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Son's Sinus Problem- Help Needed

Hi All,

My 10year old Son has picked up some sinus symptoms. His immune system is weak in this area & picks up these symptoms easily when he comes in contact with another sick person.

Currently, his symptoms are as follows:
Fever, 99.5 Deg F

Body Aches with Headache & pain in temples and forehead.

Blowing Nose very very frequently, was blowing all night long. Watery with greenish-yellowish nasal discharge. Nose hurts on blowing & says the left side and on the base hurts even when not blowing.

Chest may be slightly congested, not sure, will watch.

Throat feels "weird" on drinking.

Very tired and exhausted feeling, just lying down & watching TV.

Slightly on the hot side, feels hot.

Thirst & Appetite reduced.

Chronic COndition:
As mentioned he frequently gets this problem, every allergy season.

Somebody had recommended Nat. Mur few months ago and was given NM 200C single dose which did not help at all. This was followed by Phosphorus 30C & then by 200C, which did not do much but kept the acutes under control, till he came in touch with some sick adult and his acutes have flared up.

In general, he is active, bright kid, on the slim side (weight wise). He does talk a lot. He is afraid of the heights, and afraid to go in the room alone in the dark & likes the closet doors to be closed.

Please let me know if you have any further questions to identify the remedy for him. Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks & Best Regards
  RandyTX on 2005-01-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Any Suggestions????????

His fever is 100deg F currently. Gave him Tylenol earlier but only helps temporarily. Hate to give him antibiotics.

RandyTX last decade
This is an external help, which could make it better (it did it for me when I was little): dissolve 1 tablespoon of sea salt in hot water. Let it cool down a bit. Have him hold some water in his hand palm and sniff up one nosetril at a time, while closing the other. Have him hold the saltwater up for as long as he can (it can hurt quite a bit), and then blow out. Repeat as many times as possible. This will help dissolve the accumulated hardened mucus in the nasal cavities, and disinfect. It can be done as many times a day as needed.
I never had a sinus problem again.
Still, it is not necessarily the cure, for he needs to be treated as a whole.
Tell us more about his personality, physique, and try to be more specific. He talks a lot. To everyone? To his family? Is he shy? Introverted? Prefers sweets?
I strongly recommend that you not give him antipiretics or any medication that would suppress his symptoms. Until you find the right homeopathic remedy, try natural cures (do not give him dairy foods, since it creates so much mucosity in the whole system), give him whole organic cereals and try not to give him sugars.
Good luck.
caroandujar last decade
You may like to try Kali-Bic or Sticta.
CHELLE last decade
Hi Caroandujar,

Thx for your reply. We have used saline solution on him to clear up his sinuses frequently. Never used sea salt solution but would try soon.

Yes, we have stopped dairy products on him.

Regarding his personality, he is outgoing, very social, extrovert. When I said he talks a lot, he just kind of has conversations a bit too much, un-necessary. Sometimes, he speaks without even thinking about the answers to his questions. Related to this, we feel he is not as focused as we would think he should be. Lacks concentration, is a little careless, easily spills things, would forget his things at school or friends house.

He does prefers sweets as he likes donuts, waffles etc, in general prefers sweet stuff over salty stuff.

Thanks & Best Regards
RandyTX last decade
Hi Chelle,

I just missed your post, probably we both were typing at the same time.

Would kali-Bichromicum or Sticta be recommended even though his nasal discharge is not stringy?

RandyTX last decade
One point I would like to clarify, his talkative nature is his personality in general & did not start with the current acutes.
RandyTX last decade
Is he jealous?
Is he vindictive?
Is he fair-skinned with freckles?
Is he afraid of snakes?
Of choking?
Does he complain of air not being "sufficient" for him in the room?

If so, he would need Lachesis, but I'm unsure of Lachesis' salt/sweet preferences. Let me get back to you.
caroandujar last decade
Hi Caroandujar,

He has some form of sibling rivalry but not out of the common. He is not vindictive type. He is Asian /Indian origin, so no fair skinned with freckles, but yes light complexioned. He is not afraid of snakes. I am not sure about choking question, but yes he is scared to take big tablets (medicines) because of the fear of choking but not in general. He does not complain about air not being sufficient in the room but likes to open windows in the car while driving, likes it when air splashes on his face.

In his current acutes, he likes cold freezing drinks. His chest is getting congested, a sign that his condition is getting worse.

RandyTX last decade
To add a few more symptoms, he has been sneezing frequently. Says his nostril (the one he is not breathing from) feels blocked while the other one has nasal discharge. This changes when he starts breathing from the other side.
RandyTX last decade
Natrum Sulph rather than Nat Mur seems indicated.
Minsa last decade
Thanks Minsa for your reply.

OK another problem has erupted, he has infection in the left eye, (his eyelids), his eyes are pinkinsh & red, ONLY ON THE LEFT EYE. The left eye is swollen too. The eye is watery & little itchy.

When his fever/sinus problem was going on, before I could get the response from you guys, I put him on Kali Mur 6X & Ferrum Phos 6X, 3 times a day alongwith Vit C tabs. This has helped in the past. His fever subsided yesterday morning.

But then yesterday evening, he had a pinkish itchy eye & fever again. So I gave two doses (see details further) of Natrum Sulph 200C. I put 3 pills in half a glass of water & after dissolving & stirring gave him one spoon of the NS 200C mixture at 6PM & then again at 10PM. His fever went away in the night & does not have any fever currently except for the eye problem. His sinus problem seems better too, with FP, KM 6X & NS 200 now.

He did go to a eye glass store yesterday morning & may have picked up some bug there (He wears glasses). We took him to his regular pediatrician today & he says it is an infection which he may have picked it from somewhere or his allergies/sinus problems can sometimes cause this. He has recommended antibiotics...which I don't plan to give unless necessary.

My question was will NS 200C help in this eye infection or do I need to give him something else along. If NS 200C will help, do I need to give him any more doses of the mixture. Today was the first day of school after holidays which he has missed & may miss school tomorrow too.

His eyes have not shown any improvement since morning. We did give another dose of Vit. C.

Please help/ advise.

Thanks & Best Regards
RandyTX last decade
Nat sulph will take care of the eye condition. My mistake - I should've suggested the potency - 30 would've been better, but don't change now. Just one dose a day, stop on improvement, repeat if condition relapses.
Actually, the suggestion from caroandujar is an excellent one - it's a good natural accompaniment. We usually recommend clarified butter - ghee, in India - warmed and then drawn up one nostril (stopping the other), head then tilted to the stopped nostril, and try and pull the c. butter out through the other (now released) nostril. It takes a bit of practice, and he may end up with the stuff in his mouth/ throat, but no harm done. An excellent long-term therapy to clear sinuses. Saline solution is good too, but not until he has the technique mastered.
Minsa last decade
Thanks for all the help.

His eyes are almost OK (80%to 90%). He is still blowing whitish-yellowish nasal discharge. His chest feels congested although he is not coughing or spitting any mucous.

He feels very tired, weak, doesn't want to do things which involve physical activity but he is active in general.

Will the Natrum Sulph help his chronic condition too? He gets this problem very frequently.

Minsa, can I have your e-mail or you can mail me at rprsr2000 at yahoo.com.

Thanks for the help.

RandyTX last decade
The reason I had given 200C in water because I was out of 30C potency & did not want to wait till I get 30C. Homeopathic remedies are not as readily availalbe here as in other countries.
RandyTX last decade
Hi All,

My son's eyes are better, no fever. I think the acute stage is over.

Now he still is having frequent nasal discharge, white-yellowish & greenish. He blows his nose very very frequently. I am not noticing any more improvement in this area.

Do I need to repeat Natrum Sulph 200C or need to give him another remedy? My fear is that till he keeps getting that yellowish/greenish nasal discharge he can get sick again in no time.

Please advise.

RandyTX last decade
When did you last give him Nat Sulph?
Present condition - is he still feeling exhausted and listless? Appetite? Active?
Minsa last decade
His last dose on Natrum Sulph 200C (mixture in water as mentioned before) was last Friday morning, Jan. 7, 2005. I had given him a total of 3 doses, two on Thursday & one on Friday.

Yes, he still feels tired & low in energy. Appetite is better to normal. In general he complains he is tired, but he does push himself for the things he is really interested in to do.

His face looks a little better not like the previous weak/pale, not feeling good type looks.

RandyTX last decade
Nasal discharge still there? If so one more dose of NS.
I presume your son catches cold(s) easily. Does he always develop a headache / fever etc?
Minsa last decade
He gets sick every allergy season & his nasal discharge problem has now been there for few months continuosly, sometimes worse & sometimes not as bad.

I will post his complete history soon/shortly.

RandyTX last decade
Hi All

Ok, sorry I am back.

He has this allergy problem since he was I believe 4-5 years old when he started going school. He would get sick during the typical months here when people are getting sick which is the months of March April and Sep. oct / allergy season. So he would get sick frequently with sinus problem which would become sinus infection & he would end up taking antibiotics. We used to give him homeopathy as much as we could hang on but we usually ended up giving him antibiotics. In his sinus problems he used to get ear infections too.

He used to complain about frequent headaches at the back of his head too. He had not been complaining about these for say about 6 months or so. He would complain about the headaches every time we would sit in the car. He would complain about "weird" feeling in his stomach too. Milk would not suit him in the morning as he would get stomach aches, but this symptom also we have not seen again for some time now.

His sinus problems are like year round, some times worse some times not as bad. But this time since last November or so, he has been continuously having very heavy nasal discharge. He sometimes feels something in his throat..mucous. He does feel sometimes post nasal discharge too. His nasal discharge is all day long, may be more so in the morning. He even keeps a tissue box with him to blow his nose in the night.

Right now, his chest seems clear, but it is common for him to get chest congestion too when things get worse.

Sinus problems are like hereditary in the family. I have them, my dad had them too, but only to the level of sinus problems.

Also, when his sinus problems are worse, the area below his eyes would get puffed up & his lips would get red and puffy.

I feel that his current condition of tired / exhausted feeling, little careless nature etc. problems re because of his heavy nasal discharge, he is just constantly blowing nose, which could irritate anybody.

We are in Southern part of US and the weather here is usually hot & muggy/humid. During the winter, there is really no winter season, it gets cold wave from the North & it gets cold & then after a few days back to T-Shirts. So this weather changes makes a lot of people sick during these times. In general, people commonly have sinus problems here.. allergies/sinus etc. Want him to have a strong immune system to handle these situations and not to have sinus problems

Current Condition:

He is very freequently constantly blowing nose; nasal discharge. It is sometimes white with little yellow & sometimes a part of it is green & even brownish color. Then next time it is whitish with yellowish tinge in it, so the color is not really always same, is changing.

Yesterday, his left eye had a bit of same trouble as before, itchy, little red, & watery but is better today... so basically his underlying problems are there & fluctuate.

He is afraid of heights. He is afraid of being alone in the house, likes closets closed, doesn't feel comfortable as if somebody may be hiding in the house.

Sometimes, his mouth has this odor as if he is sick, even though he does his regular teeth brushing etc.

In general he is active, on the slim side weight wise. He is pure vegetarian, a bit of a picky eater. Have to kind of push him to eat fruits etc... healthy stuff. He prefers or likes sweet stuff over salty stuff.

His appetite is normal, thirst may be low.

Please let me know if I can answer any more questions to decide the remedy for him.

Homeopathic Remedies taken in the past: Pulsatilla 30/200, Natrum Mur 200, Zincum 200 , Natrum Sulph 200, Kali Mur 6X, Kali Sulph 6x & 30C.

Thanks for all your help. I hope he starts getting over this problem soon.

RandyTX last decade
One more symtom to add, I think he is better outside compared to being inside the house.

RandyTX last decade
I have gone through the problem and different opnions and prescriptions made since Jan-03-2005. I think the problem is not so serious and can be cured by taking some precautions and proper medicine. To me he is mostly affected by the Cold no matter he likes cold air while driving or travelling in the car. I would suggest to enjoy the cold air on his face and face only while the whole head, fore head, neck and chest be covered tightly. With this safty measure I suggest him Nat. Mur 6x 3 hourly and Allium Cipa 30 for a week.
I would be obliged if a feedback is received
I shall be happy for any service to your child.
A. R. Nadeem
arnadeem last decade
Dear Nadeem

Multiple prescriptions are comon in allopathy.

Similar medicine

single medicine

Minimum dose is Homeopathy.

Pl.avoid prescriptions like this.Try to suggest a single remedy.

The two/three medicines are suggested by people,who can't see a proper single remedy.

I,for one,strongly defend classical homeopathy,and will object to any prescriptions of this sort.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thanks Nadeem & Murthy for your replies/help.

I have not given Allium Cepa yet as I am waiting for it to be available in the store - has been orderd.

In the meantime, Murthy could please give your opinion also on the remedies you would recommend.

Thanks & Best Regards,
RandyTX last decade
one dose of bac. 200.
Minsa last decade

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