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Alumina Phosphorica

, Alu-p.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina Phosphorica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



ig The symptoms present aggravations, MORNING, forenoon, AFTERNOON, NIGHT ; before midnight, after midnight.

Strong desire for open air ; open air ameliorates.

Marked general anaemia.

Single parts go to sleep.

Catarrhal conditions generally.

Chlorosis. The patient is sensitive to cold and cold generally makes the symptoms worse.

He is sensitive to both cold and warm room in a general way ; symptoms worse from cold air and from becoming cold ; takes cold on slight exposure to cold.

Constriction about the body like a band.

It is marked for its convulsive action of muscles ; its convulsions are clonic ; epileptic ; hysterical ; inclined to fall ; with marked stiffness ; tonic contraction ; convulsive movements.

The blood vessels are distended.

Symptoms are worse after eating and there is marked aggravation from physical exertion Faint feeling and frequent fainting.

General emaciation. Cold drinks and cold food, milk, potatoes and warm foods disagree.

Formication all over the body. Lack of vital heat. A general feeling of heaviness.

A lack of physical irritability.

Symptoms worse by jarring and stepping.

Jerking of muscles and limbs ; FEELING OF EXTREME LASSITUDE ; to lie down.

Lying aggravates the breathing but ameliorates the headache ; worse after lying long, worse lying on the back.

Symptoms worse before, during and after menses ; most symptoms are worse from motion, but the pains in the back are better from motion.

There is a marked aversion to motion and exertion.

There is numbness in the limbs and external parts.

Congestion and orgasm of blood.

The pains are boring, bruised, burning, cutting, digging, jerking, pressing, sticking and tearing.

It is destined to become one of our most useful remedies in paralysis, especially of the lower limbs.

It has paralysis of one side, of organs ; the paralysis is painless.

There is strong internal pulsation.

It has fast, weak, irregular pulse.

Great internal and external sensitiveness.

General amelioration from pressure.

The weakness and nervous prostration are as though from sexual excess.

Electric shocks are very common and the symptoms are worse after sleep.

Standing is a very tiresome position.

Tension all over the body.

Trembling and twitching.

Walking and walking in the open air increase the symptoms, though the open air is grateful to the patient.

Great weakness in the morning on waking ; from a diarrhoea ; from exertion ; during menses ; WALKING ; nervous and paralytic weakness. Extreme weariness. Aversion to answering questions and to company ; anxiety in the morning on waking ; evening ; night ; of conscience, with fear ; about the future ; about his health.

He is absent-minded and it is impossible to concentrate the mind ; confusion of mind in the morning.

He is discouraged, discontented, contrary and sure he is going to die.

Very excitable and forgetful.

It is a remedy to overcome the chronic effects of grief and follows Ignatia IGNATIA, At times there is great hurry, excitement and his mind is full of ideas and this changes to dullness, heedlessness, deficiency of ideas and indifference much like imbecility.

Irresolution is very marked and irritability is extreme.

Insane actions, and speech.

Aversion to work and laments constantly over his imaginary misfortunes.

Spasmodic laughter, maniacal actions, wildly mirthful ; moods change rapidly and mental state alternates ; loathing of life ; extremely obstinate ; moments of reserve and absence of all imagination.

Mental prostration is a strong feature of this wonderful remedy.

Sadness in the morning on waking also in the afternoon ; dullness of the senses ; very sensitive to noise.

Extremely serious at times.

Inclination to sit in silence.

Starting on falling asleep.

It is a very useful remedy after sexual excesses and prolonged mental efforts It is often suited to a mental breakdown at the end of college life.

Indisposed to converse with friends ; stupefaction of mind ; disposed to dwell on suicidal thoughts.

Talking in sleep. Becomes very timid.

Thinking of his symptoms makes them worse.

Periods of unconsciousness.

Weeping in the morning on waking ; during the night ; alternating with laughter ; involuntary ; in sleep.

VERTIGO in the morning ; afternoon, evening ; on closing eyes ; lying ameliorates ; with nausea ; sitting ; stooping ; walking.

Objects turn in a circle, tendency to fall forward.

Alumina Phosphorica will cure the particulars given below where the generals above strongly predominate.

Coldness of the head ; occiput ; Rush of blood to head.

Constriction of head ; forehead.

Empty sensation in head.

Hair falls out. Heat in head morning and evening ; after eating ; in forehead.

Heaviness of the head in the morning ; on stooping.

Itching of scalp ; forehead.

Numbness of scalp. Pain in head, morning in bed.

on waking . noon . afternoon.

evening . night . ascending.

binding up the hair . after eating must lie down.

before and during menses.

moving head . pulsating.

sitting . after sleep.

from spirituous liquors.

stepping heavily . stooping.

walking . warm room. Pains are better in open air, better lying, better from pressure.

Headaches are periodical, every other day.

Pain felt deep in brain ; pain in the forehead in the morning on waking ; afternoon ; evening ; above the eyes.

Pain in occiput ; after sleep, on stooping.

PAIN IN THE SIDES OF HEAD ; in temples, evening.

Pulsating pain in vertex in afternoon.

Boring in. temples. Bruised feeling in head.

Burning in forehead and temples.

Bursting, cramping in the head.

Cutting in temples. Drawing pains in side of head.

Dull pain in the whole head.

Pressing pain in head in evening ; worse on pressure ; in forehead ; pressing outward in forehead, over eyes.

Pressing in occiput ; sides of head, temples, worse night ; pressing inward in temples ; pressing vertex.

Shooting in occiput ; vertex ; Sore pain in whole head ; Stitching pain in head on coughing ; in forehead over eyes ; sides of head ; temples ; right side ; vertex ; stunning pains in head, tearing in forehead ; sides of head ; temples ; vertex.

Pulsation in forehead ; occiput ; sides ; temples ; vertex.

Shocks in head. Lids stick together during the night.

Cracks in the canthi. Yellow, purulent discharges from eyes.

The upper lids are heavy and seem paralyzed.

Dryness of the eyes. Inflammation of the conjunctiva.

Itching of the lids and inner canthi.

Lachrymation in the open air.

Opening lids difficult from dryness, from weakness of lids and from being stuck together with discharge.

Pain in eyes from reading.

Burning in morning on waking and in evening ; in the canthi.

Pain as though a foreign body in the eye ; pressing, as though sand in eyes ; sore, stitching.

Photophobia and quivering of lids.

Redness of the eyes. Swollen lids.

Twitching of the lids.

Styes on the lids. He sees bright colors ; halo of colors around the light.

Vision is dim ; exertion of vision causes many symptoms.

Flickering and foggy vision.

Atrophy of the optic nerve.

It has cured blindness from anemia of the optic nerve.

Purulent discharge from ears.

Eruptions on ears. Sensation of flapping in ears ; they are hot and red.

Itching of the ears and inside.

Noises in ears, in morning ; evening ; with vertigo ; buzzing ; fluttering ; humming ; ringing ; roaring ; whizzing.

Roaring in the evening.

Pain in ear on blowing nose and swallowing.

Boring, burning, stitching, and tearing in ears. There is pulsation and a stopped sensation in ears ; swelling of the ears.

Hearing is acute, later impaired.

Dry coryza alternating with fluent ; with cough.

Discharge bloody ; copious ; crusts ; excoriating ; greenish ; offensive ; purulent ; yellow-green ; yellow ; viscid ; thick.

It cures most stubborn nasal catarrh.

Painful dryness in the nose.

The nose bleeds on blowing it.

The nose is very red and it itches.

One-sided obstruction of the nose.

Pain in the nose and root of nose, worse on touch or pressure ; soreness in nose ; burning in nose ; smell lost ; nose swollen ; ulceration in nose ; frequent sneezing.

Dry, cracked lips. Sickly, pale, bluish, red ; alternating with pallor, red spots.

Eruptions on cheeks, chin, forehead and nose ; eczema and pimples ; pimples on forehead ; itching and heat of face.

Pain in face worse in open air and from chewing ; worse from motion of jaws ; drawing, stitching and tearing pains ; tearing in bones of face.

Sweat on face ; swollen face and lips ; sensation of white of egg dried on face.

The gums bleed easily and the tongue is coated white.

The mouth is very dry and the breath is offensive, even putrid.

Pain in gums and palate ; sore gums and palate ; burning of the mouth.

The gums are much swollen and the saliva is abundant.

Taste is bitter, insipid, metallic, saltish, sweetish ; taste is lost.

Burning ulcers in the mouth ; pain in teeth in evening, in open air, from masticating, from touch ; pain boring, drawing, stitching, tearing.

Constriction of the throat from dryness in evening and on waking.

Much hawking to clear the throat of tenacious mucus.

Inflammation of the throat.

Sensation of a lump in the throat.

Pain in the throat in the morning, on swallowing.

Burning, pressing, rawness, soreness ; worse in morning ; stitching on swallowing.

Swallowing is difficult.

Swollen tonsils. Appetite increased, even ravenous, without relish of food ; hungry even after eating.

Appetite wanting. Aversion to his accustomed beer and cigar ; to food and meat.

Coldness in the stomach.

Constriction of stomach.

Desires coffee, fruit and sour things.

Distension after eating.

Emptiness not relieved by eating ; without hunger.

Eructations in the evening ; after milk ; bitter ; empty ; sour ; waterbrash ; eructations give some relief.

He suffers much from heart burn.

Fullness and heaviness after eating.

Hiccough after eating.

He suffers much from indigestion.

Nausea, in the morning, evening, night, after eating, during headache.

Pain in evening and night ; after eating ; better after warm drinks ; cramping, cutting, drawing, gnawing, pressing, sore, stitching.

Retching. Sensation of sinking.

Extreme thirst. Thirstless during fever.

Vomiting on coughing ; after drinking water ; bile ; blood ; food ; mucus ; watery.

Sensation of coldness and fullness of the abdomen.

Flatulent distension. The abdomen feels heavy and constricted.

Pain in abdomen morning and afternoon ; after eating ; before menses ; when walking ; better from warmth.

Cramping, like colic. Pain in the liver.

Burning, cutting, and stitching pains ; stitching in liver and sides of abdomen ; rumbling ; sensation of retraction of abdomen ; jerking in abdominal muscles ; sensation of weakness in abdomen.

Constipation with very difficult stools ; no desire for stool and fruitless straining ; constriction of anus during stool.

Diarrhea morning ; afternoon ; after breakfast ; after eating ; during menses.

Abscess of the anus. Fistula ani Flatus very offensive.

Formication of anus. Hemorrhoids that bleed and protrude, worse walking.

Itching and moisture of anus.

Pain in anus and rectum.

Burning during stool. Cutting during stool.

Pressing pain. Soreness during stool.

Stitching and tenesmus ; paralysis of rectum.

Stricture. Stool black, bloody, dry, green, hard, knotty, large, long and narrow, soft, thin Frequent ineffectual urging to urinate at night ; tenesmus ; retention of the urine ; paralysis of bladder.

Pressure in bladder. Urination difficult ; feeble stream, frequent at night ; involuntary on coughing ; must wait long for urine to start ; must press a long time before urine flows ; an unsatisfied feeling after urination.

A feel of weakness in the bladder.

Pain and inflammation of the kidneys.

Enlarged prostate gland.

Emission of prostatic fluid with stool.

Gleety discharge from the urethra.

Burning during flow of urine.

Cutting during the flow of urine.

Swollen urethra. The urine is acrid, albuminous, burning, cloudy on standing, dark, pale, copious ; cuticle on the surface ; scanty ; the urinary sediment is red, thick or white.

Erections very troublesome during the night ; frequent, painful, violent, later impotency, inflammation of glands ; itching of the genitals ; soreness of testes ; swollen testes ; sweat on the genitals.

The woman has aversion to coition ; coition without enjoyment. Leucorrhoea excoriating, bloody, burning, copious, thin, yellow, before menses, after menses.

Menses irregular, too soon or too late ; painful, pale, scanty, short ; prolapsus uteri, ulceration of the os uteri.

Catarrh of larynx and trachea ; dryness of larynx, mucus in larynx, rawness and soreness in larynx and trachea ; itching in the larynx, hoarseness in the evening, with coryza worse from talking ; the voice is rough, hollow and finally lost.

Difficult breathing at night ; asthmatic, rattling and wheezing ; breathing arrested from coughing ; desire for a deep breath.

Cough MORNING, afternoon, evening, night ; before midnight ; in cold air ; asthmatic ; dry evening and night ; dry evening and loose morning cough ; hacking in evening ; from irritation in larynx, trachea ; loose in morning ; paroxysmal ; rattling ; short ; from talking, tormenting ; violent.

Expectoration in the morning ; bloody and copious ; difficult ; mucus, bloody ; putrid ; salty ; sweetish ; viscid ; white ; yellow.

Anxiety and constriction of the heart.

Sensation of heat in chest.

Inflammation of bronchia Itching of skin of chest especially of mammae.

Oppression at night. Pain in chest at night ; on coughing ; after eating ; on inspiring ; in sides of chest ; aching and burning ; pressing ; rawness on coughing ; soreness on coughing ; stitches on inspiring.

Palpitation in morning on waking ; evening ; anxious ; after eating ; during menses ; on waking ; tumultuous.

Weak sensation in chest.

The back feels cold. Pimples on the back.

Inflammation of the spinal cord.

Itching of the back. Pain in the back, better by motion ; rising from a seat ; worse while walking.

Pain in cervical region on moving the head.

Pain between the scapulae.

Pain in the lumbar region ; sacrum ; coccyx when touched ; spine.

Aching in lumbar region during motion and walking ; cutting pains in the back. Sore, bruised pain in spine ; in sacrum.

Stitching in back ; scapulae, lumbar region.

Tearing in scapulae ; lumbar region.

Stiffness of back ; cervical region.

Weak feeling in lumbar region.

While walking he staggers.

Old chilblains came back.

Coldness of hands, legs and feet.

His corns smart and sting.

Hands and fingers cracked.

Cramps in the calf. Boils on nates and thighs.

Eruptions on legs. Formication on upper limbs and feet.

The hands are hot. Heaviness of upper and lower limbs. Ingrowing toe nail.

Itching of limbs evening, worse after scratching ; upper limbs and hands ; lower limbs Jerking in lower limbs.

Numbness of limbs, upper limbs, lower limbs, legs, feet.

Pain in limbs at night ; in joints ; pain in upper limbs when they hang down ; in left shoulder ; elbow ; pain in thighs, legs, feet and soles ; aching in legs.

Burning in upper limbs ; soles.

Drawing pain in limbs ; arm ; forearm ; thighs ; knees.

Sore, bruised limbs ; joints ; lower limbs ; legs.

Stitching pain in limbs ; upper limbs ; arms ; elbow ; lower limbs ; hips ; knees ; legs ; soles ; toes.

Tearing pain in upper limbs ; shoulders ; arms ; elbow, forearm ; hands ; fingers ; lower limbs ; hips ; thighs ; knees ; legs, foot.

Paralysis of limbs ; one-sided ; painless ; lower limbs.

Stiffness of lower limbs.

Tension of thighs and legs.

Tingling upper limbs ; hands ; fingers, lower limbs ; feet ; trembling of limbs, hands and knees.

Twitching of the muscles of limbs.

Weakness of limbs ; upper limbs, lower limbs ; thighs ; knees. Deep sleep.

Late falling asleep. Restless sleep.

Sleepiness in morning ; forenoon ; evening ; after dinner.

Sleepless before midnight. After sleep he is unrefreshed. Frequent waking Chill forenoon ; noon ; afternoon ; evening in bed ; night, before midnight.

Chilliness after eating ; internal chill ; coldness predominates.

Shaking, quotidian chill ; chill or coldness one-sided ; warm room does not ameliorate the chill ; desire for warmth which does not ameliorate.

Fever afternoon ; evening ; night without sweat ; fever alternates with chill ; heat goes from below upwards.

Flushes of heat. Perspiration morning and during night ; during least exertion ; from least anxiety Biting and burning.

Anesthesia. The skin is dry burning or cold.

Red spots on the skin.

Yellow, as if jaundiced.

Eruptions biting ; boils ; blood boils ; burning ; coppery, become moist with yellow discharge ; dry ; eczema.

Herpes burning, corrosive, itching, scabby, stinging ; eruptions itch in a warm room.

Pimples, rash and scabby eruption ; smarting, sore, stinging eruptions.

Urticaria, nodules after scratching.

Vesicular eruptions. Formication.

Itching a night in bed ; biting, burning, crawling, worse after scratching ; stinging ; worse in warm bed ; moisture after scratching.

Pain in skin after scratching.

Hyperesthesia of the skin.

Itching and stinging after scratching.

A feeling of tension in the skin.

Ulcers ; offensive ; with yellow pus ; indolent, itching, sensitive, smarting, stinging, unhealthy.

The skin refuses to heal where injured.

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