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4 month old kitten-PTSD

We just got two rescue kittens. They were found in a stable in the very cold winter alone. Their mother had been eaten by rats.
They are sisters. One girl is completely scared and shy. She runs and is very sensitive. I can feel her fear. Every movement she runs the other way. She will not let us come close to her, nor will she come close to us unless we feed her chicken from our hand.. Or play with her.. But even when these two activities are happening, she is skiddish and moves awAy then comes back.
She did have cat vaccines.
I noticed that she loses attention easily. If i play with her one minute them she will start to
Lose interest for a fee seconds and seems distracted or looking around, then comes back to play.
She wants to hide under the couch which is normal.. And these two cats poo more than two adults in one day!
They are bein fed mostly wet food by us.
I want to see if there is something to give her that will help her not be so scared.
Her sister is the compete opposite! Its hard to believe they are sisters. Her sitster will come in my lap sleep on me come near me.. All of the thugs cat owners dreAm of.
They play together all the time.
I believe that trinity, the one with PTSD may have been protecting the other one because she seems fsster, mord agile and feels more like a hunter. She has taken one toy with a mouse somewhere and I cannot find it!
Please help.. The fear is oozing from her. I know it takes time but it's been two weeks and we still can't go near her.
  iloveyou on 2011-01-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I would try using Aconite on her - can you get hold of 30c?
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Ah yes! Great idea! I have some here! Giving it to her now!
iloveyou 9 years ago
Ah yes! Great idea! I have some here! Giving it to her now!
Btw.. I just sent you an email! Maybe I should come here to get hold of you!!
The remedy was .. Well im not sure Id my reactions were all related but.. Intense
iloveyou 9 years ago
I Just gave her one small sugar pellet with chicken.
It's the only way I could get her ro come close.
Do you think that's ok??
iloveyou 9 years ago
Yes just read your email and sent a reply.

The Papavaraceae family is one I know quite well and many of the remedies in that group have served me very well for patients with an extraordinary degree of suffering.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Great Brisbane..
Oh right! R u ok with all the floods? Crazy stuff there!
Two questions..
What is the papervacea family?
And also, do you think it's bad I had to give it with the chicken? Will it be pointless?
iloveyou 9 years ago
I have often give remedies in food or drinks with no problem. To be sure though might be better to try a dose directly in the mouth (dissolved in some water) but wait to see what this dose does.

I survived the floods with minimal damage - many people here were not so lucky unfortunately. I have opened my clinic to any of those affected for free treatment.

The Papervaracea family is the plant family from which Opium, Coedine, Morphine, Cheledonium etc comes. It is also the group from which orthodox medicine draws many pain killers.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
That is so great that you are safe and that you are helping others. I have a tendency to believe that god will spare those in disasters who do service for others like you have done. Thank you for doing that.
There is no way I could coax her near me without chicken.
She would not eat any of my other treats.. Only chicken!
Thank you..
Ill be in touch with you in about a week on this board!
iloveyou 9 years ago
I forgot to mention one important thing also. I just sent an email..
iloveyou 9 years ago
Ooooo I forgot!!
One more thing about my other perfect kitty..
Yesterday she had a hard time getting her feces out.. It was still hanging out some and she was bleeding! Some pieces went all around. The outside of her rectum was kinda bloody during the day and we took away all dry food. She is fine in all other areas. Eating playing normally. She has also been sort of hiccuping/ and doing some open mouth hissing kind of at the air..
Just a few times with the cough/huffing.
Is there something for that?
It is shocking how much these animals poo. It's like 5 kgs of poo a day!!!
Any ideas?
iloveyou 9 years ago
One mooore thing with the kitty with the bleeding rectum..
She also at her nose looks like there is dried blood.. Like her snot dried but it is black like blood. It is underneath her nostrils, just inside them...
Maybe that helps .. Im not sure how she got that.
iloveyou 9 years ago
The kitten that seems fine might do well from a dose of Opium.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
So does she need Also opium 30c? That I don't have here...Thank you so much..
iloveyou 9 years ago
That is a shame - Opium sounds like it would be helpful. I am not sure what remedy to use in its place.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Sorry I was not clear..
I meant to say that I only have opium 200c. Not 30 c!

Also there is a huge difference in trinity that I gave the aconite! She is much More focused when playing! Less distracted. She is still running but we see the change! Really cool. Also she would never come to eat when we were in the kitchen and this
Morning we were both seated and eating and she came to eat!
I hope it will continue to
iloveyou 9 years ago
Ah use the 200 then if that is all you have. Just the one dose.

Both Aconite and Opium are remedies for fear and shock. Aconite is unhinged by their fear, cannot remain calm, panics and is restless. Opium on the other hand appears calm and happy, but instead shows a variety of physical symptoms like constipation. Their shock creates a kind of false peacefulness. Aconite is the panicker who reacts like a bomb is going off, Opium is the soldier who goes on as if nothing bad has happened.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Wow.. Ok! That's great to know!
WhAT about codeine then?? :)
iloveyou 9 years ago
Ok.. So it's been about 24 hours and trinity the one i gVe the aconite to.. It seems the medicine wore off quite a bit.. She is running again when there is movement near her.
Also something very interesting I notice, when hey sleep, they don't put their heads down to rest! They sleep with just their eyes closed.. Maybe that is normal? Maybe a reaction from beig traumatized?

I gave Bella the opium so well see how that goes.
What do you think about the aconite kinda
Wearing off?
iloveyou 9 years ago
Repeat as needed. She may need several doses, and I suspect she could need a 200 (a potency that I find useful for children or for emotional complaints). One dose a day for a few days with 30c is quite appropriate.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Ok that's great..
But how many is a 'few' three?
Ill give another now.
Also when I look her in the eyes, she runs away.
When she realize she is playing too close to me, she runs away!
iloveyou 9 years ago
It was a bit difficult to five her this dose. I had to touch it by picking it up off the floor! Is it ok?

So for the 200x opium do I do nothing and wait a few weeks?
Thanks so much for helping with this!
iloveyou 9 years ago
It is important to give liquid doses not pillules - each dose has to be altered by succussion (hitting) of the bottle. Pillules when resused will become less effective over time.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Oh with the Opium ( I assume it is 200c not 200x) one dose and then wait a few days to see what happens. Repetition may be necessary but need to see how the first dose goes.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Oh no..
There is absolutely no way possible to give liquid anything to these cats.
They are not drinking water at all.. I have to put water into their wet food.
Have I messed up the cats?????

I had to give pills.. I just gave one small sugar pill to trinity each dose..

And yea the opium was a tablet 200c not x!!
Now im worried.. Help!
iloveyou 9 years ago
Please tell me if I messed up the cats!!
Trinity the one with aconite actually went near my husband today and slept. when she rested she let him
Pet him many times which is really great but she's still running from me.

Bella who I gave the opium to two nights ago yesterday was really sad and depressed it seemed! She was really wanting lots Of affection. Same with this morning. She seemed really sad and depressed.. But now she seems ok!
iloveyou 9 years ago

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