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Very goos sign indeed, as the remedy is going deep into the past and a slow rewind of symptoms is happening.

You can take the remedy, if you are sure you are not in need any allopathic intervention for this.
sameervermani last decade
Okay, Sameer. I delayed taking my remedy because I needed something to help my pounding head last week during that flu. I'm finally ready to take it. Very ready, in fact as I have had more anxiety the last few days and the constipation has not been that great either and I'm feeling quite bloated. I have maybe a silly question, though. The tube says it is a 200ck dose. Is this the same as 200c? I've searched for the answer but couldn't find any definitive.
plken last decade
200 ck dose is same as 200c , k refers to the method of preparation.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,
It has been 8 days since my 200 dose and here's my progress report.

No changes for the first two days. The third day I woke up early and had to jump out of bed to go somewhere and for the rest of the day my heart felt like it was trying to catch up and feeling almost out of breath. It's the first time in long time that I've felt such anxiety over my heart. This continued thru the fourth day, although it was eased a bit during the day. Until the evening when we were driving through a blizzard and I became very anxious. My heart was beating very fast and hard and I had several of the heart flip flops and felt as if my heart would just stop. I ended up taking L-theanine, a supplement I have taken in the past for anxiety, but it actually didn't do as much as it usually does.

The fifth and sixth day I found a more direct connection between having sugary foods or dairy and my heart beating faster and feeling irregular. The constipation also started again around this time.

By the seventh and eighth days I was/am feeling extremely irritable (This is also my PMS week)but the heart palpitations have eased considerably.

The burping is still quite an issue and has progressed to the point where it happens so much that it is becoming embarrassing. The pain with intercourse and low drive are still there, too. Also, I seemed to start having PMS this month almost as soon as I had finished my last period. The physical symptoms were the worst at first (swollen, painful breasts and enormous food cravings), then these eased and the emotional symptoms have appeared (irritability being number one)

I also had to make a trip to my osteopath because my hip was keeping me up at night with such pain that the lack of sleep was also contributing to the anxiety.(this has been going on for 2-3 weeks, I've just delayed going to see him). I know it's not generally recommended while on a remedy, but I just couldn't take it anymore.

So that's quite the list, I know, but maybe you can make some sense of it.

Thank you, as always.
plken last decade
I forgot to mention to you also, that the varicose veins in my legs have been feeling quite heavy which is unusual for winter. I also have been having sharp pains in my stomach. This morning it woke me up, but that perhaps could be as a result of the constipation problem.
plken last decade
Hi plken,

Among these, are there any new troublesome symptoms which have come up ?

Or all of these are old symptoms ?

sameervermani last decade
No, these really aren't new. I would say they've just been a little more pronounced since taking this remedy. Although they are not intolerable, and they have been worse at times in the past.
plken last decade
Let us wait for 1 more week then, as it might just be the remedy aggravation before curative response sets in.

Which brand's Kali Carb 200 was this ?
sameervermani last decade
Waiting sounds good to me. It seems as though it often takes my body a while to see real change from a remedy. In addition I've got the PMS going on and should start my period soon.

The brand was Boiron (pellets). Ordered from my local health food store.
plken last decade
It has been almost a week now since my last report with you, but I figured I would give you an update now because my next couple days will be a little crazy.

I have been trying to really think back to the overall changes I've had since the beginning and there are some things that have changed since the Kali 30 dose, and even the Nat Mur dose but I haven't seen any changes from the 200 as of yet.

The constipation issue is definitely better and I would say basically resolved. I still have days here and there where it bothers, but overall it is far better than I ever remember, even as a child. I believe this was a change that occurred some tiem after the Nat Mur dose.

My period has been alternating somewhat between being easier and being the same. I feel like my body is trying to restore some normalcy to that. This week was not too bad. I was able to do normal activities most of the time, but I still had to use pain relief quite a bit and was in bed an hour here and an hour there. Also interesting that I am once again getting my period 1-3 days early. This used to be the case every month. I usually ran on a 26 or 27 day cycle. Up until several years ago.

I don't think I mentioned it before but I had to have a front tooth entirely replaced about 2 and a half years ago and it has never felt right. It has always ached on and off and felt like there was pressure around the gumline. I was told by a hygienist that this was probably due to an overactive immune system and my body was taking an extra long time to get used a foreign object. Which makes sense because my WBC count is usually borderline high. Now I am catching colds again and my gumline does not ache anymore. So I think this is good.

I had mentioned an sharp pain in my eye since the Kali 30 dose and this has gone away, although my optometrist suggested changing lens solution and this could be the reason for the change. Either way-glad it's gone.

These are the things that have improved since I first started posting to you. I'm not sure what to think about not really seeing any results yet from the 200 dose. Maybe just patience is the way to go. I don't think it is a defective bottle as my son took his remedy from the same stock and he has seen results. If need be I can compile a current list of issues or I can just wait longer. Happy to follow whatever advice you give.

Many thanks
plken last decade
Compiling a current list of issues will be good.

sameervermani last decade
Okay-here goes. I forgot to mention also that I have been falling asleep easily since the Kali 30 dose. Now it doesn't take me more than 10 minutes to fall asleep. That makes me very happy!

-Periodic anxiety over contracting serious disease, losing eyesight, or of death. Much anxiety over driving in bad weather. Legs shake uncontrollably.

-Competitive and jealous of other's accomplishments.

- Good at problem solving when it comes to concrete issues, such as financial issues or others that involve numbers. Not very good at handling people problems.

-Lost my sense of humor. Very rare to get a good honest laugh.

-Irritation at sudden noises, like when first getting in the car and the radio is on.

-Heart feels occasionally like it flip flops. Occurs more often when anxiety is present or after wine. Also occasionally feels like it can't keep up. This often happens during adrenaline and I feel very warm and like there is a band of tension that wraps around to my back.

-Hiatal hernia which causes irregular breathing and pain with deep breaths

-Low libido

-Pain with intercourse. Sharp and cutting pain only upon first penetration

-Gastritis. Lots of burping. worse upon being still. Better with movement.

-Bad consequences from eating creamy things, especially those that are sweet. Sometimes causes rapid heartbeat, anxiety and sharp pain in abdomen.

-Painful periods, sometimes as if Duct tape is being ripped off of very raw skin.

-Varicose veins. Heavy feeling and pressure mostly in hot, humid weather.

-Very cold much of the time. Body temperature 97-98 degrees most of the time

-Dry fine brittle hair and dry skin. Skin on face becomes flaky and does not slough off.

The biggest issues right now are the competitive and jealous attitudes, the heart flip flops, burping and the pain with intercourse. That is all I can think of right now. I'll be interested in your thoughts.
plken last decade
Please take 3 doses of FERRUM METALLICUM 30c equally spaced by 2 hours for one day only.

Report in 1 week.

sameervermani last decade

May I ask what led you to this remedy? Upon looking at the description it is not one that I would readily say fits me, but there must be something there that you see that I don't.

Just curious. I will get the remedy tomorrow. Thanks
plken last decade
Hmm.. I usually don't have the time to do this, but just for your satisfaction I am typing this in detail......

Cutting pain during intercourse ; Ferr ++

Aversion to coition / Desire diminished ; Ferr ++

Fear of death ; Ferr

Aversion to company ; Ferr++

Sweets/Rich food agg ; Ferr ++

Dreams of dead relatives ; Ferr

Menses, after agg; Ferr ++

Bulimia ; Ferr

Dry weather ameliorates ; Ferr++

Varicose veins ; Ferr++

Determined/Self-motivated ; Ferr+++

Palpitation, anxiety with ; Ferr ++

Trembling, anxiety from ; Ferr

Irritability , noise from ; Ferr ++

Lack of vital heat ; Ferr +++

Likes concrete issues , or things which have structure ---> General indications for a metal remedy, as metals have structure

sameervermani last decade
Thanks for taking the time. I very much appreciate it. Yes, I can certainly see from that description that it is suitable almost perfectly. The description I read was a little more vague and apparently not as accurate. Thank you much for all your time and effort.
plken last decade
Hi Sameer,

I have ordered my remedy today so I will probably have it by next week.

Just a little detail I have not added as of yet-My husband often tells me that I taste of garlic and onions. I don't eat them particularly often, but this is something he consistently notices.
plken last decade
Hi Sameer,

It has been just about a week since I took the remedy. I noticed that my PMS eased considerably (mostly with my mood) after I took it. And then I got my period three days early, instead of the normal one or two days early. Other than that no physical or mental changes have happened. The progress we have made with the constipation and the getting to sleep has not changed. Everything is still on the up and up with those issues.

Just a curiosity-when I was doing some research on this remedy I came across Aconitum Nappellus, which sounded very true to a lot the issues I've been having. I know the last info I found wasn't very accurate with what you had. so I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this one.

Also, if you have any recommendations for remedies to get from Helios to just have on hand that would be nice, as they have a minimum order and I have to order the Kali for my son.

Hope you are having a pleasant weekend.
plken last decade
Please procure Ferrum Metallicum 200c and Kali Carb 1M as well along with the LM1.

Aconite is just an acute remedy, but, acute layers can get stuck if not treated properly. We will see, if you need a dose or 2 of aconite, but I don't see the need for Acon.

sameervermani last decade
Okay. Thanks, Sameer.Are the soft tablets/granules okay? Or is there another kind that is preferable?
plken last decade
Oral liquid 5 ml is best.
sameervermani last decade
For LM1 please order 30 ml.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks. We're all ordered up now. I'll give you an update on both posts after I receive the order.
plken last decade
Hi Sameer,
I suspect our order should be here any day, but I wanted to give you an update before I forget.

Last night I seemed to have had a severe reaction to some ice cream I ate. I have had small amounts in the past without it bothering me, but perhaps it was the combination with other things I ate that gave me such trouble. About ten minutes after eating I had stomach pains followed by terrible heart flip flops one after the other, rapid pulse, general anxiety, and the incredible urge to use the bathroom. After using the bathroom it took maybe an hour for me to start to feel better, but even then my stomach felt like it was in knots.

I've had similar reactions before, but without passing so rapidly or coming on so quickly and usually it continues all night, with sleeplessness, rapid pulse and the urge to use the bathroom without being able to and it doesn't generally cause such bad heart side effects, either.

Do you think that the severity and quickness of passing has something to do with this remedy? A bad sign or a good sign?
plken last decade
I would think it was just a return on old symptom.
sameervermani last decade
We just received our remedies in the mail today. I don't have anything further to update. No major emotional changes since the dose. So, do you think it being just a return of an old symptom is bad, good or indifferent?

I forgot to mention also that my face was extremely flush during that time and I was feeling quite weak.
plken last decade

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