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H.C. Allen > This Remedy Is Not A Reliable Preventative For Malaria
...ays. Short, hacking Cough for some days....

H.C. Allen > This Remedy Is Not A Reliable Preventative For Malaria
... A constant hacking Cough, half minute gums, when talking and...

H.C. Allen > X Rays
March 30. Constant ache in vertex, worse on waking, also worse Coughing, sneezing, motion or head low.

H.C. Allen > X Rays
Palpitation during evening, causing Cough.

H.C. Allen > X Rays
In morning after rising and before eating, a Cough caused by an irritation in larynx, accompanied by a pain in right side just above crest of ilium; eating relieved Cough, but side felt bruised when bending, or jarring, or pressing it.

H.C. Allen > X Rays
In less than a week began to Cough, with tearing sensation in bronchi, hoarseness, palpitation.

H.C. Allen > X Rays
Phlegm of greenish hue causing Cough in crawling up.

T.F. Allen > Acalypha
Severe fit of dry Cough, followed by spitting of blood (from 10 drops of the tincture).

T.F. Allen > Arelia Racemosa
...shake off the fear. Cough now and then, raising a little phle...

T.F. Allen > Argentum Cyanatum
Cough constant, dry, spasmodic, allowing her to articulate but one word at a time.

T.F. Allen > Green Dragon
small accumulation of mucus in the throat, the raising of which, by Coughing, produces a slight mucous rattling in the larynx.

T.F. Allen > Green Dragon
...nd a disposition to Cough. The act of swallowing develops a s...

T.F. Allen > Green Dragon
3 P.M. Increased soreness of the larynx, and greater disposition to Cough; burning of the soles of the feet; heat, dryness, and smarting of the eyelids; fine shooting pain in the course of the left spermatic cord.

T.F. Allen > Green Dragon
loose Cough, with soreness of the throat, closely simulating a mild attack of catarrhal angina.

T.F. Allen > Green Dragon
...roat by swallowing, Coughing, or hawking....

T.F. Allen > Green Dragon
...e morning raised by Coughing a small amount of mucus. No ratt...

T.F. Allen > Green Dragon 1st) an annoying Cough, and a mucous rattling in the laryn...

T.F. Allen > Green Dragon
August 3d. Deep shooting pains in the right ear; Cough from laryngeal irritation, worse at night and when lying down; constant rawness of the throat, hoarseness, and rattling of mucus in the larynx.

T.F. Allen > Green Dragon
...s until last night; Coughed all night; in the morning had a v...

T.F. Allen > Green Dragon
...l symptoms -violent Cough, hoarseness, rawness of the throat,...

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Deworming cats using Homeopathy medicine to get a hold of Homeopet clear WRM. I was wondering if ther...
1Jhelum14th Dec 2017
Re: Cough 6 year old
...d about a month ago Cough that started very dry irritating laryngistis like, when we were indoors he Coughed a lot and in open air the Cough would stop, from dry Cough it went down to his chest so he had to take antibiotis and ventolin inhalations, ever since than he has wet Cough like trying to spit up phlegm from deep down, but from today the Cough is again dry, from the throath, he Coughs and at the end of the Cough there is even gagging sound and in ...
0milentie4th Nov 2015

4 year old cough
...for four days and a Cough. He has seen his doctor and there were no signs of infection and his chest was clear. However, his Cough has become worse. He seems to get a lingering Cough at the end of illnesses. The Cough keeps him awake or half asleep. The Cough is not deep, but more like a hacking Cough that seems to strip his throat at its peak. He Coughs only a bit through out the day. The Cough is significantly worse when lying d...
1jazmine74th Nov 2011
Re: Bad cough? throat and a dry Cough.nI took the remedy you suggested, it did not help at all. I took a Cough suppressant and expectorant, Cough became productive then stopped. A week later dry Cough came back. Took again the remedy you suggested for Cough: it didnt help at all. Now I have a dry Cough. Thanks...
0Mika806th Feb 2014

Itchy Foster Dog
...itchy. I purchased Homeopet brand 'Skin and Itch Relief'...
3lovemycairns11th Dec 2007
4 yr old with cough
... a persistant loose Cough with mucus. She has not had any of her shots. Her older cousin has been diagnosed with whooping Cough. My 4 yr old woke up last night with what sounded like croupe. She has no fever and is in good spirits. Is this the start of whooping Cough? Is there something that I could give her to help the Cough and avoid whooping Cough?...
2jorjad11th Sep 2005

Re: Asthma in 6 years old daughter
... till morning never Cough. But afternoon around 11pm Cough 2 times and afternoon around 3 pm Cough 2 times. Just wonder is his Cough asthma Cough or normal Cough since hot day also Cough....
0dis4368610th Jan 2010

allergy cough
...I am suffering from Cough from last 3 months. I was diagnosed with Cough due to allergy and sinus. I dont have any other symptoms of sinus except Cough. The Cough is productive mildly and i need to blow my nose also after the Cough bout . After the Cough when i spit out i feel better. The Cough is any time in the day/night and each time 2 to 3 minutes. I am using Montek LC tablet every night and nose drops. My Cough goes if i use Montek Lc. Once the medication is stopped my Cough returns. Please help as i dont want...
3sadhya8618th Oct 2021
Re: Cough - please help to update on the Cough. I followed the protocol for 7 days. There was no Cough or mucus on the 5th and 6th day. But today (7th day) after getting up in the morning, I got some Cough and whitish mucus. Apart from the morning Cough, there is no Cough anytime during day or night. Please...
0deeps8412th Jul 2021

chronic cough
Hi, My Aunt just got over RSV virus and has a residual chronic Cough. The Cough makes her feel exhausted. She does not Cough anything up. No fevers or chills. Any advise on how to stop or soothe the Cough. Thanks!
1swimming pool2nd Feb 2015
cough and cold
... is having frequent Cough and cold.sometimes its very severe that she is not able to sleep properly and its reoccuring Cough an every 15 - 20 days sh got infected. Her chest is blocked with Cough.her Cough is not coming out!!! please help me...
2kavita189th Mar 2013
Joe De Livera
severe cough of my 13 year old daughter..... is having severe Cough for the past 2 weeks. The problem is worse at night while sleeping. She gets Cough attacks and then continue to Cough for 5 minutes or sometimes more. Her Cough is accompanied with flem which she is not able to through out. Thr problem is bad in the daytime as well. It is just the matter of getting it started , once the Cough starts it gets bad. I am not sure if she had something due to which the Cough has started. Please advise as it is really causing troubles. Her throat gets choked also while Coughing. Pls help... [LAST PAGE]
64venus074313th Jan 2014
Re: Vocal cord cyst
...e. I understand the Cough, and being drained due to the dander bc I have experienced it from dander. I would like to address the Cough, etc and then after that is cured, get you someone on here or a homeopath in your area, or via skype, or someone with a lot of experience on here to help with the Cyst. 1.Do you have a Whole Foods near where you are? Her system needs to be boosted back up. Let me know what is near her. 2.Questions for the Cough. 1.How severe is the Cough> 2.How frequently does she Cough? 3. Does anything make her Cough? like eating, moving around, lying down etc? 4.How thirsty is she? Does she desire warm or cold drinks? 5. Is there any time period the Cough is better or worse? 6.What are the things that make the Cough better? What are things that make the Cough worse?...
0simone71729th Aug 2014

Re: Persistent cough sometimes when i Cough... i hope it is the last phase of Cough.. is there anything you suggest. 1. My wife Cough has increased though (she has not not taken any dosage but on R 20 for almost 10 days now) and the symptoms are: (a) Dry Cough . no phelgm. (b) pain in throat and chest whenever Coughs. (c) what is recommended for ...
0Ajay malaotar30th Jan 2013

Re: Difficult cough regarding your Cough. What kind of Cough is it? Dry or wet with chest full of mucous? What makes you feel better or worse when you Cough? Any specific time that your Cough get worse? Do you still have a sor...
0Tui9th Sep 2019

Re: Urgent help for dry cough, weakness
...ould say, mainly in Cough. He is Coughing much less now. But whenever he Coughs now it still sounds like a deep Cough from his chest. Also as his Cough was bothering a lot he took 1 dose of Cough syrup. He hasnt needed it since. Bu...
0suna71116th May 2017

Re: severe cough of my 13 year old daughter.....
...Cough since 3 weeks , which gets worse at night while sleeping. White - yellow mucous comes out in a way of vomit. The Cough attacks happens im the daytime as well which setimes go on for 3-5 minutes. The chest trembles at the time of Cough and she literally has to keep her hands on the mouth to control the Cough. Pls advise asap. Thnks...
0venus074329th Dec 2013

Re: Persisting cold and cough and headache
... mentioned that the Cough is near chronic] for the last two months and everytime I Cough, my head hurts.. the Cough is becoming dry -though I do expectorate occasionally-and my urge to Cough is continuous, almost asthmatic/ whooping (I do not hve asthma or whooping Cough by the way)so I would be grateful if treatment were suggested to get myself rid of this Cough as I feel my headache is related to...
0amukherjee21st Aug 2010

Re: CAN remedies cause harm?
...y for the cat (from Homeopet) in hopes that it addresses her fea...
0Blueheron986th Feb 2015

Re: dry, hacking cough in 4 year old
...d it cleared up the Cough in several days. The Cough then turned from dry to a productive Cough. He had rattling in his chest and it was a chesty Cough, so I administered Ant Tart. It al...
0erika128th Dec 2005


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