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Dr Kadwa......please help on allergy sinusitis
Need help .....suffering from sinusitis and breathing problem Hi Doctor, I am 35 now an

bhelpu 2017-07-23
99   kadwa 4 days ago

For Dr Kadwa only, please
Hello Dr Kadwa, Please help this mother. Age: 42 (a mother of a 9 year old) Location

Dr Kadwa only 2018-02-25
49   kadwa 4 days ago

Dr kadwa please help heart problem and unable to urinate
My age is 33 .I have Early cardiac autonomic dysfunction ,bladder is not contracting hence
rajanvikash 2018-10-09
1   kadwa 4 days ago

Dr. Kadwa please
Doctor I am 19 year old Female Weight-40 kg Colour -dim Occupation-student Already su
Anjali4 2018-10-08
1   kadwa 4 days ago

Dr kadwa Please help with Hairfall and baldness
Sir, I am 31 years old male from Ghaziabad. I am suffering from excessive hairfall. I am
mayankgates 2018-08-24
5   kadwa 4 days ago

Cystic Acne before ovulation
I am a 41 year old female. My hormones have been out of wack for 2 years now. I am breakin
neiop77gmail.com 2018-08-24
9   kadwa 4 days ago

penis pr dane
mere penis pr dane ho gaye h lal colour ke or pure body me jln hoti h mene allopathy ilaz

Farhan3 2018-04-06
27   kadwa 4 days ago

Apprehension and a lost life....
Hi Experts I am 36 years old and out of profession for last 9 years. Did job as a mechanic

lowspirit 2018-10-01
34   lowspirit 4 days ago

Left ventricular hypertrophy
I have been suffering from Left Ventricular hypertrophy with Bradycardia and high blood pr
Arun kanti 2018-10-01
5   Arun kanti 4 days ago

Any Classical Hopeopath would like to consider this case -Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hi, Below please find the link of my previous post: https://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.
hedican 2018-10-09
5   HealthyWorld 4 days ago

Premature Hair Loss - Please Help!
Hello, I am a male of 26 years old. About 2 years ago I began noticing slight hair loss t
Uedge 2018-10-15
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pain in left wrist+weight gain required
hassnahayat 2018-10-14
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8 year old with vitiligo
A close friend’s son has vitiligo. He is 8 years old and it started on his lips, now
mnmzmom 2018-10-14
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कृपया मार्गदर्शन करें
अगर किसी व्यक्ति को ठंड ज्यादा लगत
verma007 2018-10-14
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Facial nuralegic pain
Sir, My wife is 59 years old.A nerve from right side lower jaw to above Temple is Paining
Mohan6 2018-10-11
2   Mohan6 5 days ago

Hello sir. I am suffering from PCOS. I dont know from when. All I know is that i havnt ha

Amal Badia 2018-10-01
18   Amal Badia 5 days ago

Dr R Basu please help
My daughter is suffering from follwoing; -Menses (periods) still not start -Leucorrhoea -
sajidnazir 2018-10-14
no replies yet

demyelination of spinal cord nerves
Dear Doctor This is Arif(32 years) from Hyderabad. I am suffering from sever lower back pa
arifsoft 2015-06-26
7   kiran_6201 5 days ago

Sir I have ocd
Sir I have ocd. I am 20 try old boy body heavy 5.9 inch height location punjab. I have vul
Vipbrar4 2018-10-12
10   Tui 5 days ago

Dr R Basu, could you help please?
Hi, I’m a 41 year old female. I have had sagging breasts for a number of years now
Homeohealth1 2018-09-23
12   Homeohealth1 6 days ago

Poor mental generals
Hello sir, i m a 22 years old girl..an i am suffering from lots of mental problems... I wa

Maria Khan 2018-08-25
28   Tui 6 days ago

Urgent attention
Daughter aged 13 diagnosed as having dissociative disorder. She is having frequent faintin
mgg 2018-10-13
3   Tui 6 days ago

Pain over the body and Ankle
Hi, I am aged 60 Years and have the following ailments, out of which 1, 2 & 6 equire u

acs 2018-09-12
15   acs 6 days ago

mast cell tumor
Hello, my dog has a cyst on her hind leg which was diagnosed as mast cell tumor. It is 2 d

cathy3 2018-10-05
18   cathy3 6 days ago

Remedy for Fever after PCV vaccine
My child who is 5 months old now, is due for her PCV2 vaccine & a month ago she was su
varunb 2018-10-12
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About my father
My father is 68 years old a patient of BP take allopathic medicines. His BP remains upto 1
shatrughnavyas 2018-10-11
7   Tui last week

Withdrawing from Cymbalta
I am at 30mg Cymbalta with one week to go until I stop taking it all together. I have bee

dshahen 2018-09-04
28   dshahen last week

Dr Reva - Remedy for immature 17 yr old
My 17 yr old is quite immature emotionally for his age. He still behaves like a 12 yr old

peaks 2018-09-13
50   Reva V last week

Clarify about HIV illness
My friend is a HIV positive he is taking ART tablet but his immunity level and cd4 count w

Edwin1 2018-09-12
23   Mister4 last week

Attention: Dr Reva V, Dr Tui, Dr drjitesh -Please Help - ED & PE
I have taken 2 doses of Acid Phos 200 with gap of 12 hours. 2nd dose taken
Seck 2018-10-07
9   Seck last week

My temperature is never over 97 degrees, it has been as low as 96.5 and I cannot loose wei
nataldav2 2018-10-11
2   nataldav2 last week

Re: Bed wetting
Dear doctor My 10 year old child having bedwetting problem. We have given him following ho
Fenkoaqui 2018-10-11
1   homeo_helper last week

Social Anxiety - Any Ideas
Hello, Looking for some help and guidance to come up with a treatment for my symptoms. I
pseast 2018-09-08
10   pseast last week

Hi, I am 34 years old female. Recently I have been diagnosed with Psoriasis. I have a smal

Hemorrhoid Sufferer 2018-06-12
26   Hemorrhoid Sufferer last week

Hair loss on forehead
Hi, I am facing too much hair loss with too much etching and small small white partic
raviranjankumar 2017-05-08
7   HealthyWorld last week

Hip and tail bone pain
Hi,I am 36 years male. Sitting job for 8-10 hours. Pain started in tail bone 8 months back

pradeep_k82 2018-09-10
17   anuj srivastava last week

Can't eat .. extreme weakness
Doctor I am 19 year old Female Weight-40 kg Colour -dim Occupation-student Already suffer
Anjali4 2018-10-08
4   Reva V last week

Re: i have gallstone
i just found out i have gallstone is there any cure for that i had pain under my right rib
imran655 2018-10-10
no replies yet

premature ejaculation
I have these problems 1. premature ejaculation 2. high blood pressure 3. stress 4. digest
speed123 2018-10-09
1   Tui last week

Hip pain, thigh pain, heel pain and some pain in right side of waist
Dear sir I am 33 years male from Bihar India, from past 3 year suffering from right side

Nitesh Kamal 2018-08-16
31   Tui last week

hello, my son is 9 years old and I live in Chicago U.S.A. Almost 20 days ago he has got hi
Sued Ali 2018-10-07
7   Tui last week

Daughter 8 years has lumps in chest
My daughter, 8 years old, has lumps in her breast. The lumps are hard. The left side is mo
homeopath12 2018-10-08
4   Reva V last week

Help with chronic Ecoli UTI
I am a 60 yr old woman who has had a recurring UTI for over 4 years (e-coli always confirm

Juniorcat 2018-08-27
22   Juniorcat last week

Kind attn of Dr. Tui
Currently I am under Dr.Maheerus treatment. But he is not available right now, some acute

Srini3553 2018-09-29
18   Tui last week

Vomit after after eating
Sir I am 19 year old girl from North India .. my height is 5feet 4inches and weight is 40k
Anjali4 2018-10-07
9   Tui last week

thyroid and delayed periods
My wife is having thyroid problem for last 4 years, her latest tsh is 9.4 She is having e
fizspace 2018-09-11
12   anuj srivastava last week

Remedy Relationships tool
One useful feature of the site that doesn't get used that much is our remedy relation
moderator 2018-10-01
7   moderator last week

Dear Doc, i am 30 years old male suffering from prostatitis since last 9 months. Below sym
faheem1 2018-08-10
5   faheem1 last week

Heavy tightened burdened head and / or brain
Dear sir, I have taken following medicines as per your advice the intensity of pain reduc
shatrughnavyas 2018-10-08
no replies yet

reperory help
Hello, I have found reading a case an interesting rubric that will suite my case : MIND
bayard 2018-09-14
7   bayard last week

Cure of Alcoholism
Dear Team i m 39 yrs old male. I taking alcohol since 15 yrs but now a time i need more al
Raj25 2018-10-08
1   Tui last week

For Dr.Kadwa Only
Namaste karwa ji. Am 35y Old Male From India.My problem is Chronic ibs stomach pain and lo
sid1990 2018-10-07
1   kadwa last week

Request Dr kadwa to prescribe: 9 months old cough, phelgam and constipation.
Hello doctor, request you to suggest medicines for my 9 months old son for the following a

Nehaaadya 2016-04-05
41   kadwa last week

Burning sensation in urinary tract
I am suffering from Burning sensation in urination problem from almost 15 years.I had take

amit143mishra 2018-06-21
16   kadwa last week

Redmark in private part
Sir I have faceing a problem in some day I seen a little red mark in my private part how c
jkumarsuni 2018-09-20
7   kadwa last week

Dr. Kadwa ... Please take my case nightfall
I’m 20 years old. I think, i am suffering from nightfall.  I am very thin,&nbs

Shafi1 2018-06-07
23   kadwa last week

Cystic Fibrosis
Hi, Is it safe to treat someone with cystic fibrosis who has had a transplant and is on i
JRNFreedom 2018-10-06
5   Tui last week

mast cell tumor
Hello, my dog has a cyst on her hind leg which was diagnosed as mast cell tumor. It is 4
cathy3 2018-10-07
3   Tui last week

I use lot of medicine but result zero I have lot of pimples in my face Please give me tip
jkumarsuni 2018-09-23
6   Tui last week

Fulminant Hepatitis A
Hello, Start of May, I had fulminant Hepatitis A (ALT was at 5000) . Took 2 months of Ca

syria 2017-07-12
339   Reva V last week

Please delete thread.
Pleasedelete this thread.
syria 2018-10-06
3   homeo_helper last week

Recovery from Surgery Pain
My wife had a partial hysterectomy surgery due to fibroids on Sep 24, almost 2 weeks ago.
mmene 2018-10-07
5   Tui last week

Vision Recovery
Is there any homeopathic medicine to improve low vision?
sajidnazir 2018-10-07
no replies yet

Acid Phos Dose
1- An expert opinion is requested for the effective dose size of Acid Phos 2- Can Acid Ph
sajidnazir 2018-10-05
3   sajidnazir last week

Allergic cough and cold
I have Frequently cough and cold(allergy from cold) since my childhood. Age-27 height-160c
ravikant1 2018-10-06
1   Tui last week

Homeodr.... help with anxiety
I’m looking for help for my husband’s anxiety. Some of his specific symptoms i
rom109 2018-10-02
5   homeodr last week

Pilonidal cyst/ sinus
My name karan age 24,weight 90kgs.i am suffering from pilonidal cyst. From last one year C
karan123 2018-09-24
7   homeo_helper last week

Knee pain
My father aged 88yrs has PROBLEM of knee pain and feels difficulty while getting up and at
mnadeemkh 2018-09-27
5   Nishat Parveen last week

low hdl
I like to know if there is any homeo medicine to boost the HDL which is below 27 in my lip
bkc 2018-10-05
3   drjitesh last week

4 year old, disturbed sleep
my 4 year old daughter is having very disturbed sleep for last few days, she keeps on turn

fizspace 2018-07-30
15   anuj srivastava last week

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