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Side effects of homeopathy

Are there any known side effects of taking homeopathic medicine? I have heard from many about there being steroids and some homeopathic medicines causing allergic reactions and even causing kidney/gall stones. Any views/suggestions?
  straylight121 on 2006-10-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
you may be confusing homeopathy with allopathic medicine and some herbal medicines.
With homeopathy you should get a healing reaction when you take the remedy - if any symptoms are a part of this it is because the body is activated into healing itself. You do not however get side effects.
erika last decade
no side effects? Im no homeopath but I do not agree with that statment at all.

I personally had a horrible reaction from Silicea that left me on the verge of pnemonia. I tell you after going through that I now have a new respect/fear of homeopathy and will no longer take a remedy on a whim.
Jay 15 last decade
i agree with jay. my son was wrongly treated for eczema by a homeopath. i dont want to go into details with what happened to his skin, lets just say it was unimaginable horror for a 5yr old. and even though his skin is better now with allopathy meds (yes, he is facing allo ill-effects in full fledge now), the eczema still keeps coming back in places where it never existed ever before.
nineclouds last decade
Dear Stray.

As with ANY system of medicine, Homoeopathy can indeed cause some detrimental effects, WHEN improperley prescribed, regardless of what other Homoeopaths seem to believe.

In my own practice of 12 years, I would say that of all the thousands of patients I have treated, at least 30% of these have been suffering from the ill effects of either the prescribing methods of other (usually non-classical) Homoeopaths, or self-prescribing. We must never forget that dues to the nature of Homoeopathy, remedies have the ability to also CAUSE what it can cure, when improperley prescribed.

However, to answer your question more specifically, bought from a REPUTABLE specialist Homoeopathic pharmacy, remedies will not be adulterated with such things as steroids (which is not Homoeopathy at all). As for kidney/gallstones, this is not a general 'side effect' resulting from all Homoeopathic remedies, but yes, if a patient were continually and unecessarily dosed with a remedy which has gallstones as part of it's drug pathogenisis, the condition could indeed result over time, the same as any symptom or condition could, which is part of a drug given under these circumstances.

This is why a competent and experienced Homoeopath should always be consulted, and the very reason why I do not advocate self-prescribing, in fact, if it were my choice, Homoeopathic remedies would only be available to practitioners and/or those who have sat some test to prove basic understanding of prescribing methods.

Best wishes.

Hahnemania last decade
Hmm, maybe this would be a good thread to keep going, for all those who have experienced ill effects from Homoeopathy. If nothing else it would give good information on exactly what KIND of prescribing methods caused the untoward reactions, and provide information of how to rectify such situations, to those still suffering.

Hahnemania last decade
Dear All

There are definite side effects of homoepathic medicines if wrongly taken, I lost 70% of my inner calves hair after taking selenium 30, five drops three times daily for my prostatitis for only 20 days, and the hair has never come back, although its been 3 years. When complained about it, the homeopath answered that it is a proving of selenium, and the hair will grow within few months, nothing to worry

So, my advise dont act on any advise you get on these kinds of forums, either go to an experienced homeopath or try to self educate yourself, so you judge a homeopath on these kind of forums


sazim last decade

'so you judge', should be read as 'so you can judge'

sazim last decade
Yes, there can be reaction and proving effects, but no side-effects in the traditional understanding of side effects.
Side effects produce same result in whoever takes the medicine. REmedy reactions differ from person to person and are therefore unpredictable.
When you take a remedy it acts as a catalyst to spur on the body's own healing reaction - it does not do more than this. Overprescription can therefore cause overreactions. The remedy and potency needs to address your level of energy..........if someone is in very poor health anything can cause a strong reaction, even a cup of tea or a vitamin pill let alone a homeopathic remedy.

Skilled homeopaths advise accordingly how to take the remedy to produce a true and productive healing reaction and are able to deal with remedy reactions accordingly.
Unskilled or untrained homeopaths cannot advise properly as they have not learnt these skills.
It does not matter however, whether the homeopath is classical or not! The important thing is the true understanding of homeopathic prescribing.
The unhappy results above are due to prescriptions of a non-homeopathic nature even though they have involved homeopathic medicines.
erika last decade
quote erika

'It does not matter however, whether the homeopath is classical or not! The important thing is the true understanding of homeopathic prescribing.'

Dear Erica

A classical homeopath is the one who has 'true' understanding of homeopathic prescribing.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
you just love this kind of discussion murthy?!
a true homeopath has a good classical understanding at root but does not always need to stick to classical methods!

the thing is here is that there are good and not so good classical homeopaths and good and not so good non-classical.
I have experience of both and so do my patients!
erika last decade
Here, here Murthy!

...and to Erika: 'a true homeopath has a good classical understanding at root but does not always need to stick to classical methods!'
This is a contradiction in terms. If one truly understands the basic principles, there is no need for such deviation.

Hahnemania last decade
Hi Erica

What are those non classical methods?

Repetetion when required is a classical method..

Change of medicine when required is a classical method..

Effecting a cure with a series of medicines that follow well one another is a classical method...

Giving an anti miasmatic medicine as intercurrent is a classical method..

Upping the potency when required is a classical method..

Giving medicines in water is a classical method..

What are the other non classical methods you are referring to?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Well, well, well
most possibly you consider a lot more things classical than you have implied previously!
I usually don't label anything as classical or non-classical and embrace all methods as homeopathy, as long as practised by a homeopath with a good understanding of homeopath and training. I merely used the term to describe what I presumed (maybe wrongly!!!) you felt to be not classical...............
let me know what you do not consider to be classical and I will be able to comment ...
? is this philsophy or homeopathy now???
erika last decade
quote Erica

'most possibly you consider a lot more things classical than you have implied previously!'

I always said following Organon is classical homeopathy. All the above I mentioned are there in it.

Just go and have a look. The book is available on line. Type 'Organon homeopathy' in google, and read the book.

Another quote.

' let me know what you do not consider to be classical and I will be able to comment '

This is really funny.

You tell us what are the other methods you were referring to other than the above. :)

bandarbabu2000 last decade
one more quote i missed answering.

'is this philsophy or homeopathy now???'

Practicing Homeopathy without understanding it's philosophy is likely to be dangerous to the patients.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
All in the organon is homeopathy, I totally agree - this is the best bedtime reading I possess and follow!
In German usually so that I can't fall foul of some of the minor translation faults!!

Again, I say, funny or not :) that I would rather see what you consider to be non-classical before commenting further on methods!
erika last decade

I will help you.

This is one of the 'classical' non classical methods.

Piles (burning)

Morning: Ars.alb 200

Afternoon : Aesculus 200

Night: Capsicum 200.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
the philosophy bit -
I was asking if you were trying to discuss homeopathy philosophically not whether you were discussing homeopathic philosophy!
Of course one must practise with good knowledge of homeopathic philosophy!
erika last decade
ok -
the prescriber may have very good clinical experience of this kind of prescription working (based on keynotes).
Usually with this kind of suggestion - with a 'good' homeopath, the patient would be asked to report back very frequently, so that review of symptoms is possible.
this is an acute situation I hope! certainly for chronics not!
erika last decade
allow me to stress that I would normally only use 1 remedy based on keynotes and not use the kind of suggested prescsription above, but I would also not be judgemental about such a use of homeopathy, as long as the prescsriber were a learned homeopath and not just bunching many remedies together!
erika last decade
The above prescription defies logic. Neither the so called classical nor the so called non-classical will prescribe like this unless, its very acute and its done for palliation.
maheeru last decade
It is not 'good clinical experience.'

It is utter laziness and lack of competence.

All the three medicines have burning pilesand so, give all of them and pray to God that atleast one of them will work.

This sort of homeopathy is the reason why we see so many patients with induced problems due to wrongly selected/administered homeopathic medicines.

You say you read Organon everyday, and understand what is classical homeopathy.

Now tell me which postulate of Organon supports this sort of prescription?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
where did I say I would give this sort of prescription?
what exactly are you trying to discuss here?
erika last decade
Dear Erika

hair disappearing from the calves ........what would you consider that

a reaction (so far irreversible in my case)

an aftereffect (so far irreversible in my case)

a side effect (so far irreversible in my case)

and something to open your eyes, as how homoeopathic medicine prescribed wrongly can be so dangerous, this is what clarke kent has mentioned in his materia medica of Silicea


Silicea. will set up suppuration in the vicinity and bring about their expulsion. (It is this property which makes it necessary sometimes to use Silicea. with caution; if there are deposits which have became encysted and so far rendered harmless, the administration of Silicea. might set up suppurative action, to the risk of the patient's life


sazim last decade
silica can be wrongly used, as clarke states, if a carbuncle for example is present as opposed to a boil. Also if one is trying to expel discharge that has no outlet - implosion of this kind is what I understand clarke may be referring to . It does not mean all doses of silica are wrong for these conditions merely that a trained homeopath should understand this and prescsribe well and cautiously.
your hairs, I do not know, it is a mystery to me to. But can you say totally that it is ONLY due to the Silica - I know the timing is coincidental, but it can be due to other events?
erika last decade

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