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Help with choosing the right remedy

I am 33 old woman and I need some help with choosing the right remedy for myself.
After a lot of work on myself, I found out that my problems are the situations in which I have no control. I had panic attacks when I am in a crowd, in closed room, airplains, any place I couldn't get out if I wanted to. I have learned to deal with a lot of this situations, but it still happens occasionally, especially when I'm flying (I have to fly a lot because of my work). I feel anxiety before I get on the plain, I feel afraid... When I get on the plain, my hart is beating loud, I can't relax... The problem are my thoughts, I'm thinking what would happen if I had to get out (and I can't), if something bad would happend with the airplain... This is a very bad experience for me every time, and it ends the moment when I get out. I feel anxiaty also when I'm on a boat, or any place I'm not able to do what I want (if I would want to do something, even if there is no need to do it, it is all in my head).

I hope I gave you enough informations to help me.

  anchie on 2006-07-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What is your experience when you take an elevator at airports? Also mention in detail about your experience when you take a 'lift' say in hotels etc to go from one floor to other floor.
freeconsult last decade
The feeling is the same, I avoid getting in to elevator when ever I can. When I get in, I'm thinking what if it stops, can't wait to get out of it.
anchie last decade

1. Age-
2. Sex-
3. Weight-
4. Mode of living-
5. Occupation-
6. Disposition when present complaint(s) was not present-
7. Complexion-
8. Colour of the hair-
9. Lean or Corpulent-
10. Former Sickness if any (give details)-
11. Course and cure of such Sickness if any-
12. Any sequealae such sickness has left(if any)-
13. Kind of treatment received-
14. What medicines taken-
15. Describe present disease in detail-
16. Emphasize the most prominent and most trouble symptoms-
17. How the patient feels about the suffering/disease-
18. How those around the patient observe the matter-
19. Please state all the symptoms in detail regarding the disease-
20. Location on the body affected-
21. What aggravates the suffering-
22. What ameliorates the suffering-
23. What times of day/hour/season suffering is aggravated-
24. What times of day/hour/season suffering is ameliorated-
25. What influence is exerted by rest , motion,lying ,sitting,standing,walking,running,riding on horseback or vehicle etc.-
26. What influence is exerted by warmth or cold, open air, Rooms,various enjoyments ,by touch ,by baring the body, by over heating,by eating and drinking ,by bathing,by emotions,by clothes, by dry or wet weather,by thunder storms, by day light, candle light etc . . Also mention relation of any of these factors In aggravation or amelioration of condition-.
27. Any thing unusual about perspiration-
28. Which part of body perspires unusually more (if any)-
29. Any unusual in Odour of body,perspiration,stool,odour of breath –
30. Any Sleep dis order-
31. Any preferred side to sleep-
31.Any particular disease/suffering effecting your family through generations i.e
hereditary ailments if any e.g. diabetes,blood pressure,Heart ailments, Eczema,Leucorrhoea, Warts.Cancer, Tuberculosis-
32. How is thirst?
33. Any vertigo?
34. Any Headache?
35. Any eye and vision problem-
36. Any Nose and smell problem-
37. Any Respiratory problem-
38. Any throat problem-
39. Any skin problem give details-
40. Any stomach/digestion problem-
41. Any food/drink dis agrees-
42. Craving for any particular food/drink-
43. Any heart/chest problem-
44. Any Constipation-
45. Any pains in hands and limbs-
46. Any urinary problem-
47. Any Gynaecological problem-
48. Any sexual problem-
49. Any allergy-
50. Any peculiar habit, symptom, feeling, occurrence-
51. Any particular time of day agrees or dis agrees-
52. Any particular season agrees or disagrees-
freeconsult last decade
Please answer the above questions in detail and in your own words and the way it comes to you .
This will help prescribe you the remedy at earliest.
freeconsult last decade
hi patient

u have described a lot mental symptoms
but we also need physical symptoms

pls reply and u can also email me
i will try my best to guide u

take care
Dr. Hasnaat
Hasnaat last decade
1.33 age
2. Female
3. 60kg
4. With boyfriend
5. Technical consultant in telecommunication
6. No problems before
8. Brown
9. Medium
10. -
11. -
12. -
13. Group therapy
14. None
15. Fear, anxiety, panic attacks in situations where I have no control
16. Thought of going insane, depress, no way out
17. I want to stop thinking about it
18. Only the people I told about the problem, knows about it. Somethimes talk helps
19. Heart beating, feeling warm, hands shaking, want to get out
20. Head
21. Location: aeroplane, boat, closed rooms, crowd...
22. When I get out or do something to stop thinking about the problem eg. reading
25.There are no rules, something walking, moving helps
26. Warmth, loud talking by other people, any loud sound usually aggrevates
27. -
28. -
29. -
30. Only when I'm thinking of this problem
31. no
32. no
33. vertigo yes
34. no headache
35. no eye problem
36. no nose problem
37. somethimes a lack of breath because of the panic feeling
38. no
39. no
40. no
41. no
42. no
43. hart beating loud
44. no
45. no pain
46. no
47. no
48. no
49. allergy on penicillin
50. -
51. -
52. -
anchie last decade
Some friend recommended Gelsemium remedy, this helps him while flying. Could this work in my case?
anchie last decade
Belladonna is reputed remedy for air and sea sickness. But It appears your case is some what unique. Pls allow me more time I am posting some questions u have to answer.Regarding Gels. I will confirm only after thorough case study.

since u told about vertigo pls clarify following points?


1. Nature of Vertigo(whirling around,falling forward,to the side,backward in a circle,etc.-
2. Time of day of occurrence(morning,fore noon,after noon,evening,night before midnight,after midnight)
3. According to position and circumstances
• Aggravated-
• Improved(e.g.on rising from bed or from a seat ,on raising oneself up,while moving,while at rest, when stooping, on awaking, before,durng or after eating,while riding,during the chill, during the heat,in the open air, in the room, while walking , riding, ascending,while lying on the back, on the side, while looking upward, during warmth, during cold, during or after stool m,after drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.)

4. Attendant troubles (e.g. it becomes black before the eyes, nausea and vomiting, yawning, flushes of heat, various pains in the head or the body,bleeding in the nose, weariness and swooning,trembling etc.)
freeconsult last decade
Why do you desire to get out of crowd , or closed rooms ?
How is your stool? Any diarrhoetic complaint?
freeconsult last decade
Any time you get a bad headache?
Any time your eye gets in trouble with reddish ness?

Any thing u desire unusually more in your diet like salt,sugar, cold food or hot food?
freeconsult last decade
I mentioned vertigo but it happens only in a panic situation, not isolated. I just feel like I might collapse, as an effekt of fear, heart beating, but it didn't actually happen.
anchie last decade
I don't feel comfortably in crowd, I had one unpleasent situation when people started to panic and run, and I couldn't get out. It is just a feeling that I might be captured between all of them. I just avoid crowds.

Somethimes I have a bad headache, but it is not connected to a panic situation, I didn't find any pattern.

About food, nothing unusually, I prefer salty food, hot more than cold.
anchie last decade
How is ur stomach?
Any gastric Trouble?
Do you sleep nicely in the night?
How is your bowels ? Any constipation?

Any pilesproblem?
freeconsult last decade
What do you do to get relief from the headache?

For how long this Fear of crowd , haunting you?

How is your skin?
freeconsult last decade
No stomach or gastic trouble and no problem sleeping at the night. My bowels are ok, no constipation.

I take an aspirine for my headache.

Fear of crowd appears only when I am in a crowd, as soon as get out, it stops.

My skin white.
anchie last decade
Please mention if any eye irritation or problem showing off either Occasionally or may be frequently?

How frequent is the headache?

Please mention piles/fistula problem troubles you if any ?

How many times u go for stool in a day?
freeconsult last decade
I have no eye iritation.

The headache appear maybe once a month or two months.

No pilesor fistula problems.

Stool maybe one/twice a day, I don't have any trouble with that.
anchie last decade
O.k May be I will be able to help u with the remedy to morrow
freeconsult last decade

Aconitum Napellus 200,
30 no. globules ,
5 globules once daily for 10 days

and inform about action or lack of action.
freeconsult last decade
If I undrestand correctly, I should take 5 globules per day, for 10 days? All 5 at the same time?

How do I take them? With water or to let them melt in mouth?
anchie last decade
Also, should I take them now, even if I don't have any panic feelings?

I'm flying next week, should I take them now or then?
anchie last decade
Yes u have understood correctly. Take 5 glob. per day. for 10 days.

Yes u have to take 5 at the same time and allow it to melt in the tongue. Preferably take empty stomach.

U can obtain the maximum benefit if you shake the bottle of globules 4 to 5 times each time u take your dose.

Yes you can take now immaterial of whether you have panic feelings or not.

Since you are flying next week its best to take the medicine now so that by next week u can have a pleasent journey. Because now your vital force is normal and can be quietly altered compared to the period when your vital force would be agitated due to panic attacks.
freeconsult last decade
Ok, thanks. I will inform you about the results when I come back.
anchie last decade
freeconsult last decade

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