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Hi Sameer,

I should have my remedy by the end of the week. But I just wanted to update you. Over the past week I have felt more assertive in expressing how I feel, but in a calm way. I'm finding that I have a little more of my libido back. My husband says he hasn't seen me like this in years. The pain with intercourse is still there, but certainly diminished quite a bit. It seems that this, one of my oldest symptoms has gotten better. While other newer symptoms like heartburn and my tooth implant being uncomfortable due to what I think is probably my heightened immune system, have gotten worse. The constipation issue is there again too, but not as bad as before having your help.

I would say overall my mood has improved and I find myself laughing a lot more.

Seems positive to me. What are your thoughts? Should we wait some more?
plken last decade
Just a quick question to add to the above. Does it seem like it takes a long time to see results from a remedy? Is that normal, or is each case handled so separately that there really isn't a norm?
plken last decade
Each case is different. Good to know about the improvements.

Let us wait longer. Update me in another 4-5 days.

sameervermani last decade

I have my remedy now. It's been a little while since my last post so here is an update.

The improvement with the libido issue is still there, although it may have slowed some in the last week or so. The pain with intercourse is still there too, although as I mentioned before it has lessened considerably. Considering these are some of my oldest symptoms I would say it is a welcome surprise to see improvements here.

My mood has been good, although maybe not as much so as in my last post.

My insomnia has returned and when I do get to sleep I often wake up shortly after with an adrenaline rush and a very little anxiety. Sometimes I can fall back to sleep and sometimes not.

I have had a small amount of anxiety, but I mostly feel it in my body, not my mind. Like my body is all geared up for something to happen.

My tooth implant issue seems to have mostly gone away and I have felt like I'm getting a cold (could just be allergies, though) So that's a good sign to me that my immune system has calmed down to normal.

Heart flip flops are about the same, maybe a few a week and they are not usually very severe.

My body seems to be fighting the constipation issue and I have good days and bad days with it. I often feel very bloated and I still have this burping problem.

All in all I would say there have been many improvements, but I think they are slowing down. I'll await your reply. As always, I truly appreciate your help and your patience.
plken last decade
Hi plken,

You can take the 200c dose of Ars now, just a single 1 teaspoon dose.

Report in 2 weeks.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,
I'm waiting until Monday to take the 200c. My husband and I am going away for the weekend and
I've been feeling so good lately I just didn't want to throw any potential aggravations into the weekend.

I just wanted to tell you that I have still been feeling so good. More playful, laughing so much more. Intercourse wasn't painful one bit last time and along those same lines I feel like I did 7 or 8 years ago libido-wise. And for most nights this week I've had no trouble getting to sleep.

In a forum like this where you read of so many problems I thought you might like some good news. I'm so glad you've stuck with me. I feel like we're in the home stretch! Thanks a million. Let's hope I can keep this up! I'll update you in a couple of weeks after I've taken the remedy. Thanks again!!!
plken last decade
Good to know :)
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

Just an update as promised. I have noticed some subtle changes. There has been a slight dip in my libido and the pain with intercourse is there again, although I would say that it is slight to moderate right now.

Also, I haven't had very many heart flip flops. I seemed to have gained some weight quite rapidly which is something I recall happening when taking remedies in the past. When I am feeling what I would call my best I usually have quite a good metabolism and eat without worry.

I've been craving coffee and alcohol lately. I held off for a few days on the coffee after I first took my remedy, but lately I've been having 1-2 cups a day of decaf only. I'm pretty sure I was given regular coffee at the cafe the other day and I noticed it making my chest feel a little tight, but compared to the past this is an extremely mild reaction. The same with alcohol-it hasn't been making my heart flip flop or making me feel anxious like it used to.

I think my mood has been okay. I was a little grouchy last week but I was having my period, so I guess that's pretty normal.

My period was better than the last two months but not as good as it was last winter/spring. I was in moderate pain on and off for about three days, but I wasn't laid in bed the whole time. It was slightly clotted, but again, not as bad as the past two months.

I think my mood has leveled off since my last post, but I sort of feel like it might be too early to tell, given that in the past it seems to take a month or so to really take effect. I look forward to hear your thoughts. Thanks as always, for all your help and persistence :)
plken last decade
Hi plken,

Let us give this 2 more weeks. I would expect things to improve by then.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,
I know it hasn't been quite two weeks but I was interested in your thoughts...

I have definitely found myself going downward in many areas. The pain with intercourse is okay right now, not totally gone, but far less painful and doesn't last as long. My desire has certainly decreased.

I would say overall my mood has gotten worse. I think I'm getting an early PMS. I'm feeling very critical and harsh towards others.

My heart flip flops increased in frequency and intensity over the weekend, but they've come back down to a fairly normal level now.

The burping had improved and now its back as bad as ever.

I find myself feeling slightly anxious over health issues and fire. I haven't really felt these issues come up in a while.

Insomnia is not too bad right now.

I wonder if my drinking coffee a few days after taking my remedy antidoted it? Or maybe I'm just having a relapse...

Thanks as always for your time and consideration.
plken last decade
As compared to before the Arsenicum 30c dose, where do we stand ?
sameervermani last decade
I think that there has been some improvements since then. The pain with intercourse has certainly improved and I would say this is one of my oldest symptoms.

My mood is a little worse, though. And my last three periods have been more painful, although I saw some improvement with my last one.

I really felt my best a few weeks ago. I have had more outside stresses recently too, and I don't really feel that I'm handling them all that well emotionally.
plken last decade
Drinking coffee will not reverse the effects of a well-prescribed remedy so I dont believe you need to worry about that. Coffee can, over a long period of time, being to degrade your health and even begin to return you to where you had been. If you think that is happening by all means give it up. One or two cups a week, rarely cause problems for most people.

Unless of course your remedy comes from coffee (Coffea). That might create some problems... :)
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi plken,

So, mentally, you did very well after the 30c dose, and then after 200c dose, you are worse even as compared to before the 30c dose ?

Is my understanding correct ?
sameervermani last decade
Hmmm...I think that is tough to answer. I guess I am leaning more towards a yes-that I am worse even as compared to before the 30c dose. Although the pain with intercourse is still quite tolerable even after the 200c dose and is probably about 80 percent better than before the 30c dose.

I find myself returning slightly to a state of, once again (1) being fearful of fire-a symptom I thought long gone maybe 6 or 7 years ago and (2) anxiety over health- although this is still quite mild compared to what it used to be.

Sleeping issue and constipation issue vary widely by each day.

Curious to know what you think
plken last decade
Hi plken,

I will analyze this again, and get back to you.
sameervermani last decade
okay. The advice above about the coffee was helpful. I have been having more of a craving in the past month or two. Sometimes I've had up to two cups of decaf, so I wonder if that's what I'm seeing the effects of. I've cut way back now, so that it's about 3-4 cups a week instead.

I should add that I've had a ton of stress in the past week or two and considering everything I seem to be soldiering on pretty well. We are waiting for biopsy results to see if one of my family member's cancer has returned, my son is going through some major emotional issues (I'll update you on his page), and I've been dealing with my own family on some very touchy issues lately. So even though I still feel like I've had some setbacks since after 200c dose, I think I am still in a much better place than I was say a year ago or so. Also-looking back upon these posts with my history it seems like it does take a while for the dose to really hit me. I was just surprised that there were setbacks from the 200c dose, but not the 30c. Do you want me to compile a list of current symptoms again?
plken last decade
Please compile the list. Be as complete as possible.
sameervermani last decade
Here goes

-Digestive: burping, mostly when still. occasional constipation. bloating

-Anxiety: slight anxiety over fear of fire starting. Occasional anxiety over having a serious health problem EX: last week I thumped my shin right where I have my worst varicose veins. I immediately got a hug hard bump (which later bruised) but I was afraid that it might have caused a blood clot

Muscles: Occasional random muscle twitches. Tight muscle in upper abdomen making it very hard to take a deep breath.

Sleep habits: Occasional insomnia.

Cravings: Sugar, coffee, alcohol

Circulation: varicose veins mostly on left lower leg. They will swell after moist heat

Sexual: Variable pain with intercourse ranging from non-existent to mild. Desire to initiate is diminished, but libido is more easily encouraged than in times past.

Emotional:Cry easily, especially on seeing others even hint of crying. I can express emotions easier than in times past.

Allergies: I think I have had seasonal allergies for quite some time, but never put two and two together until recently. The ragweed is out and my head is feeling quite foggy and it makes me tired.

My symptoms do not seem very stable right now. Also-as I mentioned before I am going through some particularly stressful things right now. I usually find that I can plow through things, but that I don't realize the stress until afterward and then I fall apart emotionally or physically. I am also about to start my period so I am anxious to see how that goes. I've also developed this invisible itch on the sole of my left foot. It feels like something is developing on the skin, but I can't see anything. I also still have those few pounds I packed on very suddenly. This happened when I first started seeing a homeopathic doctor. When I feel healthy and content I can usually eat whatever I want without worry of where it goes. I can lose the weight now if I really try, but it packs back on quickly. Most people will say that just happens with age, but I know it's just not characteristic of my body. I'll update you if I can think of anything else.

Thanks a million. I've come a long way already with your help!
plken last decade
Forgot to add my occasional heart flip flop feeling to the list. Although they have been generally tolerable lately
plken last decade
What about these issues that were there

'Periodic anxiety over contracting serious disease, losing eyesight, or of death. Much anxiety over driving in bad weather. Legs shake uncontrollably.

-Competitive and jealous of other's accomplishments.

-Not very good at handling people problems.

-Lost my sense of humor. Very rare to get a good honest laugh.

-Irritation at sudden noises, like when first getting in the car and the radio is on. '

before Ars ?
sameervermani last decade
I still have periodic anxiety over disease, occasionally over losing eyesight, but not so much over death anymore. And we haven't had any bad weather so I can't say one way or another about that.

Competitiveness and jealousy have eased.

I am getting better at handling people problems. I am able to be more assertive and can choose my words more carefully.

I laugh more than I did a year ago, but less than after the 30c dose. If there are things that need to be handled I easily fall into the 'taking care of business' mode, and fun and laughter are pushed to the side.

I would say I still get irritated at sudden noises, but I haven't noticed it being a problem quite as much as in the past.

I don't feel like it's been very long in order to establish a consistent pattern of behavior with any of these things because as I said most things seem to be varying from day to day. But so far, today this is the way I see things. I wish I could be more concrete.
plken last decade
Hmm.. and can you please talk about how sensitive are you to touch, pain and cold air.

Also, please talk about as to how hurried or impulsive are you?

And, lastly, describe this in detail:' I'm feeling very critical and harsh towards others. '

And, by the way, the jealousy reducing, and better emotional balance to deal with people are very good improvements from the Arsenicum. So, I dont quite think we are worse than before the 30c.
sameervermani last decade
I am not really all that sensitive to touch. For instance when I get a massage I can handle a lot of pressure. Light touch, like tickling I really can't take. It makes me feel panicked and I start crying and hyperventilating.

I am quite sensitive to most pain. I always feel like my nerves are just too sensitive

Cold air very much bothers me as soon as I feel it. Especially in the form of a draft or a light breeze. I normally layer several pieces of clothing when I go out in the winter. I still expect to feel like my bones are cold for most of the year (we have a very long winter where I live)

In regards to the criticism I guess I was just feeling far less compassionate and like other people are doing things the wrong way. I think that was a brief result of an early PMS and that has eased quite a bit.

I'm hoping my answers to your questions aren't conflicting too badly. It's very frustrating for me to try to describe these things when they seem to be changing so rapidly from day to day. It feels like my body is trying to gain its balance but doesn't quite know where it is.
plken last decade
I forgot to add to the above that last night I had a heart episode that I haven't had in a long time. I think I must have had a flip flop like I usually do, only I didn't actually feel it in my heart. But my extremities started feeling tingly and a little numb and I got really dizzy and tired, as if my blood pressure had fallen rapidly. I got some salt into my system and I felt better after an hour or so. I haven't had that severe of a feeling in quite some time.

I'm feeling okay this morning, but I can tell my blood pressure is still a little low and I'm feeling quite tired. I have also started my period and so far the cramps are better than the last few months, but we will see how the next couple of days go...
plken last decade
Hmm.. have you ever taken a remedy named Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum ?
sameervermani last decade

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