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We just received our remedies in the mail today. I don't have anything further to update. No major emotional changes since the dose. So, do you think it being just a return of an old symptom is bad, good or indifferent?

I forgot to mention also that my face was extremely flush during that time and I was feeling quite weak.
plken last decade
Return of old symptoms is a good sign.

So, there has been no change whatsoever with the Ferrum doses ?
sameervermani last decade
The only possible change I would say is my PMS mood improving shortly after taking the remedy, but my moods around that time swing widely anyway, so it's hard to say. I wouldn't say overall that I've seen a noticeable change. Of course, the episode last night might be considered a change. Also, tonight I didn't have anything dairy that is known to bother me and my stomach is really hurting right now. What do you think?
plken last decade
Let us wait for a few more days.

I would like to try a 200c before we leave this remedy.
sameervermani last decade
Okay. I'll update you in a few days. Have a nice weekend.
plken last decade
Hi Sameer,

I'm kind of wondering by now if this remedy has had a fighting chance to work. I started my period just a few days after taking the remedy, which means I was taking pain relief. Then, this past weekend I came down sick again. And I also have to admit that I have had two or three cups of decaf coffee (total, not per day)since taking this remedy.

Only a couple things I've noticed, one good and one bad. The past couple of months I've had PMS symptoms start almost immediately after my period has ended and this month I have not had that happen. That's the good.

The bad is that my heart seems to be very sensitive. The rhythm seems to be disturbed easily and I seem to get palpitations quite easily.Any type of mildly stressful event sets it off. Especially during this last week, with the food allergy incident, and then with having this cold. Just rolling over in bed has made it pound hard. But even something silly like driving in the rain, or talking to another person about something even mildly confrontational.

I have to admit I'm sort of bracing myself for if you tell me to take the 200c because the heart thing really scares me.I find myself thinking about where the closest hospital is when it happens. And if this is a reaction to the 30c I would hate to see what a higher dose would do. But, I leave it your hands and am grateful to do so.
plken last decade
Just another note about the heart skips. The first time I remember it happening was while I was taking a homeopathic remedy. I don't remember which one.

This page describes well the feeling I get in my heart when that happens. Under 'heart'.

plken last decade
'The first time I remember it happening was while I was taking a homeopathic remedy.'

Which homeopathic remedy was this, as this can be a proving symptom ?
sameervermani last decade
I really wish I knew. The only two remedies I remember that he put me on were Sepia and Nat Mur. But I think there were others, too. It was about 5 years ago, though.

What exactly does a proving symptom mean?
plken last decade
It may also have been Phosphorus or Nitric acid. I have both those in my cabinet and I think they are from his office. Can't say for sure if I had taken them, though. They might have been just for me to hold on to.
plken last decade
It means appearance of a remedy symptom from too much repetition of the same potency.
sameervermani last decade
Oh. That sounds entirely possible.
After my first doctor moved away I went to see a naturopath who also prescribed homeopathics for me. I can't remember what she gave me. And after her I went to an osteopath who wouldn't tell me what she was giving me because she said I would obsess too much over looking them up. So who knows what remedies I've had repeated.
plken last decade
In the case of a proving is there need of an antidote? Or do symptoms usually just subside?
plken last decade
If the symptom arose due to repeating the remedy too much, and is not going away, it almost certainly needs an anti-dote, but we need to know the remedy which caused this.
sameervermani last decade
You don't think we need an antidote to the Ferrum, do you? I am pretty certain that the first doctor and second doctor didn't give that to me, though.

Here's a little history of my remedy taking.

I took Sepia on the recommendation of a friend. I believe it was either a 12, 6 or 30c, but I can't be sure. I almost certainly took too many repeated doses of that. That was maybe six or seven years ago.

After that I saw the first doctor who, as I mentioned gave me Nat Mur, Sepia, and possibly Nitric acid and Phosporus. That was about four years ago, maybe five.

I took a few doses of Arnica 30c after having a tooth extracted.

At some point or other I took Sabina and hamamelis because I have pellets still leftover in my cabinet.

The second doctor I think gave me Phosphorus, but I'm not sure. And I think there was at least one other remedy. That was about three years ago.

About a year ago I went to the third doctor who wouldn't tell me what she gave me.

Last year I took Ignatia 30c which was most certainly repeated too often. I took it every day for about a month. I did feel better after taking it though.

Last summer I took two doses of Bryonia 30c which caused bleeding between my periods so I stopped taking it.

And from there you have all the other remedies I've taken recorded in these posts.

As I mentioned before the first time I remember having one of these heart flip flops was while I was seeing the first doctor. It almost seems to me like I was on Sepia during that time, but I can't be sure. He told me to take no further doses and wait for it to go away. It was much milder back then, too. They didn't really start coming back until I was seeing the second doctor. I personally think it is a mechanical issue with the hiatal hernia I have. I think it pushes on the vagus nerve controlling the heart rhythm.
plken last decade
'I personally think it is a mechanical issue with the hiatal hernia I have. I think it pushes on the vagus nerve controlling the heart rhythm.'

These are allopathic explanations, but in homeopathy, the cause is always dynamic and homeopathic medicine repeated for long durations, is indeed one dynamic factor which can result in troublesome symptoms.

We do not need any anti-dote for Ferrum as we have not repeated it for long durations, and neither are you sensitive enough to be proving a doses of 30c of a remedy.

The trouble with these situations is (when the natural disease is conjoined with a medicinal disease), that you get incorrect and confusing indications and one can often keep going in circles unless the remedy which implanted it's picture on the constitution is anti-doted properly.

So, you are sure it was one of the remedies you listed above ?

We can try to reverse engineer this from the symptoms you are experiencing.
sameervermani last decade
No, I can't say I am totally sure. The remedy that I would say was repeated the most is Sepia. The next in line would be the Ignatia.
plken last decade
Okay, let us try anti-doting the Sepia first.

Please take a SINGLE dose of

Aconite 30c

and report back in 5 days.

The dose is 1 teaspoon.

This medicine should be available locally.
sameervermani last decade
Okay. Thanks so much for sorting through this. I'll probably wait a couple of days as I am still sick and have been occasionally taking ibuprofen for the body aches.
plken last decade
Hi Sameer

It has been nearly a week since taking the remedy. I was feeling quite melancholy and almost a little sad before taking the remedy. That feeling continued through the first day along with a general feeling of weakness, and feeling out of breath from doing even small things. Then, in the evening of that day those feelings broke, like how a fever breaks, and I started feeling better (more energy and in a better mood). The next couple of days I felt better emotionally, but not physically. The heart flip flops continued and pain with intercourse increased.

My husband said I was being very unloving to him, but I was not feeling that way. In fact I was feeling more sentimental and motherly to my son and just as loving as ever to my husband.

Over the course of the weekend I was back and forth between being in a good mood and feeling quite melancholy until I saw an old friend I hadn't seen in quite some time and the melancholy feelings seemed to have stayed around for the most part since then.

A couple of things to keep in mind-I was still recovering from being sick last week and this week I have PMS. So there is a lot going on with my body right now. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.
plken last decade
Hi Sameer

Just thought I would bump this up in case you didn't see it.
plken last decade
Hi plken,

I will respond in a few days. I am quite busy with something at home.
sameervermani last decade
Please answer these:

Are you able to wear tight clothing or high neck clothes?

Are you suspicious ?

Do you ever have exceptional loquacity marked by a rapid change of subject; i.e. jumping abruptly from one idea to another ?

Do you use your tongue in a very refined but cynical and critical way ? As if you have an intuition about the weakness of others and hence an ability to hurt them with precise sarcastic words ?

Do you ever get jealous ?

Are you intense and passionate ?
sameervermani last decade
Yes, I'm okay with wearing tight clothes or high necked clothes.

Yes, I can be suspicious of others at times.

I would not say that I jump abruptly from one idea to another.

I would say that I am often keen to other's weaknessness, but I do not try to use it to hurt them with sarcastic words. But I can usually pick out a person's character quickly after meeting them

Yes, I get jealous of those who appear to be able to juggle more in their life than I can

No, I am definitely not intense or passionate. My husband usually says just the opposite of me. I find joy in the mundane, like keeping track of the weather or oil prices.
plken last decade
Hi plken,

You can take a single dose of KALI CARBONICUM 1M as follows:

Dissolve 2 pellets in 240 ml spring water, and take a teaspoon from there ONCE.

Report in 2 weeks.
sameervermani last decade
Okay, Sameer
Thanks so much
plken last decade

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