore, talk in my sleep. Stomach weak point - stress leads to cramping and gastric problems. 4 years ago almost everything i ate caused stomac cramps. Never really took anything for it.

Feet also weak point - callouses,ingrown nails. nails break very easily, painfully.
Skhan last decade
baby has spots on throat right under chin - these aren't new but i forget about them easily bc they're hidden under his chin, you have to really move his chin up to see them. They're not like the eczema on the face - basically raised spots (like hives but not as prominent) and slightly red. I thought they were drool rash before bc he drools a lot.

He also has a red, strawberry birthmark right under centre of nose. Not sure if that is related.

Sorry for all the posts but I'm trying to be much more thorough and comprehensive, looking at every little thing.

Skhan last decade
take sulphur dose as mentioned...

no problem writing all feel to--in fact i prefer this---

how many pregnacies in life?abortions?miscarriages?

herpes first break out--what was going on in life a this time?

mother is to use no skin coverings at all --same as applies to child applies to mother---
John Stanton last decade
This was my first pregnancy - no abortions/miscarriages.

Had the first herpes breakout during a very stressful time in my life. Was constantly arguing w/mother - my husband (then fiance) was abroad. Same w/allergy where i was given valtrex - had just come back from hectic business trip and was on atkins diet - v strict made myself miserable.

Will take sulphur tom morning now, thks

will take tom morning now - thks
Skhan last decade
ok--keep me informed
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

I took the dose this morning - so far nothing much to report. Baby spat up a couple of times but he did that a lot last night too so don't think it was bc of the sulphur.

I don't feel any different so far either. Will keep you posted, thks
Skhan last decade
no difference in child's appetite?

what is weather like there?any cahnge from past days?
John Stanton last decade
He did manage to go three hours without eating once in the afternoon (usually starts getting upset 2 hours, sometimes 1.5 hours) so I don't know if that's a positive change or not. Length of feedings the same. Seems a little happier than normal although was still screaming when sleepy (like before)

It's warm but cloudy outside - no rain for a change. It's been very grey but temperature's been high.
Skhan last decade
when exactly was last time rained? what excat temperature there currently?what was temp yesterday?

how were child's naps?please explain
John Stanton last decade
It rained last time on the 6th - temperature today was 78 degrees - yesterday was 80. The temp has been around this for the past week or so.

He napped the same to be honest - 1/2 hour sessions. Cried on waking each time.
Skhan last decade
we will know more by morning..
John Stanton last decade
He was still restless at night although didn't cry as much as before. Only once at 2am but he screamed a lot then, couldn't nurse him back to sleep until picked up, carried around and calmed down. Eczema still quite itchy. He spat up once upon waking, very solid looking.

I felt very lethargic yesterday, couldn't keep my eyes open. feel fine this morning.
Skhan last decade
when last time felt this sort of lethargic-ness before?

how is your apetite?

spit up on waking--i sthis usual ? or seem out of place at all?
John Stanton last decade
i havent felt this sleepy in a while - last night around 10pm couldn't keep my eyes open was so tired - like when I used to take antihistamines that made me sleepy.

Appetite is fine - actually felt quite hungry yesterday.

He hasn't spat up in the morning in quite a few days actually - the majority of the spitting up was in the afternoon in the past. Today as soon as he woke up on 2 occasions he spat up curdled milk.

His stool was back to being watery today as well as very bad smelling.
Skhan last decade
a few more things:

I was very bloated yesterday, stomach very full. Usually feel like that after fruit, esp orange juice but haven't had fruit in days now.

Hair still falling. Every time I brush or run fingers through. forgot to mention earlier my hair started going grey quite early. Not sure if that helps in diagnosis.

Skhan last decade
grey hair--when exactly start (date)?

mother's age ?weight?height?
what ills/diseases in family history?
John Stanton last decade
mother's age: 28
weight: 140lbs
height: 5 ft 5'

Grey hair started around age 21 - became very bad at 24, need for colouring. I have very dark hair so very prominent.

My mother suffers from rheum arthritis - she got it very early around 25 and also went grey quite early. Also has high bp, hypertension. father has high cholesterol,high bp, diabetes. History of diabetes on father's side and liver problems. Arthritis very prevalent on mom's side. Younger Sister had thyroid problem
as well. My other sister went grey at age 12.
Skhan last decade
His naps today have not been even 1/2 hour long so far - much less than in previous days - he also hasn't been feeding all that much, been sleeping halfway through. Seems to me like he's spitting up more than usual too. He's also itching a lot upon waking.
Skhan last decade
is child itching to point of bleeding ?
John Stanton last decade
yes he has a number of red cuts on his forehead and nose
Skhan last decade
how has mother's skin condition(s) been afected?please explain
John Stanton last decade
i was still v itchy this morning/afternoon - under knees, legs - didn't really have the eczema at this time so nothing to comment there.
Skhan last decade

Baby was very cranky today - woke up seconds after going to sleep and generally not very happy. He also has diarrhea - passed about 4 watery stools. His head feels very hot although he doesn't have fever. His eczema is worse than ever, he cut his cheek badly by scratching, bled quite a bit.

Does this mean sulphur didn't agree with him?
Skhan last decade
aggravtin is due to similitude of remedy and child's ill---and wrong dosing--would have been best for me prescribe sulphur LM1 --butno way know sensitivity until test dose response is observed--so now we are o notinterrupt --as long as aggitation is not grave..if so--then will need prescribe so as to calm state ....

what new (never occurred in life before symptoms ) have come up since sulphur dose?

no other medicines --no topicals atall either..

has mother followed food restrictions?please explain

what is mother's exact state of health at this time?
John Stanton last decade
the only new thing was him waking as soon as i put him down - that happened on 3 occasions yesterday but not since then.

if this is aggravation, shouldn't it have subsided within 24-48 hrs?

no medicines or topicals used by either of us.

i have not had anything sweet at all - bread im afraid i couldn't give up. Acidic foods i also havent had, no teas, drinks etc

I'm still bloated, not that itchy anymore. Had stomach cramps yesterday, have had tem before when foods I ate didn't agree with me.

Is it normal that there was no improvement at all?

Skhan last decade

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