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Using Homeopathic Medicine
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Using Homeopathic Medicine

First, do no harm...

The first concern of anyone using any new medicine is "Is it safe?". The short answer is yes, homeopathic medicine is completely safe. However, you should not stop taking any existing medication without first consulting your doctor.

Dosage and Potency

If you are unsure about what potency and dosage to take, please see our guide to potency and dosage.

Taking Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine should be taken on a clean pallet. While on a course of homeopathic treatment, you should avoid strong flavours such as mint (including toothpaste), coffee or camphor.

They are normally taken as pills which are placed under the tongue. With low potencies you can take two tablets every two hours for the first six doses, and then four times daily for up to five days. For some complaints remedies are taken as an ointment, for example, arnica cream applied directly to bruising.

If you are taking the remedy in pill form, you should avoid contact with the skin (including fingers). Just drop a few pills into the lid and pour them directly into the mouth.

Once relief from the symptoms if felt, stop taking the homeopathic medicine. Only take it again if exactly the same symptoms come back.

A professional Homeopath will also assess your diet and lifestyle.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.