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Erectile Dysfunction problem Please help me Page 4 of 6

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Dear Gumby now more than 2 weeks have gone that I took silicea.

some more things about me are as follows:
When I face night emission then after that mostly I feel pain in the muscle which is between anus any testis.
When I urinates then after 30sec or 1min one or 2 drops of urine comes out from my penis.
When I talk then mostly I have to search the Influencal words in my mind to speak.
Imranz last decade
Now a days I feel very sleepy in the evening.
There is some infection in my left nostril, like some dryness.
Imranz last decade
Ok Imran,

Now could you please make a list of all present symptoms troubling you.

I would again like to stress please write as much as you can about your negative feelings, , fears, sensations.

Also write what aggravates and what ameliorates your complaints.

On organ malfunctioning in the sexual sphere is just one symptom,

To hit the right remedy I have to try to match it to your overall picture.

Please right as much as you can so that I can understand you and your picture.

gumby last decade
Mentally I am not a very strong man. It is very difficult for me to express my views. When I talk I always have to search words in my mind. Before presenting anything in front of group of people my heart best rate become high. If anything happens bad then I become tense and confuse. My memory is very weak, I forget the name of people, name of things, and name of places very earlier. I have wandering mind. I donot like adventures. I donot like to fight with anyone I always want peace. When I want to do anything and if I discuss it with someone and he/she ask me not do this then I will never discuss this thing again with that person. I always try to do what I want. I give high importance to my family and good friends. I always like to the things on time. I donot like to wait for someone. If someone has done wrong and he argues with me that he was right then it irritates me a lot and I get very angry, If he apologies for that then it makes me cool. The people whom I donot know I donot care whatever they think about me.

Physically too I am not a strong man. When I was child I liked to play games but now I donot like to participate in such kind of physical activities. I feel very less power in my body. Now a days when I wake up after 8-10 hours of sleep I feel weakness specially in my legs. Now when I masturbate with very lose erected penis I feel very much weakness in my body for whole day. In summer my sweat is normal but now a days in winter there is no sweat. Sometimes in winter my feet get cold for very long time like for whole day.

Best Regards
Imranz last decade
When I sit on chair I always shake my leg if I donot do this I feel uneasiness
When I hold something in my left hand then there is small vibration in it
Imranz last decade
I think Lyco should be given a try in 1M ;
Bellis Perennis should have some effect over that muscle(between testes and anus), but not much with the constitution ;

Acid Phos 200 to be considered if there is a problem of difficulty in holding urine,in addition to drops after urination ;

I hope Gumby won't see Acid Phos and Bellis Per as interfering with constitution ;

Pardon me if I try to distract something ;

Dr Soham Sarma
sorahamsha last decade
I think you should take a single dose of Lycopodium 1M.
jawahardalal last decade
Thankyou very much Sorahamsha and Jawahardalal for having interest in my case.
You both recomend me Lycopodium 1M. you sugested me this remedy in consideration of my whole ED case? I am asking this because I have still all these problems that I have discribe in 1st post of this thread.
Imranz last decade
What do you say Gumby?
Imranz last decade
Dear Imran,

Lycopodium is not your remedy. We have already tried it and also your mental symptoms do not match,

Lyc is very boastful, not good relations with family.

I shall look into your case in detail tonight.
gumby last decade

Weakness in legs is due to calcium deficiency. Drink milk and avoid colas.

You may also take Calcium tablets, natural Calcium only.

You are perhaps not taking healthy diet as well. Do eat a lot of Vit C rich fruits and then see the difference.
Delhinut last decade
Thank you delhinut for your king sugestion. I donot like colas I use to drink milk daily with some dates. I have a good diet but I donot know why I donot get healthy. Now I will take more fruits.
Imranz last decade
Gumby I am looking for your sugestion. If you want some more detail then plzzzz ask me I will provide you.
Imranz last decade
Dear Imran,

Please take three doses of Argentium Nitrium 30c,

Equally spaced on a single day, do not repeat on any other day.

Report after a week.

gumby last decade
Gumby the amount of dose would be the same as 2 drops in 200ml water, stir and one sip from it?
Imranz last decade
gumby last decade
Thankyou Gumby I will report you after a week
Imranz last decade
Dear gumby I took Argentum nitricum one week and my observations are as follows
Now when I put down pressure for excretion there are NO semen drops with urine come out.
Before using this remedy I feel pain in my head when I was very tired mostly in night now I did not feel this pain from last few days.
I feel tiredness in my back and legs and most of the time I want to get lay down on the bed.
Imranz last decade
I find out the some of my symptoms that match with argentum nitricum are as follows

impulse to jump out of window
Memory weak. Errors of perception. IMPULSIVE; WANTS TO DO THINGS IN A HURRY
Gums tender in mouth and teeth muscles bleed easily
Desire for salt.
Emission of a few urine drops after having finished
Divided urine stream
Impotence. Erection falls when coition is attempted. Genitals shrivel

I have a suggestion that if we carry on with this remedy then may be there will be some positive results in future.
One more suggestion: Is it possible that you give me the names and the details of the remedies that are related with my case and then I will tell you that which remedy is most matches with my symptoms?
Imranz last decade
helooo Gumby
Imranz last decade
Hello Imran,

Sorry I was busy lately.

Please take one single dose of Argentium Nitricum 200c on a single day.

do not repeat the dose.

The procedure remains the same.

Best of luck .

Report after a week.
gumby last decade
one single dose means three equally space doses in a single day or only one dose in one day?
Imranz last decade
one single dose means,

just one time

not three times.
gumby last decade
Ok Gumby. I will report you after a week
Imranz last decade
dear gumby
my mother was diagnosed to hepatitis c 5 years ago. physically i have no complaints of any type of such disease. 3 days ago i gave my blood sample for some tests along with hepatitis b and c tests and i was shocked to see the reports. my anti hcv test is positive means i have hepatitis c. my tests reports are as follows:

test reports reference range

hbsag negative see below
performed by 3rd 0.13 < 0.4 negative
generation eia 0.4 – 0.8 borderline
> 0.8 positive

anti hcv positive see below
performed by 3rd 2.56 < 0.5 negative
generation eia 0.5 – 1.0 boarderline
> 1.0 positive

total bilirubin 0.8 mg/dl 0.2 - 1.0

sgot (ast) 32 u/l 9 – 50

sgpt (alt) ** 65 u/l 7 – 30

alk. phosphatase 206 u/i 65 – 306

wbc count 6200 /mm 3 4000 – 11000

rbc count 5.18 mil/mm 3 4.0 – 6.0

hemoglobin 15.53 g/dl 14 – 18

hematocrit 47 % 40 - 54

platelets 181,000 / mm 3 150,000 – 425,000

last week you asked me to take argentum niticum 200 for my ed case, i did not yet take this remedy.please help me out i donot know what to do. you know all my symptoms these are same as before. i donot feel any pain in my liver.
Imranz last decade
reference range

report: negatve 0.13
< 0.4 negative
0.4 – 0.8 borderline
> 0.8 positive

anti hcv
report: positive 2.56
< 0.5 negative
0.5 – 1.0 boarderline
> 1.0 positive

total bilirubin
report: 0.8 mg/dl
range: 0.2 - 1.0

sgot (ast)
report: 32 u/l
range: 9 - 50

sgpt (alt)
report: 65 u/l
range: 7 – 30

alk. phosphatase
report: 206 u/i
range: 65 – 306

wbc count
report: 6200/mm3
range: 4000 – 11000

rbc count
report: 5.18 mil/mm3
range: 4.0 – 6.0

report: 15.53 g/dl
range: 14 – 18

report: 47 %
range: 40 - 54

report: 181,000 /mm3
range: 150,000 – 425,000
Imranz last decade

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