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kind attn. dr. panka varma- & dr. deoshlok - hypertension, anxiety & depression

I am 45 year old male suffering from what has been diagnosed as 'Essential Hypertension'. It all started about 20 years back when I used to get bouts of severe depression. I tried to control it myself through exercise, yoga etc.but it did not work permanently.After suffering from this condition for almost 4 years, I consulted a psychiatrist who said that I suffered from 'BIPOLAR DEPRESSION'. I was prescribed Lithium Carbonate (single dose) which helped me a great deal. However, considering the adverse side effects of the same on long term use, I discontinued its use after about 6-7 months. Subsequently, I was given some anti-depressants. But I could not find a permanent cure. On account of all these problems, I started having evevated Blood Pressure (160/ 100)or even higher at times. I am otherwise maintaing a healthy weight (72 kgs.). I am 6ft. tall. To take care of my B.P. I am on 'Seloken XL-100 mg (Beta Blocker) and LORAM-H for the last 4 years.
While it has helped control my B.P somewhat, I still suffer from recurrent problems. Of late, I feel that my problems get triggered by excitement while talking. facing new situations at times gives me anxiety. During this phase I feel haeviness in he head and extreme tightness around the chest. My vision becomes blurrred and I find it very difficult to concentrate on any thing.I feel like lying down and closing my eyes. I also feel very thirsty. I have also taken some Homeopathic medicines in the last 6 months viz. Rubrum Met, Carcinosin- 200 (single Dose). I have once again suffered from these symptoms and feeling very restless. I am feeling extremely low. Please Help. Its a SOS.
  babul27 on 2006-11-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Take 'Esentia Auria' of Willmar Schwabe.

20 drops in 1/2 glass of water ...three times a day.

Post feed back in 10 days.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Respected Dr. Pankaj Verma,

Thanks very much for your valuable advice. I shall take the medicine as prescribed by you and report my condition after 10 days.
babul27 last decade
You presented your detail in not enough or fit for homoeopathic treatment I request you present your sign & symptoms with your expression / sensation / Feeling / Event / so Gesture are required for homeopathic treatment. So please send me your following details given below.

1.Name --------------
3. City---------------
6 Mobile---------------
7.Email ---------------
12.What are you doing at present................................
14.Describe your current complain---------------
15.Describe your Past complain/Any surgery-
16.Write your pathological report (Blood test Ultrasonography / MIR/ X-ray, if any (optional) if any.--------------..
17.High Blood Pressure Continue from and current B.P.---------------
18.If any heart Disease
19 Name of medicine using currently-------
20.If Diabetic Patient/Nme of medicine---------------
21.Insulin Dependent/Doses---------------
22.Detail about Operation/Surgery if any ---------------
23.Thyroid Problem if any T3/T4/TSH---------------
a Any Gynecology Problem (Write in Detail) --------------
b. Is there is any pain in the Breast before menses---------------
c. Is there is any Tumor/Fibroid/ in Breast/Uterus---------------
d. Is there is White discharge (Leucorrhoea)---------------
e. Is there is pain during mating------------------
f. Is there is habit of Masturbation----------------
g. About Your sexual desire increased/absent/normal---------
h. Is there is any itching/scratching of your gyneic area--------
i. Flow of your menses-------------

25. Male
a. Is there is any infection/ulceration/eruption on your pubis
b. is there is any seminal discharge during stool
c. Is there is any discharge during talking from female
d. Is there is any itching/scratching on groin region
e. About Your sexual desire increased/absent/normal---------

27.Joints pain---------------
29.Any Other Disease---------------
30. About Your sexual desire increased/absent/normal--------------
31.Choose your nature from following word ---------------
Mental Symptoms:-(Compulsory)-Morose, Quarrelsome, Hasty, Lachrymose, Anxious, Delirious, Groping, Despairing, Sad, Hopeful, Fearful, Restless, Calm, Drowsy, dullness, Anger, Being overwhelmed, Depression and gloom Despair and faithlessness , Despondency from overwork, Domination of others, Doubt or Discouragement, Easy impressionability, Fear and Shyness, Fear for the others welfare, Fear of losing mental balance, Feeling of powerlessness, Guilty and self-blame, Hard master onto oneself with an urge to inspire others, Hopelessness, Immaturity of Mind/Emotions, failure to learn from mistakes impatience, indecision in difference or boredom Intolerance and criticism lack of mental tranquility, lack of motivation and incentive longing for past happiness, nostsliqia, low self-confidence, Mental Fatigue, Mental torture or worry, Mental/emotional and physical weariness, Overcome for welfare of others, Overenthsiasm, Pride or aloofness, Resentment and bitterness, Sadness, greif, shock, Self centered talkativeness, Self-distrust, Shame or feelings of un cleanliness, Terror, jealousy, Weakness too willing , Fear from known thing, fear from unknown thing.

32.(in case of married) Is there your husband/Wife is cooperating to you or not any friction write in detail------------------

33. What is your current anxiety in your mind (compulsory)- Write in detail--------------

34. How you will be deference from other person or What is your peculiarity in nature--------------

35. Can you give speech to the public meeting-------------

Photographs of the current Disease can be sent by email separately on (optional)

dr. deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dr. Deoshlok Sharma,
I give below the details as per your format:

1. Name: S.K. Varma

2. Address: Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

3. City: New Delhi

4. Country : India

5. Phone: 65467463

6. Mobile: 9810280631

8. Age: 45 years

9. Male

10. Weight: 72 kgs.

11. Height- 5’11”

12. Presently working in a Public Sector Bank as an officer.

13. Married

14. Current Complain: Suffering from High B.P. coupled with bouts of severe depression, anxiety, loss of memory, anxiety etc. I get excited and anxious very often and develop high B.P. together with severe depression and anxiety.

15. Past Complain: It all started in the early 1980’s when I suddenly started becoming very conscious of my thought process. I became very absorbed in my thoughts and this disturbed my concentration and studies. Gradually, I started becoming more and more inwardly drawn. I always felt that something is wrong inside. I used to be extremely worried about my health and my looks. I once suffered from Typhoid. Otherwise I have been very actively involved in all sports etc. I have also been on anti-depressants for about a year but did not find sustained relief.

16. I had undergone TMT, Echo etc. in 2005. Doctor diagnosed mild Mitral valve Prolapse (mild MR) and slight enlargement of the heart. Sometime back I consulted a Homeopath who gave me Arg. Ni 200 (two does), Rubrum Met-200, sac Lac-200. He also gave me a single dose of CARCINOSIN 200.

17. High B.P. ranging from 160/ 100 to 140/90. It generally remains on the higher side.

18. MVP (mild MR)- Doctors say it is nothing unusual.

19. Current Medicine: Seloken XL-100 (Beta Blocker) and LORAM-H (both single dose).

20. Non-diabetic.

21. N.A.

22. None.

23. T3/T4/TSH- Normal.


a) No
b) No
c) No
d) No
e) Presently quite decreased. It used to be normal before.

26. Gastritis; No.
27. No joint pains. But feel weak when in my low phase.
28. No swelling
29 No.
30 When I am in my usual phase my sexual desire is normal. But for the last one year or so it has come down considerably.
31. Mental Symptoms: Morose, Hasty, Anxious, Anger, Depression, gloom and despair, Fear of loosing mental balance in times of crisis, overworrying, lack of mental tranquility, lack of motivation and incentive longing for past happiness,nostalgia, low self confidence, Mental fatigue, Mental torture or worry Sadness, self-centred, self0distrust, fear from unknown thing.

32. Wife is fully co-operating. No friction at home.

33. Current Anxiety: I get frequent bouts of phases where I feel that my B.P. has shot up and I feel extreme constriction in Chest. I start worrying about my Heart and Health and this gradually pushes me into a phase of severe depression which lasts for about a week to 10 days. During this phase I just don’t feel like doing anything. Any mental work exerts futher pressure. My performance, efficiency etc. decreases tremendously. My skin becomes dry, eyes become strained and feel very thirsty. I am worried about my family and future. My memory which at one time was outstanding is becoming weak.

34. I was initially overambitious. I always used to have very high dreams and wanted to excel in every thing that I do. I am extremely conscious about what others think about me. I want to look my best all the time. I have prominent ‘Birth marks’ on my left shoulder (back).

35. When I am my usual self I can give a speech confidently. But when I am down I suffer from lack of confidence.

I have tried to give you all the details about my case. Kindly go through them and suggest a remedy. For the last 2 days I am taking ‘Essentia Aurea’ 20 drops three times a day with half a glass of water. Please HELP (SOS)
babul27 last decade
How did u respond to Esentia Auria? God bless.
P.Verma last decade
Respected Dr. Pankaj Verma,

I started taking 'Essentia Aurea' 20 drops in 1/2 glass of water from Saturday. I feel somewhat better. But not my usual self. Feeling quite low.
babul27 last decade
I will let the other Pankaj on this forum reply. (I'm Pankaj Max VErma.) But I just wanted to see if it helped. All the best.
P.Verma last decade
Hi Babul

Don't get confused.

There are two Pankajs on the forum.

One is the old PANKAJ VARMA

and the other is the new PANKAJ VERMA.

The confusion will be there for some days, but, we will get used to it.

I feel sad that essentia aurea is not making you feel better.

Let us see what other suggestions PANKAJ VARMA has got.

If essentia aurea fails to relieve you, please come back.

We will treat you the real classical way, and hopefully you will improve.

gavinimurthy last decade
gavinmurthy, Thanks. shall post my condition after a week.
babul27 last decade
Dr. Pankaj VARMA,

As advised by you I started taking 'Essentia Aurea'(20 drops in water) 3 times a day about 10 days back. It has given me some relief, maybe about 20 per cent. What should I do now? Should I continue taking it? Please advise.
babul27 last decade

Essentia Aurea has to be taken for atleast 3 week to see appreciable results. I am glad you feel that there is 20% benefit just after 10 days use.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Pankaj Varma,

Thanks. I shall continue taking 'Essentia Aurea' as advised by you.Shall report in due course.
babul27 last decade
Dr. Deoshlok Sharma,

I am stil waiting for your reponse. Kindly expedite.
babul27 last decade
try batch flower remedy i.e. Rescue 2 drops three times in a day for a month and report me. and continue your alopathic drugs for BP medicine in homoeopathic no dependable drugs for BP but for other problem start rescue three times in a day till get the good result.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dr. Deoshlok,

Where can I get 'RESCUE' in Delhi? Is it very expensive? Pl. advise.
babul27 last decade

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