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Oromandibular Dystonia, quick jaw spasms/jerks
Male 6' 200lbs, I lift weights On no meds For years I have had jaw spasms when
DKMIN 2018-03-14
14   anuj srivastava last month

Nausa in Leukemia patient
31 year old male with Leukemia currently on Spricell. Difficulty holding down foods and
arkit2 2021-06-21
1   anuj srivastava last month

Acne, "empty stomach" feeling, extremely insecure about skin
Hello, I am 24 yr old mother. I have fair skin that tans easily, freckles, light auburn
mamastarduzt 2021-06-22
1   anuj srivastava last month

Sexual problems
Hi I am 28 years, male. I had a bad habit of excessive masturbation from puberty. With
FOXTROT1 2021-06-21
3   mrmhm last month

I need help with weakness before or during my period. I am 48 years old and having this
pollen 2021-06-21
1   Kaps last month

Premature Ejaculation and masturbation issue
Hello Everyone, I am suffering from from a very long time now. I am 31 male. I have
slayer 2021-06-19
1   Kaps last month

Hyperacidity + Impotence + Headache and Neck pain + Perfectionism & Work anxiety
Following are the problems and their respective symptoms : Hyperacidity symptoms : *
Sagar270 2021-06-21
1   Kaps last month

Liver suffering after lycopodium overdose.
I overdosed lycopodium 2 years ago. Like i took lycopodium 200 for consecutively a week.
baniya 2018-10-21
20   baniya last month

testicular atropy, hernia operation on right side
My homeopath has given me 8 remedies 30 c for my problem. I am weak right now. And he
Oafo 2021-05-20
6   Oafo last month

Somatic parasite, fits of anger, hateful, pride, sex addict
I need help with my father in law. He is convinced that he has a large parasite living in
homeoEvangelist12 2021-06-17
15   Kaps last month

Inflammation of the bladder region- thank you kindly!
Hi, I had a cystoscopic examination. The results show an inflammation of the inner region
Uolumba 2021-05-15
25   Kaps last month

Eye bag
I am 68 years female, having a thin body structure. I am having eye bag under both the
Sadhana Singh 2021-06-19
1   anuj srivastava last month

Swelling like bump at medial malleolus of ankle
Dr I am RajeshBabu age 45,male My left ankle medial malleolus near develops swelling like
elururajesh 2021-06-13
25   Kaps last month

Bartholin cyst / abscess
Hi there. I'm currently 34 years old and have suffered for several years with
BCanon 2019-11-11
19   anuj srivastava last month

all links to the threads from latest to the oldest on corona virus.
anuj srivastava 2021-06-19
no replies yet

inner thigh itching
Dear Doctors please help, I have inner thigh itching problem with some water
skmangal 2021-06-18
2   skmangal last month

ED , Lack of desire, No morning erections
Dear Doctors, Please Look into my case detailed below. Solve my issues. God will take
Healthseeker2 2021-06-18
1   Healthseeker2 last month

Dr.(Mrs) R.Basu is available again
After a long gap I got some time to stay here.For next 6 months I shall be available
Dr R Basu 2019-09-24
3   Dr R Basu last month

Sciatica down left leg
I have painful sciatica in the base of my left buttock and back of left thigh after

Spalom 2021-04-18
44   Spalom last month

Palm psoriasis
Hello dr, Plz tell me medicines for the attached palm psoriasis. My helper has got
RJ121 2021-06-17
12   Kaps last month

Constant nausea //inability to eat // stomach pain
Hello. Would love some insight on my current situation. Constant nausea and heavy stomach
warriormom 2021-06-17
1   anuj srivastava last month

Protocol for low oxygen conditions(Bio salt remedies)
Dear forum doctors/prescribers, I am researching and looking to build protocol for low
srinupeddiraju 2021-04-29
18   Kaps last month 2021-03-26
28   anuj srivastava last month

Premature Ejaculation
Hello Everyone, I am suffering from premature Ejaculation from a very long time now. I
slayer 2021-06-16
no replies yet

The Role of Hippozaenium 200C in COVID-19 Pandemic A Nosode par Excellence!
Dr. Arup Bhattacharya shares his experience with the nosode Hippozaenium in treating
anuj srivastava 2021-05-21
2   anuj srivastava last month