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Acidity with loose stool
My 3.5 yrs daughter waight 13 kg,Suddenly from last night 2:30 am loose stool pass with
Wuerzowsh 2020-11-17
1   freehomeoforall 8 months ago

aggravation simone or others
hi there i seem to go through an aggravation at the 2 week mark quite regularly after
paula1 2020-11-15
3   simone717 8 months ago

Hi, I'm Serah, 24 years old female. I have itching on palms and soles for the last
serah1 2020-11-14
4   serah1 8 months ago

thyroiditis, vertigo
I experienced vertigo for first time 3 weeks ago. Right ear, some gland swelling, some
mdigiorgio 2020-11-07
3   mdigiorgio 8 months ago

Oxalicum acidum
Hello, I think a lot of my problems have to do with oxalate. I came across the work of
Abou 2020-07-21
4   ppalma00 8 months ago

Anxiety and Nervousness Related Issues
My 28 years old sister has anxiety issue ahead of an exam, interview and when she has to
mayankgates 2020-11-14
1   drjitesh 8 months ago

Nightfall, neuralgia and anxiety
1. Nightfall water like (from 7 days every second day) 2. Chest pressure, pain and also
Vourkoaph 2020-11-05
2   Vourkoaph 8 months ago

Nat Mur personality
I fit literally almost EVERY SINGLE personality trait of Nat Mur. I have many of the
smpwk 2020-11-13
1   simone717 8 months ago

Eczema, Diabetes type 2
Hi! I have had eczema near my nose, eye brows and chin for the past few years and was
puttan786 2020-11-11
1   drjitesh 8 months ago

Upper abdominal pain in center and left and right side (DR.JITESH SHARMA only)
Hello DR.JITESH SHARMA. I am 31 years old male having upper abdominal pain in center,
Salman2010 2020-11-11
3   drjitesh 8 months ago

Bleeding Hemorrhoids
I am suffering from bleeding hemorrhoids. I have been taking hamamelis 200 - 4pills 3
vrajesh 2007-04-16
10   monpapillon 8 months ago

Thyroid swelling 20 years after surgery.
Hi every one. Colud some one suggest medicine for a female patien had partial
drmohib 2020-11-12
1   A.Singh 8 months ago

Need some help
Hello all: I would really appreciate getting some help from all of you learned people.
ngtoronto 2020-11-11
2   ngtoronto 8 months ago

32yrs old female..married with two kids,i had anxiety issues after birth of my first
Shanzay khan 2020-11-11
1   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Autistic son
Hi everyone, My youngest, 7yr old boy, is autistic. He has been under homeopathic
someone1 2020-11-09
4   simone717 8 months ago

Primary Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. please suggest solution
Age -41, Height - 5ft. 10 inch, weight- 90kg मेंटल स्टेट 1. हर
Schoolboy 2020-11-11
no replies yet

Acne and digestion issues
Hello, 27 years old female , issues of acne since 12 years on face , scalp , chest and
Gba 2020-11-11
1   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Painful Piles
I seems to have developed piles in last 2-3 days. I had pain during motion although stool
mayankgates 2020-10-27
6   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

homeopathic medicine for a 4 days baby with Jaundice (Dr. Jitesh)
Please suggest a homeopathic medicine for a 4 days baby with Jaundice and how to give
Salman2010 2020-11-01
9   drjitesh 8 months ago

Irritable bowel syndrome
Hello I am 61 year ild female. Suffering from atomach discomfort and acid reflux. Cannot
seemamishra261 2020-11-09
5   seemamishra261 8 months ago

My Constitutiinal remedy
Could any real homeopathic doctor tell me my consitutional

skumar5 2020-06-07
28   simone717 8 months ago

Depression negative thoughts
Hi..i m 32 yrs old ,married and have two kids..i have anxiety issues with acidity and
Afreen shahZeb 2020-11-10
1   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Autistic daughter
Hi everyone, I have an autistic daughter who is treated using homeopathy but I
someone1 2020-11-09
3   freehomeoforall 8 months ago

Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase
67 year old man blood shows elevated alkaline phosphatase count 802 normal range is 30 -
radhekrishna 2006-12-14
3   sajid sajjad 8 months ago

Coughing and loose appetite to eat.
Hi, my husband have been coughing for the past few weeks. When he cough , sometimes feel
nadiah 2020-11-08
1   anuj srivastava 8 months ago