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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while very dilute Cryptopinum may help, unprocessed Cryptopinum may be best avoided.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cryptopinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.




Felt very comfortable, and was very tranquil throughout. There was no dreaming nor feeling of stimulation. The pulse continued regular, and experienced no change in power or volume,

Cryptopia, like Morphia N/A , has two distinct effects, a hypnotic, and an excitant of a most remarkable and exceptional kind, dependent partly upon an illusion of vision, and partly upon a tendency to convulsive action (Harley).

Further acquaintance with Cryptopia will perhaps more positively indicate that, as happens with Morphia N/A , individuals are affected in opposite ways by it, some being influenced by its excitant action, while others are as exclusively affected by its hypnotic effects (Harley).

Sleepiness came on in two minutes, and soon increased, with yawning, so that in ten minutes he could hardly keep his eyes open.

continued very sleepy, and looked very heavy (after three-quarters of an hour).

continued very sleepy and dozed most of the time (after one hour and a half).

had dozed and slept, and still continued heavy and drowsy, but the effect was decreasing (after two hours and a quarter),.

Somnolency came on soon after the injection and continued, but had not yet amounted to sleep (after one hour).

dozed continuously during the last hour without dreaming, and still felt very sleepy and uncomfortable (after two hours).

continued very drowsy.

retired to bed and slept soundly all night, and was, as usual after his opiates, sleepy throughout the next day,.

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Feels as if he had had a glass of spirits; with a diffused sensation of warmth (after two hours),

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Now walked home (after two hours), and on his journey felt decidedly giddy for a quarter of an hour,

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Dilatation of the pupils,

Pupil normal, 1/9"; 1/8" (after one hour and a half); 1/7" (after two hours and a quarter),

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Normal pulse, 72; 70 (after half an hour); 66 (after one hour and a quarter and two hours),

Normal pulse, 66; 64, regular, of good volume and power (after two hours and forty minutes),

Normal pulse, 72; 70 (after one hour); 65, regular, of unchanged volume and power (after two hours),

Pulse, 74 (normal), (after half an hour); 68 (after three-quarters of an hour); 66 (after one hour and a half and two hours and a quarters),

Normal pulse 78; 68, unchanged (after one hour); 61, regular, a little fuller and stronger (after two hours),


Slight acceleration of the breathing,

Normal respiration, 19 to 20; 21 (after half an hour); 19 (after three-quarters and one hour and a half); 20 (after two hours and a quarter),

Normal respiration, 17; 14 (after two hours and forty minutes),

Normal respiration, 19; 15 (after one hour); 12 (after two hours),

Normal respiration, 18; 16 (after half an hour); 20 (after one hour and a quarter); 16 (after two hours),

Respiration normal, 19; unchanged (after one hour); 17, regular (after two hours),

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Dysuria followed,

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Had experienced a little drowsiness, passing into a doze for a few minutes at a time, and felt very calm and comfortable (after two hours and forty minutes),

Had dozed off twice (after one hour and a quarter); had continued sleepy, and slept lightly for ten minutes (after two hours). Somnolency was the only effect, and this without any appearance of heaviness. He now walked home, and had half an hour's pleasant dreamless sleep after arriving there,

Being bedtime, he soon retired to rest, and slept well without dreaming (after two hours),

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Harley, general effects, "Old Veg. Neurotics;" also 1, effects on Samuel M., of subcutaneous injection of a solution containing 1 grain, subsequently repeated with 1 1/2 grains (Old Veg. Neurotics); 2, same, effects on John L., of injection of 1/4 grain, and afterward of 1 grain, and 1 1/5 grains, ibid.


An alkaloid found in opium N/A ; Formula, C23H25NO5

Preparation, Triturations.

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