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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
silica can be wrongly used, as clarke states, if a carbuncle for example is present as opposed to a boil. Also if one is trying to expel discharge that has no outlet - implosion of this kind is what I understand clarke may be referring to . It does not mean all doses of silica are wrong for these conditions merely that a trained homeopath should understand this and prescsribe well and cautiously.
your hairs, I do not know, it is a mystery to me to. But can you say totally that it is ONLY due to the Silica - I know the timing is coincidental, but it can be due to other events?
erika last decade
For the reason silicea promotes expulsion of foreign objects, many homeopaths desist from prescribing it to people having pace maker machines, transplanted organs, or other artificial support structures within body. This is basic sense to be used.

Sazim dont try to indict Erica, she never told that silica could be administered casually.
maheeru last decade
thank you maheeru!
erika last decade
Quote Erica

'so where did I say I would give this sort of prescription?
what exactly are you trying to discuss here?'

This is too much. : )

You wanted an example of non classical method.

I gave it.

You defended it saying

'ok -
the prescriber may have very good clinical experience of this kind of prescription working (based on keynotes).
Usually with this kind of suggestion - with a 'good' homeopath, the patient would be asked to report back very frequently, so that review of symptoms is possible.
this is an acute situation I hope! certainly for chronics not! '

Now you say what you said. : )

We are trying to discuss what is proper homeopathy and what is foolish homeopathy.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
You are welcome erica.

To sazim:

I can cite a case, where a patient lost patches of hairs on 2 sides of the forehead and got a few gray strands by the age of 24.

It happened because, he took well indicated, constitutional remedy phosporous under a well trained, well experienced, well qualified classical homeopath who adheres strictly to classical methods(some of his habits were no tissue salt prescr, no vit. supplement prescription, no combination remedy etc)

Really when I checked the case analysis, phosporous was the indicated similimum in his case but inexplicably he got some problems with hairs.

This happens sometimes. He is waiting for his hairs to get ok even after taking antidotal nux dose, for the past 6 months under the same good prescriber.
maheeru last decade
I replied to a supposed prescription for the sake of discussion! :)

Foolish homeopathy is of course in existence but that does not mean that all classical homeopaths are not foolish! Just to be clear I am not referring to any classical homeopath on this forum with this comment, it is from my experience with some of my patients experiences.
Even with great knowledge foolish deeds are done.
erika last decade
Dear Erika

You responded the following
'merely that a trained homeopath should understand this and prescsribe well and cautiously'.

Agree to the above 100%, so according not each Tom, Dick and Harry can prescribe anything he wants to, but one should be trained, understand homeopathy and be cautious.

Please read my first post on this thread, It was Selenium not Silicea which caused the dissappearance of the hair, and which is its proving as well, even in my case Selenium was prescribed by a practising homeopath (even a practising homoepath can make a mistake and harm you), so one has to careful, while treated homeopathically

sazim last decade

read my posts carefully

silicea was given as an example, and never i have mentioned that erika said something about Silicea

Dont jump to conlusion maheeru

sazim last decade
apologies sazim for quoting wrong remedy!
erika last decade
Homeopaths do not practise to harm people. They treat with great care.
erika last decade
A classical homeopath who studied Organon in true letter and spirit too can make mistakes in drug selection.

But he has all the arsenal in his hands to correct his mistake and proceed.

Organon itself teaches how to do it.

Anyway, now I hope you are clear about classical homeopathy and classical methods.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Sazim I have read your posts.

Your Quote:

and something to open your eyes, as how homoeopathic medicine prescribed wrongly can be so dangerous, this is what clarke kent has mentioned in his materia medica of Silicea


Silicea. will set up suppuration in the vicinity and bring about their expulsion. (It is this property which makes it necessary sometimes to use Silicea. with caution; if there are deposits which have became encysted and so far rendered harmless, the administration of Silicea. might set up suppurative action, to the risk of the patient's life



I answered for the above points you made. And about the effects of selenium I ve already made a post about hair loss after phosporous.
maheeru last decade
They don't do it intentionally. They do it because of ignorance.

Have you ever heard the word 'Suppression'?

Or Hering's Law?

Or the driving the disese in to more important organs ?

Have you ever heard of cases cured of Eczema,by homeopathic medicines, but ended in asthma?

Have you ever heard of cases cured of Asthma ,but ended in backwardness in studies?

I can give many many examples.Whole books are written about the dangers of using homeopathic medicines recklessly, starting from Hann..to present day's GV and Vijayakar to name a few.
we heard about them, saw them..

and hece this caution about not to believe the prescriptions of every Tom,Dick and Harry..

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Erika

Not all homeopaths do that. I have seen practising homeopath in Karachi seeing 300 patients a day, even if 250 patients are coming for followup, you can not sit down and do a complete diagnosis of 50 patients a day, that is impossible. The idea that homeopathy doesnt harm you is so ingrained in every body's mind, that most of the time people are not looking for it, for the primary reason that the bad effects appear after a period of time, once the immune system or life force has failed fighting against it.

Patients are thus unable to make any connections between the treatments they had, and the aftereffects which appear with a lag.

sazim last decade
well said Sazim

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Prescribing on ANY one symptom, even with the addition of a SINGLE modality, whether it be by a classical or non classical Homoeopath, is NOT classical Homoeopathy.

How many patients do we see who actually have only ONE symptom? A true classical Homoeopath will look further into the case in order to uncover such additional symptoms, and also pay attention to the patients temperament when selecting the remedy. He will not merely prescribe a remedy in order to (often only) palliate the condition to keep the patients interest, and 'prey to god' he hits the mark.

Hahnemania last decade
'Foolish homeopathy is of course in existence but that does not mean that all classical homeopaths are not foolish! Even with great knowledge foolish deeds are done.'

Well said Erika, and Sazim.

Hahnemania last decade
Dear Jacob

Well then classification shall be made in to Foolish and non-foolish homeopaths(based on proper and improper prescribing methods) rather than classical and pseudo-classical homeopaths.

No pun intended.
maheeru last decade
P.S to Murthy, the above comment was not directed at you (which I just read back and could have sounded as such), as you were obviously saying the same thing. It was mereley my two cents on this.

Hahnemania last decade
But Maheeru, this is exactly what DEFINES classical and non/pseudo classical Homoeopaths, proper or improper prescribing methods, and it is only based on these things on which I have addressed such people.

Hahnemania last decade
Hello Jacob

My comment was mere extension of your statement. I meant no offense and at the same time it was not directed against anybody personally.
maheeru last decade
Dear Mahheru, no offense taken, but I will admit I perhaps thought you were coming from the other side as it where...it's becoming very difficult to work out who's arguing with who on here anymore!

Okay, all classical Homoeopaths to the right of the room, all the...others, to the left, quick march...

(That was a joke btw, before anyone goes ape)

Hahnemania last decade
THis thread started off as side effects of homeopathy - this I now understand to be intended to mean 'unwanted effects' of remedies. ?correct or not please?
The discussion has verged off somewhat into a 'what is a homeopath' stage and 'who is the best'.
I agree, as all homeopaths would, that careful casetaking is a must. Keynote prescribing never prescribes on one symptom along but on an obvious presentation of a central remedy picture from a collection of symptoms.
I have no experience of large clinics/too little time so cannot comment,apart from saying it certainly sounds impossible!!
However,I also do feel some lengthy clinics may lead to prescription on what the prescriber 'thinks' is the case rather than what the patient is telling - i.e. too much information can cloud the thought process.In all instances a thorough, casetaking is essentail.

Maybe it would be helpful now for partakers to comment on any reasons these 'unwanted' effects may occur when it is not from faulty (albeit unintentionally faulty) prescribing.
There are often other factors in a persons life which add to the effects daily happening. For instance the introduction of new cosmetics, sprays, unwanted relationships, arguments, which change things.
REactions can of course be a return of previous symptoms and curative (sometimes needing help to be calmed down if on overreactive reaction).
REactions are not always bad. Herings law is of course always observed here.

I have never seen so-called homeopathic suppression though - even tho I was told it could happen when studying -
erika last decade
along should read 'alone'
erika last decade
Dear Jacob

Your experience is mostly in dealing with chronic cases.

Mine is with acute cases.

Hence there can be some confusion.

Let me try to sort it out.

When a patient comes to you either with pain or fever or any other acute symptoms, the first priority is to give relief from the complaint for which he came to us.

A single complete symptom relavant to the pain, with location, sensation, modality particulars will allow the prescriber to choose the most appropriate medicine for that acute phase.

All the other symptoms he has before the onset of the chronic problem have to wait.

His altered disposition, behaviour or any other noticable difference,after the onset of the acute problem can be taken as a concomitant to confirm the remedy.

I feel most of the seekers here want to get relief fast.

If it is an acute problem for which they are seeking medicine, I think one can prescribe even on a single symptom.

However, for best results, all changed symptoms since the onset of the acute problem is to be taken into account, but, most of the time that info will not be forth coming.

I know it is not wise to prescribe even on a single symptom even if it is complete,but it will definitely be better than the hit and miss approach.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Murthy, of course you are right, my experience is mostly in chronic disease, and while I would agree with most of your assertions, I still do not agree that prescribing on just one single symptom is good Homoeopathy. There is always more to a case than just one symptom, whether it be chronic or acute.

Hahnemania last decade

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