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Enlarged Prostate
I am 58 years old and I have an enlarged prostate. Is there any medicine in homeopathy
Niiev161 2019-05-25
2   Niiev161 last week

Tinnitis and Anxiety
Hello Doctors I am suffering different diseases from many years and i want to get

anacardium1 2019-04-18
89   simone717 last week

Lack of reaction to well indicated remedies
Hello, I’m looking for help in finding « the » remedy for
Creapif 2019-06-08
2   maheeru last week

head injury
Head injury on 14April2019 - my horse fell while I was riding Unconscious for a length of
rktowne 2019-05-30
3   maheeru last week

I am 20 years old but my breast are under developed plz tell me if homeipathy can help me
Aliya3 2019-06-06
6   simone717 last week

Enlarged/Stretched Bladder
Male 72. Diabetic Prostate operated 3 years back. Now suffering less
mrbaig 2019-06-03
1   Reva V last week

Iti problem
Ravi -29 Unmarried Report-: Right epididymis few small (2 to 3 mm) cysts are seen And
ravi1231 2019-06-06
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speech regression in 3 year old
i posted in this forum about mu daughter and got a suggestion of medicine but it has not

Umeedalam 2018-04-04
66   Umeedalam 2 weeks ago

Urgent query post TB
Hi, I am a 30 year old female who used to be unwell quite often as a child. I had

Buink 2019-05-23
14   maheeru 2 weeks ago

Enlarged belly and hair on chin
I am 26 Yr old unmarried girl. My belly is enlarged appears like a pregnant lady. There
renukar06 2019-06-02
4   homeo_helper 2 weeks ago

Remenant cough
Hi, Had cough, cold, sore throat some 3 weeks back. A course of Hepar Sulpher 200,
falcon74 2019-05-20
4   HealthyWorld 2 weeks ago

Tooth decay - Root Canal /Crowning
I have three tooth decay , doctor advised to do root canal and Capping . I want to delay
rks0202 2019-06-01
4   maheeru 2 weeks ago

Premature ejaculation/asthma/pollen allergy
Since I have had a great experience with homeopathy in treatment of my depression, I
thundercracker 2014-02-02
1   caulodren 2 weeks ago

pain in lower abdomin of rightside
Dear Sir,i m 55 yrs now having pain in rightside lower abdomin constantly since childhood

v.kapoor 2011-06-22
324   simone717 2 weeks ago

Erectile dysfunction
Hello forum. Im 24 years male and I could note that I have ED. I have this problem since

arun_zion 2011-05-13
83   onepillmart 2 weeks ago

Sexual disorders
Nitesh kumar 29 yr I go to my wife only to get excited by talking to her. The penis
ravi1231 2019-06-03
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Congenital Ptosis
I am 20 and have severe congenital ptosis , I had a surgery at 6 but no major change , I
gaurav111 2019-06-02
1   homeo_helper 2 weeks ago

Premature Ejaculation problem less timeing and jeryan drops problem
Premature Ejaculation problem less timeing and jeryan drops problem problem less timeing
Abdul071 2019-06-02
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Sebaceous Cyst - For more than 10 years on Cheek
Hello, I have Sebaceous Cyst (as per allopathy doc ), for long long time . I dont want
rks0202 2019-05-26
3   simone717 2 weeks ago

severe anemia due to heavy periods
Hi , I would like the help of a dr please. I am 48 years old , since the past 3 years I
love and peace 2019-06-01
4   love and peace 2 weeks ago

ED , impotence
Hi, I had heart attack and had angioplasty 14 years ago. Taking blood pressure pills
sheeraz 2019-06-02
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Kind attn of Dr. Maheeru. I am the CKD Patient.
Dr. Maheeru. I am the CKD patient M.Srinivasa who e-mailed all my details, and you were

Srini3553 2018-06-14
33   Srini3553 2 weeks ago

Dr. Jithesh are you there? Desperately need your help
Dear Doc As per your advice I took Ignatia 30 consecutive 5 days two times. The remedy
sandy3 2019-05-30
7   maheeru 2 weeks ago

front teeth
Ever since the orthopedic removed my daughters braces her front teeth are sensitive and
penny3 2019-06-01
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Low abdomen pain
Hi I am done over masturbation and now I don’t feel any pleasure while having sex
Inhuman2493 2019-06-01
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Bulky ovaries and no periods
Hello Doctor, MY age is 25 years unmarried girl. I have been facing issue of irregular

renukar06 2018-03-04
41   renukar06 2 weeks ago

I need urgent help regarding a milk cyst in upper right area of breast near arm pit. It
jay1 2019-05-31
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Premature Ejaculation problem less timeing and jeryan drops problem
Premature Ejaculation problem less timeing and jeryan drops problem my penis becomes
Abdul071 2019-05-31
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psoriasis (chambal problem)
psoriasis solution please psoriasis on both hands finger affects previous 3 years. no
Abdul071 2019-05-31
3   HealthyWorld 2 weeks ago

Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation problem
Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation due to porn & masturbation. HELP
Abdul071 2019-05-31
1   HealthyWorld 2 weeks ago

Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation due to porn & masturbation. HELP PLEASE.
Hello Doctor Kadwa and other seniors, I'm newly married. Please help me. Age -
ahomeoguy 2019-05-24
3   simone717 2 weeks ago

Help me to steer cler of Metabolic Problems
Dear Sir I a male, 58, teacher, Indian, fair looking, 5'6", 68 kgs, gentle,
sandy3 2019-05-10
10   simone717 2 weeks ago

Upper respiratory infection
Dear sir I m 33 years old male. Lots of cold thing I had eaten in past one month. From
Nitesh Kamal 2019-05-30
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Internal tremors
Hello, I’m struggling to find my symptoms on the finder. I have internal tremors

Peggy2 2019-02-17
20   Peggy2 3 weeks ago

Unrefreshing sleep
I have been suffering from Insomnia since 2004.I am 29 years old at present.Homeopathic
Iarfa 2019-05-26
1   Lamary 3 weeks ago

Muscle Spasms in Knee
I am a 35 year old mother and generally healthy. Last night and this morning I felt like
lisbeth 2019-05-29
1   Lamary 3 weeks ago

auto immune disorder
Hi I am 42 Yrs of Age Suffering from AutoImmuneDisorder My Symptoms: During
mrittika sen 2019-05-28
2   simone717 3 weeks ago

freckles and moles
What can I take to diminish my freckles on face, arms, and legs due to high sun exposure
Chrissy92 2019-05-28
2   simone717 3 weeks ago

Tooth extraction
Hello, My daughter had three wisdom teeth removed. The one on her right has a hard
penny3 2019-05-27
4   penny3 3 weeks ago

any help for C patient
why no one here wants to take C patient, where shall we go, I am looking for a brave

pinkyM 2019-05-24
16   maheeru 3 weeks ago

New Forum Feature
Good Morning. As of today, there's a new tick box in the forum reply box labelled
moderator 2019-05-27
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Vitamin D low 12% and pain in lumbar region and sacrum region, right leg right side effected
Please help some one https://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/568101/
Nitesh Kamal 2019-01-05
2   Lamary 3 weeks ago

Schizophrenia Help !!
Schizophrenia is kind of disorder which can be treated with help of medicines. There is
georgewhittington 2019-04-01
1   Lamary 3 weeks ago

Help homeohelper antivirus ms basu pls
Hello m suffering from anal fissure .burning befor durjg and afer stool.pls prescribe
Riya3 2019-04-30
1   Lamary 3 weeks ago

Very big hard wart
I've developed two small but very hard knots/warts like thing on my back n neck 2
Meera1 2019-05-24
1   Lamary 3 weeks ago

decrease sweet cravings and increase hair production
Hello! I am 26 and currently breastfeeding. I am not allergic to any medications. I am
Chrissy92 2019-05-24
1   Lamary 3 weeks ago

Sexual problem
Ravi Age-29 Unmarried 1. Penis size 2 inch in normal and erection time 2.8 inch.
ravi1231 2019-05-26
1   Lamary 3 weeks ago

Sore Red Inflamed Throat
Can anyone help with a remedy for a very sore throat which I feel is infected - the
kohler 2019-05-20
1   moderator 3 weeks ago

Psoas tight/pain
Please what remedy for difficulty raising from sitting position worse on Right leg.
amy79021 2019-05-24
1   moderator 3 weeks ago

Pilonidal Sinus Fistula
40 years old, male, software developer, creative, interests in history, science and
Lamary 2017-06-26
9   Lamary 3 weeks ago

9 year Masturbation
Hello i have been done Masturbation for aprox 9 years and now i got married so my penis
zenevatech 2019-05-26
1   Lamary 3 weeks ago

avito009 2017-07-27
21   avito009 3 weeks ago

erectile dysfunction
Hi,I am suffering from erectile dysfunction. I used to masterbate a lot and I also used
sujith 2004-03-29
3   jacklury 3 weeks ago

Acid Reflux symptoms in 4 month old
Hi, My daughter is going to be 4 months old on Monday 5/27 and she has had acid reflux
LizS 2019-05-23
3   homeo_helper 3 weeks ago

Hope u r fine. I have read your posts here, so i request you to kindly advise me for my
faizan81 2019-05-24
1   maheeru 3 weeks ago

My Daughter Height
Sir, my daughter is 10 yrs old, her height is 123 cms. I gave her Baryta carb30 for 6 or

punitmittal777 2018-01-01
186   Reva V 3 weeks ago

Homeo Advice for symptoms
Male Height 5'6. Body looks weak and veins in hands and feet are very

provision 2011-11-10
415   provision 3 weeks ago

29 age problems
Ravi Age-29 Unmarried 1. Penis size 2 inch in normal and erection time 2.8 inch.
ravi1231 2019-05-24
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for dr kadwa pleaseleft hand numbness and weakness in fingers
Since March 2018 I am suffering from the Numbness in LEFT HAND PALM DOWNWARDSIDS AND

mnadeemkh 2018-05-22
32   simone717 3 weeks ago

Low ejection fraction ,dilated cardiomyopathy
My husband has been diagnosed with low left ventricular ejection fraction of 25
Sweta nigam 2019-05-22
7   Sweta nigam 3 weeks ago

Hayfever Allergies
Hi, I require medication for my nephew. He is 5 years of age, weighs around 20 kg. We
neik 2016-11-19
8   georgewhittington 3 weeks ago

Dear sirs, my cousin (female, 38) suddenly started suffering from constipation 3 weeks
roberta1 2019-05-20
4   homeo_helper 4 weeks ago

lease help to find the right remedy to heal the oozing breast tumor
- Please help to find the right remedy to heal the oozing tumor - female 56 years, mother
Kiran Kumar3 2019-05-22
1   simone717 4 weeks ago

Sexual disorders
Ravi Age-29 Unmarried 1. Penis size 2 inch in normal and erection time 2.8 inch. Penis
ravi1231 2019-05-22
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22 year old needs help with wrist pain not going away
A sincere request to an experienced doctor to take my case. I am 22 year old young man.

suna711 2019-02-25
97   suna711 4 weeks ago

Sweaty butt rash
Hello This year it hasn’t even been a full summer yet and I’ve beginning to
Am123 2019-05-21
1   simone717 4 weeks ago

Acne Scars......remove them yourself
Okay, I know what I am about to say is kind of controversial, but hey!I recently had a

davestar057 2005-03-07
46   jonathanpiner 4 weeks ago

Help Anuj?? Burning in stomach and anal burning like chilly during stool and stomach cramp pain
Dear sir Last month A parasite comes out after taking honey and pipad. After 15 days I
Nitesh Kamal 2019-05-16
2   anuj srivastava 4 weeks ago

Jaw and neck pain from overmasturbation and also very sensitive penis
28 years, male, 74 kg weight, 70 cm height, medium dark complexion, unmarried. From last
SUBHAJIT 2019-05-11
6   Kapsdquack 4 weeks ago

Seasonal skin allergies
Hi, I am a 21 years old female living in Canada. Every spring and summer I have skin
pollen 2018-06-01
6   georgewhittington 4 weeks ago

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