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Night owl medicine
I'm a night owl. I cannot make myself sleep. I keep on engaging in some work . I
iconresponse 2018-09-10
8   iconresponse 8 months ago

Toddler tooth decay
Hello, My 2 year old daughter has very weak crumbly teeth. When her two top teeth first

Tiffere 2016-12-23
20   Tiffere 9 months ago

Acne Scars Case for Dr. Kadwa
Hello Dr. Kadwa. Hope you are doing great. I wanted to know if there is any gel or cream
MTaimurG 2018-10-13
6   Iorfionpai 9 months ago

My mother has NPH.
Hi everyone My mom is 57 year old, she has shunt on 30th August after 3 years wrong
Anurag3 2018-10-14
5   Tui 9 months ago

Feeling terrible.
I have always my head tense eyes almost closed doing nptnoth other than job brain out of

shatrughnavyas 2018-08-09
41   Mister4 9 months ago

Dr Kadwa (testicular cyst)
Dear Sir, My age is 45. Height 5.7. Weight 65 KG. I have Testicular pain on right
manaser2005 2018-10-09
3   manaser2005 9 months ago

tinnitus in my both ears
hassnahayat 2018-10-14
3   Tui 9 months ago

Probable bacterial staph rash on face
My family doctor is not sure what the rash is and prescribed 1000mg. Keflex for 10 days
Bonkio 2018-10-15
1   homeo_helper 9 months ago

Help with Gum Boil / Dental Abscess?
One year ago I had a crown on my lower right molar (not the furthest one back but the one
lisamarie1081 2018-10-15
2   lisamarie1081 9 months ago

Dr Kadwa please help
Dear Sir, I am male. 45 weight 65 height 5.7 feet. My problems are below 1. Skin tag
manaser2005 2018-08-04
7   manaser2005 9 months ago

Dr Kadwa......please help on allergy sinusitis
Need help .....suffering from sinusitis and breathing problem Hi Doctor, I am 35 now

bhelpu 2017-07-23
99   kadwa 9 months ago

Dr kadwa please help heart problem and unable to urinate
My age is 33 .I have Early cardiac autonomic dysfunction ,bladder is not contracting
rajanvikash 2018-10-09
1   kadwa 9 months ago

Dr. Kadwa please
Doctor I am 19 year old Female Weight-40 kg Colour -dim Occupation-student Already
Anjali4 2018-10-08
1   kadwa 9 months ago

Dr kadwa Please help with Hairfall and baldness
Sir, I am 31 years old male from Ghaziabad. I am suffering from excessive hairfall. I am
mayankgates 2018-08-24
5   kadwa 9 months ago

Cystic Acne before ovulation
I am a 41 year old female. My hormones have been out of wack for 2 years now. I am
neiop77gmail.com 2018-08-24
9   kadwa 9 months ago

hedican 2018-10-09
5   HealthyWorld 9 months ago

Premature Hair Loss - Please Help!
Hello, I am a male of 26 years old. About 2 years ago I began noticing slight hair loss
Uedge 2018-10-15
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pain in left wrist+weight gain required
hassnahayat 2018-10-14
no replies yet

Hello sir. I am suffering from PCOS. I dont know from when. All I know is that i havnt

Amal Badia 2018-10-01
18   Amal Badia 9 months ago

demyelination of spinal cord nerves
Dear Doctor This is Arif(32 years) from Hyderabad. I am suffering from sever lower back
arifsoft 2015-06-26
7   kiran_6201 9 months ago

Sir I have ocd
Sir I have ocd. I am 20 try old boy body heavy 5.9 inch height location punjab. I have
Vipbrar4 2018-10-12
10   Tui 9 months ago

Urgent attention
Daughter aged 13 diagnosed as having dissociative disorder. She is having frequent
mgg 2018-10-13
3   Tui 9 months ago

Pain over the body and Ankle
Hi, I am aged 60 Years and have the following ailments, out of which 1, 2 & 6 equire

acs 2018-09-12
15   acs 9 months ago

mast cell tumor
Hello, my dog has a cyst on her hind leg which was diagnosed as mast cell tumor. It is 2

cathy3 2018-10-05
18   cathy3 9 months ago

Remedy for Fever after PCV vaccine
My child who is 5 months old now, is due for her PCV2 vaccine & a month ago she was
varunb 2018-10-12
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Clarify about HIV illness
My friend is a HIV positive he is taking ART tablet but his immunity level and cd4 count

Edwin1 2018-09-12
23   Mister4 9 months ago

My temperature is never over 97 degrees, it has been as low as 96.5 and I cannot loose
nataldav2 2018-10-11
2   nataldav2 9 months ago

Re: Bed wetting
Dear doctor My 10 year old child having bedwetting problem. We have given him following
Fenkoaqui 2018-10-11
1   homeo_helper 9 months ago

Hi, I am 34 years old female. Recently I have been diagnosed with Psoriasis. I have a

Hemorrhoid Sufferer 2018-06-12
26   Hemorrhoid Sufferer 9 months ago

Hair loss on forehead
Hi, I am facing too much hair loss with too much etching and small small white
raviranjankumar 2017-05-08
7   HealthyWorld 9 months ago

Can't eat .. extreme weakness
Doctor I am 19 year old Female Weight-40 kg Colour -dim Occupation-student Already
Anjali4 2018-10-08
4   Reva V 9 months ago

premature ejaculation
I have these problems 1. premature ejaculation 2. high blood pressure 3. stress 4.
speed123 2018-10-09
1   Tui 9 months ago

hello, my son is 9 years old and I live in Chicago U.S.A. Almost 20 days ago he has got
Sued Ali 2018-10-07
7   Tui 9 months ago

Daughter 8 years has lumps in chest
My daughter, 8 years old, has lumps in her breast. The lumps are hard. The left side is
homeopath12 2018-10-08
4   Reva V 9 months ago

Vomit after after eating
Sir I am 19 year old girl from North India .. my height is 5feet 4inches and weight is
Anjali4 2018-10-07
9   Tui 9 months ago

Remedy Relationships tool
One useful feature of the site that doesn't get used that much is our remedy
moderator 2018-10-01
7   moderator 9 months ago

Dear Doc, i am 30 years old male suffering from prostatitis since last 9 months. Below
faheem1 2018-08-10
5   faheem1 9 months ago

Heavy tightened burdened head and / or brain
Dear sir, I have taken following medicines as per your advice the intensity of pain
shatrughnavyas 2018-10-08
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reperory help
Hello, I have found reading a case an interesting rubric that will suite my case : MIND
bayard 2018-09-14
7   bayard 9 months ago

Cystic Fibrosis
Hi, Is it safe to treat someone with cystic fibrosis who has had a transplant and is on
JRNFreedom 2018-10-06
5   Tui 9 months ago

I use lot of medicine but result zero I have lot of pimples in my face Please give me
jkumarsuni 2018-09-23
6   Tui 9 months ago

Please delete thread.
Pleasedelete this thread.
syria 2018-10-06
3   homeo_helper 9 months ago

Recovery from Surgery Pain
My wife had a partial hysterectomy surgery due to fibroids on Sep 24, almost 2 weeks
mmene 2018-10-07
5   Tui 9 months ago

Vision Recovery
Is there any homeopathic medicine to improve low vision?
sajidnazir 2018-10-07
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Acid Phos Dose
1- An expert opinion is requested for the effective dose size of Acid Phos 2- Can Acid
sajidnazir 2018-10-05
3   sajidnazir 9 months ago

Allergic cough and cold
I have Frequently cough and cold(allergy from cold) since my childhood. Age-27
ravikant1 2018-10-06
1   Tui 9 months ago

Knee pain
My father aged 88yrs has PROBLEM of knee pain and feels difficulty while getting up and
mnadeemkh 2018-09-27
5   Nishat Parveen 9 months ago

low hdl
I like to know if there is any homeo medicine to boost the HDL which is below 27 in my
bkc 2018-10-05
3   drjitesh 9 months ago

Skin problem
Sir I have a skin mark I seen some days i used sulphur 30 and Natrum Mur 30 but still no
Fault 2018-10-04
3   Dr R Basu 9 months ago

scitica pain from right hip to right leg
Kindly advise suitable homeo & biochemic medicines for treating the Scitica pain on
bkc 2018-10-06
1   drjitesh 9 months ago

Homeo Medicines for Lowering Blood Sugar
Is there any effective Homeo or Bio Chemic medicines to lower the BLOOD SUGAR Levels ?
bkc 2018-10-06
1   drjitesh 9 months ago

My mother age 76 years has been suffering from acute pain in hips, knee, ankle
mkh2000 2018-10-06
1   drjitesh 9 months ago

Hypersexual Disorder in lady
Need help of lady age 38 - Symptoms of Hypersexual

star1452 2018-08-10
17   Mister4 9 months ago

Weather/Allergy headaches
I suffer from headaches that are brought on by pressure changes in the weather. This
jbh8182 2018-10-05
1   Tui 9 months ago

Old age knee pain
Knee pain My father aged 88yrs has PROBLEM of knee pain and feels difficulty while
mnadeemkh 2018-10-05
1   Tui 9 months ago

Lycopodium culvatum antidote
If someone knows about lycopodium culvatum antidote pls share your

attiq 2018-09-24
17   attiq 9 months ago

plesse advise
sir I am 19 year old male from uttar pradesh India.. sir I am 5feet 4 inches of height
Ienkiej 2018-09-14
1   Dr R Basu 9 months ago

Erectile Dyfun./PE/Caladium+Lycopodium+Nux personality.
Age : 42 years Height : 5 ' 10" Weight : 94 Kg Approx. Profession : software
healthypanda 2018-09-19
1   Dr R Basu 9 months ago

Bend penis
I am 24 years old. From 13 years old i have started masturbating, and for this excesive
Rudeboyoo55 2018-09-19
1   Dr R Basu 9 months ago

side effect of r43 or aspidosperma tincture
sanjeev.saraogi 2018-10-03
2   sanjeev.saraogi 9 months ago

Heavy head, weakness, week digestion and low libido
Heavy head, weakness, week digestion and low libido. Heavy heavy head all the time and
Hunny1986 2018-09-29
6   homeo_helper 9 months ago

Milky urine
Hi. I want help with this issue that i am facing. I feel the urge to pee alot at time.
Zuif 2018-10-02
2   Zuif 9 months ago

My mother have thyroid problem
My mother having thyroid problem that her T3 level was 19.77, T4 level was 0.40, TSH

Edwin1 2018-07-16
20   HealthyWorld 9 months ago

Limping dog
Does anyone work with animals and homeopathy. My dog is a pitbull mix and has been
Brittany 2018-10-02
2   Tui 9 months ago

please help numb outer foot on left side and big toe on right side
Please help!!! My right big toe started to feel like it had a band around it about 3
momof6 2018-08-02
2   momof6 9 months ago

How to increase height
hlw, Divyam Sharma is here . Today i will told you something new “How to increase
divyam 2018-04-28
1   Bakhtoo 9 months ago

Help My 9 month old seems to be suffering from UTI No fever but crying to pee. Seems
Swiss horse 2018-10-02
2   simone717 9 months ago

Effect of food and allopathic medicines on Homoeo drugs
I have learnt from childhood days that such foods as garlic,camphor and other medicines
Arun kanti 2018-10-02
2   Arun kanti 9 months ago

Perioral dermatitis
I need specific homeopathic medication for my perioral dermatitis that just will not go

Chrissy92 2018-07-25
35   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

Dear sir, I want a suitable remedy for glaucoma. My eye pressure is about 18 -22, but
mikhan838 2018-07-12
1   drjitesh 9 months ago

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