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Ok, thanks everybody for the advice.

Sameer, why such a high potency to start with? I happen to already have a bottle of that exact remedy laying around that I bought on a hunch once but didn't take it because I'm being an obedient patient. But it is 200c. Will that do for now, or are you very sure that I need the 1m?

Where did you find information about the remedy? I searched the web and didn't find anything at all. What symptoms does it fit?
LisaX last decade
This is Jan Scholten's methods- 'homeopathy and
the elements' there is a case of Baryta Sulph
on Interhomeopathy that will give you an idea.
Beryllium is stage where baby is about to be born
and head is not engaged yet and there is the start
of separate existence.
simone717 last decade

I will ask here again after reading the posts whether you have ever tried natrum muriaticum and if so if you have gotten any results??

Some words and things that are of natrum mur I noticed in your posts so I am just curious?
Almost last decade
Yes, I've taken that. I've taken a lot of things. I'm just figuring out how long it actually takes for remedies to finish working on me, so I'm worried I didn't give them enough time in the past. But I can confidently say that there were other things that helped more. Why, which things?
LisaX last decade

[message deleted by LisaX on Fri, 17 Aug 2012 18:19:59 BST]
LisaX last decade
Lisa, I know plenty of people who don't clean their house
very well, and they also hate cleaning. They don't feel bad
about it, they hire a cleaning lady bc they know they are not
going to do it well or do it at all-they don't feel ashamed they
just say I would rather be doing something else and it needs
to be done- so I hire someone.
simone717 last decade
Granted. Her opinion probably doesn't reflect the opinion of the whole class. It occurred to me that she might have heard voices herself, but I didn't ask because it seemed like a rude question. Or maybe somebody close to her does. She has some personal reason for automatically thinking that, which has nothing to do with me. You guys are awesome.
LisaX last decade
There was a popular book awhile back called 'the Four
Agreements' I only remember 2 of them- Always keep
your word, and the big one for me was - NEVER take
anything personally. ( Everybody is projecting their stuff non
stop unless they are some 'enlightened' being)

After all who are they to judge- according to 'what'? We are
all humans here on earth, if anyone thinks they are
superior they are deluding themselves. You have value bc
all people have value- we all have the divine within us or
we would not be alive. That is how Mother Teresa was able to
take care of people cast away lying on the side of the road-
she saw the divine in everyone. That never changes-so
whatever your 'state' is, if you remember that? it does not
matter what judgements are thrown at you-those come
from ignorance and lack of awareness.You don't have to
struggle to have your value-it is already IN you bc otherwise
you could not exist-we are taught to look outward to have
value and it is the opposite-people that are arrogant , superior
blah blah blah- just another human with the wrong information.

Remember that army guy with the severe burned face who won the
Dancing with the Stars contest? What a spirit that man has-
he knew his 'value' had nothing to do with how he looked-that is what
knowing your value does for you. As they say, 'the kingdom of heaven
is within.' Never rely on another human to bestow it on you - it is
already there.
[message edited by simone717 on Wed, 15 Aug 2012 04:05:36 BST]
simone717 last decade
To lisax

well I got a social phobia too and tried many remedies before including the nat mur... I took it twice before without experiencing any aggravation or anything so I was sure it is wrong.. but now a few months later I went back to it and it started working. SO I remember brisbanehomeopath used to insist on taking a remedy at least 2 times if it is well indicated for a patient but not having any effect, just to make sure that it is not the correct one afterall.

I dont know, for me for my social phobia I am noticing great improvements with the nat mur now that I have gone back to it the 3rd time.

self hate
self pitying
I am FEELING much more IN CONTROL around people now
I am ok with being looked at and not tensing up or getting anxious
I can show emotions and communicate much better. Easier to make contact.
those are some of the improvements that I can notice.

I am not sure of course if nat mur is helpful for you.. I guess if you got the symptom 'sighing' when you think of a past dissapointment then it is very likely.. I used to have this one symptom which is much less now.

hope you will get to a good remedy soon too, to experience relief
[message edited by Almost on Wed, 15 Aug 2012 05:41:52 BST]
Almost last decade
and my job at the moment is.. a cleaner. which I am pretty good at I am told, I like to do things perfectly lol
Almost last decade
New physical symptom to report: I have these lumps on both sides of my neck. They've been there for as long as I can remember, but they've gotten bigger in the last few weeks. They're clearly visible now. The one on the left side is bigger. They're painful to touch. And I think they are also making me sick. I don't know biology very well so I can't even begin to guess what's going on. I have a history of swellings in my neck and jaw which are always accompanied by fatigue and ickiness.
LisaX last decade
look up lymph glands and the lymphatic system. Lymph
glands swell up to deal with infection or illness.If you
go to the doctor and get a blood test, for elevated
white blood count, that will tell you if you are dealing
with an infection.
simone717 last decade
Then it's probably the bugs. My body probably considers them an infection.
LisaX last decade
Head lice can cause a skin infection from 'scratching' but they
are not a cause of infection. Don't know when you had a doctor
check up- bc you say the lumps have been there as long as you
remember- but you are not supposed to have swelling or lumps
there at all.

For all you know you have been battling some low grade infection
for a long time- and that will make you depressed bc you won't
have normal energy to run the body. The lymph glands are a red
flag that your body is working very hard to get rid of something.

I would get it checked out. When people have chronic allergies,
a bad tooth, or whatever- everything is hard to do, as I know
two people having panic attacks due to a bad unknown tooth.
They then think something is wrong with them mentally and
start trashing themselves, and the entire issue of all they
were thinking was gone as soon as the tooth was pulled out.
You have to have enough energy or you are always on low
battery power and easily overwhelmed.
simone717 last decade
Yeah but they never know what's going on anyway. Like, my son went to a doctor for cold-like symptoms, and they said he 'probably has allergies' and gave him some medicine to take, even though they couldn't say for sure that he actually has allergies or what he might be allergic to. I have gone to doctors before for this stuff, told them my symptoms and that I think I have some sort of illness, and they have always just prescribed me antidepressants. And I avoid taking antibiotics because I know they will just give me a Candida infection, which might already be the problem for all I know. And besides, I don't have insurance.
LisaX last decade
Ok Lisa,
I just looked at thread start- 2008 ?? 4 years???

Just me, but I would be trying another approach by now.

Good luck.
simone717 last decade

Sorry, I missed your post.

Taking a 200c of Beryllium Sulph is OK.

Good luck.
sameervermani last decade
Sameer, what if I said I like the Cygnus? I haven't taken the other remedy yet. I feel kind of good inside, in spite of everything.
LisaX last decade
Then, we must wait :)

And, not leave Cygnus. It would be good to keep the 1M of Cygnus at hand.

Please update me in 2 weeks or so.
sameervermani last decade
will any one will send me the therapeutic value of Cygnus which i understand and a bit more on that will be much appreciated.
kakku47 last decade
When you google homeopathic provings of cygnus
quite a bit comes up including a proving of the
cygnus constellation- black hole.

This remedy on here from the feather-
www.hominf.org/swan/swanfr. htm has a materia
medica etc -fyi
simone717 last decade
Sameer, I posted my son's case in a separate thread.

As for me:
I took the Cygnus 1m, it has been long ago enough now that it has done whatever it's going to do. It is good. I actually have less social anxiety than I did before. Also two miraculous physical things have happened: My vision has improved in my weak eye, and there is less grey in my hair.
But I keep feeling like I'm getting sick, and then I don't quite, but I can't seem to get fully well either. Like I'll think I'm catching the flu too, and then I don't, but I'll feel really crummy for a few days, and it keeps happening every week.
LisaX last decade
Last night I couldn't sleep at all, because my head was hurting really bad and I was nauseous. And also I feel like I'm lost in a fog. Ever since the move. Which is probably why I haven't posted anything.
LisaX last decade
The remedy was very good, maybe the best one so far. I've been a little more sociable. But only in new situations; it doesn't carry over into situations where a negative precedent is already set, such as work.

I finally got sick- sore throat and sinus thing- and now I'm recovering. With the recovery comes aching in my heart. I guess it is good if it is close to the surface.

For this last month I sleep most of the day whenever I can, and I wake up with all of my muscles aching, and I wonder why I'm getting up at all. I've been crying a lot, at the slightest provocation, and it used to bring some relief sometimes but it doesn't anymore because everything is still the same when I finish. I have self-hatred because of my condition. Like I'm not a proper human being if I have these limitations, like I'm not worthy. I should flow freely unencumbered, with no inhibitions, like a beam of light. To be this weak and afraid is disgusting.

I have been moved into the new apartment for a month but still haven't unpacked most of my stuff or put my furniture in place. I know from experience that I can never really become organized, and I also know that my furniture has limitations, there aren't enough places to put things, so it seems like what's the point if it's going to be a pile of clutter anyway.

So I'm wondering whether to continue with the same remedy or try the other one.
LisaX last decade
thanks simone for giving me the information about the symptoms of cygnus
kakku47 last decade
Lycopodium, I hope that you're able to successfully get out of that. Getting free from my verbally abusive husband has helped me more than anything else, more than any medicines or therapy.
LisaX last decade

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