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Low Patience , intelligence,anxious ,Irritable ,angry, fatigue, long constipation
Hi Xperts My Age : 31 years(married) Profession : IT Consultant in MnC Height :
Soumick Basak 2019-06-16
5   Romen last month

cronic constipation
Hello sir, I am 27 yrs old girl and having the constipation problem from last 2-3 yrs.I
annu1 2017-11-23
5   Romen last month

Constipation Problem
I am suffering from constipation problem for a long time ( almost 40 years). Due to this,
Athens1 2018-04-30
10   Romen last month

Ibs constipation and diahreaa
Hello doctor IAM male age 32 and suffering from severe ibs condition from 2
Hash25 2018-08-09
4   Romen last month

a big problem of constipation
Hello I have a constipation problem, I work hard to expel the stool, when I eat a lot I
mistercomp 2019-08-21
4   Romen last month

Constipation with abdominal fullness and bloating
Dear physicians I am 28 year old male, i ate some sandwich from market 1 week ago, and
Soliter 2020-06-08
3   Romen last month

Hi I was advised by a friend to take nux vomica 30 for constipation. I took 5 drops
romel_121 2020-06-13
3   Romen last month

Dear sirs, my cousin (female, 38) suddenly started suffering from constipation 3 weeks
roberta1 2019-05-20
5   Romen last month

Constipation Senior citizen
Question to abc home-I find it hard to pass stools. I am a 72 year Male. I am severely
arulpra 2019-12-16
4   Romen last month

Chronic constipation after started Pravachol cholesterol lowering med
Hello Dear homeopath, I am a 68 years old female.I have been suffering from chronic
HAAS 2019-12-13
9   Romen last month

Piles + severe constipation +Gas trouble
Age: 45 Gender: female I am very depressed from last month. I am sleepless from so many
Sanam16261 2019-09-07
19   Romen last month

Hi Everyone, I am 34 years old man. I have been suffering from constipation for last one
Esooph 2020-08-07
2   Romen last month

Chronic constipation issue of my schizophrenic brother
Please help youngercschizophrenic btother age 50 is suffering from chronic
andy_65_in 2019-10-05
11   Romen last month

Constipation problem from many years
Hi Helping community I am 39 years old , 6 feet tall , overweight (95kg) having a day
earthangel 2020-10-14
6   Romen last month

Execesive hair loss, gray hairs and constipation
Hello all, I am 35 year old male, 90kg and height 5.7 inches. I had diagnosed with
aly.irshad 2020-12-02
7   Romen last month

IBS C constipation
hi, i have IBS with constipation from last 6 years and use laxatives and allopathic
alferd 2021-02-28
2   Romen last month

Severe Constipation
Hello, Male age:29 Since last one month I am suffering from constipation issue. I am
ansarishoaib 2021-04-02
3   Romen last month

Constipation like stools
Guide me remedy for difficult stools like constipation, not hard stools but needs
Aaa 2021-05-29
2   Romen last month

Feel constipated for days and bloated.
Hi, I need a remedy as feel constipated since many days now, and the stools are hard
samur420 2011-01-03
6   Romen last month

GERD, Indigestion, Mild constipated
Hello, I am 36 yrs old men, weigh 82 kgs height 5ft 8 inches. i have been suffering
anshul3 2018-09-21
4   Romen last month

Very chronic constipation and offensive gas problem
Hi I am medium build male 48 years of age height 5' 5'' weight 70 Kg. I
sanjeev2015 2019-07-03
7   Romen last month

Pulmonary/Lung Fibrosis
Dear Doctors, I hope and pray everyone is fine out there. And i wish all a very good
najam_002 2021-12-19
1   anuj srivastava last month

Genital herpes female
I have recurrent case of genital herpes when I'm stressed My 1st out break
Shadow Puppet 2021-12-19
2   Shadow Puppet last month

Shingles on left back..plz help
Hello doctors and homeopathy practitioners I have developed shingles on left side of
RJ121 2021-12-17
4   RJ121 last month

Anxiety and OCD
Dear people, I need your opinion. My son , 26 years old, Last year was diagnosed with
Down 2021-12-13
6   Down last month