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Chalazion in a two year old

My two year old has been dealing with recurrent chalazia for almost 6 months now. It started on the lower left lid and after that one subsided (never totally went away), another appeared on the top lid, and then another and another. Just when one subsides, another appears and each one seems to be progressively worse than the last. He is miserable. I have seen the pediatric opthamologist and he couldn't give me any real treatment for it. I have been doing warm compresses to keeo it from hardening and encourage draining...and it does drain a little sometimes, but his poor eye is so red and irritated looking. I have put antibiotic eye ointment on it prescribed by his pediatrician and it does nothing. I have put my own breastmilk in it to combat infection as well just in case. I am at a loss here. My son HATES me cleaning it or doing the compress. Other moms constantly ask me what is wrong with his eye. Please help! I don't know what else to do.

  hollyfred2002 on 2009-05-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If he has very coarse, strong, dark color hair, red ears, red lips, and margins of lids are red then he must be benefited greatly from sulphur.

Ask before giving him Sulphur.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar (B.H.M.S, Lko)
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
I don't know about very coarse, strong dark hair, etc. He is half caucasian and half Chinese, but looks more caucasian than Asian. He has hair but it is still pretty fine as with most small children. The margins of his eye are red and his lips are not overly red, but red as lips should be. I don't think his ears are red. He does get excessive wax in his ears however and he seems to be bothered by this too. Lately his sunny and easy going disposition has given way to a cranky and whiney child. He has a good vocabulary, but chooses to whine and moan lately instead of speaking. I am not sure if it is just him being 2 or if perhaps he is uncomfortable. Any thoughts?
hollyfred2002 last decade
I think there is enough indication for trying Sulphur 30c as sulphur also covers increased wax production and if it is somewhat black in color then it is strongly indicated. He would certainly get great benefit from this. Purchase Sulphur 30c in liquid form and puts its three-four drops into half-liter spring water bottle and shake it well and gave one tablespoon three times at 10 minute interval in the morning for three days only. Take fresh water and bottle in each day. And report after seven days or early if you have any questions or concerns.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Just wanted to say that I eliminatd milk from his diet and gave him Graphites and Sulphur and it took less than a week for the chalazion to disappear. It has been there for 5 months! Now that it is gone, it has been interesting getting used to seeing his face without it. It's almost like he has a new face. He really looks different. I don't know if it was the milk or the pellets...either way I am thrilled!
hollyfred2002 last decade
I strongly believe that it is due to Sulphur and hoping he will do fine now, but as soon as you notice recurrence try to find the exciting cause for it.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
I also have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who is suffering from Chalazions. She started getting one on her upper right eyelid 3 months ago and then 2 more appeared on the same upper eyelid. The doctor prescribed for her to apply Tobrex before bedtime, and to apply warm compresses which she dislikes very much. she usually fights me when applying these so I have been applying them at night. I was also told to keep her eye clean with baby shampoo. I have noticed her eye seems to swell up even more when using this. (Possible allergic reaction, I am not sure) Then a very large one formed on the lower eyelid of the same eye. I took her to the ophthalmologist and was told we had no choice but to remove them surgically. 2 weeks ago we went ahead with the surgery. 5 days later 2 came back on her upper right eyelid. Now another fairly large one has formed underneath her eyelid. Just yesterday the ophthalmologist told me that she will need to have these surgically removed as well. I just think this is a bit much for a 2 1/2 year old to endure and that there has to be a better way to rid and avoid these from her eyelids. I am just now introducing myself to Homeopathy. She has very fair skin, bright blue eyes, and light brown hair. I am not sure if Sulfur would work for her because of how fair she is. It is very hard to keep her eye as clean as possible on a regular basis as she is a very busy 2 year old who gets into a lot. She is also a thumb sucker and has to be reminded continuously NOT to rub her eyes. I have her wash her hands many times throughout the day and have her take baths daily, paying close attention to keeping her face (eye(s)) as clean as possible. Any advice would be appreciated as we do not want to continue this horrible surgery procedure on a regular basis.

Linzee last decade
I wanted to correct myself. The medicine that has been prescribed for her eye is called Tobradex not Tobrex.

Linzee last decade
Hi Everyone!!! If You Have A Chalazion You Must Not Try To Pop It!!! Do Not Go See The Doctor Unless The Described Method Does Not Work!!! Buy Some Ginger In Its Raw Form At Your Local Grocery Store, You Will Find It In The Fruits & Vegetables Section, For about 5-10 Cents You Can Buy Enough!!! Take It Home Go In Front Of A Mirror, Slice The Ginger With A Knife And You Will Notice What Looks Like Water Left On The Blade, Sweep Your Finger Across The Side Of The Knife To Pick Up The 'Water' And Gently Apply It To The Lump On The OUTSIDE Of Your Eyelid, Make Sure You DO NOT Get Any Of The Liquid From The Ginger In Your Eye! I Had One Of these Things And I Heard Ginger Worked So I Tried This Method And In ONE Week, After ONE Application, It Was Completely Gone!! It May Take More Than One Application (If Its Really Bad, You Tried To Pop It, etc.) Please Be Careful, Remember Not To Irritate or Play With It Aside From The Treatment, It Needs To Be Left Alone! Good Luck!
Teddy123 last decade
Linzee...did you ever get the chalazion trouble taken care of? I never saw your posts and only checked today because I got a notification in my e-mail. Anyway, my son is almost 5 now and we still occassionally use Sulphur. He does not have any chalazions in the making for the most part, but every once in a while I will see one trying to rear its ugly head. We keep homeopathic Sulphur (Boiron) in our cabinet at all times to be ready. I don't know if being fair would really make a difference. It is worth trying the sulphur since from what I understand... even if it won't work for her chalazion, it will definitely not hurt her or be toxic, etc.
I also agree with the last poster about messing with the chalazion. My son has a small scar where his used to be and I think it is because it was manhandled too much. I disagree with the course our opthamologist recommended (all the cleaning and warm compresses, etc. Just too much!!!). Anyway, I hope this reply helps someone. If you get a chalazion...go get thyself some Suplhur 30X from Boiron. $6 a tube. Follow the directions on the package. After the 2 $60 copays at the opthamologist and the $70 teeny tiny tube of worthless cream, and the God knows how much $$ I spent on eye cleansing wipes to no avail and a lot of tears on behalf of my son...voila...the Sulphur (which tastes sweet and goes down easy) was a Godsend.

hollyfred2002 last decade
Excellent prescription by Dr. Rakesh Kumar!!!
kadwa last decade
Hello all, I have 2 year daughter, and we have beem dealling with a chalazion for about a month now. I am very hopeful for the sulphur to work, but I wonder if there's a big difference between the liquid or the pellets?
JennO 8 years ago
Hello hollyfred2002, I was wondering for how many days did you give the sulphur boiron pellets to your kid. Thank you in advance and Best regards.
Realmom 8 years ago

I see you have post with prescription by
RP tamhankar-people can have different
remedies for this depending on how
the remedy matches up with other things.

Fyi what would work on one person won't
work on another- 5 people with a cold
could have 5 different remedies depending on the cold symptoms, how
they react to a cold, what makes them
feel better and worse, etc.
simone717 8 years ago
Hi everyone and Dr. Kumar. My daughter 3 and a half. She has been had the chalazion for 3 months. We have been doing warm compressed and Tobradex + Bacitracin ointment but seems like it does not work very well. It keeps the lump not getting bigger but it reduced the size very slow.
She is Asian so I wonder if we could give her Sulphur ?
If anyone has any advisement, please please let me know. I do not want she has any surgery.
Nhi22 5 years ago

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