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my pet dog

My pet dog, black in colour, 8 years old, since 4 months suffering ear eczema which is severe itching, may be painful on scratcing, having foul odour from the ear. It always like to scartch the ear and shakes the head, ears may be to releive the pain - i dontknow exactly why? The erution is outside of the both ears, more on right ear. Other factors falling of hair on back part of legs and thigh and less appetite. Taking only 1/3 of its regular food. kind advice please
  sridurga on 2009-06-05
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Exactly what food are you feeding your dog? This type of thing is sometimes caused by a food allergy. Some pets are allergic to corn, wheat,soy, and various preservatives found in many commercial pet foods even expensive ones. Strongly consider switching to a totally raw food diet for dogs.

Also allergens and toxic chemical elements in the environment can trigger this, ie, carpet cleaners, deoderizers, perfumes, various household cleaning products/sprays, lawn products/sprays, and even, sometimes, the glue that holds some furniture together. That and subflooring can contain formaldyhye which some pets are very sensitive to. Memory Foam found in some pillows and mattress toppers is a big culprit. Airborne toxic substances can travel for miles and the pet can pick it up on their fur or feet and ingest it when he/she grooms himself/herself. Eliminate all from your dog's environment.

Vaccinations/booster shots are also big contributors to allergic-reaction induced cases of eczema/psoriasis as well as a whole host of other temporary/chronic/life-threatening health conditions in pets. It's known as vaccinosis.

This can also be symptomatic of thyroid disease.Have your dog checked.

Consider giving your dog marine phytoplankton in liquid form( FrequenSea or Exerex's Super Marine Phytoplankton Rx-the latter one is a concentrate-give it with food). That's marine phytoplankton, not freshwater phytoplankton. Buy from a reputable source.

The companies that manufacture the two above ship internationally. If giving FrequenSea, give one teaspoon for every twelve pounds of body weight daily. If giving Enerex's Superphytoplankton Rx, give 21 drops in about two tablespoons of moist food, twice a day. Exerex's formula can also be applied topically to irritated areas.

Add cold-pressed flaxseed oil to your dog's diet. Three to five tablespoons a day depending on the size of your dog. Keep the bottle refrigerated or it will turn rancid. Especially palatable if whipped together very well with one-half cup of low-fat cottage cheese.

Wheatgrass.One teaspoon of powdered wheatgrass)available at any health food store) twice a day for up to forty pounds of body weight, 1 1/2 teaspoons twice a day for forty to seventy-five pounds of body weight, 2 teaspoons twice a day for seventy-five pounds and over of body weight.

Go-ji juice. Also available at any health food store. One to two tablespoons twice a day, depending on the size of your dog.

Transfer Factor Plus. Start with one capsule a day and work up to two or three a day. A capsule can be opened, mixed with a little spring water and applied to the affected external areas after the ACV/water combination has been applied and has air-dried.

L-glutamine. Available at any health food store. 500 mg. Give one-half a capsule twice a day. Mix with food.

Topically, dilute pure apple cider vinegar(that's apple cider vinegar not just apple cider) at a ratio of two tablespoons to one-half cup of spring or bottled(not tap) water warmed to body temperature. Drop one to two tablespoons into the ears and swab it onto the affected areas around the ears and body. Do not rinse off. Let air-dry. Allow the solution to remain in the ears for at least 1 1/2 to two minutes before allowing your dog to shake his/her head and expel the solution. Repeat this at least twice a day.

Get ACV from a health food store, dark brown bottle. Don't buy it from a grocery store because the containers are clear and ACV has to be kept out of the light to maintain its effectiveness and strength.

Do not bath your dog until this is under control.
orian last decade
Please try following Homeo medicine:

1. GRAPHITES-200 ( 5 drops daily for a week by mouth in little water)

2. Apply calendola-Q ( 10 drops in dessert spoon water) and apply orally to clean the affected place.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
As i am from Indian country, normally i am givng the food occarding to the nature, wheat baked food,bread, rice, milk,all sorts of vegetables in raw form - carrot, beetroot, capsicum, cuccumber and fruits ripen plantens [banana], grapes and ripen papaya, as available seasonally. 50gms of dog food namely Pedigree - as breakfast along with raw veg and fruits. 1/2 litre milk daily is served. Bath weekly twice, with cold water, in winter with luke warm water with mild shampoo. The dog is medium built, may be less exercise except 3kms walking twice a day.
sridurga last decade
No vaccination since 4 years, as it is too hesitate to the Vet.hospital, due to having given saline of 4 bottles at the age of 2 years. As you said may be some carpet or dust pollutants while plyaing in my garden. I have no exact knowledge. I will try to get glutamein and tranfer factor plus.
from yesterday i am giving graphites 200c 3 drops, twice daily dusting calendula powder. From tomorrow onwards, i apply calendula Q as told by you.
Thanks for your advice.
sridurga last decade

Grapes/raisins are extremely toxic to dogs and can lead to kidney failure and death.

Pedigree is not the best quality of dog food to give.In fact, it's one of the poorest.

If you are feeding dry, this link lists the ingredients.


Note: Pedigree Dry Dog Food contains wheat and wheat flour and enough of it to cause an allergic reaction in any dog who is allergic to anything wheat or grain based.

The first ingredient listed is not meat but corn. That mean corn makes up the majority of the content of this product. Corn is not a protein but a starch. Healthy dogs need protein. As if that wasn't enough, corn gluten meal is added so there's more corn in this product in the form of gluten meal.

Some dogs have an allergy to corn and can form something called atopic dermatitis that affects the ears and skin. One of the causes are the allergens,etc mentioned above.

Another cause is a food allergy, especially corn.

Lastly, Pedigree has four colour dyes added so the food looks appealing to the people who dish it out to their dogs.

Note, animals eat by scent not by sight so the colouring is not added for the benefit of the pet. These food dyes can cause allergic reactions.


The meat source in Pedigree? Chicken by-product meal. By-products are anything that is not fit for human consumption, cancerous tumors, diseased organs, blood, brains, fur, feathers,intestines,chicken beaks and feet, pieces of hooves and even the sawdust(called 'fibre')swept up from the abbatoir floors- all ground up and cooked to a high degree with scent enhancers added because when animals eat their appetite is stimulated through scent not sight.

Once again,if you want to see an improvement in your dog's condition, switch to a raw food diet and eliminate all corn, grains,ie, wheat baked food, bread,rice, grapes,and milk from your dog's diet. All are either toxic or have the potential to produce severe allergic reactions.

Vegetables such as carrots and some of the green vegetables(broccoli,etc,) are fine in moderation but should not be the major part of the diet.Meat should be. Not corn. Cooked brown rice is a good source of carbohydrates but some dogs have allergies to all forms of rice. A piece of cucumber now and then is OK.

Start with a raw food diet. A source of meat, carrots and a couple of other vegetables added.No onion.Start with just the meat and a few vegetables. If no allergic reaction, add some cooked brown rice. If there is a reaction, eliminate the brown rice and look for another carbohydrate source. One by one add another food and wait, checking to see if there is any flair-up as the result. Eliminate that food if there is.

Add the above supplemental suggestions.

You are bathing your dog too much. Bathing a pet more than once a month strips oils from the skin that can not be easily replenished and leads to excessively dry skin, itching, eczema, psoriasis and other irritating skin conditions as well as hair loss. A cool rinse of water is one thing but stripping the oils from the skin through the use of shampoos is another and can lead to allergic reactions, drying the skin because it strips the oils from the skin, and if not rinsed off extremely well an allergic reaction can result from soap residue. There is always some soap residue that remains. Always. No matter how well the pet is rinsed off after a shampoo.
orian last decade
Thank you very much for enlightment in Dog food. I am fond of pets.From today it self, i will avoid grapes, pedigree etc. and starts using brown rice, as my dog is also fond of it. I am using very mild shampoo while making bath. As i am [my family] are vegetarians, it is difficult to me to provide meat to the dog. Only vegetarian food. Remaining i will follow as per your guidelines. Thank you once again
sridurga last decade
Dogs, members of the wolf family, are carnivores-meat eaters.Healthy dogs need a high degree of protein in their diet. Dogs need meat. Period. They are genetically engineered to hunt for it, kill it, eat it and digest it. Trying to substitute something else, for whatever reason, is only going to cause problems and vet bills.
orian last decade
BTW, did you think, when you were feeding Pedigree to your dog that you weren't feeding something that came from an animal because it didn't look like it did?

The fact is, you were, and the truth is that Pedigree contains not a high quality of beef or chicken(as the price would suggest) but discard waste not fit for human consumption.

This is what you were feeding your dog. It came from an animal and,IMO, was the very poorest form of protein one could give their pet.
orian last decade

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