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Complete Recovery From Social Phobia and OCD--Heixi Therapy

I once suffered from OCD, Socail Phobia and Depression and now have completely recovered under the guidance of Mr. Heixi, a famous Chinese psycho counselor, it is he who has given a totally new life, now I have translated his research findings in Social Phobia, OCD as well as other neurosis and share it with all the tortured souls in this world, I wish it will give you some hope in beating the mental beast in your heart.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk to me for more advice, I would like to share my experience of complete recovery from the nightmare.
Complete Recovery from Social Phobia

Experience gained from the complete recovery from 10+ years¡¯ Social Phobia.

The treatment of Social Phobia includes 2 principles:

Principle 1
The correction of low self-esteem (inferiority complex), and the build-up of self-confidence, namely ¡°total acceptance of yourself¡±, In Eastern Philosophy Therapy, it is called ¡°Original Form¡± or ¡°to do nothing¡±, it is the root-removing principle.

Principle 2
Behavioral Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Desensitization Therapy and NLP etc. A large amount of social practice can quickly remove the symptoms. It is symptom-removing principle.

The combination of principle 1 (root-removing principle) and principle 2 (symptom-removing principle) can lead to the complete recovery from Social Phobia.

If we only apply principle 1, some people are still be able to completely recover, theoretically all the social phobia sufferers can completely recover only by applying principle 1, but my years of treatment practice has proved that principle 2 can greatly shorten the treatment process and many of my clients have said it is a very important part.

Without principle 1, we can quickly remove the symptom, but the root is still there.
Like that we cut a tree down without eliminating its root. On the surface, maybe we can behave freely and normally, but from the bottom of our hearts, subconsciously, we still feel something is remaining there, we still feel we are not truly confident, the root is not eliminated, and it will thrive upon the warm and damp environment, namely ¡°recurrence¡±.

Mentioned above is the comparison of eastern therapy and western therapy and their respective advantage and disadvantage in treating Social Phobia.

My name is Heixi, a psychological counselor from China, now I would like to share 10 years¡¯ research findings and the experience gained from treatment practice with all the people throughout the world, I wish those self-help sufferers can learn something from my article, if my therapy can give you some enlightenment or help in overcoming Social Phobia, I think my long march towards my dream, ¡°saving all the tortured souls from mental purgatory¡± , will have a good start.

On the other hand, I wish professional psychotherapists and counselors could study my therapy and exchange their views with mine, because I myself have tested this therapy for many years during the treatment practice and the practice has proved that it is a complete solution for Social Phobia rather than a hollow theory from any psychological textbooks and works. Please forgive my overconfidence, I just simply wish I can give those who are suffering in the hell of Social Phobia a hand, I also welcome any comment and criticism from any experienced professional therapist.

The concrete measures are listed as follows:
1. systematical and step-by-step desensitization, gradually expose yourself to the environment and situation you are scared of -- control yourself and behave normally within measure, try your best to get a success experience every time---this is the guideline.
2. Group training and exposure, namely speak, sing or perform talk show before a large audience until complete desensitized, usually this period is 3 months, I believe currently it is the most effective and quickest way to remove symptoms, for example, the Carnegie Sociality Training Class.
3. Treatment of low self-esteem and confidence, such as ¡°feeling of shyness¡±, ¡°feeling of inferiority to others¡±, ¡°being afraid of seeing people eye to eye¡±. To deal with these inveterate negative thinking mode, we must apply the essence of eastern therapy such as ¡°completely acceptance of yourself¡±, ¡°let the symptoms be there and do nothing to consciously change it¡± , ¡°go back to where you came from in your heart¡±, eastern therapy can completely eliminate the core and root of Social Phobia, and it will never recur.

Thus, with the combination of western therapy to remove the symptom and eastern therapy to remove the root, sufferers can completely free themselves from Social Phobia and never fall back into it.

Here I must point out that in the practical treatment, we should combine group therapy and individual therapy as well as customize our therapy according to detailed and different symptom on the basis of the guiding principle, all in all, the key word is ¡°flexibility¡±.

Some people may suggest that we only apply eastern therapy since it can remove the root and completely solve the problem, there is no need to add western therapy such as desensitization therapy, CBT and Exposure Therapy.

At first, I also thought that way, it can be theoretically proved, in real life, some people only apply eastern therapy and quickly recover.

However, in practical clinical treatment, it is not as simple as that. If we only apply eastern therapy without western therapy, the curing effect is not satisfactory and the treatment process is too long.

Eastern therapy can also be called ¡°Natural Therapy¡±, The difference between eastern therapy and western therapy is like the difference between Chinese medication and western medication, the merit of Chinese medication lies in the fact that it can improve the immunity and completely free people from the disease, but the tardy progress prevents it from being the quick solution of some acute disease such as massive haemorrhage, however western medicine can quickly remove the symptom such as sore throat, snuffle or snivel in cold, but it have difficulty to prevent people from contracting cold because the immune system has not been reinforced. So if we combine the eastern therapy and western therapy together, we can learn from each other's strong points and offset each other¡¯s weakness.

In my view, OCD and the other neurosis have the same essence with Social Phobia.

Concrete step for your reference:

How to expose yourself and go through desensitization.

Suggestion 1: choose a job in which large amounts of communication is unavoidable, only intensive social practice can give you the social skill you are lacking in. For example, lecturer, trainer, salesman are some very good jobs for social phobia sufferers.

If you are a student, please try to avail yourself of any opportunities to communicate with people. If you are afraid of speaking before a large audience, try to frequently attend speech contest, debate contest, singing contest and so on. If you have difficulties in making friends or you tend to feel nervous when staying with people, try to attend any communication society. Please do it step by step from the easiest thing for you, be well prepared before each challenge, try your best to gain some experience of success every time.

The guiding principle is ¡°try to get yourself involved in the situation you are afraid of¡±, but do it step by step to get systematical and gradual desensitization.

Suggestion 2: Apply some eastern philosophy methods together with intensive exposure, be prepared for any failure and unsatisfactory results, you will definitely encounter some failure experience at first, and you tend to feel depressed and frustrated, accept the feeling of depression and frustration. It is normal of you to feel frustrated, it is the normal response, please do not fight those negative feelings, if you didn¡¯t feel frustrated when meeting failure, then it would be abnormal of you.

Please pay attention to the principle of ¡°step by step¡±, if you suffered from a very severe failure at beginning, you may be scared of trying once more and avoid any similar situation. So if you want to make quick progress, you must do it under the guidance of an experienced psycho counselor.

Suggestion 3: Accept yourself. This is the basis of all the social practice and social exposure. Without this,even if you remove all the symptoms on the surface, you still tend to feel unconfident and inferior from the bottom of your heart. One famous local lecturer has once told even if he can behave decently before a large audience, he still feel he is lacking in confidence.

Therefore, we can completely recover from Social Phobia only when we eliminate not only apparent symptoms but also inner root with the combination of western therapy and eastern therapy.

The analysis of Social Phobia
Analysis 1 ____ All the social phobia sufferers are all regarding themselves as inferior. That's the pathological diagnosis. You have difficulties in and you are unwilling to accept yourself. The inferiority complex is the key. You think you are inferior to others, there are various symptoms, and you feel you must change yourself, you behavior can be divided into 2 types, A(the symptoms) and B (your attitudes towards these symptoms ). A:[1] ¡°I am a shy man¡± [2] ¡°I dare not see people eye to eye¡± [3] ¡°I tend to feel panic attack before people. [4]¡­¡­ All the symptoms are so real and they come from years¡¯ of personal experience. The personal experience is very stubborn. Pure cognition correction session has no way to change it. B: the strong desire to eliminate those symptoms, you feel that you must remove these feelings, you cannot live a normal life if they don¡¯t disappear. You always find yourself an excuse when meeting social situation, ¡° I am a social phobia sufferer, I can attend those situation after I recover.¡± In this way, you avoid social life over and over again and forgive yourself every time.
A and B are the strong foundation of low self-esteem believes.

Analysis 2---1234 in A are the symptoms. Social Phobia sufferers are always thinking if they can free themselves from the symptoms, they can live a normal life. So next we will analyze these symptoms.
The normal people often feel shy, nervous or panic too, but they retain it within the normal standard. For example, water remains liquid state between 0-100 degrees centigrade. When the temperature is over 100 degrees centigrade, it turns into steam, so when the severity of symptoms go beyond 100 degrees centigrade, normal people become social phobia sufferers. So we can see that the essence of these symptoms are normal.
Analysis 3____Then what is the essence of those symptoms. Physiologically, I think they are the pathological conditional reflex formed in the long-time immersion in the pathological living environment. It has the same feature as our character, habit and skill, we learned it, we repeatedly review it in our minds, and we keep it. In Pavlov¡¯s experiment, the dog tend to drivel involuntarily upon hearing the bell-ring, like the dog, the social phobia sufferers tend to show various symptoms involuntarily upon see people or encounter certain social situation. Once such pathological conditional reflex is formed, it cannot be eliminated forcibly just like our habit, personality and learned skill, if we want to remove it, we must follow the law of nature.
Analysis 4---If a social phobia sufferer subjectively wants to eliminate or suppress those symptoms forcibly, for example, some social phobia sufferers tend to wear a mask of a great man and try to imitate those talkative and decent men, they are unwilling to be themselves, they cannot accept themselves, they hate themselves and try to be others, they want to forcibly remove those symptoms, but what they are doing has actually added to the temperature of the water, if they stick this way, they may enter the malignant cycle of OCD.

In my view, the physiological essence of all the neurosis such as phobia, OCD, Anxiety Disorder as well as psychogenic depression is the same, namely pathological conditional reflex, they have their own law of generation and fadeaway, we cannot eliminated them forcibly at pleasure.

We all know that there is only one truth in this world, and there is no exception in psychology field. Part of this truth can be found in all the eastern and western therapies, with the combination of eastern therapy and western therapy, we can touch the core of the truth. Practice is the only way to test the theory, we can only discover the truth which has already existed in the Nature for centuries rather than create a truth. Theory must fit in the existed truth.

There is only one law to all the neurosis such as Social Phobia, if we follow the law, we can cure it, if we go against the law, and we will never solve the problem, therefore, we must not blindly control it and forcibly suppress it.

I suggest those social phobia sufferers should study western therapies such as CBT, Desensitization therapy as well as eastern therapy such as Morita Therapy and Buddhism, Zen, meanwhile try to get involved in social life and accumulate the success experience, in this way, we can remove both the root and symptoms of social phobia and get completely recovered.

Mentioned above is a general description of my social phobia treatment principle, it is commonness rather than individuality, I would customize my treatment program according to everyone¡¯s different symptom and different severity, please do not blindly apply it to different people.

How we get Social Phobia

None of those who is suffering from Social Phobia is confident!
They are all timid, dependant, of low self-esteem, sensitive, weak, just to name a few.
Oh! Friends, when were you deprived of such strong initiative in dealing with the external environment even animals possess?
You now become so dependant and passive.
A healthy person should fully know how to control the surroundings and how to control himself or herself. To those people, everything is undercontrol.
But to you, nothing is controllable.
Where is the problem?
Now let¡¯s sit down, calm down and look back.
In your childhood, there might be a strict and bad-tempered elder around you, he or she might from time to time suppress your wish to make decision yourself freely, he or she might from time to time say to you ¡°No, you are wrong¡± only because he or she didn¡¯t like your decision.
One inhibition followed by another, you gradually give up your efforts to take initiative because you know it will not work.
What¡¯s more, unconsciously you gradually followed the requirement from that elder, only by which you may gain compliment and approval from him or her. You began to inhibit your own wish just in order to cater for that person. You adapted yourself by being passive and obedient. Therefore, living such a life this way for many years has formed your personality, an inhibited ¡°you¡±, like that a growing sapling with a thick trunk over it will never become straight but bent. ¡°bent¡±, ¡°deformed¡±, ¡°distorted¡± or ¡°inhibited¡± is the best description of your current personality.
All in all, personality is formed by environment, good environment leads to good personality while bad environment leads to bad personality.
Of course, we cannot conclude that all those who are suffering from Social Phobia has grown up this way, there still may be some exceptions, but on the whole, what mentioned above is a prototype.
Please pay attention to these questions:
Do you remember the first time the gaze from other people made you feel panic?
Do you think other ¡°normal¡± person will react the same way as you when they are gazed by other people for the first time? How would they deal with such panic? How have you dealt with the panic?
Then the following questions:
Do you remember the first time you blushed? The first time you were suffering from ¡°heart attack¡± when speaking to the public? The first time you felt ill at ease? etc.
How do you think other ¡°normal¡± person will deal with these bad feelings or bad reactions such as blush, heart attack? How have you dealt with these bad feelings?

Whatever your answer is,
Let me tell you an ultimate truth: ¡°Low self-esteem and self-denial is the essence of Social phobia!¡± .
Look how you describe yourself:
I am a wretched worm!
I am so stupid!
I am so weak!
I am afraid of death!
I am not good at communicating with people!
I am so nervous when I meet people!
I often blush!
I am so shy!
I cannot make myself feel easy!
I am so panic!
I dare not disobey my mother!
I mush follow my father¡¯s command because he will shout at me, which will make me tremble!
I almost never fight other people.
I always compromise whenever there is a dispute.
I am a good person to all those who know me.
I seldom refuse the requirement from other people, even if I usually do that reluctantly.
I am so passive, always putting myself in great inconvenience.
I am so dependant, lacking in initiative.
My feeling or life is almost controlled by others, not me myself.
No! No! No!
Can I live this way on! No!
I will transform myself! I will change myself!
How will I do, let¡¯ see.
Articles about Success! Biography of great man! The Hero in the movie or fiction!
I will use all these to present a new look! Here comes the new me! I will try to imitate those I admire, imitate their talking style, imitate their smiling way. Oh! I have become talkative, I have got rid of all the panic.
I carefully prepare for every chance of talking to people and to the public. I feel full of strength.
I am ¡°seemingly¡± strong! I seem just like the hero or decent guy in the movie, they are eloquent and never panic over anything!
But is this true? You have truly got rid of you phobia?

Low self-esteem and self-denial is the essence of social phobia.

Here I will quote a remark of Buddism:
¡°You will never reach the target if you keep going forward, the only way to reach the target is to turn back.¡±
This the only way out:
Accept yourself, accept everything that belongs to yourself.
It is very difficult for you to fully and completely accept yourself, but if you don¡¯t do that, you will suffer more and more in the rest of your life.
Turn back bravely, fully accept yourself rather than try to escape from it, it is the first step to recovery, and this is the step you must take if you really want to completely recover and never fall back into the trap of social phobia once more.
You always to want to become others, you are never willing to be yourself.
Oriental Buddhism once again tells us: ¡°accept yourself, be yourself, there is no one is this world can escape from himself or herself and become others. ¡° This is the only way to success.
Be yourself, be the true yourself, only by doing that, Social phobia will gradually leave you.

My oriental philosophy Therapy
Many people want me to talk about my therapy. The essence of my oriental therapy is ¡°counter-therapy¡± or ¡°reverse therapy¡±. To most of my clients, I would apply customized NLP , Subconsiousness Theory , plus Intensified Contact Training (seemingly like traditional ¡°desensitization therapy¡±, but actually not the same), Cognitive Therapy, Morita Therapy and Buddhism or Taoism. If everything is OK, to be honest, the curative effect is amazing!
To many sufferers, 'Morita treatment' is not very effective, because its natural tendency is very slow. So to many people it has little efficacy. But Heixi's treatment has been proved again and again, the curative effect is amazing even miraculous.
Counter-therapy is the result of the combination of Buddhism and my own treatment experience. Its root is Oriental Philosophy. Old Chinese philosophy 'Yijing' (Book of Changes) believes that the whole world (including all the things in this world) can be divided into two contradictory parts, like sun and moon, day and night, man and women, life and death¡­¡­, ¡°Taoism¡± believes that ¡°if you want to get to your destination, you should countermarch¡±, for example, if you want to make money(get), you should invest first (pay). The whole world has been applying so many methods and tons of drugs to deal with all kinds of phobia, OCD, anxiety disorder, depression and so on. The methods include Cognitive Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Psychoanalysis, hypnogenesis and so on. Every method has its merit and do help a lot of people to alleviated their symptoms, but ask those people and even yourselves: have you really completely recovered? I mean ¡°completely¡±, means you will never fall back into your nightmare once again and enjoy the life as freely as possible. If these methods can really help people to completely free from all the neurosis, why many people are still tortured by SA,why over 100 millions people are trapped in the nightmare of depression and some of them choose suicide as the solution? Why many people cannot jump out of the cycle of OCD? Where is the problem? Oriental Taoism has the answer.
There is a maxim in ¡°Tao Te Ching¡±( book of morality): ¡°the more efforts you make to approach your destination, the farther away you are from it¡±, why? Because we are going the wrong direction.
But the methods mentioned above is still very useful in removing the symptoms, for example, in social phobia treatment, behavior therapy will help the sufferer to remove the symptoms, but if we want to completely recover from it, oriental philosophy such as Buddhism and Taoism is a must.
Because ¡°Counter Therapy' originates from dialectic oriental philosophy, it can be applied in many fields, such as ¡°anxiety before important examination or interview¡±, ¡°social phobia¡±, ¡°anxiety disorder¡± ¡°insomnia¡± ¡°OCD¡± ¡°Psychogenic Depression¡±. The fact shows that once it is used correctly and timely, the effect is miraculous.
Sometimes, even I myself will marvel at it.
I will detail some therapy practice in my other articles, but different people have different condition and should be treated accordingly. I often adjust my measure according to the feedback from my clients to make them recover as soon as possible
  heixi.jacky on 2007-06-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Complete Recovery from OCD
OCD Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by intense, recurrent, unwanted thoughts and rituals that are beyond the person's control. So when we speak of OCD, there must be 2 sides: one side is the recurrent unwanted thoughts, and the other side is your strong desire to get rid of these unwanted thoughts.
So from these 2 sides, we can work out the essence of OCD. The essence of OCD is that you are not willing to accept the existent objective facts and try to escape from it.
As we all know, all the matters have their own reason to exist in this world, they all follow the law of nature to exist in this world, the law of nature which cannot be disobeyed at all!
Remember the first time such weird idea came across your mind? Every person, during his or her life, more or less, occasionally would encounter such weird idea or action. So, however weird it is, it has its own reason to be there, it is reasonable to be there, it just appeared in your mind because of the law of the nature, but it pops up on the wrong person, it is you! If it pops up in other normal persons, they may neglect it or feel uncomfortable just for a short time at most, then they continue their lives and do what they should do, and forget such idea, but you, you are not like them! The bad personality created by the environment you have been living in since your childhood always renders you low self-esteem and self-denial. When you encounter such situation, you will not turn outside ( by ¡°outside¡± we mean ¡°do the things you ought to do and do not mind however weird the idea or action is), but inside (by ¡°inside¡± we mean you begin to deny or refuse such idea when you encounter it, you begin to think ¡°why such idea came across my mind¡±, ¡°I cannot let that happen¡±, ¡°I must get rid all of these weird ideas, which will make me comfortable¡±), now you begin to fight these ideas over and over again.
¡°Everything has its reason to be there including all of your weird ideas if the law of nature makes it to appear there, even god cannot help you to escape from it¡±, calmly and carefully taste these words, you will get much. If you understood this ¡°ultimate truth¡± in the first place, you would not become what you are like today! If you understood however weird the idea or action is, it is created by so many factors including external environment and internal mind or personality, it is REASONABLE to be there, you will not fight it or try to free yourself from it, it would not haunt you like this today!
But you never think this way, you have been trying to fight it, try to deny it rather than accept it, you would find that the more fiercely you fight it, the more fiercely it would counter-fight you. You have spent all the energy in the battle and feel so exhausted, but you enemy is always stronger than you however hard you try! Who has made it to grow so strong and so powerful, YOU!, you are not killing it but irrigate it, stop that at once! You have gone the wrong direction, turn back at once, what are you waiting for?

All in all, the essence of OCD is that ¡° you are trying to deny yourself¡±, ¡°you are trying to escape from yourself¡± , Is that possible? Imagine if you pull your hair upward wishing to lift yourself up from the floor, will that happen? I believe your answer is definitely ¡°No¡±, but I tell you, actually you are doing the same thing as hair-pulling, and you have been doing it for many years maybe, will you continue to do it? It is up to you!
OCD is an extreme expression or outburst of Low Self-esteem or Self-denial. Please note that not only OCD, all the other mental disorders ( including all kinds of Phobia, Depression, Insomnia, etc ) share the same feature. To be more accurate, The essence of all the persistent mental sufferings is extremely low self-esteem (inferiority complex) or Self-denial.
You are trying to abandon yourself, you are trying to escape from yourself, you are willing to do anything else except the complete acceptance of yourself. You have gone against the law of nature, so you will be punished for doing so. It is simple!
You keep going forward, trying to find where the way out is, but the way out is just behind, only by turning back will you find it.
¡°Accept Yourself¡±, this is the maxim you can find in almost all the oriental lore such as Buddhism Scriptures. Yes, you are so painful just because you cannot accept yourself, you hate yourself, you cannot tolerate yourself for even one second.
Every morning just after waking up, you start to fight yourself! Your activate every muscle, using every method you can find to ¡°kill¡± yourself, you search throughout all the Books and Articles about Psychology, wishing to find a way to eliminate those ideas which are making yourself uncomfortable even painful. The more exhausted you are, the more bravely you fight! You wish to pay any cost to kill the true ¡°yourself¡±, which is an objective presence in the world. You even don¡¯t give yourself one second to take a breath. You will only give up when you have no energy left, maybe you will find when you come up with the idea of ¡°give up¡±, you will suddenly feel relaxed and comfortable, but it will only last for a short time. Some friends have told me that they will suddenly feel comfortable when they decide to see a therapist, only the idea of seeing a therapist will make him feel better, interesting? In fact, when you decide to see a therapist, you are actually doing the similar things as ¡°give up¡±. You might say to yourself ¡° I really have no way of dealing with it, I will see if a therapist can help me.¡±

Ask yourself:
When will I be able to jump out of the cave of OCD? When will I jump out of the cycle of OCD?
Do you know the Newton Law on force and counteractive force..
Where there is a force, there is a counterwork. Where there is suppression, there is confrontation. Where there is a fight, there is a counter-fight.
That is just the feature of OCD.
So ¡°acceptance¡± rather than ¡°fight¡± is the only way out.
However, when we speak of ¡°acceptance¡±, we must point out we must accept it from the bottom of our hearts, accept it heartily and completely rather than only accept it on the surface. Here, real and complete acceptance is a must.
If you really accept from the bottom of your heart, even if you are fighting, actually you are accepting.
If you just accept it on the surface, even if you are accepting, actually you are fighting.
Dear friends, do you really understand the 2 sentences above? If you do, you have taken a big step forward.
If you just accept it on the surface, it is useless, what's worse, your OCD will be more severe and you will suffer more because actually you are fighting.
For example, Narcissism is not self-confidence, actually it is low self-esteem.

Now I will detail my understanding of OCD, below you can find some questions and my answers, the focus is the concept of ¡°acceptance¡±.
Q: now I understand, you mean we must fully and completely accept all the symptom of OCD, what¡¯s more, we should embrace it with our hearts to make it fade away as soon as possible, but so far I cannot use this method well enough.
A: You are wrong, when we speak of ¡°acceptance¡±, we don't mean ¡°acceptance¡± is a method, there is not any method included. ¡°give up¡± itself is just ¡°acceptance¡±, stop using any method, accept it from the bottom of your heart. Never strictly demand that you should accept all the symptoms, never strictly demand that you should embrace it in order to make it fade away. Because if you consciously demand yourself to accept it, actually you only accept it on the surface rather than accept it from the bottom of your heart. The essence of such ¡°acceptance¡± is still ¡°fighting¡±. That¡¯s just what I mentioned ¡°If you just accept it on the surface, even if you are accepting, actually you are fighting.¡±

Q:I think the acceptance of symptom itself will not work, we should analyze the real cause behind the symptoms. Only by doing that can we find a way to solve the problem. We don¡¯t have to dwell on the symptom, we should accept what is really in our hearts, namely accept ourselves from the bottom of our hearts, rather than accept it on the surface.
A: It seems that you have been studying and practicing Morita Therapy for a measure of time, but those who never study Morita Therapy are still spending all of their energy in fighting symptoms, trying to escape them all days and all nights, therefore firstly we should teach them to accept the symptom. Furthermore, real ¡°acceptance¡± is ¡°give up¡±, give up clinging on to any symptom.
And you say, ¡°we should analyze the real cause behind the symptoms. Only by doing that can we find a way to solve the problem¡±, come on, please stop doing that, you should awe the nature, OCD is a perfect closed loop, even if you exhaust all of your brain cells to analyze it for the rest of your life, you still cannot jump out of OCD. Human being will never defeat nature. Yes, your analysis is perfect, you are really ¡°intelligent¡±, but you have neglected one problem ¡°The more analysis you make, The farther you will go away from the solution¡±. You are still cycling in this closed loop of OCD. Here please let me quote one remark from Taoism ¡°the farther you go, the less you know¡±. For example, a very knowledgeable person will try any method learned in all the psychology book to free himself from OCD, but finally he will bound to fail. On the contrary, an illiterate rube will easily stay away from those weird ideas or actions.
In fact, thousands of years before, Buddhism told us one ultimate truth, ¡°The only way to stay away from the pain is to give up any method to stay away from it.¡± If you understand now and give up any efforts to free yourself from OCD, you will wake up from your nightmare.
So now, friend, give up any method to deal with OCD, throw away all psychology books, every method used will make you fall deeper into OCD, there is never any method. Get up! Live freely as you wish! Sing!, dance! Work! Make friends! Life itself is the best ¡°medication¡± for OCD.

For some people suffering from severe symptoms, strong external stimulation can be applied.

To put it another way, if a person is immersed in deep meditation, a sudden and unexpected strike on his head may pull him out of the meditation state.

Severe OCD sufferers are in a nightmare-like state, they cannot wake up themselves, they must shift their attention from their symptoms to life under the guidance of an experienced counselor. Strong external stimulation means a busy and full life, or an emergent task which need his or her full attention.
The Essence of OCD 9
The essence of all the mental disorders is low self-esteem or self-denial with OCD of no exception. All the weird ideas have their own reasons to be there. Remember, ¡°Whatever is, is right¡±.
However weird the ideas which come across your mind is, they are rational. Most people would neglect it, even if they fight it, they will not cling on to it for long time. On the contrary, your personality, which is formed by external environment you have been living in since your childhood and the pathological internal mind, makes you focus on it, cling on to it. You deny its rationality, try to escape from it, actually you have denied one ultimate truth:¡± Those weird ideas is an indispensable part of yourself. ¡° You will never escape from yourself, so ¡°give up¡± any efforts.
Therefore, to the OCD, complete ¡°give up¡± is complete ¡°accept¡±, to be frank, only when you despair of defeating OCD--saying to yourself: ¡°OK, I give up, I prepare to live with OCD for the rest of my life, because it is an indispensable part of me myself.¡±,-- you can wake up from your nightmare and live the life as you wish.
OCD is yourself, you are the OCD.
Some people may ask me:¡± Do you mean I cannot defeat OCD until I despair of defeating it.¡±
No. I don¡¯t mean that way, because you cannot force yourself to despair, that will be another malignant cycle. Once you know the essence of OCD, you will free yourself from it without despairing. The OCD is yourself, you can never defeat yourself, give up any futile challenge, and walk towards the life, then you will get completely recovered.
heixi.jacky last decade
Hope this post can shed some lights
heixi.jacky last decade
any question is welcomed
heixi.jacky last decade
Hi i am kokhow 20 year old and i am from singapore.

I just left a comment at your wordpress but i just found your email at your profile so i guess i shall send u a mail first instead! :)

Bascially i never had OCD before, never had any mental illness other than some sad moment in your life that you would certainly face and get over it and i am telling u i might have OCD is because what i am experiencing does not have explanation nor logic, only OCD symptoms could link to what i am currently facing.

So 3 weeks ago i started to have thoughts of shirt touching my neck, like the sensation of shirt touching your neck area, slowly i became aware of it and now i can't kick it away, like i would always have the thought of it and can't focus in what i am doing. That's one symptoms i could link it to OCD.

But at the same time, i could experience headache, neck and shoulder pain, i feel tired even i had full 8 hours of sleep, i don't eat more used to what i eat, my hands are restless, so i do not know if it could be myself being sick.

This thought, purely this, i do not have other issue, just this issue. Because of this issue, my life went a 180 degree turn and i really want to kick it away and lead my usual life back. Could u tell me how can i kick this type of OCD away. I don't mind suffering just for the time being, all i am concern about is this being with me in my whole life. Because of this, i at time have suicidal thoughts. I really want to kick it away and out of my life. can u please give me advice and help me get out of this nightmare please.

Thank you for listening!

centive10 8 years ago
Hi- if you want to have your case taken and get a homeopathic
prescription which can help you then you must do a new thread.

Go to the top of the forum and above the first post, click button
Post New Topic-

Give the info you have here, someone will ask you questions and

Homeopathic meds work by finding a remedy that matches your
unique symptoms- mental, physical, emotional, what makes you
feel better and worse, what was going on when this first started
bothering you.

Usually OCD is covering up some other thing that you found
troubling and did not know how to handle it. The repeated
thoughts, behavior are your brain trying to keep you from
re-experiencing the first thing that really set it off.

Good luck.
simone717 8 years ago

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