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reference range

report: negatve 0.13
< 0.4 negative
0.4 – 0.8 borderline
> 0.8 positive

anti hcv
report: positive 2.56
< 0.5 negative
0.5 – 1.0 boarderline
> 1.0 positive

total bilirubin
report: 0.8 mg/dl
range: 0.2 - 1.0

sgot (ast)
report: 32 u/l
range: 9 - 50

sgpt (alt)
report: 65 u/l
range: 7 – 30

alk. phosphatase
report: 206 u/i
range: 65 – 306

wbc count
report: 6200/mm3
range: 4000 – 11000

rbc count
report: 5.18 mil/mm3
range: 4.0 – 6.0

report: 15.53 g/dl
range: 14 – 18

report: 47 %
range: 40 - 54

report: 181,000 /mm3
range: 150,000 – 425,000
Imranz last decade
Dear Imran

Please go ahead with the dose.

The pathology can always tell that the organ is damaged and mal-functioning.

Homeopathy does not cure the diseased part.

It cures the cause of all diseases.

Please keep the faith and take the remedy.

May God cure you.
gumby last decade
I will go with Argentum Nitricum. I donot need to take any other remedy for my Hepatitis C case?
Hepatitis C is curable disease at my stage?
Imranz last decade
DO not worry , every thing by the grace of God is curable.

Please have faith and go ahead with the dose.
gumby last decade
Ok Gumby I will report you a week.
Imranz last decade
There is no improvement with Argentum Nitricum 200. After urinating now there are more drops and some times little streams of urine come out. All other syptoms are same as before. Is there any remedy for my hepatitis C? Do I need to care about my diet for that?
Imranz last decade
There is no improvement with Argentum Nitricum 200. After urinating now there are more drops and some times little streams of urine come out. All other syptoms are same as before. Is there any remedy for my hepatitis C? Do I need to care about my diet for that?
Imranz last decade
Gumby: Give Lycopodium one more try. This is the one.
Dubai2009 last decade
What the patient is calling semen is probably a lycopodium symptom :
urine; albuminous (white, thick)

His low confidence also points to Lycopodium.
Dubai2009 last decade
Dear Imran,

I think we must look at all your symptoms at present.

Please write in great detail about all the things that worry you at the moment . Please try to stress on things which are odd in you.

Other than that about your present symptoms can you please tell me when you are better and when you are worse?

mornings or eve? day or night?

what makes you feel better? what makes you worse?

the important this is to assess the changes in your mind.

From what i have interacted with you, I feel you are very anxious about your health, mentally you are very nervous and irritable. sometimes you cannot control your mind.

These are the things i want to know in great detail.

Try to write in great detail , sometimes one line which you think is not important makes the biggest difference.
gumby last decade
My present symptoms are as follows

I have very hairy face. From last 10 or 12 days there are wounds in my both nostrils. My sense of smell has become weak.
There are thin black lines on my white part of both eyes.
There are 2 small tumors on my right arm below elbow. They appeared 2-3 years ago.
I feel little discomfort (little pain) on my right side of abdominal while changing my position in the night at bed.
My skin is dry. It becomes more dry in winter.
Gas releases frequently.
I have very week muscles of my arms and legs.
When I wakeup I feel weakness in my body. Sometime I wakeup with jerk due to some dream. Anyone can wake me up very easily. In winter I usually sleep on right side or left side but in summer I feel more comfortable in sleeping in invert position.
There is semen emission with my urine when I put down pressure for excretion.
After urination there come drops and small streams of urine with some gape.
Sometimes after urination there is some burning feeling inside penis cape.
No penis erection. Its skin is very lose. Veins are prominent on it. Testis are falling down.

I am very lazy person in my own works like I donot brush my teeth daily. I do shave after 1 week sometimes after 2 weeks. In winter I take bath after a week.
I have very week memory. When I do wuzo for prayer I do it again and again because of the doubt that gas has released or urine drop has come out. When anything bad happen to me I get nervous very easily. Sometimes I cannot control emotions and anger.When I get emotional, tears come in my eyes I cannot stop them. When I get angry I say a lot of such things which I donot need to say and when I cool down I become very ashamed on my wordings.
Imranz last decade
Gumby If you need some more details plz ask me
Imranz last decade
So your symptoms are worse in mornings?

Do you get better from warm drinks?

Do you feel better in warm weather or warm room?

which weather do you prefer?

do you crave sweets?

how is your relation with your family members?

do you think you suffer from an inferiority complex?

what are your preference of company? do you like to stay alone but you dread to stay totally alone and prefer someone else in the other room?

Do you like sweets and crave them? Which other foods you prefer?
gumby last decade
So your symptoms are worse in mornings?
I donot know whether I can say it worse in morning or not, but I feel weakness in my body when I wakeup. Here I want to mention that now a days I donot have job I am doing master and my classes are in evening time. When I wakeup at 5am for prayer I donot feel weakness after that I sleep again and then wakeup at 1 pm at that time I feel weakness and I donot want to get out of the bed.

Do you get better from warm drinks?
I think yes.

Do you feel better in warm weather or warm room?
In very cold weather my body starts trembling so I think warm weather more suits me.

Which weather do you prefer?
The weather which is not very cold and hot.

do you crave sweets?

how is your relation with your family members?
Generally I have good relations with family members but now a days I donot have good relations with 1 of them.

do you think you suffer from an inferiority complex?
I think little bit. I have feeling of inferiority complex in two ways 1)Because of weak body 2) because of small penis and low sexual power.

what are your preference of company? do you like to stay alone but you dread to stay totally alone and prefer someone else in the other room?
I always like the company of the people who are my friends or close to me. If I am with some people who are not very close to me then I prefer to sit alone rather to sit with them. I think yes I am dread to stay totally alone.

Do you like sweets and crave them? Which other foods you prefer?
I donot like so much sweets. I like to eat salty and spicy food. I more like to eat meat

One thing more when I brush my teeth mostly blood comes out from them.
Imranz last decade
I will get back to you tomorrow.
gumby last decade
Dear Imran

Please take Acid Phos 30c

three doses on a single day ONLY.

reply in one weeks time

the procedure remains the same.
gumby last decade
Ok Gumby
Imranz last decade
I took acid phos 30 one week ago and the changes occur in me are as follow
My quality of sleep has become increase
When I pass stool I feel less semen emission
Satisfaction level has increased
Blood comes out from my teeth even when I put some water in my mouth to wash it. This condition was not all the days. Some days it happens some days does not.

Last week I gave my urine sample for test, there are two problems in the result
Mucus threads found in the urine.
Proteins traced in the urine sample.

Also I was gown through the ultrasound. In ultrasound report all the things are normal
Normal liver
Normal gallbladder
Normal spleen
Both kidneys are normal in shape and size
Imranz last decade
I am a computer programmer by profession and have been through very high stress situations over the last 9 years. I lost my job in 2001 and also got married at the same time. Got depressed and had anxiety for about an year. Later, been through lot of stress in new job and over all stressful life. I had a stomach ache in 2004 for which I got a CT Scan done to rule out any apendisytis.Everything is normal but had h pilori for which took some antibiotics given by the doctor. Later I started seeing a urine problem like ..... feeling that there is some urine struck in the track. For that I went to a couple of Urologists and got few Ultra Sound scans and also CT scans and blood test s but everything is normal and no one had a clue about it. The symptoms went away by themselves and came back sometimes. So I left it alone. I have two kids and life was going on well all these days.
In 2006 in a routine check up my primary doctor found that my TSH is elevated and I was refered to an Endocrinologist. The Endo said it is very low and need
to be rechecked if it goes away by itself. I didnt have any symptoms except feeling tired. So I rechecked every 6 months and it is in range one time and it is out of range another time. So I was put on Synthroid 50MCG and later I am on Synthroid 75MCG. My TSH levels were very good since then (now 0.73) which is in normal limits. But my antibodies are too high. Thyroglobulin Antibodies -- 338 H -- Ref Range: < 20 IU/ml; Thyroid Peroxide Antibodies >1000 H Ref Range:

< 35 IU/ml. My doctor said that I have Hashimottos disease (autoimmune) and there is no medicine to bring down the antibodies levels.
In Nov 08, I started feeling low in sex drive and that is when the doctor found out that I had a pituitary issue. My LH, FSH were low and so my testosterone
is also low. Below the reference range. So I was given Androgel, the testosterone supplement gel and I have been on it since then (4 months) but my levels are not back to normal. So my Endo prescribed me Testosterone injections but I heard that there are permanent cures for all these ailments in homeopathy. I have contacted a Homeopath in India who gave me Thyroidinum and Strychnni. I just started (1 week) them but I havent seen any improvement yet. I am seeking help. I appreciate any responses.
Joe1908 last decade
Hi Dr.Gumby, Dr.Dubai2009, Jawahardalal, Dr.sorahamsha, Delhinut, and others & all,
I have many similarities with Imranz case. I too have a drop or two thick liquid drops out of my pennis during excretion. Few differences are: My symptoms just started about 6 months ago. I have been married for 7yrs and fathered two kids. I like sweets, I like to be in open air like in a garden etc. I like more nature and natural things. I dont like too much of technology as it is making us dependant and also too much of pollution, need to be recycled etc, I hate curroption, injustice but now a days I am becoming more of a 'let it go' guy for what ever the reason. I am on testosterone replacement therapy and my Endo doctor gave me HCG injections now. It is a course of 2 months 2 injections per week. I am yet to start. If you want, I can answer all your questions and see if Homeo can help me.
Joe1908 last decade
Dear Imran,

How many days since the 30c?


please make a new thread
gumby last decade
I took Acid phos 30c 11 days ago
Imranz last decade
Please wait for 3-4 more days and report.

In the meanwhile procure Acid Phos 200c .

gumby last decade
Gumby I have same chages in symptoms that I have mentioned before
Imranz last decade
Take a single dose of Acid Phos 200,

put 2 drops in 300ml water stir and take tea spoon.

This only has to be done once.

Do not put anything in your mouth one hour either side of the dose.

Stay away from strong odors.

Reply back 15 days after the dose.

Watch yourself carefully. Changes in feelings/habits are very important.
gumby last decade
What is Prostatic Fluid? How it became dry? How to stop the secretion of dry and hidden prostatic fluid?
patient25 last decade

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