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Homeopathic Potencies / C, M, LM, X, and others...

In the United States, we generally use the C and LM potencies, and occasionally the M. Rarely will one find an X or other remedy for sale, even at homeopathic pharmacies.

Many patients on this forum are located around the world, and are mentioning different letters as the potencies of their remedies. In some cases, I think these are just different descriptions for the Cs or LMs.

Is there a good website that describes how these are labeled internationally, or is someone here knowledgeable about this?
  Homeopathy International 1 on 2010-12-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Potencies and Labels in nutshell:

There are 4 scales in total.

1) Decimal series:
Preparation dilution ratio: 1:10. Labelled as X or x in Unites states, Great Britain and in most parts of the world excluding Europe. In france and rest of europe, it's labelled as D. E.g 6x in U.S/U.K and rest of the world or 6D in France and rest of Europe.

2) Centesimal series:

Preparation dilution ratio: 1:100. C or c in U.S and no suffix after the number in U.K. and in other parts of the world, in France and rest of Europe it's labelled as CH E.g. 30C or 30c in U.S or 30 in U.K. and India but 30CH in France and rest of Europe. These are all Hahnemannian Centesimals.

There's another way of manufacturing medicines called Korsakovian way apart from the Hahnemannian way. Potencies prepared in this way will be called CK in U.S, no suffix in U.K and elsewhere.

E.g. 200CK in U.S and 200 elsewhere.

When C scale reaches 1000, it's labelled as 1M.

1000c=1M; 10000c=10M; 50000c=50M; 100000c=1CM.

3) Millesimal Series:

Preparation dilution ratio: 1:1000. Rarely used series. E.g 1M(this is NOT the same as the one equivalent to 1000c) or 1MM

4) Fifty Millesimal Series:

Preparation dilution ratio: 1:50000. It's commonly called LM series(U.S and U.K) other names are: Quinquagentessimal scale or Quinta Millesimal scale or Q potency(in Europe).

Labels: For e.g LM1 in U.S and U.K, 0/1 or 1/0 in India and Q1 in rest of Europe.

Mother tinctures are labelled as phi symbol or Q in U.K and India, MT in U.S. and Europe.


Decimal scale, and C potencies upto 200c are prepared in Hahnemannian way which requires a lot of vials for every successive potency. In Korsakov method, only one vial will be used for all successive potencies. All the potencies above 200c are prepared in Korsakvian method as default.
maheeru last decade

Hahnemannian method requires one fresh vial for every successive potency and the whole process requires a lot of vials in total.
maheeru last decade
So that explains the CH notation that European patients are mentioning!

Are the Korsakovian/CK's widely used in Europe or the UK?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Beyond 200C, most of the manufacturers follow Korsakovian method by default including U.S and Europe to cut costs.

Below 200c it depends. Most manufacturers use Hahnemanian method in Europe including U.K. Korsakovian low potencies are not widely used but they do exist.
maheeru last decade
An additional point w.r.t point number 2:

Centesimal series can also be labelled as 200k, 1000k in place of 200ck, 1000ck or 1M. This happens in some parts of Europe.
maheeru last decade
And what about remedies such as LMK?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade

All these notations come from roman numerals system. For standard number system numerals 1, 2,3.....10..50..100...500.....1000 Roman system offers: i, ii, iii.....X...L....C.....D.......M respectively.

So 10M, 50M, CM or 100M, 500M, 1000M are represented as:

XM, LM, CM, DM, MM respectively where roman numerals are widely used esp. in some parts of Europe.

Also these high potencies are prepared using Korsakovian method hence the labels: XMK, LMK, CMK, DMK, MMK. These are nothing but 10M, 50M, 100M or CM, 500M or DM, 1000M or MM.

Hope that clears everything.
maheeru last decade

A patient in Italy was able to acquire Medorrhinum MK from a manufacturer called UNDA, I think that it is distributed by Seroyal. It doesn't have a number for a potency on it. I did a quick web search but wasn't able to find a potency. Is this a standard 30c or 200c, etc.?

Any info appreciated.

Homeopathy International 1 last decade

As you have guessed it's Medorr. 1M. UNDA is a brand name just as boiron or reckweg. They are famous for their combinations that range from UNDA number 1....76. But they are also into individual remedy manufacturing. They label individual remedies in the following way--- 12ch, 30k/30ch, 200k, Mk(in place of 1M or 1Mk).
maheeru last decade

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