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Remedies discussed in multiple threads for stammering:
Anacardium Occidentale2
Anacardium Orientale2
Argentum Metallicum2
Argentum Nitricum2
Calcarea Carbonica2
Gelsemium Sempervirens3
Histaminum muriaticum2
Kali Phosphoricum3
Lycopodium Clavatum5
Thuja Occidentalis2

Stammering Remedy 2

Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum. I wanted to get some guidance on a stramonium remedy that I am taking in granules for my stammer. My stammer specifically involves blocks. I...
Started by istallion. Last post: 2017-11-25

Stammering with uneasiness at top of head 12

Hi All, I'm of 35 years, male, height 5'6 feet and weighs 57 Kg. In my childhood i had asthma and got full cure by homeopathy treatment. From May 2014 till a month, I�...
Remedies: Tabacum
Started by macky. Last post: 2018-03-04

Child having stammering problem from 6yrs 1

Dear Doctor I have two kids one girl of 8yrs & boy of 5yrs. Both are having problem of stammering. girl is more into this problem. Please suggest what to do Thanks...
Started by Ankit.Mishra. Last post: 2017-12-21

7 years old boy stammering 9

My 7 years old boy having periodically stammering problem , 1. he stuck between sentences not between words , he finish his sentence by counting words on his finger slowly ( he m...
Remedies: Stramonium, Causticum
Started by Crerdo. Last post: 2017-11-13

Stammering 1

I am having the stammering problem since my childhood and now I want to get rid of it.My stammering pattern is like that I don't think while speaking in front of my friends an...
Started by Zerp. Last post: 2017-10-07

Child 3 years stammering started badly 8

My child was outspoken and very good speaker. When he turned 3, we shifted to new house and we got his admission done in a school first time and also gave him vaccination of typhoi...
Started by Agarwal_Sam. Last post: 2017-09-22

Stammering 1

My 14 year old son has developed a stammer. He repeats the first two words of every couple of sentences twice. Which homeopathic remedy is the best for this condition....
Started by caroline1973. Last post: 2017-08-27

Stammering looking to someone with expirence to guide me in working on my stammering. 1

hi.... I am 30 year old male from india.i have moderate stammering problem which has created havoc in my life.i am learning about homeopathy for my personal use.i am looking to som...
Started by rus1615. Last post: 2017-06-12

Stammering 1

Hello Doctors This is Ismail Hossain,I am 27 years old, my stammering problem since my childhood. My father’s also had stammering problem in his childhood but in his adult a...
Remedies: Gaster galli
Started by ismail3. Last post: 2017-04-03

Suggest medicine for stammering 13

Hi, I am 26 year old guy. I tried speech therapy for a year but it didn't worked. I struggle highly while giving interview, talking with stranger and telephone. In these situa...
Remedies: Belladonna, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by vicky321. Last post: 2016-09-17

Stammering in young child 11

My son,aged 5y4m weight 18 kg is suffering from stammering.Beside this he is suffering from reactive airway and is on Budecort inhaler since last 2 yr.I am quite tensed for the sta...
Remedies: Histaminum muriaticum
Started by Toal. Last post: 2016-07-18

Stammering since childhood 50

Hello doctors i need your serious help. I am 21 years old male. My name is vaibhav kalra. Weight 77kg Height 5.11 feet. I am suffering from stammering since childhood. Still i...
Remedies: Causticum, Argentum Nitricum, Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by vaibhavkalra. Last post: 2016-06-28

Stammering 29

Hi, I am 27 yrs old male who has been stammering since age of 3-4 years. I am stammering has increases a lot when i am nervous,in a meeting i am asked to give status,excited but ta...
Remedies: Anacardium Occidentale, Stramonium, Anacardium Orientale, Sulphur, Sepia, Kola
Started by gaudeep. Last post: 2016-05-25

Solution for stammering 11

hello, I am from india , I have a stammering from my childhood,now my age 27 this make me hopeless any remedies...
Remedies: Juglans Regia
Started by Erejaiy. Last post: 2016-05-02

Stammering problem 16

My child is only 4 years 5months.he is suffering from stammering problem from 9 months.i have given homoeopathy medicine but still ....right now he is taking stramonium 200 plus ot...
Remedies: Histaminum muriaticum, Ipecacuanha
Started by varunkohli5454. Last post: 2016-03-16

Stammering on specific words or phrase 8

Hello I'm Neil 23 yr old from Mumbai ,I am having stammering problem from childhood but I stammers on specific words starting with "P,B,M,N,S" and it's very difficult to ...
Remedies: Bornite, Lycopersicum, Piper Nigrum
Started by Neil. Last post: 2016-03-03

Stammering 6

Myself anrav. age 27 years. I am suffering from stammering since childhood. As i remembered my siblings and friends even teachers teased me very much in childhood thatswhy it fixed...
Started by piyush2. Last post: 2016-01-19

Stammering 1

At the age of 5 years i got a high temperature and after taking injection my body temperature suddenly reduces bt after that my stammering starts. So guide me to take a homeopathy ...
Started by patil.jaydeep015. Last post: 2015-07-23

Suffering with stammering i am 23 years old 10

please suggest the best medicine for stammering.i am unable to talk any language fluency and little bit fast and some times my words take 4 to 5 time...
Started by nagbabu. Last post: 2015-03-12

Stammering 14

I am a 25 year old male, I am the only child of my parents, suffering from the problem of stammering since childhood. Noticed to me when I was 14 years old. Basically when I speak ...
Remedies: Mercurius Solubilis
Started by akshaymutant5. Last post: 2015-01-25

Stammering Problem since child hood 25

I am 37 years old , when i was 7-8 year old i suffered from typhoid fever and afterwards i start stammer in my speech , i try speech therapy and start speaking slowly but nothing ...
Remedies: Stramonium, Agaricus Emeticus, Baptisia Tinctoria
Started by sudhirnpf. Last post: 2014-10-15

I got stammering cure 13

sir this is vasu.. recently i browsed many topics regarding stammering cure in homeopathy, and i tried many medicines with a month gap and magically belladonna worked for me. i jus...
Remedies: Belladonna, Arnica Montana, Camphora , Coffea Cruda, Opium, Aconitum Napellus
Started by ss.sankar520. Last post: 2014-10-12

Stammering 8

I am 23 yrs old male suffering from stammering when I was 14 yrs old till today. When I meet new people or excited too much I stammer a lot. Basically the condition worsen when I h...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by akki23690. Last post: 2014-09-16

Stammering 2

i am 43 years old. i am facing with stammering since i was 8year old. i stutter when asked any questions and agitated. my stutter is increased when i am angry, agitate, and talking...
Started by manaskumar. Last post: 2014-07-18

Stammering occasionally 6

Hi Iam Sam. Had this Stammering problem from childhood, Speaks very fluently occasionally but have this problem when eating heavily,heart beats raises when have to talk in the mee...
Started by samsundar. Last post: 2014-06-15

Stammering of 3 yrz old baby 5

please give me any cure or sugestion for my child who is three yrs old and he has started stammering suddenly.just 3 days back he was very fluent in speaking but now he is stammeri...
Started by tooba916. Last post: 2014-05-10

Drz...help me 4 stammering and stuttering 55

my name is iftikhar and i am 22 yearz old i am a quite brillirant sutudent of business mangement but this stammering effects to my whole confident and potienal very bady. so plsea...
Remedies: Derris Pinnata, Anacardium Occidentale, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Causticum
Started by iftikhar_chughtai. Last post: 2013-09-26

Stammering 15

hello sir i am suffering from stammerig from early childhood.now i am 22 and still stammers.it gets worse when talk to stranger or relatives or talk in a group.i cant even go to a ...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by munnaravi121291. Last post: 2013-06-30

Stammering 2

dear sir i am sanjeevan 23years old and i have been suffering by stammering since my childhood i had heard about homeopathy belladonna remedy. is it cure or reduce my stammering?...
Started by sanjeevan21. Last post: 2013-05-21

Help for stammering problem 1

hi, i having stammering problem.in school days i lived in my relation's house.they are very strict.my problem starts there.now i am 27 i afraid of my marriage.when i speak to ...
Started by sath_ravi. Last post: 2013-04-05

Stammering - 18 year old 10

I'm 18 years old and I've been stammering practically my whole life. My parents said they started noticing it in kindergarten. I'm already taking these homeopathic d...
Remedies: Pyridoxine
Started by Pumpuras. Last post: 2013-03-18

Stammering problem 18

I am 27 years old , when i was 12-13 year old i start stammer in my speech.When someone asks a question?The pressure is on my mind And My tongue does not respond....
Remedies: Stramonium, Spigelia Marilandica, Spigelia Anthelmia
Started by SUJAL_GREWALL. Last post: 2013-02-07

Stammering Issue 8

I have been treating an 80 year old man with Stammering issues. He had a horrendous accident at age 7 and lost his arm, he was stammering before but got worst after that. I gave...
Remedies: Argentum Nitricum, Lac Caninum, Mercurius Vivus, Causticum, Actaea Spicata, Alcohol, Anacardium Orientale, Argentum Metallicum, Atropinium, Aurum Metallicum, Aurum Sulphuratum, Bufo Rana, Calcarea Carbonica, Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, Chloralum, Cicuta Virosa, Cimicifuga Racemosa , Cina, Kali Carbonicum, Kali Phosphoricum, Lilium Tigrinum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Morphinum, Nicotinum, Nux Vomica, Plumbum Metallicum, Pyrogenium, Stannum Metallicum, Strychninum, Taxus Baccata
Started by Sephera. Last post: 2013-01-30

Stammering and Dyslalia problem 3

hi how r u dr. sb.mujay kafi years se stammering and dyslalia problem hay.kuch words merey tongue se bilkul nahy nikaltay hain for example jo words k,t,z etc se start hotay hain me...
Remedies: Matico
Started by SUJAL_GREWALL. Last post: 2012-07-13

Stammering Or Stuttering 3

Sir, My age is 21 and i have been stammering since were 3 years old.My teacher scolded me in school when i were in nursery class because i were doin something naughty and i were ve...
Started by Anurag Arora. Last post: 2012-04-25

Stuttering Stammering 4

I am 35 years old male and suffered from stuttering / stammering throughout my life. When I was about 7, my grand father who was a classical homeopath, treated me with stramonium, ...
Remedies: Causticum, Dulcamara, Thuja Occidentalis
Started by amitra123. Last post: 2012-02-06

Stammering problem 3

from my childhood i stammer little bit when i got nervous.when i speak my words dont come out sometimes. plz tell what i ll do.i repeat words again and again...
Started by udaypal07. Last post: 2011-10-08

Stammering 2

hi ,i began to stammer at the age of 8 or 9yrs but now it is reduced to some extent.sometimes when i become nervous , i begin to stammer. now i am 24 yrs.please guide me....
Started by TULU123. Last post: 2011-09-30

Please help with performance anxiety and stammering 1

Hello all, First off, I'm grateful to the doctors for taking time to offer advice on this forum. May you all live long and healthy! I'm 50 years old, male, in fairly go...
Remedies: Plumbago Littoralis
Started by lklein12321. Last post: 2011-09-28

Cure for the stammering of my son 0

My son is 4.5 years old now. He is living with us now. His speech was perfect when he was living with us until 1.5 years of his age. When he was 1.5 years old we had to leave him ...
Started by gursikh133. Last post: 2011-07-19

Stammering for 7 years Child 4

Sir, I am writing this mail from Cochin, Kerala , to know on an effective homoe medicine for Stammering. My son aged 7years have inborn stammering. Myself, also have stammering si...
Started by Rajesh K.S. Last post: 2011-06-22

Anxiety & Stammering 19

(a) Very poor mental concentration(disturbed even by sound of running fan), Absent minded,Double minded,Oversensitive, Palpitation is started over slight worry. Hasty & mostly rema...
Remedies: Argentum Metallicum, Hypericum Perforatum, Stramonium, Kali Phosphoricum, Gelsemium Sempervirens
Started by nsguy. Last post: 2011-05-25

Medication for stammering speech 1

Hii, My friend a 26 yrs male is suffering from stammering speech. This happens because of Anxiety.he stammers in interview as well when he speak with his seniors. Kindly sugges...
Started by pankaj.bhosale. Last post: 2010-12-17

Stammering 0

Dear Doctors, Please help me out on stammering, its ruining my life. Here is a questionnaire I found on your forums. Hope it is satisfactory. Thanks Patient : Aarti Sex: Female Ag...
Started by aarti123. Last post: 2010-10-31

Stammering 0

Dear concern, I am a 23 year old boy. i have been stammering for the last 6 years. Once i consulted to a speech therapist but that din't worked much. then i consulted to a hom...
Started by ajay171088. Last post: 2010-10-10

Daughter is stammering 3

My daughter is 4.2yrs old. she is having stammering for the past 1yr. but for the past 3months her stammering has increased very much.. she also drags the first letter of the wor...
Started by alsudeep. Last post: 2010-09-02

Stammering 3

My daughter is 4.2yrs old. she is 15.8kgs weight.she goes to L.K.G. she is having stammering for the past 1yr. but for the past 3months her stammering has increased very much.. sh...
Started by alsudeep. Last post: 2010-09-02

Stammering cure 1

Hi, I am 26 yrs old male suffering from stammering since 15 years. I have tried speec therapy but no use. Below is the questionairre for Dr. Kadwa. 1. Describe your main sufferin...
Started by chemfire. Last post: 2010-06-30

Stammering 1

I am from Kerala. I have stammering problem from my childhood. Now I am 23 years of age. The interesting thing about my stammering is that I stammer only in few or tensed situation...
Started by chiyaan. Last post: 2010-04-28

Stammering Problem 27

Hello..my name is snehit..age - 25..Male.. I have stammering problem since 6..the cause of stammering was that my mom slap me so badly that from the moment i began to stammer.. bu...
Remedies: Staphysagria, Stramonium, Kali Phosphoricum, Thuja Occidentalis, Agraphis Nutans, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by snehitap. Last post: 2010-03-23

Stammering problem 5

hello friends, Iam 25/Male, iam having stammering problem from last 8years. is there any permanent solution for this. please reply iam very disapointed....
Started by deepakdhote. Last post: 2010-01-05

Stammering and Stramonium 1

Hi to all. I am suffering from Stammering for a long time .My Age is 26.After reading about remedies for stammering,i took 3 doses of stramonium 30 C on 3 consecutive days.after 4 ...
Started by Shivoham. Last post: 2009-11-16

Advice for Stammering 1

Hello Doctors, I am a 24 year old man. I am suffering from stammering . I have problems with words beginning with specific alphabets like 'w', 'v' etc. Could ...
Started by jhon_m. Last post: 2009-06-11

Stammering - a serious problem 1

From the childhood I have stammering problem. I stammer in some specific words like a,t,d,j,e,y,z etc. My age is 23. I do regular speech therapy in my home by pronouncing the words...
Started by amit14031. Last post: 2009-05-24

Stammering problem 2

hi, Dr my name is amit and i have stammering problem my age is 23 when ever i have to talk to any body i get stammering please help me give me proper medication...
Started by amit ranjan. Last post: 2009-04-19

Cures for Stammering 3

Hi, My brother is 26 years old and he stammers. He was fine till the age of 4, but one night he slept and woke up and started stammering on sentences. We feel that due to this o...
Started by qwerty9999. Last post: 2009-03-29

Stammering 4

I am Ramesh Raju,male, suffering from stammering since infancy. It was too worst in very past. Now I am 33. I stammer only at the words starting with P or Pr. Is there a cure in H...
Remedies: Causticum, Stramonium
Started by rameshraju. Last post: 2008-11-17

Anxiety and Stammering 0

Kind Attn: Dr. Mahfooz, Dr. Sameer, Dr. Tahira, Dr. Deoshlok ,Dr.rishimba Dr.Saroj, Dr. gavinimurthy, Sabra and all senior Drs please help me Sex: male Age: 32 years old, Singl...
Started by nsguy. Last post: 2008-09-25

Stammering 1

Is there any homeo medicine to get rid of stammering ,Nervousness and loss of confidence?...
Started by subhashis. Last post: 2008-05-09

Stammering 1

i have a friend who has a stammer and he asked me if homeopathy could help him. I found 2 remedies which seem to be good for curing this condition these are stramonium and causticu...
Started by whitts99. Last post: 2007-06-25

Stammering 2

i am 20 year old.and stammer since childhood[Edited by nomanahmed11 on 2017-08-30 08:15:33]...
Started by nomanahmed11. Last post: 2007-05-14

Cure for stammering 1

Dear Doctors, My son age is 13. He is having stammering from his age 6. when he tries to speak fast he stammers lot. Normal speaking no stammering. I used to give him Kali phos ...
Started by lakshmi1962. Last post: 2007-03-30

Stammering help....please help me my life is ruined... 2

I am a 23 year old indian boy.firstly i didnt stammer till the age of 9 or 10 but suddenly i began stammering...i guess it was due to fear of my maths teacher particularly when she...
Remedies: Causticum
Started by joe_metallica. Last post: 2006-12-19

Stammering 0

Hi,All........i m 27Yrs.Old Guy form Kanpur, i have Vocal problem i.e Stammering when i was 5yrs old......i stammer specially when i talk on Phone, When i talk with unknown ppls, i...
Started by dhiraj_cool2k4. Last post: 2006-07-04

Stammering 2

I am 35. I have stammering problem from my boyhood. I have a daughter of 2 years 10 month. She has also the same problem. How can I solve the problem. Please helph...
Started by protrasha. Last post: 2006-06-28

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