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Aggravation - what does it tell?

I am looking for a constitutional remedy for my 6 years old son. I chose Petroleum. I gave it for the first time three days ago and I was going to give 200c three times.

After giving the first dose, the boy woke up the following night saying, that his chest is freezing.
I decided not to give any more dozes.
Still the boy has been really irritating and disobediant ever since. And his face is pale.
What does this aggravation tell? That the remedy is not the right one? That the remedy is defenately working? The potency was to high?

I have noticed before that the boy responds strongly to remedies.
I gave months ago Sulphur 200c x3. He became violent, and the dermatitis became worse than ever.
I do think there is a lot of Sulphur elements in him. But I am scared of giving it again.

I am looking the remedy because of
- he catches cold every month, and yellow mucus keeps on coming for weeks and weeks
- dermatitis (dry, itching, under neck, behind knees and arms)
- getting headache in the car
- disobedience (he feels he is powerful and the boss).
  Snowflake on 2006-11-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear snowflake.

The reaction of your son could indicate one of three things:
1/. The remedy is correct, and your son is aggravating, which will pass, taking the original symptoms away with it (this would depend on how long ago the remedy was given)
2/. The remedy was wholly incorrect, and your son is now proving it
3/. The remedy has cleared away a 'layer' and something else is now presenting (the least likely in view of the similarity in his present behaviour and that of Petroleum patients).

Either way, this outlines why home prescribing with only a little knowledge is NOT a good idea.

It is not enough to match symptoms to remedy, this is only part of what is necessary to prescribe. You must be able to assess the reaction of the patient and what to do next. Whether to change the remedy, apply it higher, antidote it, wait etc etc.

My advice would be to wait a little while, and see if the symptoms dissipate (if it was not too long ago it was actually given?), if they do not, then an antidote may need to be given, which should be carried out BEFORE any further remedies are administered.

JCS2006 last decade
Dear Jacob,

Thank you for answering.

I gave the medicine only two days ago. This is an immediate reaction what has been happening. And I think the boy was better this evening, after 48 hours of giving the medicine. He was not that pale like in still this morning. His behavior is still out of the line, but that could be the case anyway.

I will wait 4-6 weeks before giving it again. Unless the situation will not be calmed.

I do know how complicated substance homepathy is and how much art there is in it. I have been studying it by myself for seven years and seen a homepathy working. BUT I am so keen to learn more, also by describing by myself. Unfortunately I do not know antidotes and miasms, not yet.

I will see in a while if the remedy was correct. But I would appriciate any kind of advice.

Is there any answer why he reacts to small potencies(200c) so strongly?
Snowflake last decade
200c is not a small potency. It comes in medium range.

Some are very sensitive to homeopathic medicines. They react even on the first dose.

You have to proceed cautiously in such cases. You have to give the medicine,mixed in a large amount of water, and only a sip is to be taken out of it.

Never repeat the medicine for such people, and wait for a week atleast to observe response.

gavinimurthy last decade
Thanks Murthy for your reply. I also found (by google) your over one year old mail concerning aggravations. I am much wiser now.

I have one more question about consititutional remedies (not this case): After the constitutional remedy has come to it's end and you must find a new remedy - is there a special way to find the new remedy? Must the following remedy be from the same group, or is there any direct reply for this?
Snowflake last decade
No simple answer to that question? But in the long term I feel it helps to look at cases from a miasmatic perspective. Literally, books have been written on case managment and miasms. Its the hardest part of homeopathy.
Sorry I know that doesnt answer your good question.
Sycotic last decade
Describe his headache....
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Boy's age, what illnesses he has been through from child hood till now ??
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hello, i am just curious, what is the boys diet?? is he eating healthy or not??

if not, that can be the explination of a cold happening each month, and other symptons you described, simple changes in diet should fix that up.
musicman last decade
Hello everybody,

The boy is 6 years old. He has always been quite healthy and never had anything serious. I guess scarlet fever has been the most serious, or chicken box. Well, he has all the national vaccinations.

Mainly he just catches cold easily. He does not easily get fever, only slight temperature. Catching cold means he gets tired and pale, and the nose is running.
He has very good appetite and eats healthy and almost anything I give him.

He gets headache in the car. When he watches dvd, he does not get it. But if he reads a book on his lap, or is looking out, he gets pale and complains that he feels sick. He does not vomit (except once, but then he was sick with temperature), but says he has headache and puts his head to middle of the head or to the front.
At the same time he likes roller coasters and amusements that are the most terrible ones. I don't quite understand the dilemma.

He also gets same kind of headache every time he catches cold or is sick. Actually when ever I give him painkiller, I don't give it because of high fever, but because of headache.

The boy has not been able to describe the headache more specific to me. Maybe the headache is not at the back side of the head like Petroleum discripes it, but as well I am not sure where exactly the pain is.
Snowflake last decade

I would need some help. The boy has always been early bird, but now he is waking up even 5.30!
I wonder if I should repeat Petroleum, even if I gave it just two weeks ago. Or I should give something else.

Normally the boy has been waking up around 6.30, that is unnecessary early, too. After giving the dose of Petroleum he slept two days till 7.15. After those days he has been sleeping less and less every morning.

The following changes came after giving 200 c Petroleum once excatly two weeks ago:
- on the first night he was cold on the chest
- two first days he was pale
- two first nights he slept really well
- he got rid of his cold (yellow mucus from nose)
- his behavior has been slightly abnormal. It has been the same as when he was 4-5 years old. At that time he was totally impossible to handle. These two weeks he has had the same kind of hysterical mind and has cried more. These changes are quite mild though. He is not too difficult to handle.

His cold was absent for 10 days. Three days ago he cought a new one. He started sneezing and because of the specific smell I gave Hepar Suphur 30 c. Sneezing stopped but now there is a lot of yellow/brown discharge from the nose.

Could someone please advise me how I could get his sleeping habits better. If you need the whole picture of him, I am willing to write that, too.
Snowflake last decade
I would NOT recommend that you repeat Pet. It would seem the small improvement in sleep was short lived. Also the cold spot complaint would appear to be the remedy proving itself as this is a recorded symptom of Pet. Also no notable overall improvement seen . The right remedy should give a lasting effect , an effect that may last for months. Also I would be concerned a bout the 200 potenies your giving, since as we have seem the kid is quite sensitive.
Helpful it may be if you could elaborate on his behavior, unusuall behavior? When did things start to go off course with him? What was going on at this time? What is his temperment like? Siblings ? If so how does he get along ? Is He voilent? What sorts of fears? Strong food cravings or aversions ?
Sycotic last decade
Was paleness present before giving this medicine?
Sycotic last decade
Thank you Sycotic for replying. I do see the point of not repeating Petroleum - that is why I am here seeking for help.

I noticed the paleness the next day I gave the medicine. The boy is fair and 'pale' in general, and when tired. But there was specific paleness for a day after Petroleum. But it passed by in a day.

His behavior changed some days after giving Petroleum. I describe the change so, that he became 'smaller' child. Now he has been crying when things don't go as he wants to. Normally he doens't cry. He also has not been albe to discuss about the problem, but has become rapidly irritated.
Now he sleeps so little, that I wonder if the behavior is because of the remedy or because of being tired.

The boy is strong willed, competitive, selfish and brave. Maybe the most peculiar feature is that he never gives up. Secondly I want to emphasize of his strong will for revenge. He fights back even if there would be several bigger boys against him.

He has always been quite unpredictable.
Sometimes he is like an angel; takes care of little brother and cleans the house without asking and uses all the polite words and is very adorable.
The next day he is the devil himself and is very disobediant, teases the brother and tries to make him cry by hurting him. I don't think jealousy is the problem. Selfishness is bigger problem.

These 'devilish' caracteristics were stronger still one year ago. There was no sanction that would have made him obey. During this year he has learned obediance - because he has realised that sometimes life is easier when he obeys. But it took him five years to learn that lesson!
He has also learned great deal of self control this year.

He knows what he wants. Gets angry if doesn't get that. He has a tendency of being violent, but I was able to cut it off by holding him when he was four years old. Nowadays he goes and hurts the brother if he is mad at me.

He is very talkative and asks a lot of questions. Has strong imagination. He is all the time on the move and changing positions when sitting or lying. (But is not 'lively' and fussing around like some boys).

He has no specific fears (used to fear of dark, no longer).
He likes salt and sour food. Eats a lot.
No really strong aversions. Doesn't eat a lot of sweets though. And doesn't drink a lot, specially not water.
He is hot-blooded.

Why I chose Petroleum? Because of the motion sickness, skin problems and cathing cold often (and never getting rid of the discharge without Pulsatilla 200 c three times). And when I was reading the caracteristic picture of Petroleum child I just 'saw' my son in that. Was I wrong?
Snowflake last decade
The toughest thing is to wait. Which is probably what you should do, until things even out a bit. I see why you chose this remedy. Important though is where we put our value on the symtoms we choose in our repertorization. How peculiar is motion sickness in a child? I dont think its that uncommon. Of value a good strong mentals that help define the temperment. Sometimes these arent even there. Then we have to look at potential exciting causes. When did he start getting sick ie move? new sibling? fright? stuff like that can be very helpful if we can make that link. But we need to be certain in our rubric selection.
Sycotic last decade
Snowflake and Sycotic...
The child has skin symptoms and motion sickness.

For motion sickness the medicine is Cocculus Indicus.

For skin if Petroleoum is not working...then there will be another med.

It is better if you present the full case all over again in detail.

Child has been thru any other illness from birth till date?

Full details of present condition.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hello both of you,

Speaking of his motion sickness: it is quite new problem. Maybe 1-2 years old problem. We did move two years ago, but I cannot see direct link to that.
There is one peculiar thing in his motion sickness: he doesn't eat candy in the car, because then he gets headache.

About skin: at the moment there is nothing wrong with the skin. It is very, very humid and still warm. But when the frozen temperatures comes, he will start itching and scratching himself all night long, and also a bit at daytime. Also fever makes the skin worse.
I was a kind of thinking, that if I find him the right constitutional remedy now in advance, the winter will be easier.
This dermatitis goes in the family. I know myself that it comes year after year.

Illnesses: When he was under 3 years old he had an allergy for wheat and some other grains. At the time the skin was at it's worst. At that time he was constipated.
Under age of 4, he used to have laryngitis very often, but not anymore.
Now he gets sick in every 3-4 weeks. Cold starts with sneezing and tiredness, sometimes there is temperature. After one day there is plenty loose yellow discharge. The coryza doesn't distrub him at nighttime.
I don't know if this is relevant, but I have visited the hospital with him several times, but unnecessary. He has been complaining for strong stomachpains (ultimately some glands in the stomach have been swollen) or he just have been so sick and and limp that I have been scared. For me this is peculiar, because with my other child I have never went to ER without a true reason.

Beahvior: explained in my previous mail. I must add that his behavior becomes worse if he is jealous or hungry.

His feet sweat easily.
Sleeps without the cover and still is very warm.
He is rapid in his moves, so rapid that is messy.
He is independent so that he makes his own decisions. Does not follow the group.
He is sensitive to aggressive videos. If he sees some action man, he becames very hyper and violent. Of course he would like to watch them when possible.
In general he is not sensitive child.
Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with his hearing (it was tested last year at school and was ok). Still I have to talk loud and repeat several times. His left ear produces a lot of dry wax, but I have checked the ear is not full.

Present condition: He keeps pulling his nose and the paper is full with yellow mucus. Sometimes it drops down to the throat and there is loose cough.
Last night he slept until 7 - thank God. He is getting so tired of sleeping too little.

We used to have a homepath. He ordered him Sulphur 200 c three times last summer. As a result he got constant headache, lost the good appetite, could not eat sugar at all because of the headache, got terrible excema on legs, and became totally nuts and violent. The homepath calmed the situation down with Antimonium Sulphur. Unfortunatly I have lost the contact with the homepath.

Please let me know if you need any other kind of information.
Snowflake last decade
Any flushes of heat? How is with tight clothing? Is he the youngest or older?
Sycotic last decade
No flushes.

Does not pay attention for clothes. Anything goes.

He is two years older than his brother.

I checked his skin this evening: he has been scratching behind the knees. Even if there is no sign of dermatitis.
Snowflake last decade

i strongly encourage you to read this article. on page 2 you'll find a way to antidote the petroleum. also 200c three times a day seems WAY too high and often. my homeopath sugests starting with 30c, one dose and wait.
btw- my son reacts strongly to most rmemdies he has been given too. i use the method mentioned in the article alot! good luck.

here's the link. type . to replace my written dot in the address.
kppy3 last decade
Unmanageable and hot tempered child>>>>Phosphorus

His cold and chest symptoms also correspond with that. Also headaches. Fear of darkness etc.

Look at the drug picture.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Phosphorus is not bad at all. I forgot to tell that he has been suffering from nosebleed, too. I think I gave him Ferr Phos 6-7 times during 6 months. Now he has not had nosebleed for long time.

I did not think of Phosphorus before, because this type is cold, and my son is defenately hot.
And he is not afraid of being alone; he often is alone. He does seek for other children's company, but he is not the type who is everybody's friend. He has friends and enemies. I think he is easily being teased.
And I don't think he has that many fears. Or he might have them, but he also is very brave and fights against them.
Are these important facts or not?

Thanks kppy3 for the article. I will read it through when I have more time.

His condition today: suprisingly his coryza is much better. The discharge is not that thick and yellow anymore. This has been remarkably fast, but let's see if he is able to get rid of the discharge without any help.
He also slept until 7.15. :-)

But how am I supposed to change the remedy? Should I not give Petroleum as long as it has any effects? How long I have to wait until I can give it?
Snowflake last decade
Tendency to nosebleed...frequent fights with other kids etc ....indicate Phosphorus.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Sounds like a skin allergy of some sort. The nasal response (sinus and mild infection) simply falls down the back of his throat and thus he gets frequent coughs and colds as well. This regular illness cycle will also affect his sleeping adversely.

See if you can find out if there are any bushes or trees at school that produce excess pollens, or if there is any place where he regularly comes in contact with dusts, etc.

Incidentally, I suspect the back-of-the-knees thing may be a red herring. Children often play by hanging from playgyms and trees, etc, from the back of the knees, and will thus scratch themselves there as a result.

Also, children aged 6 are usually starting their first year of proper schooling, which is a big and scarey step for them mentally. It takes some getting used to, and so may cause a few irritable moments for you too!

He sounds fairly normal, otherwise!
ZepOz last decade
Okey, I will give him Phosphorus next. Could you please advise me:

1. Do you suggest I start with 30 c once?
To my understanding consitutional remedy is supposed to have high potency - if I give only 30 c, does it still work as constitutional?

2. Is there any other schedule you want to suggest?

3. Next time I start Cocculus for motion sickness. Will I give it in advance or at the moment he complains? What potency and how often repeated?

I will be back here to tell how Phosphorus works.
Snowflake last decade
First give Phosphorus.

Start with 30c. Three doses in a day ...equal time gaps.

Then wait....shall see response.

Potency rules donot apply to all meds across the board. Different meds have different potency rules.

If somebody is giving you one standard rule for potency choice...applicable to all homeopathic meds....he is misleading you.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

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