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Precum on seeing a very beautiful girl
Once I see a very beautiful girl, my mind starts fantasizing and I feel like penis has
Shaksham 2021-08-23
5   Kaps last month

Ovoid Cystic in Prostate midline
Ovoid Cystic in Prostate in midline: I’m 44 years old . I have problems in
Tamil1 2021-08-23
8   Kaps last month

impotence after overdose homoeopathic remedies
hello, Im 30, engaged I was feeling some weakness I searched on internet & bought Tai
Baurt 2021-08-22
4   Kaps last month

Dog - Creatinine, help
Hello, Our dog's blood report revealed that her creatinine is increased from 1.9
June 2021-07-14
6   June last month 2021-03-26
33   anuj srivastava last month

Homeopathic Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction.
It's a condition that may wreak havoc on a man's self-esteem and ruin his
petermike 2021-08-27
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Rotator cuff injury from playing sports
My daughter got injured from playing volleyball.It has been 4months since the 8njury but

Saya 2021-08-24
41   Saya last month

Swelling like bump at medial malleolus of ankle
Dr I am RajeshBabu age 45,male My left ankle medial malleolus near develops swelling like

elururajesh 2021-06-13
29   Kaps last month

Excessive masturbation and Hairloss..
I am 30 years old male .. addicted to I am suffering from Hairloss ,
dipak4 2021-08-13
14   Kingshahkhan last month

Kingshahkhan 2021-08-26
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For Practicing Homeopths only. After effects of Argentum Nitricum 10 M
After taking Argentum Nitricum 10M, 2 doses prescribed by a homeopath, I feel more cold
Mr123 2021-08-25
3   Kaps last month

Zakawat e hiss
hello All, I really appreciate all the help that the good homepaty practioners are
joker1 2021-08-25
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Knee pain
Hello Respected homeopaths My wife age 42,weight-65 ,hight-5"2.By profession she is
Sanjeebmallick1 2021-08-25
5   anuj srivastava last month

What can I do to protect myself from people who got fully jabbed?
I need your advice, please. I have not taken C vax and not going to take one, however,
Saya 2021-08-22
11   Saya last month

Depression and Mental Instability
Hi I am suffering from several mental imbalances and wondering if anyone could suggest a
Isia 2021-07-28
5   Kaps last month

Small Fiber Polyneuropathy
I have small fiber polyneuropathy (Hands/Shins and Feet) and unable to sleep at night
Jyo 2021-08-24
1   Kaps last month

Painful mucus cough and chest pain and difficulty breathing
My mother, 64, after a week of sore throat, has been complaining of severe painful and
syria 2021-08-23
4   syria last month

Dr. Sameer for my daughter
Hello doctor, Again thank you so much for helping my son! My daughter is 11 years old.

sindym 2009-01-19
100   anannya last month

weakness age30,
Hello, I'm 35 male, height 5'11', Physical moderate, weight 85kg,
Baurt 2021-08-03
4   Baurt last month

Trauma chest Dog
My German shepherd was accidentally hit by a car tire. We took him to emergency vet
redmustang 2021-08-04
15   redmustang last month

Reduced hearing in old age
I am an 81 year old male and I have started experiencing difficulty in hearing. Left side
hpadda 2021-08-23
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Smelly Scalp
Hi y'all! So I've been struggling for many years now with a smelly scalp. I
melisma 2021-08-05
16   Kaps last month

Bowel Nosodes
Can anyone explain these to me please? What are they, do they work, are they dangerous,
Ideal56 2021-08-19
2   Ideal56 last month

Autism - Waking up at 4-5 am and constipation
My child who is 6 years old and has autism has started to wake up at 4-5 am and is
Lola1234 2021-08-18
5   Lola1234 last month

Do Kali Bich tablets have a use by date?
Got a bottle of kali bich tablets 30c, that i would like to use, but they were purchased
gibbo82 2021-08-20
2   gibbo82 last month