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And will I get the full effects of taking a remedy, or will it be less because I've taken it before?
LisaX last decade

Taking the 200c should be fine given that there has been a long gap between now and when you last took it.
sameervermani last decade
I'm taking it tonight. But, why do I still need this remedy if they're supposed to bring permanent healing?
LisaX last decade
You might need a remedy multiple times in your life. At times, there are inter-twined layers that come up which need to tackled, and that means, one layer cannot get completely removed because another layer is blocking its way.

Moreover in this case, I am prescribing it based on your acute symptoms mainly, a circumstance in which any remedy (previously taken or not taken) can be indicated.
sameervermani last decade
Ok. Thanks.
LisaX last decade
I have recovered from that illness, but I have another one: Dizzy spells with dimming of vision and short-term memory loss. Worse on first getting up or on getting out of a bath. Have had it before periodically. This time around they are sometimes very intense. Fear of fainting. Sense of unreality or altered reality while they are occurring, which fades as they pass.

Feeling distressed about my social life, as usual, but cannot deny that it has improved. People are obviously nicer to me than they used to be. But they still sometimes comment on my problems, which is the most humiliating thing in the world, that's not how I want to be known, I want to just be a person like everybody else. It feels abusive to me when people comment on it, like they are violating me. Because they are trying to stick me into that slot socially, and then all of my interactions have to come from there. People obviously really enjoy that stuff; they use it to build themselves up, because they are putting themselves in a position of having the authority to put me in that position. I feel like people are stealing my voice. It's hard for me to relate to because I'm always very careful about other people's boundaries but that in itself gets me into trouble; they think that they have the authority to say that my way of relating is wrong, even though I am not insulting people or invading their personal space like they are. Don't know what to want: Don't want to be a hermit, don't want superficial contacts in which everyone keeps up appearances, don't want to open up to people and give them a chance to play their cannibalistic games.

I've been staying up late and sleeping past noon, and haven't had much discipline. Get absorbed in hobbies.

Should I continue with the Falco remedy, or what?
LisaX last decade
my advice take staph. 10m one dose means 2drops in 10ml aqua dist. take full in the morning empty stomach. wait for next 20 days atleast.

bharat bhushan
kakku47 last decade
hi dr kakku47

Can I ask whether the staph 10M was prescribed based on the last post of 'lisax'?

I myself feel the same way about my social life as lisax described in her last post and this is very frustrating. I have taken staph before and i cannot say it cured anything really apart from giving me an issue on my genital, a sort of inflammation with a foul smell close to the tip of the penis which I apparently had when I was a baby + I also got pains in my arms from the staph

can you help, does this sound the staphysgaria was wrong??
[message edited by helpme1 on Thu, 25 Apr 2013 04:58:42 BST]
helpme1 last decade
This has been Sameer's case for years.

Help me/aka other names, you know you need
to make your own thread. Ask for Dr. bhushan/kakku47
simone717 last decade
if after taking staph you got all the suppressed symptoms back it is homoeopathy and it might not be as because it all depends in which potency you were taking staph and how long. clarify and also write the basic others your mental attitude, desires, aversions and physical symptoms, previous and family history.

kakku47 last decade

If you wish to talk to this person he has his own thread/post
on here. http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/373350

This thread is for Lisa's treatment.
simone717 last decade
Thanks, Simone.
LisaX last decade
You are welcome.
simone717 last decade
hello dr bharat

thank you for your reply. I will make a new thread and address it to you soon, in the next 24 hours where I will provide more info to your questions. Staphysgaria was taken by me in 1M potency for the first time and on day 2 or 3 I noticed change on my genital. The foul smelling thing

to simone1 and the rest.. I do not not understand why such offence is always being taken when someone posts in a thread that is not his own. Why am I not allowed to post in here and ask for clarification if something that could be important and helpful to my own case has been brought up here? I dont understand this and dont like how I have to feel like I am being forced or pushed away from this thread.. I would of prefer if someone would only bring up that I need to create my own thread and ask questions there, if I try to take over the conversation. But since I am not doing it I feel offended.
.. Ah I am feeling bad, I feel like I am doing something wrong. My apologies. I will leave now.

If I am allowed to add without offending anyone..I think I am a hard case.. very manipulative, attention seeking and childlike dr bharat, help?
[message edited by helpme1 on Tue, 30 Apr 2013 13:02:55 BST]
helpme1 last decade
it all depends upon the nature, but never try do any thing purposely wrong or think about it.
kakku47 last decade
Where is Sameer?
LisaX last decade
Zady101 last decade
Click his name and email him, he
answered one of his other cases
yesterday, which you can see by
clicking his name and his latest posts
on here.
[message edited by simone717 on Fri, 10 May 2013 20:38:55 BST]
simone717 last decade
Looking back over the last few remedies: Some kind of shift in my social life happened with the Cygnus, and it also made me feel happy inside. I think it had a stronger effect than the Falco, even though when I read the proving of the Falco it sounds just exactly right. The ordeal with the former landlord was the last time anybody treated me that way, and I don't think it is going to happen again, it was just one last burst of it.

I think it takes me a while to know what a remedy has done, and I get frustrated if it is only small improvements because I am impatient for something that is significant enough that I won't feel handicapped anymore. Don't take me at my word too much if I say something isn't working. I wish for a more scientific system than just my own judgement. I actually don't know whether the Falco has done anything significant by itself or if it is just the influence of the Cygnus spreading over time.

It still feels like there is a layer that nothing has touched, but I don't know whether I am a reliable witness due to frustration and impatience. There is obviously a lot of improvement, but I still feel this blockage deep inside of me, so that I can't confront anything directly or let my energy flow freely, but I have to yield to everything around me and take indirect approaches. It is as if I am looking for permission to exist, and even if I got it I doubt that I would recognize it, and I resent other people for the power that I give away to them but I don't feel like I am able to turn it around, like I lack the ability to. All that talk about how I supposedly have the power within me to do whatever I want just seems like a guilt-trip, to make me feel even more inadequate, because I know that I don't. Even if it is latent inside me somewhere, I don't have access to it, I don't have the ability to switch it on by myself. It will require something else to flip the switch.

That's why I have more faith in homeopathy than in anything else, because I've experienced the shifts in perception that come from taking a needed remedy, and nothing else I've tried has done that, except for religious practices to some degree but that's not even as effective. If I could just make that one shift then it would improve every part of my life. I think I will know it when I see it but maybe I'm wrong. I have to keep believing it's out there somewhere.
LisaX last decade
As you said you feel there is blockage and to get rid of that you need miasmatic homeopathic medicine and from my side it is SULPHUR. Please take Sul. 1M 2 drops in 5ml aq. Dist. 10 drops alternate day morning.

kakku47 last decade
I am awaiting Sameer's opinion.
LisaX last decade
I have many remedies at home which I have not taken. I picked out the 5 most likely and decided to do an intuitive test on them, which I have done before, in which I line them up without looking at what they are, assign each a number, and hold each of them in turn in my left hand while I do automatic drawing and writing with my right hand. Since I always hold the bottle for a while before I take any remedy, and try to feel what it is like, I now have a lot of experience with it. My hands are very sensitive, I trust them as much as I trust my eyes. I can tell how a remedy will affect me immediately after taking it, whether it will make me go to sleep or make me want to stretch or if it will be unpleasant or if it will have no effect at all. I can't see ahead and farther than that, but I've learned that if I don't want to put it down, or if I have an urge to hold it up to my head or something, those remedies will be very beneficial.

Anyway, out of these 5, there were 2 that I have a strong resonance with. I feel like either one would help me. But they feel very different. I know which one I am the most drawn to, but since the other one also feels very strong, I want to make sure of the right decision. One of them will definitely make me go to sleep after taking it, and those usually do something good, but the other one is more invigorating, and I can actually feel it drawing out my powers of resistance. Which is a better sign?
LisaX last decade
One of them is Falco Peregrinus 1m, and the other is Beryllium Sulphuricum 200c. I want to take the Beryllium Sulphuricum, but I understand I'm not supposed to switch remedies if it is giving results.
LisaX last decade

I have scabies. Please advise.
LisaX 9 years ago
Have you ever taken Pulsatilla ?
sameervermani 5 years ago

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