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liver calcification on right lope 4.5mm with left side kidney stone 4.2 mm
i have liver calcification on right lope of liver i am having pain on right back and
Veetuphere 2022-08-06
3   mrmhm 3 days ago

Advice regarding vaginal discomfort
I have excess flesh in the vagina due to previous long standing constipation which has
Uthoh 2022-09-27
2   Uthoh 3 days ago

cataract in right eye
Hello. I am wondering how to proceed in finding the right remedy This began after being
Blossom3 2022-09-21
8   Blossom3 4 days ago

Throat Pain
If any doctor can help me. I have extreme pain in throat. It is now 10 days. I don't
blueabubakkar 2022-09-26
9   mrmhm 4 days ago

Dear sir, I have taken Sulphur 10M a few years ago for skin issues. Is it safe to take 6X
pravric 2022-09-27
no replies yet

Ciprofloxacin antibiotic side effects
I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin eye drops for an eye infection. I began having severe
Jen4 2022-09-26
1   simone717 5 days ago

Wounds not fully healing
Dear sirs, i am posting on behalf of a family member. She is 28. Since the beginning of
roberta1 2022-08-22
19   roberta1 5 days ago

ADHD,No speech,Large amount of diet intake
Hello ; My child who is now 5 years old is diagnosed with ADHD 2 years ago with

EngineerFez 2022-03-25
26   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Ear pressure
Hello For a few month's I've been having tightness and pressure in the right

VeronicaSpeedwell 2022-09-01
26   VeronicaSpeedwell 5 days ago

Bicep tendonitis
Hi : I have a bicep tendonitis due to over use of the arm, I took ruta graveolens , and
love and peace 2022-09-24
1   Kaps last week

nasopharyngeal catarrh
no sinus issues just mucus in the upper throat that is causing my throat to feel plugged
WHIPAT 2022-09-23
3   WHIPAT last week

Bicep tendonitis
Hi : I would like to know what potency should I take of ruta graveolens and rhus tox,
love and peace 2022-09-24
no replies yet

Chronic organophosphate poisoning of 14 years
I was severly and then chronically poisoned by organophosphate and carbamate nerve
LeighE 2008-09-23
4   Kaps last week

Silica and foreign body parts
Can Silica be taken by someone who has had knee replacement surgery? In a chronic
saltOftheEarth 2005-12-14
24   Kaps last week

Anal fissue
Ethnicity: South Asian Living in: Germany Age: 40 Height: 173cm Has asthma; depression;
Poush 2022-09-22
3   Kaps last week

I feel like can't feel anything I've no emotion, I'm can't focus
Avijit.ici 2022-09-21
4   Avijit.ici last week

Hand Foot Mouth Disease 06 year old
My 06 year old son has developed red spots/rash in elbows, feets and knee from yesterday.
bexid 2022-09-21
3   anuj srivastava last week

flu or covid
my 7yr old girl came home yesterday with a headache says it hurts everywhere light
WHIPAT 2022-09-21
2   anuj srivastava last week

Crataegus Hawthorne question
My grandmother is a Doctor of Homeopathy in India. She is visiting me here the US. She
LChawla 2007-01-18
3   vtechy1 last week

long term candida
Wondered if anyone had success with long term candida. Would be interested to know
Aisere 2022-09-21
6   Aisere last week

Chronic anxiety
Please save my my life if my daughter not cured i will definitely succide My daughter 18
Jvd 2022-09-21
1   anuj srivastava last week

cat with tartar and gingivitis
My 6year old female cat has dark grey tartar on upper back teeth as well as inflamed
Equoart 2022-09-18
3   Equoart last week

48 y/o female Poor focus Brain fog No motivation Withdrawn from activities I once liked
Mungas 2022-09-18
1   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Anxiety when facing unfamiliar or doubtful situations
If I have to do something which I perceive as a risk or not sure of the outcome or
Exiase 2022-09-16
2   Exiase 2 weeks ago

Multiple problem ( Kind attention Anuj Srivastava)
I am 75, male,very active, leading life with the following ailments. - Constant pain in

ranjandr 2021-04-02
186   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago