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Arnica Montana2
Ferrum Metallicum2
Nitricum Acidum2

Anal Fissures or Fistula 13

I am 52 yrs old male and have had 3 surgeries over the last 25 yrs. Each one about 5 yrs apart. The last on only about 2 yrs. I do not want to have to have surgery again. The last ...
Remedies: Graphites, Hamamelis Virginica, Silicea, Lachesis, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Nitricum Acidum
Started by rw2801. Last post: 2019-07-09

Anal Fissures or Fistula 10

I am 45 yrs old male suffering with Anal fissures or Fistula, I dont know what it is as on day because earlier problem of fissures was there and whenever it got aggrrevated I used ...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Natrum Phosphoricum
Started by subodhtomer. Last post: 2019-07-06

Suffering from anal fissures 5

Hello, I am suffering from anal fissures which is now very big in size, Sometimes it bleeds, Is it still cure able or i should go for operation ? If cure able then please advis...
Started by Asifahmad555. Last post: 2019-04-26

Anal fissures 8

I have been suffering wth a very painful anal fissure for about a week now. It is located in the inner rim of my anus and it is soo painul after my bowl movements. I feel like I wi...
Remedies: Calendula Officinalis, Arnica Montana, Silicea
Started by pitamita. Last post: 2019-04-20

Need urgent prescription for piles, anal fissures and hairfall 2

Hello doctors, I'm Arhaan (22yrs/Male) from delhi. I'm suffering from Piles and Anal Fissures from last 3yrs. I tried every way of treatment but of no use. In homeopathy ...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Craib. Last post: 2016-12-24

Anal fissures 1

Suffering from anal fissures since long. Causes due to following: 1. Spices 2. Meat without vegetables 3. Constipation First pain and itching starts then if not cared bleeding and ...
Started by Atifmeo. Last post: 2013-05-19

Hemorrhoids & Anal Fissures 4

I am a 40 Yr. old male and I have been dealing with both hemorrhoids & Anal Fissures since September 2012. For the last 2 months, they got much better, to the point where I was abl...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Bryonia
Started by JorgeRivera1972. Last post: 2012-12-30

Anal Fissures 4

Dear Sir, I am 21 years old and have been suffering from the problem of anal fissures for quite sometime. Initially it was like a small cut in the anus which bled a few times but ...
Remedies: Ferrum Metallicum
Started by Titli92. Last post: 2012-08-25

Anal fissures 8

I am suffering from anal fissures since last week. It happened in past but not such severe. I have a fissures on anal walls, doctor also told that I am having sentinal piles(somet...
Remedies: Calcarea Fluorata
Started by tarang. Last post: 2011-11-11

Anal fissures and piles 8

hi, i am asumaing i have annal fissure after giving a birth to my son. some doc say its a pilessome says its a fissures even they are confuse and confuses me as well. The pain is j...
Remedies: Ferrum Metallicum
Started by noor sheikh. Last post: 2011-05-23

Anal Fissures 3

My wife aged 31 with no major / critical illness in past has developed anal fissures since 6 months. It is very painful as well as bleeding at times (once in a fortnight) but in a ...
Remedies: Santoninum, Spigelia Anthelmia, Ratanhia
Started by kankxx. Last post: 2011-04-07

Anal fissures 1

can a presumably chronic fissure (with a skin tag) be healed without surgery?...
Started by hf12345. Last post: 2011-03-25

Chronic anal fissures 3

my name is vasudev.im suffering from anal fissures.i had surgery 3 times till now i.e in 2001,2004,2008.and it reoccured in 2009 once,i applied diltiazem 2% gel it cured in just 3 ...
Started by devdam. Last post: 2010-12-29

Anal fissures 2

My friend was suffering from anal fissures with rectal bleeding. Tallying the symptoms, he started taking silicea30, thrice a day and after a month reduced the dose to once a day. ...
Started by mohini. Last post: 2009-01-15

Anal fissures and an underskin anal wart 0

i have been suffering from fissure which occurs every month even if my stool is soft may be its due to the fact that i have an underskin flat hard anal wart circle shaped feeling l...
Started by comsite. Last post: 2009-01-07

Anal fissures seeking advice 4

i am suffering from fissures since last one yr. i have read advice on your forums and got some relief. i have consulted doctors and taken fisutin , ratahnia , graphites , nitric ac...
Remedies: Graphites, Nitricum Acidum, Aloe Socotrina
Started by romyatul. Last post: 2008-12-29

2 yr. old constipated possible anal fissures 4

My two year old daughter has been constipated for about 3 weeks. Normally she has very soft stools and eats lots of vegetables and fruits. Lately she has been wanting more milk s...
Remedies: Alumen
Started by mayfloweracademy. Last post: 2006-08-08

Anal Fissures 4

Hi,I've a friend who is suffering from Anal Fissures. He has undergone surgery once to get rid of the pus etc.Going forward, he has been asked to watch his diet, eat more fibr...
Remedies: Aesculus Glabra
Started by Srini. Last post: 2006-05-21

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