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Severe ADD

Greets to all,
I'm curious about the use of homepathy to help with my problem of ADD and possible depression. After some basic research Lycopodium Clavatum has come up as a possible treatment. I was curious as to some suggestions by others. I'm not near a homeopath nor could I afford the cost of one or the travel, so I'm seeking advice via the web. A little background first. I've always exibited the symptoms of ADD as far as a can remember but have learned quite a bit in the last 5-7 years. I'm currently 26 (6'1" about 200lbs, if that helps in dosing) and was first diagnosed in high school. Then it was more of an annoyance as high school was easy enough I could still ignore the symtpoms and make good grades. However when I went to college things went down hill. I have spent a large quantity of time in college without achieving a Degree and have attended three different campuses. I'm currently enrolled in online courses and failing them. A little background on the ADD for a second. According to my last psychological evaluation, I have an unnatural gap in my "verbal" and "performance" IQ's. With this a major factor in the diagnosis they reconfirmed an earlier diagnosis of ADD. I have no other diagnosed disorders/disabilities. Essentially my brain has a lot of horsepower without the ability to apply it to the real world. My verbal IQ is 136 with a performance IQ of 100. That's a 36 point gap where most non-add people have a gap of 3-4 points. One of my doctors reported treating someone with a 72 point gap, so he said i wasn't the worst but i was "significant". Due to my repeated failures at college and a recent "test" given by the pastor that is overseeing my upcoming wedding, I believe I have some underlying depression. Whether due to the ADD or simply seperate and undiagnosed (clinically diagnosed), I'm unsure but I do know I'm showing symptoms and have fought against them. Some unexpressed anxiety, frustration and regret of my failures, worrying about being able to suceed at college, sleeping all the time (which caused attendance and performance problems that ultimately lead to my termination at a job I'd held for 2 years). I've seen about 3 different medical professional's for the ADD and even had a sleep study performed and still have no answers. (the sleep study showed I slept better and deeper than most). I'm difficult to wake up, want to sleep more often than I think healthy and given the chance keep very nocturnal hours. The study showed no physicall reasons and they were amazed espcially given my intake of common stimulants. (i spend a lot of time in dream state sleep) I know my ADD and possibly the depression is either genetic or is aggravated by genetic factors. My half-brother is diagnosed ADD, my old sister has been treated for mild ADD and depression, my father reports now that he knows the symptomology that he saw it in many of my distant and immediate relatives that are now long gone from the earth. My great-grandfather (paternal side) commited suicide (many believe due to depression). I know I get this set of problems from my father's (paternal) side of the family. while I have above average intelligence, my inability to do well in school and work cause many problems and my stuggle with these problems worries me. especially now that i'm a father (my son is 1 1/2) and I have lost my job. I have trouble geting motivated towards or completing tasks that do not interest me, but can stay on an interesting task as long as neccesarry. The problem lies in the fact not all the neccessary tasks for jobs and school are interesting to me, and so I don't complete them, which just adds to my problems. One possible symptom is my high intake of caffiene and nicotine, which after one of my medical consultations, I beleive to be an effort by my mind to "self medicate". looking for stimulants to improve function, since most ADD is treated with stimulants. I have been on 3 different medications, none of which worked. They were adderal, dexedrine (two different occasions), and concerta (sustained release methylphenidate, ritalin). the dexdrine and concerta from one doctor were taken in HIGH doses, like 2X or more the normal dose to start with. I got up to more than 105mg of dexedrine/day. the pills are 10 and 15mg a piece, 12hour release. the concerta (sustained release ritalin) i got up to 4x36mg pills/day (all one dose) which was a 24hour sustained release. that put me on the edge of a psychosis that made me mad and frustrated at EVERYTHING. Had just enough conscienous thought to stop the meds before i did bodily or physical harm to someone or something. Never noticed anything but the side effects of being "wired" up like a lab rat. I even tried to participate in a research study on neural feedback, but couldn't particiapte because the test they chose to use to diagnose and as their baseline measurement showed I was "normal" (load of crap). Yet when they hooked me up to the EEG they could tell I wasn't "normal". Just shows no one knows what the hell is going on. Anywho, I was looking for some suggestions, possible dosing and whether I'm on the right track. I'm looking for a cure/treatment not a band-aid. and if i hear one more person say "just try harder" I'm probably going to beat them like a rented mule. Thanks for the help ladies and gentelemen, I'm at wits end.
  ccg711 on 2005-03-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
you obviously get bored easily and are highly intelligent? do you have problems with maths, written english, understanding text books? do you misunderstand what people say to you - i.e. take them literally and get upset easily? are you clumsy? if any of these apply it may be worth considering getting assessed for dyscalculia. Homeopathy of course could still help, but all I am wondering is whether you have been given a label of a behavioural disorder when you may have a learning disorder - it could make a hell of a difference and also get you extra time in exams etc. if this is the case.
erika last decade
Yes erika I am likely to consider myself a highly intelligent person and a quick learner and I get bored easily. constanly looking for the next challenge. I'm very good at math (human calculator good at math) and I'm not too shaby at written english when I apply myself (except for the mechanics like punctuation). I do take people literally and I speak and act very literally, and notably clumsy (never good at sports). however my psych profile showed my weakest point being my fine motor skills. I have (almost literally) off the chart abstract thinking skills but the fine motor skills of someone with mental retardation.(even though I'm apt to tear into anything electrical or mechanical and fix it) I do enjoy reading good tech manuals and don't have difficulty with it except a reading speed on the low end of normal (but still within normal). the psych profile I did would have probably picked out dyslexia so I'm pretty confident that I don't have it. I fail to do school work and have trouble with it cause i can't stay interested in it long enough to get it done. when i do get it done, I have not trouble doing it other than the motivation. Many of my college proffessors recognized that I could pick up topics immediately but just failed to get the work done. My mother is a school counselor and I have had 2 different psych profiles from two different licsensed professional counselors (neither my mother) come up with the same answer. My half-brother exhibits much the same symptomology but the standard meds work on him, they never worked on me. I've been through enough tests I'm fairly confident in the results. The test that showed I was normal was done on a computer, which is one of my big interests and hobbies as well as my profession, and I believe this test (which was oversimplified in my opinion) was tainted by that interest. that study worked on the basis that an imbalance between certain brain waves was eaither the cause or a symptom of ADD and I had that imbalance, even if their initial test didn't show it, the eeg did. It showed that when I read, the inbalance started to correct itself. Unfortunately I never got more info than that since I couldn't participate further in the study. And not to contradict, but last time I heard ADD was considered a learning disorder as well as a behavioural disorder, course I could be wrong. wouldn't be the first time. =0)
ccg711 last decade
excuse me I thought you ment dislexia in your last post erika, but no I don't believe I have dyscalculia. due to the fact I lack many of the key symptomology. My degrees have always been VERY math based, as in trig and calculus type of math, never had problems with it or understanding the concepts. although some of the minor symptoms I exhibit, but not due to an inability to due them, just the lack of interest. ex. balancing my checkbook. sorry for the mistake.
ccg711 last decade
that's ok - it's interesting to read all your info and glad that you've been thoroughly psych tested....where I'm based ADD is not often thoroughly researched and is often just a label put on people, so glad this isn't your case!
Good quality Omega 3 fish oil is worth you taking - read up on it in relation to ADD and see what you think -. I have known it to help people with ADD, aspergers, dyslexia, and even just to help get extra brain concentration for studying. With ADD there has been a lot of research with these oils and great success. Not sure about lycopodium for this - read sulphur and compare it and see what you think? However, I honestly think it would be more helpful initially to know more about you before suggesting a remedy. Can you tell us whether you are generally a hot or cold person, whether you are prone to tempers, whether you prefer company or to be alone, what foods/drinks upset you or you crave. what kind of weather do you feel better/worse in. Are you a tidy or untidy person? any other info that gives us a good idea of your personality.
erika last decade
I will have to read about the sulfur a little bit more. I've seen it referenced for ADD but haven't looked into as much as the lycopodium. anywho, about me.....not prone to tempers, I'm generally very tolerant and have a "long fuse". I don't know about being a hot or cold person, I normally like to keep my house about 72 or 73 degrees F, and sleep in a warm bed. don't know what that makes me. I often times prefer the absence of company, opting to stay home instead of visiting my fiance's freinds. However the friends I have I do like to see. But I am likely to rather work on my computer or read a book. I don't know about foods that upset me, but I never got over the childhood affinity of disliking vegetables. If it's green I don't eat it. I will occasionally eat some fruits like apples, oranges, bananas. I have a diet with a lot of carbs from noodles and bread and a lot of protien. I was raised under a christian religion that follows the some of the same bible eating laws as the jewish. So I don't eat seafood at all, and not a fan of fresh water fish either. Can't eat pork, but i do eat chicken turkey and beef as my main meat sources. I do crave lots of caffiene. Usually in the form of sodas or energy drinks. I crave the stimulant as well as the sweetness. course this large intake of sodas is causing massive dental problems. I'm an untidy disorganized person, my computer room in my house is very sloppy. I leave things in piles, refuse to throw things aways under the guise of "i might need that small piece of paper" or "I can fix that later". as far as the weather I like or dislike, don't really have a preference other than the fact I'm a volunteer strom spotter for the National Weather Service. So for that reason I like severe weather, not that I get exceptionally affected in mood one way or another, but a good severe storm (however rare) will get your adrenaline pumping. Hope that helps.
ccg711 last decade
thnks for that - yep it will help - anything else you think of like repeating dreams, fears, phobia will also help.........so if you think of any let us know. do read up on sulphur in the meantime and see what you think...? I'll read through your info carefully - it may take a day or so before I get back online as Easter calls for some time with the family. spk soon, take care.
erika last decade
Please look up LUPULUS (10M my choice of potencies.)

It is rather hard to put together as it is varied in symptoms. Yet, as an individual you may see things we are unable to.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hello CCG

I read your post carefully, I think you are fine. Some people are simply not acadamically sharp but they are normal and they can find their ability and talent in other fields.

What you want to be? What are your goals?

kuldeep last decade
Thanks for the vote of confidence, however there is defineately something amiss in my life. Whether or not it's a problem with me, or what society should expect out of me, is an topic of academic discussion. One of the doctors I saw for treatment use to say "there's nothing wrong with ADD people, there's something wrong with society and it's expectations". Even if that's the case, I know I'm not meeting the expectations of society and something needs to change, and I doubt I'm going to change society overnight. I know what I'm good at, however in the course of life and work there are many simple things I struggle with. Being able to complete an assigned task regardless of basic interruptions, maintaining proper sleeping times without falling asleep at work, and many others. These shouldn't be rocket science for someone like myself, yet I have trouble with them. I've had these issues for most of my life but have really fought with them for 8 years, since leaving high school. These aren't just quirks in my opinion, they are issues that need to be dealt with. Academically I know I have the capability, since I graduate HS with an A grade point average, honors, etc. but have problems applying it in the college environment. In response to erika's previous post, I have no phobias that I can think of, and no major fears I can think of, well.....I take that back, hate snakes, spiders, bugs, that sort of thing. Don't want to be too close to them or touch them, pretty common though. Not scared of heights though (I mean my god, I climb 50-75ft comm towers for my amatuer radio hobby). I don't have reoccuring dreams, hell I don't even remember dreaming I sleep so soundly (one of the reasons I went for a sleep study, that my my father has sleep aepnia). One of the things about my sleeping so soundly and deeply, when my body tells me it's time to sleep, I don't argue with it, I can't. I've fallen asleep behind 1000 Watt live band speaker towers in a metal folding chair. If my body says sleep, I can't argue with it really, and that's one of the reasons I got fired from my job, I fell asleep on the job. I hope this helps all who are reading. sabra, can you provide a link that describes the lupulus and the symptomology it helps? that would be appreciated, the local reference for this site doesn't provide a lot for it. thanx
ccg711 last decade
Why do you worry about society, Why you want to ruin your whole life to please few fools?
kuldeep last decade
Now, you don't take my messages as counter arguments but a step towards your treatment.

What is society, who is society. Society is in your head you are not in the head of society? Is sociey a fact or just an image created by you?

I have some homework for you. Make a list of all people who are expecting some thing of you. Make another list of people to who you know. Make another list of people who are just in your head and you find yourself talking to them (in your head) or endlessly chattering to them.

And bring that information here and just tell me how many people are in each list.
kuldeep last decade

MIND. ► Frequent starting up from deep sleep, with violent delirium, from which he could only be aroused with great difficulty, when he recognized the bystanders, but immediately feel backward into stupor, [11]. ► The mental functions remain indolent for several months, [11]. ► Stupefaction, [14].

HEAD. ► Confusion of the head, [14]; (third day), [1]. ► Vertigo, [12]. ► Increased rush of blood to the head and eyes, [4]. ► Heat in the head; with confusion and dull headache, [2]. ► Heat of the head and face, with a dull and confused condition of the head (fifth day), [1]. ► Pain in the head, [7]. [10.] ► Violent pain in the head (after half an hour); headache insupportable (after one hour); the headache continued nearly two hours after discontinuing the inhalation, [9]. ► Headache, [14]. ► Drawing pain in the head, [6]. ► Dull pressure in the forehead, as after intoxication (after one hour), [5]. ► Violent pulsating of the temporal arteries, [11].

EYE. ► Pupils remain dilated for several months, [11].

MOUTH. ► Tongue thickly coated, with much inclination to be dry, [11].

THROAT. ► Violent pulsation of the carotids, [11].

STOMACH. ► Appetite. ► Loss of appetite, [7]. ► Thirst. ► Great thirst, no appetite, [11]. ► Eructations. [20.] ► Eructations, so that she became nauseated (soon), [1]. ► Some eructations of air (soon), [1]. ► Eructations tasting of the hops, [2]. ► Nausea and Vomiting. ► Nausea, [7]. ► Nausea continued nearly two hours after ceasing the inhalation, [9]. ► Nausea for two days, and a little retching, [2]. ► Nausea and slight colic, [2]. ► Inclination to vomit (after one hour), [9]. ► Vomiting, [11]. ► Stomach. ► Sensation of increased warmth in the stomach, soon, [2]; (third day), [1]. [30.] ► Sensation of turning in the stomach, with some nausea, without diminished appetite, [2]. ► Sensation of turning in the stomach, and a feeling as though she very hungry, without, however, having an appetite (third day), [1].

ABDOMEN. ► Fermentation and some dull pains in the abdomen, [6]. ► Pains in the abdomen (third day), [1]. ► Dull griping in the lower abdomen, with nausea (third day), [1].

STOOL. ► Stool softer than usual, with so great urging that he could scarcely reach the closet (after ten hours), [3]. ► Stool retarded, [11].

URINARY ORGANS. ► Burning in the urethra during micturition, which was not relieved by coffee, as were the other symptoms, [1]. ► Urine retarded, [11]. ► In full doses it acts as a diuretic, [7]. [40.] ► Urine dark-brown and clear, [11]. ► Considerable quantity of clear urine, the reaction of which was acid, and sp. gr. 1026; while that passed previously the same day and that on the following day were respectively 1015 and 1020, [9].

SEXUAL ORGANS. ► Diminishes and allays the venereal appetite, [7].

RESPIRATORY ORGANS. ► Respiration deep, almost stertorous, [11]. ► Respiration 20 (before taking), 24 (after ten minutes), [13].

PULSE. ► Pulse 64 (before taking); 80 (after five minutes); 78 (after fifteen minutes); 74 (after twenty minutes); 92 (after twenty-five minutes); 86 (after thirty minutes), [13]. ► Pulse slow, rather full, [11]. ► Pulse slow and intermittent, [10]. ► Frequency of the pulse reduced from 20 to 30 beats a minute (and Dr. Maton lowered it even 36 beats in the minute), [7]. ► Pulse lower by 30 beats in a minute, and intermittent, accompanied by such an uncomfortable sensation of faintness, that I did not carry the experiment farther, [8]. [50.] ► Pulse 96 (before taking), 94 (after a quarter of an hour), [12]. ► Pulse 84 (before the experiment); reduced 15 beats (after half an hour); fallen to 60, and occasionally intermittent (after one hour); regular and of its usual rapidity (twenty minutes after discontinuing the inhalation), [9].

SUPERIOR EXTREMITIES. ► Great twitching of the tendons of the upper extremities, [11].

INFERIOR EXTREMITIES. ► Paralytic weakness of the lower extremities, [11].

GENERAL SYMPTOMS. ► Objective. ► Movements of the body were difficult and unsteady for several months, [11]. ► Occasionally the smell made him so faint that he was obliged to go into the open air; he described his feelings as a faintness and dizziness, [17]. ► Subjective. ► Uncomfortable sensation of faintness, [8]. ► Drawing in almost all the muscles in short paroxysms, mostly between the shoulders, and also in the muscles of the arms and hands; these pains shifted from one place to another, "just like rheumatism," [5].

SKIN. ► Scarlet-like erythema, especially over the face; with here and there small pustules, [11].

FEVER. ► Temperature 29.8° (before taking); 30° (after taking), [12]. [60.] ► Profuse perspiration with high temperature, [11].

CONDITION. ► Amelioration. ► (After coffee), Immediately, the symptoms, [1].
You said you had the symptoms of ADD for as far back as you can remember, but when did you develop the tendency to fall asleep?

Does your falling asleep affect your personal life as well?

Was your sleep study normal?
ruth45 last decade
I've always been a heavy sleeper, I inherit it from my father as well and as such I believe it has some sort of connection. I remember one time as a small child while on a boat fishing with my parents, I fell asleep on top of the boat across the width of the boat (only wide enough to seat people inline), holding an umbrella to shade my face, and slept at least 1-2 hours like that on the lake. My family tells stories of my uncle propping my father in a corner while asleep and my father never waking up till morning (and i mean propping him up standing). And yes it does have some impact on my personal life when I have to meet my family somewhere on the weekend and I can't wake up in time, or if I have to wake up to my 18 month son crying. I suspect it has other impacts that I haven't even considered. And in respect to a previous post from erika, I was thinking the other night, and while I've always showed symptoms of ADD, I think they first became really prevelant after the divorce of my parents, then after which my mother moved myself and my sister to a new town where we never really fit in (for the 9 years we lived there). I began having problems in class with daydreaming and failure to complete work in class. After a while I was able to bring that under control but all my work always ended up being done either at the last minute or late at nite, rarely starting before 11 at night. However the problem became very obvious once I tried to go to college. Not that it was traumatic, but a situation I wasn't prepared to handle given my symptomology, and still not able to handle. Not that I would care except for the fact I'm trying to make a life for myself in the world, and without a degree it's hard to find a meaningful job. And whatever job I do find I end up with attendance and motivation problems, getting written up or fired. Not a good way to make a life for myself and family.
ccg711 last decade
Thank you for the added info. I didn't mean to get you off track from answering Kuldeep's questions though. I think he may be on to something so please do his "homework." Ruth
ruth45 last decade
For daydreaming LUPULUS is number one. But if we know more about you, we can help more.
kuldeep last decade
Daydreaming isn't a concern so much now as it was in second grade. not that I still don't daydream a little, sometimes that's how I work through a problem, by visualizing it and some solutions, in a sort of daydream. as far as kuldeep's "homework" I have no idea what your talking about, to be quite frank. maybe your point just doesn't come across as easily when typed, but I don't quite get the question. I can tell you I use the term society as a general reference to what is percieved as the status quo. the baseline measurement that I don't meet up to in the eyes of every teacher, counselor, and employeer that I've encountered, along with some of my own expectations. I personally wouldn't care one way or another what was thought of me except that I'm trying to make a life for myself and I need to meet this baseline to maintain a job and a GPA for a diploma. My career field is technical, and you can't get any of the jobs I want without a Degree. Mainly I know that my sleep patterns and lack of motivation are some of the key problems in my life that effect everything in my life from school, to jobs, to relationships, to personal hygiene. I've tried to deal with these for so long that I feel if I could finally overcome them, everything else would fall into place, or I would at least have the ability and skills to deal with other problems and situations properly. At this point I feel as if I'm at the mercy of my own problems and the inevitably failed expectations of myself and those around me. My fiance, parents, teachers, employers, friends, and peers. It doesn't take a genius to figure out my lack of motivation and subsequent failure to get done tasks that are asked of me, expected of me, or even one's I volunteer for, has hacked a few people of and casts me in a negative light, not only in the eyes of others, but in my own. I know I've earned the reputation of unreliable. This is what I seek to change.
ccg711 last decade
btw ruth to answer a previous question, yes my sleep study showed no physical problems to cause sleeping problems. In fact they couldn't detect sleeping problems. they said i sleep better than they do. other than taking about 2 hours to fall asleep during the study (course you would too when you are connected to so many monitors and trying to get comfortable) there was nothing else noticed. I spent a higher percentage of time in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and achieved REM sleep quickly. This surprised me since I rarely remember even having dreams. But they assured me I had several in the 3 hours I was asleep during the study. No twitches at night, had proper breathing and oxygen levels, they couldn't find anything wrong.
BTW Since homepathy is an all inclussive form of medicine I thought I would try to give you some background info on my medical history. I was born 1 month premature by c-section. I was premature because of a mistake the doctors made in reading the sonogram (i have a larger than normal head, which was the measurement of age and development, from my fathers side). I had underdeveloped lungs and spent 18 days in neo-natal intensive care on a respirator, where i also caught staph pneumonia. I was also born with 6 toes on each foot and they were removed only a month or two after birth. Even though the doctors thought I would always have lung problems I've been very healthy (even more surprising considering a diet that lacks vegetables). I get sick an average of about once a year, and normal around the winter time. sometime the cold, sometimes flu, somtimes a stomach bug. And when I get hit, it hits hard. If I say I'm not feeling well, call a doctor. At one point in my childhood I was sick and didn't complain to my mother till i had a 103 degree temp (scared her out of her mind). I've had no massive physical trauma (other than birth) throughout my life. no broken bones, only one instance of stiches (back of my head), no known allergies to food or drugs, just very occasional sinuses when the dust here in West Texas gets bad. I have pretty much perfect vision (hacks off everyone else) and I think normal hearing (don't remember the results of my last auditory in school), although when i hear people it's selective (probably due to add). I say this cause i can still hear small "detail" sounds. useful for troubleshooting engines. My eyes are kinda sensitive to light, but most likely due to my over use of sun glasses (they weren't always oversensitive). I rarely get excersise outside unless I'm working on something. Use to swim a lot as a child and young teen, but lost my affinity for it. I have started swimming a little bit now that my house has a pool, but not like I use to. I do have an affinity for water, long warm showers, or a good soak in my whirlpool tubs while I read. I have had a constant daily back pain (seems to run in my dad's family as well), although mine started after working a part-time job in high-school washing dishes in a sink too low. since then my back never really recovered. Sometimes I forget about it, but a lot of the time it is letting me know it's still there. A low dull pain in my lumbar section, that flares if I've sat or layed down too long, or if I slump in a chair too much. I "pop" my back and neck a considerable amount, which rarely helps the pain, but does help stretch and relax my back. I sleep in any position comftable, either side, on my back, curled up with my fiance (back or side) or on my stomach to help stretch my back. All I can think of for the moment, by the way erika I did get some EFA supplements and started to give those a try today. Hopefully I can find a homeopathic rememdy to help. thanx for everyones help
ccg711 last decade
Anyway, please tell us about your character and habits and Where do you live?
kuldeep last decade
Regarding back pain: When you have a flare up, is it worse for sitting?

Any problems with foot odor or sweaty feet? R.
ruth45 last decade
as per the questions, I would describe my character as pessimistic, cynical, unconventional, and sarcastic. I smoke, drink lots of caffiene, drive fast, and fix everything in sight. and i mean anything...computers, plumbing, cars, whatever. I don't socialize well, typically withdrawn. One of the reasons I don't go to clubs, I don't dance or drink and can't socialize with others. The friends I have are those with like interest, or met through other friends. I rely on the friends I have to meet others. As far as habbits, I'm always late for everything despite the fast driving, and I'm typically slow when I work but pay attention to detail. Like I said before I'm a pretty good slob, both my computer/hobby room and my vehicle are messy. I can't organize myself at all, everything is in piles. Many times I simply forget to take care of my own hygene, or to eat in some instances. My mind simply gets sidetracked and then I run out of time before bed, or I don't wake up in time in the morning to take care of myself. Sometimes, I might be preoccupied with a task I consider interesting, and time simply passes by me without my realization. Then other times I may constantly snack or have large meals. It varies greatly. I'm pretty absent minded, always feel like I've forgotten something, because history shows that I usually do. Becauseof my lack of time management and the fact that I procrastinate and lack motivation, I'm forever doing things at the last minute, or in the case of school work, not at all in a lot of instances. Those are some of the basics. I'll have to think about it some more. As far as my back goes, the pain is always there in a dull fashion, and siting or lying down doesn't normally bother me, but if I do either for extended periods of time, such as in being sick or something, and spending lots of time in bed or on the couch or what have you, then my back will hurt more. Sometimes if I've been sitting for most of the day, I will instinctively find a reason to stand to balance out my activities for my back, and stretch my legs. As far as my feet, I don't have a foot odor during the day while walking around, but my socks are damp at night when I remove my shoes with a noticable, but not strong or overpowering, odor. Of course I only where ankle high lace up boots, so they don't breathe a lot. however my feet are always cold unless in my shoes or under the covers at night, and they take a while to warm back up, bad circulation i guess, and i beleive that is another feature i get from my dad's family. BTW I live in West Central Texas, an area called "The Concho Valley", in a city named San Angelo. Hope this helps, if there is anything else that I may not have covered, or that you can think of let me know.
ccg711 last decade
Do you have any habit like biting nails etc...
kuldeep last decade
What is you date of birth???
kuldeep last decade
actually i do bite my nails, not all the time but when the start to get long. I also ten to chew on pens and what not if I can't get the opputunity to smoke. I was born 11-28-78.
ccg711 last decade
Belladonna-30 is your medicine. Take one dose and report the effect.
kuldeep last decade

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