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Mental irritation, ed, inappropriate sexual thoughts and anxiety and depression
In 11 nov, my partner and I went for a day out where i had a sexual intercourse where I
pabitra 2021-12-19
2   Sugan veera last month

Lyrngitis, voice hoarseness, vocal card nodules
Dear doctors, Good morning, i have been suffering from hoarseness of voice for two
nizamani 2021-12-26
3   Sugan veera last month

9 Year Old Boy Coughing from Throat, No Cough comes out
Dear Sir My Son 9 year Old, Very Active. He Coughing from last 10 days, No Cough after
Nitesh Kamal 2021-12-23
1   Sugan veera last month

6 year old sinus infection, vertigo
Daughter 6 years old. Woke up this morning throbbing headache temples. Could not look
Paulalala 2021-12-25
1   Kaps last month

Complex endometriosis causing severe pain during
Speedboat223 2021-12-13
6   Speedboat223 last month

Detached retina
Detached retina, worse night vision, headaches, pain in eyes, need to wear sunglasses
curioush 2021-09-09
4   Kaps last month

Gallbladder Stones
I am 45 years old, female, married with three children Yesterday, I felt severe pain in 2021-12-23
5   anuj srivastava last month

Dear homeopathy doctors My 10 years old daughter has malabsorption of all food. She had

azade 2021-11-20
34   azade last month

Hair fall
Hello Anuj My maternal aunt is 82 years old. She was treated for typhoid 2 months
Ritusharma 2021-12-23
2   Ritusharma last month

gambling addiction
hi I keep on loosing lots of money weekly to gambling. All my pay always goes for
helpme1 2013-02-14
3   anuj srivastava last month

Not well since delivery
I have been suffering from hormonal problems .while previously pulsatilla 30 recommended

HoneyKhanna 2019-10-01
102   HoneyKhanna last month

Fatty Liver and pancreatic cyst
I was recently diagnosed with fatty liver disease and an MRI found a branch duct IPMN
Gok 2021-12-22
1   anuj srivastava last month

Four year old with snoring and sleeping with open mouth
My four year old son is having snoring issues and sleeping h with open mouth. He had the
Erethee 2021-12-23
3   anuj srivastava last month

Help for Brother with Liver, Gout and Leg Swelling
Hello, Would truly appreciate recommendations for my brother who has liver, gout and leg
Sue K 2021-12-20
5   Sue K last month

demans ???? hallucinations??????
A 71-year-old female patient has been suffering from blood pressure for 8 years. She has
saman2 2021-10-02
4   Kaps last month

cervic polyp - delayed painful period
Hello Doctor, I am 38yr old female, do not have child and am now diagnosed with cervic
17jo05 2021-12-03
3   anuj srivastava last month

extranumerary bones
Having a hard time finding the rubric for bones that are in funny, unexpected places. I
DarynHubbard 2021-12-16
2   DarynHubbard last month

My fife who is 41 yrs old has serious constipation problem. Tried everything, medication,
snc5595 2012-08-23
9   Romen last month

chronic constipation
I request any doctor to please advise on my problem: I am a 40 yrs old married male in
gmarshed 2012-11-08
2   Romen last month

Suffering from constipation and Headache
I am 28 yrs old, and I have constipation since childhood. Earlier I used to have frequent

sagrawal 2009-12-14
50   Romen last month

chronic constipation for three years
I request any doctor to please advise on my problem: I am a 40 yrs old married male in a
gmarshed 2013-04-12
2   Romen last month

From last few months I am suffering from constipation, however from few weeks it is
kk_tanti 2013-04-02
7   Romen last month

I am having deep sleep snoring and was adviced to take Nux Vomica 2X daily. I notice
firajb 2013-05-24
2   Romen last month

bleeding constipation
while i go to washroom to pass stool then first the fresh blood comes out in large amount
sherry 3 2013-07-18
5   Romen last month

Hello Doctors: I am suffering from constipation last 1 years. I do have bowel movement
SMukherjee 2013-07-27
2   Romen last month