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Hi Sameer.I hope you are well while you are traveling. I'm glad you haven't replied yet because I have yet another update.
The constipation issue is once again improving, while at the same time the heart flip flops have returned and I am still having trouble getting to sleep, although as mentioned before this could be due to my work schedule lately.
Not sure if I mentioned this before, but oddly enough my teeth have seemed to be loose the past few weeks.
Just waiting on your assurance for the 200c.

Thanks again. Take care
plken last decade
How do you feel mentally ?

What are the net changes if any since the Nat-m dose ?
sameervermani last decade
I guess mentally I don't feel much of a change. The anxiety over health isn't awful but I would not say that I've been carefree about it either.

Sunday night I had some bad anxiety while my husband was driving through some bad weather to the point I was having to remind myself to breathe and my legs were shaking uncontrollably, even though mentally I knew we were fine.

I would say overall there were just a few changes since the Nat-m dose. The changes I did see I am skeptical about because they are things they have improved before for short periods of time. I.e. the easy period, the constipation issue improving.

Another symptom to add to the list would be varicose veins. They started appearing in my left leg about the same time all these other issues cropped up, I just didn't think to mention it before. Also-I get anxiety that I might doing something dangerous (to myself or others) while I'm asleep. My husband says this is another symptom of my fear of losing control. I would have to agree with that. And this is something that has not gone away during the Nat-m.
Hope that's enough info for a clear picture.

All the best.
plken last decade
Dear plken,

How is your confidence level ?

Do you have fear of failure ?

How do you feel in the evenings between 4 to 8 pm ?

sameervermani last decade
I would say that I am far less confident than I probably appear. I very often second guess myself especially when it comes to things that are not concrete.

Yes, I most definitely have a fear of failure.

I generally feel better, with more energy between those hours, but if I have anxiety it starts to pick up after that time.

Look forward to your reply. Have a good day.
plken last decade
Please take 3 doses of Lycopodium 30c equally spaced by 1 hour.

Report to me in 5 days after the doses.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I have just received the Lycopodium. My local store was all out so it took me a while to get it. But now I have started my period again and I am taking ibuprofen. So I am wondering if should wait to take the lycopodium. I wasn't sure if it would interact.
plken last decade
In addition the above question I just wanted to make sure that you want me to take this remedy in the same manner as the previous remedies (2 pellets in water)Thanks
plken last decade
Take the remedy in the same manner (in water) after your period is done
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,
It has only been three days since I took the remedy, but I had some disturbing things happen and I really wanted your input.

I have, over the past couple of months, been having heart palpitations increase sometimes over just minor exertion and sometimes while just motionless. Yesterday, however I noticed an increase as I was walking upstairs and at the same time I felt like I was having a hot flash. My heart was beating really fast, not hard though, and I started to feel unbearably warm.

Then, last night the tops of my thighs were really achy. I went to bed, but couldn't get to sleep. After a couple hours I decided I needed to take some melatonin. After returning to bed my heart started beating at about 110-120 beats per minute and at the same time I felt the sudden urge to use the bathroom. After returning from the bathroom my heartbeat was better, but I started having terrible tremors in my legs and my teeth were chattering. This went on for about 15-20 minutes until I fell asleep.

So all day today I have felt like I am on the verge of having these tremors again. The muscles in my legs feel very clenched.

Also, a few months ago while I had the flu I had a adrenaline like feeling near my gut. A very localized feeling. It went away after I had the flu, so I chalked it up to being sick, but now it's back (it actually returned about 3 weeks ago).

Mentally, I don't feel like I am experiencing any more anxiety, but not necessarily any less either. I have been having some stressful situations lately dealing with some issues my son is having (he's a teenager). And my grandfather is dying of diabetes, having recently undergone some amputations, and is not expected to live very much longer. So perhaps all of this going on with my body is an outlet for my stress??

I should mention that the tremors are something I had 2 years ago this very month. They always seem to occur between 12-2 in the morning.

I realize this is a busy week for some. I really appreciate your responding whenever you are able to. Thanks so much
plken last decade
Okay, I have analyzed the case from the very beginning, and I am pretty confident that this remedy will work.

As soon as it has been 1 week from the Lyco doses, you can take it.

3 doses of KALI CARBONICUM 30c equally spaced by 2 hours.

Report in 5 days after the doses.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you so much, Sameer for your help. Homeopathy and how it works never ceases to amaze me. The remedies you gave me at the beginning have really helped the constipation problem, so I know we must be making some sort of progress here. And even that little bit is encouraging to me.

I had a good night sleep last night and the legs feel less tense this morning. I will get the Kali by this weekend and let you know after 5 days how things are progressing. Thanks for your help and support.
plken last decade
Okay, can you please update me once before taking the KALI CARB
sameervermani last decade
I was just about to take my Kali dose before I saw our request for an update. Since last week I would say that I am getting by, but I feel like I'm just on the verge of having anxiety. My concern over getting an illness has been worse this week and the constipation issue has also. Although, strangely enough I have noticed that Thursday through Sunday the constipation problem is worse. I am wondering if it has something to do with the fact that I am busier on those days and have more social interaction which stresses me out.

The shaking legs are better and I haven't been up at night with them,although I still have slight trembling when I am nervous.(Like during social situations or driving through bad weather) But this is much easier to control. If I can mentally or physically remove myself from the stressful situation the trembling stops, whereas the extreme trembling I had at night isn't alleviated by anything.

The rapid heartbeat is better, but again I feel a little on edge that it will return quickly. Or sometimes the opposite can be true. It will slow right down to 48-55 bpm. But for now it's okay.

I did a little reading on the Kali and my husband and I both agreed that this remedy sounds more like me than the others. I came across a webpage explaining the 'extreme dangers' of this remedy which made me very nervous, even though I know there can be dangers with all remedies. I am leaving for vacation in two weeks and really don't want to have to go with any severe aggravations to the remedy. I had planned on taking it anyway, but I am happy to get a little reassurance from you, too that this is indeed the remedy. I will await your advice...
plken last decade
Take the Kali Carb, your vacation would be much better :)

I am pretty certain that is your remedy.

There are no dangers with any homeopathic remedy unless the same potency is repeated again and again.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks for the reassurance.

On a side note-I had taken Igantia 30c about 6 months ago repeatedly on some bad advice. I was self medicating from a book and took the same dose for quite a while. I did feel better for a while, but do you think that there have been some bad repercussions from this? I didn't notice any change after the Ignatia dose we tried a few weeks back. I'm just wondering how much damage I might have caused myself.

Looking forward to feeling better after the Kali dose. I'll update you in a few days or sooner if I have some major changes. Thanks for all your patience.
plken last decade
Okay..it's been just about a week now since I took the remedy and it's been a little bit of a roller coaster ride. It's also my PMS week so it's hard to say what has been the remedy and what has been the PMS.

The first couple of days after taking the remedy I was feel pretty good. I guess the overall feeling was optimistic. The second and third days I was feeling quite withdrawn and very confrontational inside. I found myself having a lot of imaginary conversations with people of a confrontational nature. Things I've wanted to say to people but I never have. Then, over the next couple of days I've felt myself alternating with all of these feelings, Saturday night feeling pretty good and being let's say passionate with my husband (which is not something that I feel very often). And that's pretty much where things lay right now, still alternating emotions.

On the upside I haven't had much trouble getting to sleep.

I was also wondering if you had any advice on what to take for the flu, or to help prevent the flu. My mother has had it for a few days and we're really hoping the rest of the family doesn't get, especially right before we go on vacation. I was going to run out and at least get some airborne, but then I thought maybe that's not a good idea take where I've been on a remedy. Any thoughts?
plken last decade
Dear plken,

The optimistic feelings immediately after taking the remedy tell me that we have hit the right remedy.

The other symptoms tell me that the response is very much ongoing and and we should not interfere. Do not take any other medicine.

Please update me when you come back from vacation.

sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,
I'm back from vacation and just wanted to update you as you had asked.

There has still been a lot of ups and downs. My anxiety over the vacation was pretty minimal and the normal anxiety I feel one week after my period starts was better than usual. I'm still experiencing a lot of melancholy feelings over issues that are somewhat confrontational in my life and I find myself dwelling on them and having a general feeling of slight depression and just sort of feeling lost. I feel the need for resolution.

Physically things have been quite up and down, too. Since my last post many of these annoying ailments have gotten worse, then disappeared or at least have calmed down. My right eye had some sharp shooting, stitching pains in it for several days, and now that has seemed to almost disappear. My heartburn which I haven't had for months has returned and that is what I am dealing with now. My period was very easy-only about 2 hours of cramps that were very uncomfortable, but endurable. My joints, in particular my knee have been giving me somewhat of a hard time feeling quite achy at times. The heart flip flops have been up and down too, but even when I have had them they have been much more mild. They get worse after certain wines which also causes me a sense of anxiety.
I tested out having small amounts of creamy things on vacation and they didn't seem to give my any of the usual symptoms, but I also didn't push it too much, just keeping it to a few bites here and there.

Two things that have not changed at all are the pain with intercourse and the lack of desire is still there. Also this burping issue has not changed-as far as I can tell this seems to be a mechanical issue. It gets worse if I am nervous or very cold-both times when I am quite tense.

I am quite amazed that the constipation issue is remaining resolved. I didn't even have any problems on vacation when I was eating a diet completely different from what I am used to.

So I think that's everything. I'm curious to see what you think about all of this since this remedy seems to have had the biggest response. Thanks for your ongoing concern and help. Don't know where I would be without it:)
plken last decade
Forgot to add that getting to sleep most nights has been easy. Only a couple nights here and there with problems.
plken last decade
okay, it is time for a 200c dose of Kali Carb.

Please dissolve 2 pellets of Kali Carb 200c in 120 ml water, and take a table spoon from there just once. The previous restrictions hold.

Report in 10 days after the dose.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks, Sameer. It will take me a couple of days to get it, then I will report back after 10 days.

I'm going to start a new thread regarding my son. He has a nasty stomach flu right now. Do you think you could advise? Many thanks, as always.
plken last decade
I just wanted to check in with you because I have been unable to get my 200c yet and it looks like it might be up to two weeks from now before it comes in.

In the meantime, my grandfather's health has declined even further and Friday after 8 hours roundtrip to visit him in the hospital I broke down, realizing that there is a good chance I will not see him again. So my emotional state has not been the best, although I find myself drawing more comfort through my husband and feeling quite appreciative of his company.

Physically, I have had many of these heart flip flops, although each one is quite mild. And the top of my left thigh has been extremely tight as if it is clenched all the time. I am also clenching my teeth at night to the point where I have fractured a tooth. The stitching pains in my right eye continue occasionally, although not as severe as they were weeks ago. The constipation issue appears to still be resolved, although it has been a problem 2 out of the last 4 days, but as I said before that seems to be the case Thursday-Sunday. So I am guessing things will get back to normal.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but my anxiety is most often felt in my chest as a tightness, extending to the diaphragm. It often hurts the diaphragm area to take a deep breath, although this greatly improved after taking one remedy-and I'm pretty sure it was the kali c. (I should have taken better note)

I don't mean to bog you down with unnecessary posts, but I just wanted to know if you want me to do anything else in the interim while waiting for the 200c. I'm perfectly fine just waiting, I just want to make sure this is what I should do.

plken last decade
Hi plken,

I would advise waiting, and taking the 200c as soon as you have it.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer

I have the same question for myself as I did for my son. I have also become sick, although I think I've got a little more than a head cold. Low grade fever, runny nose, body aches. I don't necessarily require a remedy for this as I can just let it pass. I rarely get sick. Only twice in six years (both times have been within the past 6 months oddly enough). But I'm wondering if I can take the 200 also or if I should wait.

The fact that I seem to be catching cold more is interesting to me because I used to get everything going around and then about 6 years ago, about the same time all these other issues started cropping up, I stopped catching anything. Since then I barely get a sniffle, up to now. Maybe a good sign from the remedies??
plken last decade
Very goos sign indeed, as the remedy is going deep into the past and a slow rewind of symptoms is happening.

You can take the remedy, if you are sure you are not in need any allopathic intervention for this.
sameervermani last decade

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