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Bombyx Processionea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bombyx Processionea in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.



Painful swelling of the lids,


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Skin covered with large red spots, which were soon followed by a general swelling,

Dr. C. preserved a nest of the caterpillars in a large glass vial, which was not opened for ten years. At length it was opened in the presence of several persons, all of whom caught the eruption,

If a nest of the insects is touched or stirred up, persons within reach of the emanations arising therefrom will be attacked with a papulous eruption, more or less confluent which will last several days and be attended with violent itching,

The arms are covered with hard, large, uneven, areola-formed tubercles, with a red areola, so thick as to leave hardly any space between,

Eruption of a wonderful number of linear-formed tubercles over the whole arm, and even over the chest and abdomen; most marked near all the joints,

Sensation as if a foreign body were under the skin,

Itching of whole body,

A severe itching sensation, so that he was compelled to run home for assistance,

Itching, evenings, not relieved by anything,

Itching of both hands, increasing to a pain,

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Abdomen and stomach


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In the morning, swelling of the hands and finger-joints,

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Burning heat; great desire to scrape the skin,

Violent heat of arms and face,

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Sleep and dreams

Frequent waking, nights,

Dreams that the arm is being cauterized, and arrows thrust into the muscles,

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1, Calmeil, N. Journ. de Med., vol. 9, effects of disturbing a nest; 2, Galignani's Messenger (Pharm. J., 22, 136), a boy shook from a tree an immense number of the caterpillars into his naked breast.


An insect belonging to the class Lepidoptera.

Common name, Procession moth (common in Europe, on oak trees). Preparation, Tincture of the live caterpillars.

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