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severe toothache
My wife, 44 years old, had her filling procedure in one of her tooth around two months
RashidMunzur 2020-03-22
2   anuj srivastava last month

Diagnose & suggest a remedy
Female, age 29, suffering from this disease since last 20 years. No fullness, no pain,
arahman1975 2020-06-01
1   drjitesh last month

Multiple stones in right kidney
I have been taking lycopodium 30 and hydrogenea arborescens 30 thrice daily for my stones
Hamza4 2020-05-26
15   Hamza4 last month

Vulgaris Vitiligo
Retrieved 1149335 on ResearchGate. Created order to purchase Calcarea Cabonica for
j2pink 2020-06-01
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temporary tunnel vision loss/temporary faint together with nausea with light
exposure to light (refrigerator florescent light or light from closed drapes) like when
Ritia 2020-05-30
3   Ritia last month

Blood clotting killing corona virus patients
Just read this article in the “Washington Post” Please google this- They are
simone717 2020-04-22
18   simone717 last month

3 year old dental abscess
Hello all, My son fell on some cement steps a bit less than a year ago when he was 2.
Vegmom 2017-05-08
8   anuj srivastava last month

Mother (66yo) suffers from painful cramps, stretched-painful nerve and osteo-arthritis
Hi, Wondering if homeopathy might hold some relief for my mother. She has been under
falcon74 2020-03-25
22   anuj srivastava last month

Chest pain,asthamatic symptom after recovering from cough
Hello, I am recovered from wet cough after taking antibiotics.but now I am having on off
amitsh 2020-05-30
1   homeo_helper last month

Anyone got any information on these. Have you used them. Are they good bad etc. Seen
Ideal56 2020-05-28
8   Ideal56 last month

Re: temporary tunnel vision loss/temporary faint together with nausea with light
I read something mentioned by Mr Joe. That made me hopeful but I needed expertise. Need
Ritia 2020-05-30
1   simone717 last month

LM potency - distilled water?
What is your experience, is it important to use distilled water when you prepare your
lajhar 2020-05-24
2   lajhar last month

Kidney Prostate problem
Hello, I am attaching report of my father , he has been complaining of kidney pain and
LeenaK1 2020-05-29
7   drjitesh last month

Polyp under cheek skin
I developed a small polyp/lump (less than 8 mm as sensed from outside) inside the cheek
jaina 2020-05-28
7   drjitesh last month

Acne face shoulders and back for adult male
Hello, Please kindly give advice for my husbands acne from 10 years. The most of the
Oodoi 2020-05-30
1   drjitesh last month

Please help me solve my problem
Sir, I am 29.My weight is 56 KG.Height is 5.9 feets I am marriaged. I have got a
Harun2 2020-04-10
2   Harun2 last month

Pls tell me
Echinacea can be taken during pregnancy for vaginal infection
Libra1 2020-05-17
7   maheeru last month

Sore throat
Hi I'm 35 yr old female having sore throat and feel ear blocked too (sometimes )
Richa s 2020-05-29
6   simone717 last month

Severe lower backache and stiffness in shoulder & neck
Dear Dr. Kadwa, I have seen many posts where you have treated patients who were very
ank04 2020-03-10
5   ank04 last month

weight loss
Hi I need a remedy for weight loss please Female 18 years old 72,7 kg height is
Ogourpoo 2020-05-18
3   bugmenot last month

Adenoids in 8 year old active girl causing snoring and sleep issues
Problem: Snores when sleeping, sleeps with mouth open and moves a lot, mainly back
ariesboy 2020-04-09
18   freehomeoforall last month

I have Hives/itching severe, my right above the wrists and inner things. This usually
praveen1979 2020-05-28
2   praveen1979 last month

Toddler with very dry skin and eczema
Could anyone, please, give an advice about my toddler daughter? Problems: Her skin is

nikoletayu 2014-11-16
40   Seekar_Dad_39 last month

Issues during study
My Symptoms: -------------------- 1. Absentminded during study 2. Not able to understand
Soumick Basak 2020-05-28
2   anuj srivastava last month

throat canker sore
My mother aged 55 has cancker sore in her throat. Kindly recommend appropriate
LeenaK1 2020-05-28
1   anuj srivastava last month