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My son with ptsd

My son is 18 years old and has suffered abuse from his father. We left his father when he was 10 years old. He has been going to counseling but still suffers from anxiety when he is around older boys and men. He becomes anxious and cannot function well, then gets depressed.

These are his symptoms:

Frequent illnesses throughout childhood, mainly sore throats, pneumonia twice and unexplained low fevers

Learning problems with math, cannot remember patterns and steps to follow, makes many mistakes

Does not have a clear sense of time. Very slow to develop in this way

Lies to cover up inadequacy

Good actor. loves to be on stage, give speeches

Very sensitive to any type of correction by mom

Gets nervous about new things

He is not able to work because he panicked at his job

Very low self esteem, puts himself down

Has gas and loose stools

Usually eats very fast although has slowed down recently, He was throwing up afterwards sometimes

He is sensitive to smells

Doesn't want to brush teeth

A lot of dandruff which he scratches and then smells his fingers afterwards or he picks pimples and smells fingers.

Self absorbed most of the time

Unorganized, compared to peers

Wants to socialize all the time , but uncomfortable and trying to make it work, becomes obsessed.

Very good at history and loves philosophy, religion and other big topics

Acne on his back and around edges of face

Sleeps with feet out of covers

He was having week to two week long depressions last year before graduating from high school. He is not having so many now.

He tried some homeopathic remedies last year. One dose of cascarilla, and two doses of lysydinum. We were going to a homeopathic doctor. The lysidinum popped him out of the depression but that was all. It did not last.

We stopped going to the homeopath and are doing a lot of counseling which has helped some.

A naturopath recommended lycopdium in really frequent doses, it seemed like too much and since I wasn't sure about some other things he tried which made my son worse I didn't give it to him at that time.

Later I tried a little of it on him and noticed some nice changes, however I don't know what I'm doing. I have given him a large dose which affected him quite a bit and scared me. He started acting very different and said he was having an identity crises. I didnt give him any for 6 months and during that time he did improve in a lot of ways and is now doing better, but he still has the symptoms I described above. I have given him 30C three times this fall and each time he came right out of his depression. The last time I gave it to him a month ago he had a kidney stone three days later. I am afraid it might not be the right remedy and not sure about dosage if it is. Thank you for any help
  freena on 2011-12-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello freena.
I have read your post and will ask you a few things. Does your son a habit of biting on the inside of the cheek or biting nails / skin on fingers? he may at times take a deep breath, sigh? What about sleep, good, or he has trouble falling asleep at times?

Parakletos;Practitioner of classical homeopathy.
[message edited by Parakletos on Fri, 23 Dec 2011 19:11:08 GMT]
Parakletos 9 years ago
He doesn't bite his fingernails or his cheeks. He does sigh when he is depressed and its like he wants to communicate his feelings that way, without talking, He looks at you when he does this. When he is in a depressed mood he has a hard time sleeping. Sometimes he has a very hard time getting to sleep, and other times waking up very early.
freena 9 years ago
Okay, and thank you. I think you should start treatment with Ignatia, Ignatia 200C. When you have this medication in the house, please contact me. You should probably buy Ignatia amara 1M also.
Parakletos 9 years ago
Hello again.
Just want to add that your son may need Sulphur (200C) at a later stage of treatment. But give him Ignatia amara first.
The procedure:
8-10 granules (tiny pills), or 3-4 pills in a small glass of clean water. Let stand until dissolved. Give him a teaspoon of this mixture, at least half an hour before or after food. Do not drink coffee or other caffeine-containing beverages, such as cocks.
Ignatia is best to give in the morning. Put a lid / plastic wrap over the glas and put it in the refrigerator. Keeps for 4-5 days.

Parakletos 9 years ago
Hi Thank you. I can get some ignatia imara 200C, maybe today. Should I also give him the 1M? I could probably get some at the naturopathic school if they are open on Monday or Tuesday. The procedure you mentioned, is it using the 200C pills?
freena 9 years ago
Yes this is the prosedure for Ignatia 200C. Pills 3-4, or granuls 8-10. Just give him 200C once. After that, wait a few days.
Contact me before you give the next dose. Or before, if something special happens.

Parakletos 9 years ago
I gave my son the 200c dose this morning. There is no change so far, although he is in a fairly good mood.
I will update you later. The reason I am writing is that I am going to make a separate post for my daughter. She has gone through a lot of trauma too. I will call it Daughter with depressed brother/ sad history. Thank you for helping people like this.
freena 9 years ago
I will be reporting on my son tomorrow, I just wanted to add some information about him. We went to a medication check today. He has taken lexapro and abilify for about two years. He is required to go to this doc every six months. I am hoping to get him off medications. But today since he said he feels that his therapy has made no difference in his anxiety around people she wanted to put him on more abilify and add a new medication for adhd called strattera. He said he has difficulty concentrating. He is not hyper, but she told him the med can also help with anxiety.

There are concerns that I have had about him since he was little.

He had a bad reaction to a vaccine at 4 months, a fever over 104 degrees.

He used a lot of antibiotics for ear infections and then pneumonia when he was little. He was sick all the time, missing 20 or more days of school a year

I took him to a naturopathic doctor for his learning problems and depression/anxiey when he was 15 and the doc said he had very high levels of mercury and lead. He tried to treat him, but he only made his symptoms worse, so we stopped.

We played a game like scrabble the oher night and he did well, but he had many words written backwards
freena 9 years ago
It is extremely difficult to homeopathy to work, as long as he uses such strong medications. They will act as an antidote to homeopathy. Another important thing is that they hide symptoms, which makes it very difficult to find the right homeopathic remedy.

Parakletos 9 years ago
I don't want to put him on new medications, but I cannot just take him off these medications that easily. The other homeopathic doctor was trying to work with the medications and did not seem to think it was a problem. He was going to take him off of them once he found a good remedy and noticed some improvements. I have read that this can be done.
The dose he takes of Abilify is very small, 3 mg. It does have bad withdrwal effects. The other is lexapro 25 mg they both have withdrawal symptoms.
freena 9 years ago
Can you please let me know if it is possible to work with my son while he is on these medications? I would like to take him off of them but cannot do this without help of some kind.
freena 9 years ago
Dear doctors, I know that you may be celebrating New Years.... Happy New Year to all!

Can I ask would someone please answer my question from the previous post?

Thank you to all I am learning what I can from this forum.
freena 9 years ago
Hello again.
I'm not saying it is impossible to cure your son's illness, or that you should stop the allopathic medication. What I actually said is that it is very difficult. Such drugs infiltrate all the body's internal organs.
We must also approach the problem differently. And the first goal should be to, gradually, get rid of the allopathic medicines.

It is not dangerous to have feelings, like many allopathic doctors seem to believe. These feelings / symptoms is a language, which the body uses to tell us that something is wrong and they should not be suppressed by strong drugs.
It is as if someone shouts, fire, fire! And then comes someone and put his hand over the mouth of this person and says: Shh, do not scream like that, it is not normal.

Because of this new information, I would suggest the following: Give him every day for a week, 2 times a day, Sulphur 12C. Same procedure as with Ignatia. Mix in water, etc.
Next week, if nothing special happens, we continue with Sulph 30C, in the same way. Give me a report after 5 days, or before if it would be something special.

Note in particular his toilets visit, if there is a change in the stool. And his energy level.
(Another thing, where are you from?)

Sincerely, Parakletos
[message edited by Parakletos on Mon, 02 Jan 2012 11:11:29 GMT]
Parakletos 9 years ago
If I can't find 12C is 10x similar enough? Or 6C? I don't see the 12C potency much.

I live in the USA, in a small town. I can drive to a bigger city an hour away and that is where I have found homeopathic remedies. I have been trying to help my son, taking him to couselors and doctors for five years now. Grief is not taken seriously by many people here. We have finally found a counselor that is very helpful and I drive an hour each way two times a week. (He is not from this country) It is expensive, but worth it. The couselors and all medical professional expect you to use antidepressants and other medications here, especially in the smaller towns. The medications are very common and given away easily. I don't like them, but I felt they must do something because everyone was telling me that he needs them. I don't like them and feel they help temporarily in a crisis and then they cause more problems. What country are you from?
freena 9 years ago
I'm from Norway.
Ok let's do the following steps instead: First week, you can use Sulphur 10X, 30X next week.

And yes, drug mafia has great influence in health care, unfortunately. But money is more important than people's health.
(Have you already purchased 30C, then you can do it this way: First week 6c, etc.)

Just ask if there are any questions. Good luck. :-)

Parakletos 9 years ago
I found 6c and 30c, so I'll use those two. Thank you, I'll let you know how things are going.
freena 9 years ago
Hello Dr. P.,

I gave my son two doses of the sulphur 6C. I gave him one in the morning and I had to go to work. He was depressed when I got home but not much more than he had been periodically this last week. Then after the second dose he was laying down and would not respond much at all. He has not been that depressed since before the Lycopodium in November. Then I heard him get up a few hours later in the middle of the night, he was eating and he came to say something to me and Icould tell he was not so depressed. He is not depressed today and he is talkative and he is saying that he needs to get more organized.
freena 9 years ago
Hello madame Freena.:-)

Thanks for the report.

Sounds good, often it is so, it gets worse before it gets better. But it is too early to say whether it's medication or if it's just coincidence.
As I said, take note of his stool if it gets better, stops diarrhea. Diarrhea drains a person of energy, therefore it is important to get rid of this.

Parakletos 9 years ago
He doesn't have diarrhea but has large soft stools. I stopped giving him the medicine after the two doses, should I give hime more at some point. He is still doing better, has more energy, went out to ride bike, etc.
freena 9 years ago
You did quite right, when you stopped the medication. Wait and see what happens next. Maybe he does not need anything more, or possibly a second dose later.
All in all, this sounds good.

You mean he went from diarrhea to soft large stool ?

How is his mood now, compared with before Sulphur?
Parakletos 9 years ago

He was having softer stools before, kind of undigested looking, but not that much different, but less undigested pieces. I only know this because of the mess it leaves and not going down the toilet. There is too much. He does not want to talk about it much. His mood is good right now. He wanted to talk alot about religion and philosophy last night. He jumped up to do work I asked him to do instead of telling 4 times. This is new. I have to go, let me know if you need more info. Thanks
freena 9 years ago
Hello Dr. P.

I am wondering what to do next. My son is showing some signs of losing that energy. He did not sleep well for two nights and now he is sleeping during the day. School started and he went the first day and he was acting depressed, maybe tired and also playing video games in the afternoon yesterday and before falling asleep very early today. He usually plays a computer game to distract himself when depressed. I can't get him up to eat dinner.. . Should he take the remedy again?
freena 9 years ago
I just wanted to add to the last note. He got up to eat but became very anxious and negative about his future. He is going to community college but he did not get to go to college like most of the kids he knows because of the PTSD last year and instability. He is not happy about school and also anxious about meeting new people. He had a hard time making friends when we moved here and he feels like that will happen again. He was very anxious when we moved and also very angry because he didn't want to move. Thank you
freena 9 years ago
Yes you can give him a dose of sulphur, but I think that he will need Ignatia eventually. The point of Sulphur was to stop the diarrhea and give him a little more energy. This will also help the anxiety / depression. Try a second dose.

Parakletos 9 years ago
I gave him the second dose. Today he wouldn't go to his classes and was just paralyzed by indecision/anxiety. He doesn't know what he wants to study. He isn't taking anything but some required classes and an acting class which he went to yesterday. He finally went to one this evening. He seems to feel that he needs to dedicate himself to something completely or he will not do a good job, but then he says that he cannot decide what he wants to be so he is anxious and does nothing. He hasn't changed much since the dose, but he did go to the class.
He took Ignatia earlier, do you mean he should take it again? I feel like his emotions rule him, is this an ignatia trait?
freena 9 years ago

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