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Back pain, acne, anxiety. sulphur? please help


I am a 25 year old female.
I think I may need to take Sulphur for my symptoms, but am not sure.
Please help me to find the right remedy.

1. Each symptom in as much detail as possible.
a. back pain- soreness of neck and lumbar but especially tight pain and stitching between shoulder blades
b. itchy scalp with dandruff and sometimes pimples on scalp
c. chronic acne- on cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, often with painful swollen pimples. i also have blackheads and lots of tiny bumps. also, have now have some scar spots. i have mild acne on back, chest, and buttocks
d. constipation

2. What first started it off
a. began a few years ago
b. began a few years ago
c. since puberty began- at 12 or 13 years
d. for as long as I can remember.

3. When it's worse
a. when stressed and when stooping while standing and when i have not slept enough, especially the stitches between shoulders happen then,
b. the itchiness of scalp is worse when my head is sweaty- i sweat easily with walking, or slight exertion
c. acne is constant, sometimes worse before period and when stressed
d. before period

4. When it feels better
a. when i haven't been standing a lot and when i do some movements/stretches regularly
d. when i stick to diet of kefir(yogurt) for breakfast and fruits/veggies and no sugar/meat/cheese

5. Your sleep pattern and details of any recurring dreams
I like to sleep a lot. I am tired in the morning no matter what. I have nightmares at night often. Its not a certain story that happens, its just a feeling that i get and i am terrified and have to wake myself up. also , often have anxious dreams about everyday things, like i am late for my first day of school or forgot to do something.

6.What you are sensitive to
-cold. i get chills, especially in bed before sleep and i have a hard time getting warm no matter how many clothes i have on. but if i move i get warm very quickly
-i am really sensitive to touch and often irritated by it. and my skin is sensitive and dry- have lots of itches
-am also very sensitive to criticism and what others think of me

7.Your state of mind fears, anxieties, attitudes, moods, etc)
i have a lot of anxiety about the future of what i should do and the past of what i should have done. i have social anxiety, which upsets me because i really feel good when i can connect with people and express myself. i have a lot of fear and overthink things. i am also moody and prone to depression. I have a pessimistic attitude most of the time and my anxiety makes me feel like i don't have a personality sometimes. i have anxiety about failing things i start and leave many things unfinished- career paths, projects, etc. I think that my anxiety builds up and causes depression
i am also very forgetful and have a hard time concentrating. I am irritable and critical as well

8.Any desires or aversions for particular foods
Always crave sweets and meats and cheese and fried things. these things never make me feel very good but i think they are delicious

9. Details of any major diseases suffered in past
chronic depression, especially during very stressful times like college

10.Detals of any reactions to other medicines taken
I took an antibiotic for acne when I was 16 for 6 months. My skin was perfect for a year and then went back to acne.
I took a few SSRI's for depression during college(3 years or so) and they worked for the depression but made me feel kind of numb. When I went off of them I felt really good and elated for a while though-- 3 months or so

11.History of homeopathic treatment if any.

12.All other symptoms you have (ie watering eyes, cold feet, thirst).
my cuticles on fingernails are are break often. when this happens, my fingernails get big horizontal ridges.I have never had nails that are all straight. This happens on all fingers except pinkeys.
  zoloty on 2008-11-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Take Graphites 30, one dose every night for a week.

Report feed back.

If you experience some aggravation at any stage, stop further use of med. However, that will indicate that the choice of the med is correct.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you for your response! I will report back in a week.
zoloty last decade
There are very few indications for Graphites here, and moreover homeopathic medicines are never to be given for 7 consecutive doses of one potency.

These are energy medicines which just stimulate the response of the body in the right direction and once that response starts all future doses of the remedy act as interference and in fact delay the process of cure.

The above prescription is not based on true homeopathic principles.

I have a remedy in mind for you, if you are interested , I can try to confirm it.

sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I would love it if you could try to confirm a remedy for me. I had not seen your post until now, otherwise I would have replied sooner.

I have been taking graphites, which I will now stop.
Nothing seems to have been happening with graphites.

Thank you for your interest in my case. I will check back often

zoloty last decade
Also, just looking at my initial post, the sharp stitches in my back is at C7 and not between my shoulder blades.
zoloty last decade
Okay then just 3 questions for you:

1) How do you feel for the 30 mins after you wake up in the morning ? Are you irritable or happy ?

2) Are you a chilly person or a warm blooded one ?

3)Have you ever had any of these:

Mouth ulcers
Cracked skin at orifices like corners of the mouth
Swollen Gums
Any other complaints related to mouth (corners), nose and anus ?
sameervermani last decade
One more, do you seek revenge from people who hurt you?
sameervermani last decade
Also, in my own research that I have been doing online... sulphur doesn't seem to match after reading about this type of person, but Sepia does, which was 2nd or 3rd generated on the software. Lycopodium was high on the list too.
zoloty last decade
Please answer the questions above.
sameervermani last decade
1. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I want to go back to sleep. Very very irritable.

2. I am chilly until i start moving. Even walking makes me hot. At night in bed before i am sleeping I am very cold even if I am wearing many clothes and room is warm

3.Nothing on the list except sometimes the corners of the mouth crack. But that might also have to do with a bad habit of licking my lips and the corners of my mouth.
I get cold sores inside my mouth sometimes.
My anus itches sometimes.

4. no revenge seeking
zoloty last decade
3 doses of Nitric Acid 30c equally spaced for ONE single day only, to be taken as described below.

Dissolve 2 pellets of Nit-ac 30c in a 250 ml spring water bottle. If you leave the pellets in water for 30 mins, they will melt. You can turn the bottle upside down a few times for the pellets to spread after dissolving.

1 teaspoon from here using a disposable spoon is 1 dose.

Let me know in 7 days after the 3 doses. I look forward to your response.


1/. Nothing should enter the mouth for 40 minutes prior to, or after taking the remedy.
2/. Do not touch the tablets with your hands, tip them into the cap of the container they came in and then into the water .
3/. Avoid coffee, tea (including green), and other sources of caffeine such as some fizzy drinks and large amounts of chocolate, except where this would cause a drastic change in consumption
4/. Avoid wearing perfume/aftershave, or exposure to anything with a strong smell while under treatment. This includes any and all essential oils, and incense.
5/. Avoid the consumption of excessively spicey foods
6/. The use of medicinal herbs, either as 'teas' or supplements should be AVOIDED during Homoeopathic treatment, as should the use of over the counter medication, unless this has been recommended by an MD.
7/. Nothing of a medicinal nature should be applied to the skin

sameervermani last decade

I will try this remedy. Before I do, just wanted to give you some other facts about me to make sure that there isn't something there that would make you change treatment.

in no particular order:

- ankles swell in high altitudes and on planes and sometimes if i walk all day they will swell

- aversion to sex with boyfriend (i love him)

- fingernails break easily and have very large moons

- purple circles under eyes

- habits of nail biting, picking at skin

- i don't usually get headaches but last month a few times i had this intensely painful throbbing on right side of my head. it was irregular and would come and go- more like a ripping feeling

- spend a lot of mental energy in worry, indecision, apprehension. also obsessive

-get angry, but store it and don't show unless its peaked

-timid, but can break out of it sometimes, which i strive for

- mother is ill with lupus nephritis and father died of lung cancer which spread to brain at the age of 58

- my appearance: tall(5'10'), not obese but not thin(180lbs/80kg), stoop shouldered with head forward, fair skinned with lots of moles also freckles on face, dark hair and eyes

-intelligent and capable but don't have a whole lot of direction, can't seem to stick with something

-trained in art but have not been doing it much because too much anxiety involved. nevertheless I am talented, have good eye and get a lot from looking at art

- catch cold often. starts in throat, i have sensitive, very big tonsils

-menses have been regular, last 5-7 days, began when i was 12

zoloty last decade
My prescription still holds.
sameervermani last decade
great. thank you. will get back to you with results a week after friday.
tanyusha last decade
Hello Sameer,

After taking nitric acid as you suggested here are symptoms that I experienced which are not new to me(aggravations):

-itchy skin especially face and scalp
-pricking sensation all over body and also as if ants are crawling on skin
-hot flushes of warmth face turns red
-alternating chills and heat
-waking up at night but going to sleep immediately
-waking up from fright of dream
-head feels heavy/pressure
-constipated(sheep dung kind of thing)

I have also noticed that I will say the wrong word or type the wrong word out of nowhere. I am not sure if this has happened to me much in the past or not, as I have been paying such close attention to my body and mind in the past week.

I did not feel any other mental symptoms besides maybe a bit less irritable and more peaceful the day of treatment.
tanyusha last decade
I think it is important to note that I felt VERY DEPRESSED and sad and scared the few days before treatment began. This was 1. due to the fact that I was at the beginning of my menses and 2. because I had too much to drink the night before my menses began and although I don't get drunk often(3-4 times a year), the day after drinking I feel very sad and vulnerable. I waited for these feelings to subside before taking the treatment.

Also, I want to note that I really should have titled this post 'chronic depression and anxiety-looking for constitutional remedy'. My mental health is really the worst of my problems, as I don’t find the physical stuff crippling. I have mentioned depression and anxiety but its important for me to let you know it is probably the main reason I am asking for help. As I have said, I have tried SSRIs and don't like them. In addition, I have also gone to a psychic and a healer in the past to try to help with this, I also am working as a nanny for children and took some courses on child development in part to try to sort out some of my upbringing issues (nature vs. nurture questions) . I didn't make “depression and anxiety” the title of my initial post because I don't like talking about it with people and showing them how weak I can be.

In regard to my mental tendencies, I would like to give you more details, as I suspect that Nit. Acid is not my ultimate remedy... but of course I am very new to homeopathy and the more I read about types the more I oscillate between thinking I've found the remedy and feeling very lost in it and being afraid to complicate my case by taking things that aren't right for me and wanting to go see a homeopath in person, which I truly can't afford.

So, because I have so many doubts, I would like to give you more info about myself on the mental plane:

-I was a very sensitive child. My parents are both artists and have always been very self absorbed. My father was an alcoholic and overly critical and verbally abusive. I always felt like I was doing something wrong(and stupid, ,fat, etc) and because i was thinking it often times i would mess up on one of his very specific very unimportant rules which would earn me more verbal abuse. I still am really overly self-conscious about everything and i overthink things and my mind is always preoccupied and so I am forgetful and scattered. After my father moved away I began to feel a bit better. I would always worry about him and cry when we talked on the phone or I read a letter from him. I would worry that he would commit suicide (because I recognize that he has the same depression that I do). Now that he has died I feel like I don't have to worry about him anymore. I still cry uncontrollably when I talk with my mom about anything related to my depression. I feel like a burden to her. I feel anger at both my parents. I feel anger at myself.

-I have very low self-esteem but at the same time I know I am very intelligent and talented but I can't seem to harness my energies. I am too anxious or too lazy to make anything of myself

-I always compare myself to other people and think others are judging me

-I feel like I am wasting my life doing nothing(with every birthday I feel like its another year that I haven 't realized my true self-- i have felt this way since 16), I feel guilt

-I can only open up to the people I really trust

-I have strong sense of justice/fairness

- I get into silly moods where I can laugh uncontrollably about something for while

-I am very critical of people and especially people close to me

-I can be tactless and am afraid of looking haughty

-I can be unclear when speaking to someone, start talking mid-idea

-With close friends I interrupt a lot and get excited while talking

-I don't get enjoyment out of anything these days and don't really care about anything

-I procrastinate all the time, make plans, especially about making art and then save them for tomorrow

- I am a perfectionist and have an all or nothing attitude, never satisfied (because of this I don’t enjoy using my talents and then feel guilty for wasting talents)

-I have had a panic attack once when I was reading a book and all of a sudden couldn't read the words

-When I am very very depressed I feel like I wish I didn't exist. I cannot cry. Rationally, suicide doesn't make any sense and it is too violent and irresponsible and would hurt too many people. My escape when I am kind of sad is food and when I am really scared I stop eating I stay in my room and sleep as much as possible to try to escape reality. I am afraid of talking to others for fear they will see how desperate and weak I am.

-I prefer to keep depression to myself

- I get overwhelmed

- I really like evening and night time(9 pm onwards), they are more energetic and excited times for me

-when I am nervous and excited get bloated and my stomach hurts

-I am very affectionate with my boyfriend but I hate having sex with him. I feel like I want to be with him and don't at the same time.

-sex is exciting when its new, also I enjoy masturbation

-when I was living with boyfriend I would snap and pick on him for petty things around the house. I was resentful of doing housework

-I always have a best friend (at this time it is my boyfriend). I spend too much time with him. I feel like I want to be alone a lot but I always find ways to be with him instead. As a result I get sick of him but keep up this pattern of seeing each other too much. This has happened with friends before too.

-I stare at people a lot and like watching people

- I feel like I am not really on this planet the way other people are, like I am floating through and not experiencing it correctly, I am acting, not living

-I feel like I am unable to show my personality to people unless I trust them, as a result I feel like most people don’t know my true personality, this bothers me a lot

-I am worried about aging. I used to get very upset when I saw my mom aging and saw how upset she was by it

-very forgetful, bad short term memory

-excellent long term memory, especially visual memory

Other symptoms:

-I love animals and love thunderstorms

-sometimes smell something that no one else seems to smell

-often have heartburn

Thank you for taking the time to read this very long post. I don't mean to turn it into a therapy session, just trying to get everything significant out there
tanyusha last decade
Zoloty and Tanyusha are both my usernames.

Thank you again for your time I know that you are traveling.
zoloty last decade
I also get eczema on upper arms. This is not new but happens during winter months
zoloty last decade

This is extremely useful info, and it does change things a lot.

So, when was the Nit-ac dose taken ?

sameervermani last decade
Thank you for reading all that and replying so soon.

I took it on Sunday, so it hasn't quite been a week. I definitely want to let everything run its course and would like to wait to take anything else as you advise.
zoloty last decade
Okay, please answer these:

Do you have a strong sense of honor and try to uphold your dignity at all costs ?

Do you have an aggravation from a daytime nap or a general aggravation from sleep (irritable, unrefreshed, etc.) ?

Ever had STYES OR TUMORS on the eye lids ?

Do you suffer from insomnia ?

Do you ever have trembling FROM ANGER OR EMOTIONS ?

Do you tend to suppress emotions particularly anger or resentment ?

Do you think you have a history of being 'dominated' by your father?

Are you extremely sensitive to insults, reprimands, criticism and rudeness in general ?

Can we say that you had strict controlling parents who would punish or insult you if you expressed disapproval, and hence you have learnt to avoid confrontation by keeping things to yourself ?

Do you think, you avoid confrontation because you are afraid of the insult or emotional pain that can come out of it ?

Do you have strong fears of rejection, humiliation and embarrassment or fear of your honour being wounded?

Can we say that you are mild and easy going in relationships as long nobody acts rudely with you for some reason ?
sameervermani last decade
Do you have a strong sense of honor and try to uphold your dignity at all costs ?
I would say yes

Do you have an aggravation from a daytime nap or a general aggravation from sleep (irritable, unrefreshed, etc.) ?
sleep is generally always unrefreshed even if i have slept enough-8-9 hours. i am often tired during the day and want to nap but if i nap i can't wake up for hours and then I am groggy and don't digest as well and also feel sad that i have wasted the day

Ever had STYES OR TUMORS on the eye lids ?

Do you suffer from insomnia ?
not really, rarely. i fall asleep quickly

Do you ever have trembling FROM ANGER OR EMOTIONS ?
not really, except sometimes if i am really upset and crying i will tremble while crying

Do you tend to suppress emotions particularly anger or resentment ?

Do you think you have a history of being 'dominated' by your father?

Are you extremely sensitive to insults, reprimands, criticism and rudeness in general ?

Can we say that you had strict controlling parents who would punish or insult you if you expressed disapproval, and hence you have learnt to avoid confrontation by keeping things to yourself ?
yes, but i will say something if i feel that something is unjust

Do you think, you avoid confrontation because you are afraid of the insult or emotional pain that can come out of it ?

Do you have strong fears of rejection, humiliation and embarrassment or fear of your honour being wounded?
i think yes

Can we say that you are mild and easy going in relationships as long nobody acts rudely with you for some reason ?
zoloty last decade
Dear Tatyana,

Please take 3 doses of Staphysagria 30c in the exact same manner as you took your first prescription.

Update in 1 week.

sameervermani last decade
I will take this one tomorrow

may I ask why you prescribed this one? i see that some forums dealing with staphysagria are focused on sexual excess..


is it ok to drink tea again on days after I take the dose, or do I have to stay away from all caffeine for the week or longer?

is it ok to go swimming in a pool? i ask because the water has much chlorine

is it ok to use lotion? toothpaste?

Thank you Sameer. From reading more posts on this forum I am glad that you are the person dealing with my case.
zoloty last decade
Well , all the questions above were to confirm Staphysagria and your answers were in the affirmative for most of them.

Staphysagria is one of the chief remedies which are indicated in cases with history of 'domination' by others.

Stay away for tea for 2 days, then you can take tea in moderate amounts (once or twice a day).

Do not go to pool for 2 days, starting the day of treatment. Toothpaste is fine as long as not in vicinity of the dose.
sameervermani last decade

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