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Post traumatic tremors
Old Male aged 75 having essential tremors which started after a head injury at the age of
rajaram8 2019-11-13
2   rajaram8 last month

face deshape
romi87 2019-12-11
2   freehomeoforall last month

anal fissure / scar tissue
Hi, I had been treated for anal fissure (stage 1) last year ending in December. It seems
Marita1 2019-12-11
1   homeo_helper last month

Kidney stones.
Hi Team, One of my relative is suffering from Kidney stones. Major operations are done
Illuri.krishna 2019-12-11
1   maheeru last month

High uric acid
My old problem is back after about 4 years...had a gout attack on left ankle where i

andy_65_in 2019-09-10
155   andy_65_in last month

Terminal illness / assisted suicide
Hi there. I'm quite new to homeopathy but have began looking into it because my
Daveyb 2019-12-11
1   Tui last month

Superficial gastric ulcer
Hi Team, i am suffering from the superficial gastric ulcer due to the h pylori
Illuri.krishna 2019-10-13
12   Tui last month

Fraternal twins
I desperately want to expect twins. Fraternal twins. Please is there any remeday
jay1 2019-12-10
1   simone717 last month

Mono with swollen tonsil
My son was diagnosed with active mononucleosis about a month ago. He went through a
Joyner 2019-12-06
3   Joyner last month

Anxiety and depression
I am 42 years old male. I was well 6 months back, suddenly for the past 6 months I feel
uranus1976 2019-12-09
3   homeo_helper last month

Sudden Extreme Coryza
Hi, I am 31 year old woman, suffering from coryza for last 1-2 month. Its different from
tanushreedas131 2019-12-06
4   tanushreedas131 last month

dr kadwa :MY mother urine not empty completely
HELLO DR KADWA, my mother age 60 she got left hand leg paralyzed 7 years ago but she

namro 2019-07-29
53   namro last month

Scalp and Skin acne problems
Hello, I'm facing Scalp and Skin acne problems for a long time. Please help me
enerpies 2019-12-09
1   homeo_helper last month

Quit Smoking
I AM SMOKING FROM LAST 25 YEAR APPRO.7 -8 Nos.I want to quit Now, will u suggest
Rakesh5 2019-12-09
1   homeo_helper last month

Mild edema on right arm
Hi All, I have a kind of mental issue with chemicals n poisonous substances - they freak
shad0www 2019-12-09
1   Tui last month

High bp
Hi I am suffering from high bp. My bp is 130/90.Worst in cold season. Can any one suggest
kpc23 2019-12-09
2   kpc23 last month

high BP and chest pain at evening.
women age 60 HIGH BP and chest pain at left at evening not everyday a week 1 - 2 time.

rawi 2019-11-06
17   freehomeoforall last month

Scalp Acne
hi, i have a problem with coping with scalp acne b/c it hurts. I keep on touching it, I

hieveryone09 2009-07-06
17   enerpies last month

Endometriotic Cyst : Seeking help from Dr. Nawaz
Hi Sir, Myself Priyanka from India! I am 34 yrsold and have a 4.5 years old daughter.
Priyanka1 2016-03-11
4   maheeru last month

Is it possible to use Natrum Sulph 1M and Mezereum 200C simultaneously?
Is it possible to use Natrum Sulph 1M and Mezereum 200C simultaneously? I have taken
Poush 2019-12-09
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Endometrioidinės cistos
Sveiki, esu 34 metų mergina. Niekada nėštumo. Half a year ago, an
Mingaile 2019-12-08
1   homeo_helper last month

Some days frequent urination, lots of gas, stomach problems
I am wondering where to start with the right remedy for me. I have had a lot of stress
Azraella 2019-12-06
5   Azraella last month

LM potencies
Hi, I have ordered tuberculinum LM potencies for my very sensitive son. They are
perweu 2019-12-07
1   Tui last month

Baby not eating anything
Hi all, My almost 25 months old baby boy(12kg weight, 81cm tall) is having some eating
Eecki 2019-12-06
4   Eecki last month

Increased sgpt/sgot levels
Im male 53 yr ht 178 cm wt 85 kg...recent bloid test both sgpt/sgot level registered at

andy_65_in 2018-09-08
18   simone717 last month