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Thanks for the quick reply. I'm fine with tight clothing, it doesn't bother me. I love warm baths. I bathe in a jetted tub everyday instead of a shower.
plken last decade
Hi Plken,

Please wait for 1 more week.

Update at that time.

sameervermani last decade
Sounds good. Have a great week :)
plken last decade
Hi Sameer,

During the past week I would say my mood has moved from being in a straight line to being more judgmental, more irritable, and more insecure. (I am, however, PMSing) I have moments where I strongly feel the need for consolation yet others where I feel like I can't be bothered with anyone. All of these emotions lead to me also feeling quite guilty for the trouble I may have caused other people.

Pain with intercourse is still quite severe. Desire is also still diminished.

My heart flip flops had picked up quite a bit, but they seem to be calming down just slightly.

We had to drive home in bad weather the other day and it did make me very tense and shaky.

The issues that stick out most in mind are the pain with intercourse and my mood not being very fun loving and easy going.
Look forward to hearing your instructions. Many thanks.
plken last decade
I just wanted to add to the above that I keep having bouts of nausea that come on very suddenly. It seems on looking back over the past few weeks that this remedy has affected me hormonally. It's brought some pretty bad moods and feelings alternating with what feels like no mood at all, kind of 'numb'(that straight line feeling) I wouldn't say that I've been particularly anxious, though. I've also not felt very tired for many nights.
plken last decade
Can we form a very extensive list of symptoms that are bothering on a persistent basis currently ?
sameervermani last decade
Okay, current symptoms are...

(1) painful intercourse. Cutting feeling like scissors upon initial penetration.

(2) Burping. Especially when tense or nervous.

(3) Constipation alternating at times with diarrhea.

(4) Varicose veins in left leg. Brings heavy achy feeling. Worse in warm humid weather. Better upon cold and when wearing high heels.

(5)Painful clotted periods. Pain last for first three days.Only on left side most months. Pain occasionally extends down thigh.

(6) Occasional insomnia.

(7)Rich foods and dairy cause heart to race and cause general panicky feeling.

(8)Heart flip flops occasionally

(9)Dry hair, skin and eyes.

(10)sudden bouts of nausea.

(11)Very task oriented. No sense of humor. Rarely laugh or smile. Feel the need to fix other people's problems like a mechanic. Overly sensitive to others. Cry very easily upon seeing others cry. Need for reassurance of other's love and affection. Feel and emotional detachment to others. Would like to feel close to people but fear they don't have the same desire.

(12) No sexual desire

I would say number one, number eleven and number twelve are the most significant for me.
plken last decade
So, in general, your pains are always on the left hand side ? Left side of body more affected ?

Also, how analytical are you ? Do you tend to form theories about why things happened or happen ?

This aggravation in warm weather, does this extend to other levels as well, apart from varicose veins ?

sameervermani last decade
Yes, usually my complaints are left sided. Varicose veins are on left, cramps are on left.

I am quite analytical and I do tend to try to analyze why things happen or happened.

Generally warm weather makes me feel better.(except the varicose veins) It's the humidity that aggravates. It tends to cause me to feel like I can't breathe. But if it's 90 degrees and dry I feel great.
Shiela last decade
I was logged in under my mother's ID. Still me, though
plken last decade
Take 3 doses of LACHESIS 30c, and report back after 10 days.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

It's only been four days since my dose. But it seems to be affecting me hormonally quite a lot.

-Two days after taking it I came down with a splitting headache which has lessened since, but is still there.
-I have been sobbing uncontrollably usually around midnight.
-I'm not tired at night
-My legs felt tingling upon going to bed the night of taking the remedy. Since then I have retained a lot of water everywhere, but especially in my legs. It's making my joints somewhat painful.

-I've felt an increase in mucous but with no discharge.

-diarrhea two days after remedy. Infrequent stools since.

-Most significantly I've felt an overwhelming sense of depression. I don't want to do anything or see anyone.

Some of these symptoms were there before taking the remedy, but are more pronounced now. I know you might say we just need to wait, and I'm okay with that. I just wanted to keep you updated. Thanks for all your time:)
plken last decade
Hi plken,

Remedy has created a response, let us see where it takes us.

Please report as things develop further.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

It's been almost 10 days since the Lachesis dose.
I still feel much of the depression. It had lessened for a few days last week, but once again I find myself just not wanting to do anything or see anyone. I lay awake at night with thoughts going through my head. I often do not fall asleep for 2-4 hours after I go to bed, and sometimes I need melatonin to help.

The mucous has lessened. The headache is gone as well as the water retention.

I have spotting these past couple of days, and my period is still two weeks away.

Intercourse still painful, and no desire.

I've been feeling as though so many things are out of control lately which has made me feel more like a control freak. Needing to know what's happening and when and how. This is usually my stress tendency and it makes me feel very uncomfortable when I get like this.

The most pronounced symptom right now is the feeling of depression.
plken last decade
Hi plken,

Take a single dose of Arsenicum Album 6c, and report back in 3 days please.
sameervermani last decade
As was the case last time I can't get a 6c locally. Which do you prefer I order-Boiron pellets (which will arrive faster) or Helios in pellets or liquid? Unless you think I can go back to the 30c, in which case I can take that now.
plken last decade
Boiron 6c works fine.

Take 3 doses of Ars 6c.
sameervermani last decade
I've ordered the Ars 6c and it should be arriving any day. By way of an update, though, I am still having frequent bouts of depression, although I may go for a few days doing just fine. I should mention that this particular feeling of apathy and dark depression is how I often felt as a teen.

I've had no pain with intercourse over the last week.

My body feels very 'toxic' right now. Like I just need to unload poison sitting on the surface. I feel tired, occasionally have a runny nose and my whole body feels bloated and swollen.

Ready to move on from this remedy!
plken last decade
My ars 6c finally came today and I was just reviewing your instructions. Did you want a single dose or 3 doses? And if it is 3 doses do I have to wait two hours in between or can I go 1/2 hour or so?
plken last decade
3 doses at 1/2 hour gap is fine.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I took my dose on Wednesday. About a half an hour after taking the first dose I had a bit of diarrhea. Since then, overall I've been in a better mood. There have been brief moments of depression, but they don't last as long as before and they are not as severe. I'm still having occasional insomnia. It's almost like the desire to sleep is not there sometimes. I've still had some problems with constipation. I think all in all I feel like I'm going in a more positive direction.
plken last decade
Good stuff, now we go to Arsenicum LM1.

Please order Ars Alb LM1 and LM2 in 30 ml bottles from Helios.
sameervermani last decade
OMG!! this case is very old and still going on!!??
This is very much NOT encouraging idea regarding Homeopathic treatment! :( disappointing!!!

Sameer please can you comment on this? I do belive in homeopathics but seeing such long time posts unsolved makes me disbeliever!

And trying all these kind it seems for me so much insane!
umadam last decade
If you have doubts concerning homeopathic treatment it is advisable to do your own homework. You will not learn by making disparaging remarks to experienced advisors and those to whom they have provided invaluable assistance.
plken last decade
No pelkn do not misunderstand me please!
As mentioned I do believe in it and even I have posted yesterday a new post seeking advice for my little son but this post of yours was disappointing to me since your problem is functional and my son's prob is more serious so I was really and still praying and hoping that alternative can help my son!

I just need hope that alternative CAN treat my son but when I go through out the big posts and I see sometimes no results I loose my HOPE but I do strongly want the help from homeopathy!

I wish you all the best and get well soon..
Sorry for my post, it was more loud thinking of my worries.
umadam last decade
Okay, Sameer I finally have my LM1 and LM2. What shall I do?
plken last decade

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