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Hello my son 4.5 he has ocd i think
He doesnt want us to move some toys from the spots he put them in.
He has 5 cars on the cough three cars on the floor.we cant touch them. When we touch them he is crying.
He likes pasta meat steak chocolate lollies cucumber he is skiny with brown eyes.
He is moving in his sleep so he doesnt have a favorite spot.
Can you suggest a remedy
Thank you
  Argie1 on 2020-05-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What you describe is not OCD.

He could be doing this for many reasons.
Such as not feeling well and not knowing
How to tell you. Or separation anxiety( like going to school)
Changes in the household- new babies, parents
Not home as much, etc etc. Seeing a scary movie
Or cartoon and not being able to communicate
That it caused fear.

You need to describe when this started.
What was going on ?
And are there any health issues, tooth pain,
Stool problems( worms) indigestion, allergies
To Foods, pollen etc.
simone717 3 years ago
3 months ago Anuj prescribed lyco and silica
6x - for this child. All the fears etc were on that

You can click your user name on this thread.
All your other threads will appear.
Click on the thread with Anuj.

You gave no feedback.

If you want good results, it is important
To have all the info in one thread.
Keep using the same thread.
simone717 3 years ago
In November we went to a hospital and we saw a family member he was really sick and he died.After that he started to stutter mild. Then we went holidays and we had to evacuate from some bushfires.... we were very scared the stuttering became worse and he had anxiety as well. This happened in December.
He started kindergarten as well in February with full seperation anxiety
Stutter reduced but it still there mild.
Then we travelled on holidays and we had to come back with the coronavirus. We were really scared and i was yelling to my husband because we should have stayed home.now he has this problem with the spots and mild stuttering....
Please help
Thank you
We had really difficult six month period
Argie1 3 years ago
So should i give with silica 6x and lyco?
Thank you
Argie1 3 years ago
No. I think he needs a new remedy.
If you console /comfort him -does he like that or does it
Have no effect or aggravate him?

The child is doing the behavior with the toys
Because it is a way for him to feel he has
Some control over things - it compensates
For the past events which frightened him.
simone717 3 years ago
When we touch his toys he says no don’t touch them.its mine
Sometimes when I move his high chair he is crying.
I have to put it in the right spot.
Yes he likes hugs and he become calmer.
Thank you
Argie1 3 years ago
Now he doesn’t have separation anxiety anymore.
Argie1 3 years ago
On previous threads under Argie, the child has
Had difficulty with vaccine, sinus problems etc.
Now, in last 6 months he has had quite a few
Scary events.

First, understand that children cannot process
These events well, until they are about 7 or 8
Years old. Their front cognitive brain is working
To sort and understand events in a logical way
At 7 or 8 years. Before this time, everything goes
Straight into the emotional brain( amygdala)
And they are left with confusing feelings-only.

Second, when they experience fear, disruption
In family routine, they REGRESS to earlier
Stages of development. That is how they cope.

Saying something is Mine - do not touch, etc
Is a two year old development stage.Just let it
Be. Give him a lot of comforting and he will
Gradually work thru these stages again.

There is nothing wrong- this is what happens
When daily routine gets disturbed in a way
They do not have the ability to cope yet.

You can try lycopodium 30c, one dose.
And silica 6x twice a day for 3 days.
Then report.

Bottom line - you need to accept where he is at,
Lots of hugs, stable and consistent routine.
simone717 3 years ago
Ok thank you. I will give feedback
Argie1 3 years ago
Hello, he has more anxiety now. He cried in kinder on Monday he was asking for me and he has the same issue with his toys. I noticed more anxiety and he let me touch his toys (cars) for a little bit though.
But i cant move them fromtheir spots.
Argie1 3 years ago
Should I continue? Or give something else?
I worry bout the anxiety a little bit
Thank you
[Edited by Argie1 on 2020-06-02 05:35:49]
Argie1 3 years ago
When giving a remedy that is a good match,
The symptoms will aggravate for a few days.
Things are releasing. You have to wait for
A few days and see if there is improvement.
Homeopathy releases emotional and physical
Problems- so that they are gone Report after 3 days.
simone717 3 years ago
simone717 please consider Ars alb. as an option now or in future. Among the current two, silica might be favourable. Ars Alb children are very possessive and won't be ready to share their toys with any one else. Thanks.
maheeru 3 years ago

The child had separation anxiety, plus disruption
And fear due to a relative death, and family stress
From having to return from covid outbreak,etc .
Not wanting things moved or touched, to me is
A coping response to stress, and regression to
A two year old developmental stage- where they
Are possessive about many things. I have seen this
Happen with children, some even returning to
Wearing diapers.

I will wait for status update in a few days.
simone717 3 years ago
Thank you for your response.
I used to give him arsenicum album every day for prevention of covid.
Can this behaviour be of the arsenicum album?
Thank you
Argie1 3 years ago
Yes- it could be a bad aggravation.
What potency did you give?
When did you start?
When did you stop?

You cannot take remedies thinking they will prevent something-
There is no proof for this. Homeopathic remedies
Work because of an established fact. That is,
When the body gets a substance that matches
Closely to what you already have? The body
Will raise the life force to clear that substance
And at same time, it targets the real problem
And clears it- the life force usually follows a
Pattern in clearing. The homeo remedies are highly
Diluted - because the molecular signature is
Enough for the body to recognize similarity and
Start the clearing process.

So, if you take a remedy when nothing is wrong?
You will likely have symptoms from the remedy.
Google materia medica of any remedy and those
Are the symptoms that healthy people got taking
The remedy - they were the provers of the remedy
So that symptoms could be listed in materia medica
And matched to similar issues in unwell people.
simone717 3 years ago
I gave him arsenicum album 30
A homeopath told me to do that. I dint do it by myself
March I think and I don’t remember when I stopped.
But I believe this started after the arsenicum album.
So how can I clear this behaviour now?
How can I clear the effect of arsenicum album is there anything I can do?
Thank you
Argie1 3 years ago
I gave him Maybe for two three weeks.somewhere there
Argie1 3 years ago
edited by simone
[Edited by simone717 on 2020-06-03 04:34:22]
simone717 3 years ago
Give him Nux vomica 30c . Try two doses and report.
It works better if given after sunset . This is
An antidote for arsenicum.
simone717 3 years ago
Thank you so much
Argie1 3 years ago
Hello hope everyone is well.
I gave nux vom it hasn’t change anything.
Should I continue?
The problem is that he doesn’t want to change spots of his toys and he doesn’t want other kids to press buttons like heater buttons DVD buttons he is crying when this happen.when we are outside of the house he is more happy to share his toys but in the house no one can touch his toys.
Thank you
Argie1 3 years ago
Give him one more dose and then wait for
5 days and report.

Also, when you gave the arsenicum 30 for that time period?
How many doses a day were you giving him?
simone717 3 years ago
1 dose or 2
Ok thank you
I will give again and wait.
Argie1 3 years ago
One dose.
And advise how many doses a day of arsenicum
You were giving? Because that would help indicate
How much antidoting doses need to happen.
[Edited by simone717 on 2020-06-08 13:36:34]
simone717 3 years ago

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