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Intrusive thoughts OCD

Hello experts,

I am badly in need of suggestions for my 12.5 year old son. He is extremely intelligent, academically always number 1 and very inquisitive and spends a lot of time researching in various complex topics in mathematics and physics etc well ahead of his age. He gets frustrated if we ask him to slow down his passion so he could concentrate on normal things in life such as doing other things in the house. Very mature at the same time.

However in the last two weeks, he has had very very bad phase and was really suffering from within as he was getting very disgusting intrusive thoughts of death (killing), sexual thoughts involving family members) and was suffering from the guilt to express on how could this happen to him. We got to know after he shared this with one of his friend. He was too embarrassed to share with us as he loves us to the core. Very much attached to us and could not handle the fact these thoughts came to him. He stopped praying which he was doing everyday earlier because he was getting intrusive thoughts related to gods.

We are about to start therapy but I have read that Homeopathy can cure OCD and intrusive thoughts fully. I request the experts to please help and suggest what homeopathy medicines I can give him. I tried contacting many homeopaths online who claim to specialize in this but not getting in responses..
  oaktree on 2022-02-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.


15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER. FOR THREE DAYS  



Dose five (5) drops/pellets , taken at the same time 3 Times daily.

Take the remedies until symptoms are improved.

Keep all doses 30 minutes before or after food, drink and teeth brushing.

anuj srivastava last year
Thank you very much Anuj ji for your quick reply. I am getting these options here for the cell salts (attached image). Are these ok?

Also, we were suggested to give him ashwagandha tablets, Do you think it will interfere with the homeopathy medication.

Please let me know. Thank you again!
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oaktree last year
ashwagandha tablets-NOT RECOMMENDED.

Yes the pics display the remedies recommended.
anuj srivastava last year
Thank you for your quick reply! Actually he had started taking ayurvedic ashwagandha tablets 4 days ago after we read articles about it. Should we wait for a few days for it clear from his system before starting homeopathy medicines that you prescribed.

Thank you very much.
oaktree last year
Sorry Anuj
Be mindful of his suicidal thoughts frequency of occurring and the triggers which make him think like that
Maybe the hormones as he is entering the teens
Kaps last year
suicidal thoughts -this is a new symptom you have mentioned.In addition give AURUM MET 200 weekly dose.Five drops.Do not administer any remedy on the day AM is given.
anuj srivastava last year
Thank you Anuj ji, I am not getting Aurum Met 200 in liquid form here, is pills form ok?
[Edited by oaktree on 2022-02-04 04:48:09]
oaktree last year
No issues,get pellets.
anuj srivastava last year
Thank you and sorry that I should have asked in my previous question as I understand you will be attending to many posts.

I forgot to ask if pellets is ok, how many Aur Met pellets I give.
Even Nux Vomica liquid lead time is 15 days to get here, but pellets are available, can I give Nux vomica pellets as well. If so, how many?

Thank you again!
oaktree last year
Get pellets-Nux.

Five pellets standard dose.
anuj srivastava last year
hi-you can always use pellets/pills instead of liquid.
1. Is the child having thoughts of suicide or not?
I don’t see that on here.
2. It is best to start with the Nux vom and sulphur prescription from Anuj and see how that works.
Don’t start adding in Another remedy , which will confuse things.
3. Also, has he been taking other supplements or medications before this started? For example, Over the counter nasal sprays can start having severe effects, that make a person feel out of their body and very strange.
I’ve had this happen to several relatives-the younger ones thought they were going crazy /the older ones knew it was from the sinus/allergy sprays.
simone717 last year
Thank you Anuj and Simone for your replies. I should have all the medicines by tomorrow and I plan to start in the morning.
He does not have suicidal thoughts, during the peak of these intrusive thoughts early this month, he said he felt like suicidal because of the guilt but now the fact that he has shared with us and understand that these are thoughts out of his control, I do not see any suicidal thoughts. I got the AM 200 just in case if needed for future. He has not been taking any supplemental medication before this.

Just a little more information on his personality traits and what I witnessed in the last few days worth sharing;

Personality traits:
Very empathetic and cares for deprived, has a strong feeling of right and wrong.
Has a very strong bond and love for us parents and strongly believes in family values.
Very rigid about his beliefs, can argue/defend his views with strong evidence from books etc.
Huge appetite for reading books on various topics compared to kids of his age.
Passionate about mathematics and always focused on solving complex problems.
Photographic memory of what he reads.
Academically very very intelligent.
Once lost in reading, cannot focus on other things at home and irritated if asked to do something else.

Some observations recently:
Got intrusive thoughts around a topic we discussed at home e.g. argument over gluten content in a medicine as he felt we are supporting animal slaughter (we are vegetarian), he went on to argue and later said he felt we were irrational and there was a surge of intrusive thoughts of hurting us and underwent anxiety. There is no such desire but that random thought came and he sulked in the guilt that how did such thought even come to his mind and laments it and sobs. We are talking to him openly about this. He understands that he needs help now as is intelligent enough to understand these thoughts are not his identity and is working with us to find a solution.

Now to the actual medication.

Anuj ji, per your suggestion here is what I will be giving him. please correct if I am wrong especially #1.

#1 (From day 1, Before dinner-3 days). For Nux vomica since you had originally suggested liquid form, now that I will be getting pellets; should I dissolve Nux Vomica 200C 5 pellets in an ounce of water and have him drink 1/3 of the water every fifteen minutes or give him 5 pellets every 15 mins.

#2(Fourth day onwards). Suplhur 30C 5 pellets 3 times/day.

#3.(From day 1) Calc Phos 6X and Silicea 6X for three days.

Q1:I have been reading by improving gut microbes using certain probiotics, Vitamim B12 suplements helps OCD symptoms, should I try this or it would interfere with the homeopathy medication.
Q2: Should I wait for #3 medication (Calc phos and silicea) or start it?

Meanwhile, we are working with him to do meditation, yoga etc and not engrossed in books for few months and spend more time talking, playing and other activities. As a parent we were happy that he likes reading various topics etc but now we are thinking that overdose of reading is somewhat of a contributor but not sure :(. Plus puberty maybe playing somewhat of a role..

Thank you again for reading this long post. I realized more details would help you decide the right medication for him.

Thank you again, I will wait for your clarification.
oaktree last year


anuj srivastava last year
Thank you again. Just to reconfirm Nux Vomica 200C five pellets 3 times every 15 mins before dinner is what you are recommending. Sorry hate to keep confirming since it is high potency and if ok for his age 12.5 years.

I will share the results in a week.
oaktree last year
five pellets 3 times every 15 mins before dinner is what you are recommending YES.
anuj srivastava last year
The nux vom is for only 3 days. Then start the sulphur. OCD can be tricky bc you need to get at the cause. With many kids it has a trigger of some embarrassing situation or some suppressed fear. I recall one case where a teen girl got embarrassed at a bday party where kids threw jello on her head. She started staying home and began layering rituals like hand washing, rechecking things 10x etc. Her therapist desensitized her by repeating the original incident over and over until she became neutral.

Bottom line is the OCD thoughts are trying to protect the conscious mind from something else. Then it takes on a life of its own. When thoughts start one should do something else-move, play music,
Turn on tv , etc bc you break up the actual brain loop.
simone717 last year
Sir please I have one doubt the are two anacardium is there on online one is anacardium orientale another one is anacardium occidentale. My doubt is the two remedy is same are different please help me I have confuse
Aadithya selvan last year
Aadithya-are you user Oaktree?

Who is prescribing Anacardium?
You are right, you need the correct one.
simone717 last year
It looks like Aadithya picked the wrong post for his question by mistake..
oaktree last year
Dear Anuj, Simone

Here is an update;

We started with Nux Vomica 200C pellets 3 days 15 mins apart as you suggested and from 4th day on wards started Sulphur 30C threee times a day.

Before we started with Nux Vomica, he had one session of therapy where he spoke to a counselor. Overall the mood was better; this was the time we were giving him moral support and he had realized that this was a medical condition. After he started Nux Vomica, he mentioned that he had no intrusive thoughts and was overall confident. I am inclined to believe it had a good effect on him but not sure if the fact that he had opened up quiet a bit helped the mood. However in the last 2-3 days, he started getting intrusive thoughts again of images of killing, sexual etc, which he shared after lot of talking to him as I could read from his face on a few occasions that he was suffering from within. He loves us immensely and worries he is giving us stress. He is able to quickly get over the sexual or violent intrusive thoughts based on the techniques he was given in the therapy, however he seems to worry too much of some baseless irrational fears; eating food which is not vegan, developing some disease, he does understand that it is irrational but those thoughts rattle him a little bit once in a while.

Based on this; not sure of Suplhur 30C is doing anything but I am inclined to believe Nux Vomica had a positive effect, hoping not a co-incidence during that period!

Please suggest, how should we proceed.

I am very thankful for all your quick responses.

Looking forward to your guidance.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
oaktree last year
anuj srivastava last year
Hello Anuj, Calc Phos and Silicea was not given yet. I am sorry, I misread Simone's comments as yours that suggested not adding many remedies on top of Nux Vomica and Sulphur as it may confuse things.

Should I start now allover?

Thanks again
oaktree last year
anuj srivastava last year
Thank you for your quick reply. I will start today. I do now have Nux Vomica in liquid form. For Calc Phos and Silicea that I need to start from day 1; should there be a gap between the two or they can be taken at the same time 3 times a day? Similarly from day 4, when I start Sulphur, should it be all three; Sulphur, Calc Phos and Silicea at the same time or there needs to be a gap between each?

Thank you again!
[Edited by oaktree on 2022-02-16 14:01:53]
oaktree last year

anuj srivastava last year

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