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3 year old with speech delay
My 3 year old is not talking or conversing verbally. He does imitate some words but
manojjm 2020-05-12
14   anuj srivastava yesterday

Frequent urination in Infant
An eleven months old female infant is suffering from frequent urination since her

lovely 2020-04-23
58   anuj srivastava yesterday

Homeopathic Medicine Transmission from Mother to Baby
Hello, I have a 2 month old baby and he is suffering from spit ups and silent reflux. He
joe_metallica 2020-09-18
3   A.Singh yesterday

Watery diarrhea and fluetence for past 10 days in 4.5 years old
1. Watery diarrhea for past 1 week. 2. Half an hour after eating. 3. Not giving milk or
RJ121 2020-10-19
11   RJ121 2 days ago

47 years old grief, guilt, and anger.
Hello I'm writing about my mom who is in her eighties. To this day, she is still
CB88 2020-10-16
7   CB88 2 days ago

Stomach Rash
Hi - I have developed a rash on my stomach and between my breasts. The rash is red and
treezal 2020-09-14
15   treezal 2 days ago

Small purple veins on left leg post partum
Hello I am looking for a remedy for small, delicate looking purple/blue veins on my left
Cat33 2020-10-20
1   A.Singh 2 days ago

Wart on ear
Hi, I have a wart on my left ear that has been there for many years. It is black, parts

BOPP 2020-09-14
47   BOPP 2 days ago

Till now received any valuable response from any ... Pls
dr pls help ....Itching after taking My mother age 45 yrs, has taken sulphar 200 for
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-20
1   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

Constipation problem from many years
Hi Helping community I am 39 years old , 6 feet tall , overweight (95kg) having a day
earthangel 2020-10-14
5   earthangel 3 days ago

High diastolic pressure and pulse
My son aged 35 years now suffers from high blood pressure and pulse rate. Average reading
Arun kanti 2020-10-20
1   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

metastatic adenocar cin oma lung met. sigmoid colon
My father is suffering from adeno car cin oma of the sigmoid colon with bilateral

netwiz87 2020-03-08
26   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Collapsed Arch left foot - presenting symptoms - suitable remedy
Good day everyone, My left foot arch is collapsed and following are the symptoms it is

yamarty 2020-08-27
29   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Rauwolfia for hypertension
I tried Rauwolfia (Serpina) for my hypertension and it seems work. I'm 43 and have
alangreat 2019-10-20
3   simone717 3 days ago

Chest pressure and neuro weakness
I am suffering fromWorst chest pressure, glue like sticky cough in chest especially in
Vourkoaph 2020-10-20
1   drjitesh 3 days ago

Pain in throat due to belching and gas
Dear Sir, madam, Could you please suggest me a remedy for pain in the throat (larynx
yamarty 2020-10-19
5   drjitesh 3 days ago

Tooth decay
Dear sir, What is the best remedy to reverse tooth decay, especially between the
pravric 2020-10-19
1   drjitesh 3 days ago

How long until the symptoms gone? (For a chronic problem)
I've had 3 remedies so far for three weeks (1 remedy/week). They eased my symptoms
Freya2 2020-10-15
9   Freya2 3 days ago

Any dr pls help ....Itching after taking sulpher 200
My mother age 45 yrs, has taken sulphar 200 for 4days thrice a day due to headache,
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-19
no replies yet

Summer heat causing body heat and reduced sleep
Hi, since the start of summer, my sleep has reduced to around 4-4.5 hrs per day. My
ramaswamy01 2019-06-16
14   ramaswamy01 4 days ago

Free homeopathic case taking
Hello , I am studying Homeopathy in USA . I am looking for detailed free case work on
vimaljan 2020-10-19
1   moderator 4 days ago

Sour food cause problem
My 65 years old mother has developed issue where sour food causes her all sort of
mayankgates 2020-10-18
3   drjitesh 4 days ago

Any classical homeopath pls help regarding nasal cattrah
I would like to draw your kind attention regarding my little daughter chronic nasal
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-18
2   Wuerzowsh 4 days ago

dr jitesh sharma sir only... for nasal
My daughter 6 yrs 6 months, thin, fair, weak suffering following problem for last 4
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-17
8   drjitesh 4 days ago

Very Early Ejaculation with watery semen
hey Doctors.. please help..i ejaculate very early ..i ejaculate before the complete
ZZ007 2013-12-12
2   ZZ007 5 days ago