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Fistula- Dr Anuj Please
Fistula-Anuj Please Help Fistula is about 3mm outside the anus. It is controlled well.
enmonju 2019-09-10
11   anuj srivastava 6 months ago

Is Anal fissure curable by homeopathy?
I have been taking homeopathic treatment for chronic anal fissure for almost a year, in

mohin1 2014-07-31
13   Aura 6 months ago

Is there a 200x potency. If so is it classed as tissue salt. And how strong is it
Ideal56 2019-09-26
3   maheeru 6 months ago

Concerned about my kids height
Hi.. My son is 6.5 years old. His height is short as compared to the kids of his age. He
Sanam16261 2019-09-20
8   HealthyWorld 6 months ago

arsenicum album dosage in ongoing asthma remedy
I am 26 and have had asthma since i was 10. ..its mostly exercise induced but over the
kimbercin 2019-09-25
5   kimbercin 6 months ago

momentiraly dizziness/trembling/loss of balance
Age 33: Whitish skin tone Weight:95 height:5'10" no smoking/drinking I am
naru86 2019-09-06
10   freehomeoforall 6 months ago

Questions regarding homeopathy
I m a staunch believer of classical homeopathy. I have couple of questions to ask : Q1:
mominisb 2019-09-20
6   mominisb 6 months ago

IBS With Headache And Vertigo
I Am 36 Years Old Male From India India.My problem is Chronic Ibs with headache and
Ratnesh77 2019-09-25
3   Tui 6 months ago

Kidney problem
History Age 56 CABG(bypass surgery)2007 Kidney stone problem every year 7/8 times passes
milind98077 2019-09-24
4   Gentle1 6 months ago

Seborrheic dermatitis
Hello. Male Age - 37y Weight - 80kg Height - 173cm Country - South Asia I have

Poush 2018-11-05
27   Poush 6 months ago

Hello m 25 n i often see white spots on my tongue. I suffr from tonsil stones and .
Ozu 2019-09-25
3   freehomeoforall 6 months ago

Dr.(Mrs) R.Basu is available again
After a long gap I got some time to stay here.For next 6 months I shall be available
Dr R Basu 2019-09-24
no replies yet

website issue
I am not able to get through on the website and the following message appears: ANY
Shelly1 2019-09-24
1   moderator 6 months ago

Quit smoking
I want help to quit my mother smoking habit. She is diabetic patient and high
Deepak86 2019-09-21
3   Gentle1 6 months ago

Darkness around mouth and on forehead
Hello, I am suffering from darkness around mouth and on forehead. No matter what remedy
as7276 2019-09-23
9   HealthyWorld 6 months ago

irregular periods and hirsutism
hello,I have problem of insuline resistance pcod and facial .i took bithcontrol pill my
bella6 2019-09-19
10   HealthyWorld 6 months ago

what is the natural cure for lattice degeneration
Can someone tell us the natural cure to reverse lattice degeneration. Doctors say there
kaychay 2019-09-21
4   kaychay 6 months ago

Tumor kind of formations and dry darkened skin
My mother is having tumor kind of formation in her arms which have darkened and is very
Glla1 2019-09-23
2   Glla1 6 months ago

High Platelet Count
Dear Doctors, Age: 41 Years Sex: Male Weight: 77 Kgs I have been living with
dineshtwn 2008-09-09
8   jyotikamadan 6 months ago

Various Problems
Respected Doctors, I want to discuss my problems with you and hopefully find a solution
Humility 2019-09-18
10   HealthyWorld 6 months ago

Stasis Dermatitis
I am suffering from Stasis Dermatitis ( eczema specif form). This problem is on the left

rameshkhanna 2019-09-16
20   freehomeoforall 6 months ago

I am early 40 married male
skumar5 2019-03-17
2   skumar5 6 months ago

Potential cyst at base of RIGHT middle finger
Hello, I was looking at the remedy Silicea as a possible way to address this. Several
mleibac 2019-09-21
1   Tui 6 months ago

Both fallopian tubes are blocked
1. ID 2. 34 years 3. Female 4. Married 5. weight: 61 6. Height ….:5 ft 4 inches 7.
Pooja arora 2019-09-18
5   Tui 6 months ago

Small Fiber Neuropathy
Hello, I am suffering from Small Fiber Neuropathy since last 6 months. Following are my
NishaB1 2019-09-09
3   simone717 6 months ago