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Regarding cough, I don't get cough that last long time, and don't get it frequently.
It's like lots of phlem with white in color.

I was having dust allergy and
used to get lot of snezing and cold especially in the morning after waking up. Now it is not there from 10 tears after i moved to u.s. But if i sleep in the afternoon feel that again.

Regarding music. Yes. I love music. I love light music with good lyric and love new movie songs with good rithm, and beats.

Dreams are continuing. Today, i had a dream regarding irritation, i was hitting somebody, and was angry.(with my brother, i think.) i don't remember clearly.

I will keep you posted.

trin70 last decade
Fine !
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I wanted you to wait before taking the next med.

Now you can start with it.


day one and two....four times

day 3 and 4 ....three times

day 5 and 6 ...two times..

Let me know feed back in between (if new symptoms develop or if no change) or at the end of the 6 days.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Trin

Did you ever read about nat.mur or ambragresia in the recent past?

answer this question.It is important.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
DR. Pankaj ,
I don't have ambra grisea 30c.
I have to buy it tomorrow.
I will let you know the results after taking it.

I read about ambra grisea in the following site.

Go to the site

and then go to link cured cases, and select view by remedy and then click ambra grisea.

You think nat. mur suits me?

Whatever i read i get so confused, all the symptoms look same to me. I can not compare between remedies. It's difficult to select right remedy.

I have gingivitis.

My gums are swollen in the lower side, and they bleed whenever i floss.

My teeth are not sensitive to hot or cold drinks. But senstive to too much sweet like sweetened dates, but they are o.k for moderate sweetness, ie for kheer, gulab jam , cakes,like those.

Does this help in choosing the medicine?

I was advised to take merc sol 200c for gingivitis, which i have to take after this treatment is over.

And my thinking capacity is very low , i can't even try to change a story at the end, or do some creative things.

I can't help my daughter in her homework , when it comes to thinking, my daughter comes up with ideas than me.

Even i tried to read the "organon of medicine" i couldn't understand.

I don't follow politics, i don't even know who is who.
Even i put the news on tv to see i don't have interest.

I feel ashamed about this.

I have nat. mur 30 handy.

trin70 last decade
And i said i have shoulder pains from teenage and i have stiffness in joints when i strech them, "tik" like that sound comes. This worsens when i lie down.
trin70 last decade
Ok.Pankaj will handle your case.

The way you are telling symptoms,exactly the way you read in books,made me suspicious.

Pankaj will take it as a symptom and wil take the other symtoms also,into consideration,I am sure.

Stick to his advice.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
I remember you. I have been working on this post for a long time.

There are times when I am looking for something else and I run across a possible solution for another. This is one of those times.

Please try PINUS SYLVESTRIS. This carries a great many of your symptoms. Another book suggests it may be available in a Bach or another flower remedy. Take at least 4 times a day (as needed) for a long time. You have a lifetime to go through to find the way to the surface. If the above is not found, get it homeopathic in water and take few drops under tongue as above.

I am so very proud of you for your information telling us of your efforts in your own progress. Great love and big hugs for your determination. If the anger persists after you begin to feel better, let us know. Sabra
sabra last decade
Snakes represent wisdom. You are using wisdom in your decisions of self help. Love, Sabra
sabra last decade
To Sabra,

I am glad that you are back.

I waited for a long time to hear from you.

To Murthy,

I didn't realize that i was telling the symptoms in the same way written in the book.

You think this is a symptom ?

What do you mean by this.

I didn't understand.

trin70 last decade
Trin !

Along with Ambra Grisea you can take Merc Sol. 200 once in the morning for 4 days. Then make it every alternate day.

The two meds toghether will give you great deal of benefit.

For Murthy....Her symptoms corresponded with Ambra Grisea like a duplicate image. For a moment I was also perplexed.That is why in one of the posts I typed "Fine !" and left it there.

Then ! I read all her posts twice ....all over again and was convinced that it was no make up!

Good wishes to both of you.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

The problem with reading materia medica is that we tend to feel that we have many symptoms written there.

It is true mainly for all polychrests.

So,the presciber has always to be on guard,as to whether the symptom is a true one or not.

If you are not familiar with materia medica,the symptom,as told by you is an indication for Ambragrisia,and Nat.mur.

But,you having read about it,we have to see whether the other symptoms tally with it,and decide on the remedy.

Pankaj says,he has taken care of this aspect,so go ahead and use ambragresia.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Murthy,

Nervousness, insecurity, in-ability to do any work in the presence of others .....some of the hall marks of Ambra Grisea ! (mentals).

She has them all....even afraid that her husband will read her posts.

See how she fumbled when she had a guest visiting her !

Even the physical symptoms are matching.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Murthy,

she has no headaches...

for Natrum Mur patient.....headache from sunrise to afternoon or to sunset......like a hundred small hammers on the skull !
....accompanied with constipation.

pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

I agree with you.Nat.mur is not indicated.I just said,those two are the medicines for the symptom,she wrote in capitals,and we have to confirm one of the two,by taking other symtoms into account.

Ambragresia looks fine.But,Pankaj,Is it not better to use one medicine at a time?

Say,Merc.sol first,give a day's gap and then ambragresia.

This way,I feel we may get better and faster results.

No,doubt,you are more experienced,but,I get these doubts,once in a while.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Murthy,

There is a school of thought which cosiders :

Merc. Sol . and

as the inter-current remedies.

Of the three, you have to decide one based on the dominant miasm that is exhibited by the patient's symptoms.

The other identified med can be given alongside the inter-current medicine.

That is why, you may have noticed I suggested only one dose of Merc. sol. per day.

These three inter-current remedies are deep acting...as you know.

With some patients one dose itself does the job.
With others... have to give a few doses to elicit a response from the patient's constitution. But they act side by side with other meds.

(See Salem reported that Merc .Sol. worked in a jiffy !).

(However, be careful ....do not prescribe two inmicals at any time !).

Trin.... will post a feed back after using the meds....the results will support what I am saying.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Do i have to take merc sol 200, that many doses.

Usually i am afraid of taking 200 potency, as it may aggravate. instead can i take 30, I will do whatever you say, but still i wanted to ask.

And ambra 30 is fine not 200, I want to know why? Just i want to learn.

I have moderate gingivitis as my dentist said.

And one more thing whatever fears i have they came to me as dreams, every day after taking the aurum. Even accident while i was driving. It's so amazing.

And regarding your quote
"Her symptoms corresponded with Ambra Grisea like a duplicate image"

I wasn't good at expressing myself.(english may be) I wanted to put some rubrics instead of giving all examples(still i gave lot of examples, i know). That's why they looked like that.

I didn't make-up anything.

Thankyou .

trin70 last decade
Merc Sol in 200 potency is fine. I don't expect much of an aggravation from it. Rather, I expect benefit to take place.

Ambra Grisea 30 is also fine to have as I already suggested that potency.

Appreciate your confirmation about authenticity of symptoms.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Ambra G 30 becos it is 4 doses a day.

Merc S 200 becos only one dose during the day...this is a higher potency but not extra-ordianrily high like 10M etc.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
repition of that many doses of merc sol is also o.k?
trin70 last decade
Today i checked with the store. They don't have ambra. g in any potency.

If i want it i have to order it. It will take 2 weeks to get the med.

So, Pankaj, please tell me should i order 200 potency or 30c? Instead of taking 30 c so many times can i take 200c?

Because i have to take med 5 times a day including merc sol.

I don't know whether i remember to take it so many times. Again , i shouldn't take anything before and after half an hour of each dose. It's kind of difficult.

So Can you please suggest on this?


trin70 last decade
Ambra Grisea works better in lower potencies.

For Merc Sol. it is not too many doses. Just a few.

Even if it gets anti-doted once, the next dose wil lwork this way.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

What I ever I say is only for my own learning.Pankaj knows what he is doing.Follow his advice.


I will read more about intercurrent remedies.
Thanks for taking time to explain.I need to learn a lot.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

I ordered ambra. g 30. yesterday.

I will start on ot as soon as i get it.

I have merc sol 200 with me.

I think the medicines i took before are wearing off.

I never felt confident with aurum.

Should i take any of these, before ambra.

And one more question, should i try calc carb for my daughter or not?

trin70 last decade
Trin !

as far as you are concerned, stop all previous meds.

Take Ambra Grisea and Merc Sol. as suggested.

For your daughter ...give her one dose of Calcarea Carb. 200...let us see the response to that
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dr. Pankaj Varma,

The effet of med. i took wore off and i am back to my old self again.

I am getting scared even to dive. I feel something in my stomoch when i have to go out by driving.( may be nervous, tension, i don't know.)But while driving i feel o.k.

I am again shouting at my kids,especially youger daughter for not eating food when i feed her, for making house mess , for not listening to me.

When she moves my ear lobe vigorously, when i carry her , i am shouting "aaaaaaaaaaah..." and put her down fast, and ignore her even she cries. She cries for everything.
Sometimes i feel like i have to give her medicine for clinging on to me .

I feel lot of tension when i have to go out and i am shouting a lot at my kids.

Wherever i go out i have to take my younger daughter with me, even she sleeps my husband won't take care off her and let me go outside, Even i assure him that she won't get up he says something or the other. Sometimes i tell him that he don't want me to go out.

In our city (In U.S) we have Hindu gathering every sunday, where they seperate kids and adults, and there will be different activities like games , shlokas.

I will be sticking on to my younger daughter saying that she won't stay without me, because if i leave her with kids i will be free to play with adults where they combine ladies and jents to play games (where running will be there) Since i am so self-conscious of my self i cannot go with the flow and play. I feel shy. I never played running games even when i was a child.

I think about lot of things to do outside. still can't go.
It's like my mind does lot of thoughts and my legs doesn't
want to go outside of the house.

If my husband always takes the car i was very angry at him not leaving the car, couldn't ask him for car, Feeling depressed inside.

Feel like if my husband leaves the car for me , i can go and do lot of things. But still i feel afraid to go out.
Even i drive i feel scared. what if i can't judge properly while driving . What if i miss looking at a car which is coming in my way, What if there is an accident. Can i manage? Can i stop the person who caused accident?

Like that lots of doubts.

Now we are planning to buy another car, eventhough i want it more than anything else, i feel scared.

If somebody is coming to my hose, eventhough it is planned visit, i feel a lot of tension. I won't act comfortably.

If somebody comes suddenly and my husband asks them to stay for lunch or dinner, i get so confused and tensed i let fall things from my hand, i can't cook while they are watching me, i can't cook and talk.

As we stay in U.S nobody comes for dinner or lunch without calling them. My husband always likes to call people. He is very sociable.
But now that he knows me he is not at all calling anybody. I don't want any body to come to my house because I can't behave comfortably with them. I feel nervous.

Sometimes i think " Am i curable with homeopathy medicines?" Since the syptoms may caome back after i stop the med.

I did my masters in physics.
But i am feel like i don't know anything, Since I lost touch from last 10 yrs. Even though i try to read something in physics everything looks new to me.

i observed something. I can't just sit at home and study. If i take a course it pushes me to read, and then i feel interest. I can't go to college and study either because of my problems.

I am not even confident of my knowledge, When my husband says I can work here , i feel scared. I feel like first i have to cure my symptoms, and then try to do something, which makes me feel confident.

I tried to explain my symptoms in my own words instead of using rubrics.

There may be spelling mistakes in what i wrote, but i don't have time to go through and correct spellings.
Pardon me for that.

I ordered ambra. g which may be in next week.

Dr.Pankaj if there is any change of med let me know.

If you need to ask more question , please do.

trin70 last decade

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