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ABC Homeopathy site features

Homeopathy tools and site features

ABC Homeopathy has been a labour of love since 2001. In that time, it's expanded massively and now includes features that even our most regular visitors probably aren't familiar with. Here's a wee summary.

The Remedy Finder

Nov 2001(!)

The homeopathic remedy finder was where the whole site started. Search and tick symptoms and choose a remedy form the grid. For more (a lot more) see the instructions.


July 2018

Because some of the language used in the materia medicas can be obscure, archaic or technical, we've added a glossary. Simply tap any word with a border around it. This feature only loads on a reasonably fast connection to save on your bandwidth.

Filter symptoms

May 2019

Where there is a lot of information on the remedy information pages, a text box will be shown saying 'filter symptoms'. Typing a little text there (i.e. nose) will enable you to see only the symptoms from that page that include that word.

You may get a few oddball symptoms appearing. right, for example, shows entries including words like fright or bright

Click the arrow by any heading to skip ahead to that section of the materia medica.

Other repertories

Oct 2017

By default the strongest indications from Kent's repertory and Boericke's materia medica are shown. Clicking ≡ more under each section loads all the symptoms.

A whole host of additional materia medicas are available by clicking the ' ≡ sections & sources' link on the the remedy information pages., or by clicking more and then clicking 'view all repertories'

In either case, the remedies are color coded to show you the source of information you are using. To see the colour codes, click 'sections and sources'.

Remedy Relationships

Oct 2018

To see the relationships between two or more remedies, simply enter both names into the search box. This will then show you every relationship entry that mentions two or more of the entered remedies.

Entering Arnica Phos will work but to avoid ambiguity, you can also enter Arnica, Calc Phos

Dose Calculator

May 2018

Clicking the i on the shop pages leads to information about the format, or the potency or the quantity calculator.

The quantitiy calculator allows you to see which size of bottle best covers a prescription along the lines of Take 4 pellets,three times a day for 3 days.

It can calculate the number of pills (or amount of liquid, if the format on the shop page is set to liquid) required, the number of days a certain number of pills / pellets should last, etc.

When you change the numbers and the calculator calculates how many pills (or amount of liquid), the shop items displayed will show you how many of each option would be necessary to fulfil your prescription.

Send a client a basket

Jun 2017

You can put remedies into a basket for your patients. The link to the basket is shown on the basket / checkout page, under the green bar, next to the heading 'Your basket url is:' (i.e. at the bottom of the image on the right).

Text will be copied to your clipboard as soon as you click it, you don't have to select it all and press ctrl c.

Professional Level Symptoms

If you join ABC Homeopathy and click the 'professional homeopath' box under 'your materia medica sources', you will be able to see entries from the complete repertory and materia medica, including non self-limiting symptoms deemed only for professionals.

Interactive Materia Medica Listing

May 2019

Our Materia Medica contains the full list of which remedies and which materia medica(s) they are listed in. You can also see the popularity (sales rank and remedy finder rank) of each of them and what potencies our partner labs can supply.

You can also filter the list by entering a name fragment (i.e Sulph), a remedy family (i.e. nosode), a HPUS indication (i.e. headache) or anything else you can think of.

To see only the remedies featured in a particular materia medica, click the name of the materia medica at the top of the page.

Comparing remedies

Jun 2019

Clicking a remedy in the grid takes you to materia medica information for that remedy. Unless you have 'tracking' (i.e. cookies and local storage) disabled, there will be a grid at the bottom of the resulting page. Clicking an alternative remedy on the grid will show that remedy side by side with the first one you've clicked, unless you have a small (less than 600 pixels wide) screen.

Typing text into the top filter box will filter symptoms (as above) in all remedies simultaneously. Typing text into one of the remedies only will only filter that remedy's symptoms.

Clicking ▸==◂, next to the symptom headings and subheadings will align all remedies to that section, where it exists in the loaded materia medica.

If you are logged in, clicking on a remedy name in the materia medica pages, will also bring up the side by side comparison.