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Premature Ejaculation



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Plz help me with premature ejaculation

I have this problem of prematureejaculation.i started it when i was in my teens.Now i am 24.due to excessive mastrubartion penis head is swollen and penis very sensitive.I only last 5 minutes.Light bluish circles abound eyes.gets excited very quickly.anger level very high.not very thin.body temp level also remains a little high all day usually.Plz suggest a remedy. i also heard about creams.is it possible to make a cream with petroleum jelly to help lower the sensitivity level.If there is plz let me know
  olakh on 2005-05-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
It sounds like you may need rest for all symptoms as well as a remedy!
Lycopodium can help with prem ejac and may help some of the other symptoms but not all. Have a read about this remedy on abc and see what you think.
erika last decade
i have become a regular visitor of this website since i have visited it for the first time 3 months ago.
now i came up with my own problem.... I am very disappointed because i have tried several medicines (allopathy & ayurvaed.) but none had worked for me.
my problem: I have premature ejaculation problem. I release in less than a minute, in just 3-4 strokes... i cannot stay longer. Me & my girl friend had tried to do in many ways in relaxed conditions but still i am not able to do it. we have tried it again and again but still failed.....
how it stared:
i started to do masturbation since the age of 11. at that very early age, i did it almost everyday (2,3 times in a day sometimes). For this reason, my penis has become weak, thin and small in size.
my age now is 26. Im 5-11 tall and 80 kg weight... the rest everything is ok... i eat properly... sleep properly.
I get wet dreams also but 2,3 times in a month only. the only problem is that i cannot control ejaculation. not even for few seconds...
i was given silinium 3X, Bufo Rana 200 & Yohumbinum Q by a local homeopath but i didnt feel any difference in controlling ejaculation.
If you can help me pls so that i can resume my life happily.........
waiting for your kind reply....
brokenheart last decade
you have put this request in the 'moderator' message as well - pls just stick to one posting!!!
Read about lycopodium on the abc site and see if you think it may suit you - if not come back with more details about your personality, food and weather preferences and any emotional problems.
I am sure your activities at the tender age of 11 did not affect your growth so do not worry about this.
erika last decade
thanx erika for the reply.
Im using a combination of some remedies which comes in drops. The combination consists the following medicines:
Damiana, Lycopodium, Strychin Phos, Ginseng, Selenium, Moschus, Acid Phos, Agnus Castus, Avena Sat, Caladium Seg, Digitalinium, Yohumbinum.
I have used this for almost 2 months now. Overall it hasa good effect on the body. I had dark circles around eyes, which are no more present now. But there's no noticeable effect on premature ejaculation. The problem is still the same.
Emotionally i am very stable (never get too much angry or exhausted). a jolly personality. keeps smiling, laughing all day long.
I eat a healthy food. which consists some bread, fruits, curry (fish, chicken and sometimes mutton), 1 cup of milk everyday, yoghurt, fresh juices and almost 1.5 litre of water everyday.
here its kinda hot weather. I like cold and difficult to be in hot weather so i stay in air condition most of the time. Evening and morning i do exercise for approx half an hour.
My body is of average type. not over weighted. Only problem which i face is the very early ejaculation which actually caused because of over masturbation without using any jell. Most of the time when i did, it was just at a sudden and never used any thing to lubricate it. At the early age times, when i used to do it, it always took a long time to release, but then slowly slowly, it became fast. Now, in just few seconds i can ejaculate when i masturbate and when i do sex, it take only 2,3 strokes to ejaculate. The head of the penis has become sensitive that when it enters into vaginal area, it starts to ejaculate. There's no control........
I think, above mentioned details will be helpful to you to suggest me a good remedy thats suitable to me.
At this time, i am taking Selenium 3x, combination (which i have mentioned above) and Bufo Rana 200.
what you suggest me because after using these medicine for almost 2 months, i didnt feel any improvement in my case..
best regards...
brokenheart last decade
as well as lycopodium read about zincum metallicum. If you smoke then read about caladium.
Selenium may be beneficial to you in dietary form - take a good supplement.
if you do not think these are suitable to your problem after reading about them then in order to help you need to tell us more about your personality, attitude to work and how you are in social situations.
erika last decade
Broken Heart

How did you get rid of black circles under your eyes

which medicine you used and for how long


sazim1 last decade
Also I would suggest you to get an MRI of prostate, that would rule out any prostatic inflammation you may have (prostatitis)

If there is nothing physically wrong with the prostate, maybe your penis has become too sensitive.......or maybe it is all psychological

You have to find the root of the problem


sazim1 last decade
Dear Sazim,
i used Ginseng & Yohumbinum combination for the black circles around the eye...

regarding my case, i think you have said the right thing that "maybe your penis has become too sensitive"..... i agree to this bcoz i have felt that the head of penis has become very sensitive (specially the down side of the head of it). If i lubricate it, in just few seconds i can ejaculate even by not massaging complete penis. only the lower part of head of it is enough to massage. This part has become very sensitive.........
All other tests are completely ok........ I have consulted with doctors before but none of them were able to recognize this problem. but i know exactly what the problem is. Only the sensitiveness........ Only.
If you think that it is possile to cure it through Homeopathic remedies, pls let me know........
brokenheart last decade
If there is nothing wrong with the prostate than either you can try the "squeeze technique" with the help of your partner or practice some yoga exercises (specially breathing exercises)...

The syptoms of dark circles under the eyes could be because of poor liver functioning.....since the dark circles have gone, the ejaculation problem should go away soon....mind is fixated here.

If nothing helps find an experienced homeopath in your area and keep faith in him

It can take a long time before you are cured


sazim1 last decade
Dear Erika,
is there any medicine in homeopathy which can reduce sensitiveness of the penis?
brokenheart last decade
do you mean with regard to painfulness or too easy excitement of the area?
erika last decade
too easy excitement of the area..
brokenheart last decade
First of all, stop using combination medicines.

Second, stop worrying about the so called bad effects of masturbation. There are none.

Third, take away your mind from the sex part, and start counting numbers.Try to hold your breath, and concentrate your mind there. Do anything which will take your mind away from the act of sex, while still doing it.

You will improve in no time.

If keen on using homeopathic medicines,use one medicine at a time, wait for atleast three weeks to se its response, and move on to another one, if there is no response. If response is there, however slightly , stick to it, and repeat, when you feel slipping back.

But, the mind techniques alone should help you.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
if you still want a remedy I would say once more to read about ZINC and maybe phosphorous.
I agree the mind techniques are most important.
erika last decade
hello all,

Premature ejaculation is not an easy topic.
It is caused by various factors.
premature ejaculation can be caused by prostatitis or urethritis due to over-mastursbation or ejaculation in the past.
If its prostate, over prostatic fluid emmission causes premature ejaculation.
It can be psychological.Do regular exercises and walk.
It could be due to bad diet.Red meat and high blood pressure,stress can also cause premature ejaculation.

If u take selinium, conium,lyco or other medicines like that.It would not be effective that much.

Mainly it is psychological but it cant be healed by just overcoming anxiety.

There is a pill called vig rx. Search it over the internet. It will solve problems. It is a bit expensive but proven to be effective.
mustafa2480 last decade
why do people believe that over-masturbation can harm?? this just is not true!!!
erika last decade
Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation over-discharges the brain's acetylcholine, dopamine, and serotonin nerves systems, resulting in brain's/nervous (pro-sympathetic, due to over-conversion of dopamine to norepinephrine and epinephrine for stress responses), liver, cardiovascular, kidney, and endocrine disorder. Brain/neuro-endocrine and liver systems cant perform recharging for itself.

It is not only the seminal blasting of ejaculation duct and nerves in the prostate and urethra due to over-ejaculation and over-masturbation, but also the mass destruction of the brain and nervous systems, particularly the acetylcholine/parasympathetic, dopamine and serotonin systems associated with erection and ejaculation control.
mustafa2480 last decade
who has said all this? where is the research?? how many years have they studied someone to check out that this happens? is there a special clinic that studies this?????
I'm sorry, I don't believe it!
erika last decade
Anyways, These are all the causes of Premature Ejaculation. Anybody can suggest medications.

Excessive Masturbation,Stress & Anxiety,Prostate Problems ,Nervous System Dysfunction ,Male Menopause ,High Blood Pressure ,High Dose Caffeine,Testosterone Imbalance,Thyroid Hormone Disorder,Weak PC Muscle.

Best Regards.
mustafa2480 last decade
I do agree with your other causation possibilities and they make a lot of sense.
thank you for your input on this it is appreciated.
best regards
erika last decade
how long is one supposed to last on average? what is considered "pre"
hotty198 last decade
Over masturbation is a major cause of Premature Ejaculation as it is cited by almost all the Ayurvedic Doctors. Its just a phenomena in Western countries that masturbation do not effect the erectile function of the penis (many people think that it makes better an erection if done on some intervals). But Ayurvedic or the people who treat using herbs, believe that overmasturbation is very harmful for the health of the penis.
Research and practice of Ayurveds over centuries has proved this.
I suggest you that pls consult with a ayurved specialist for complete information regarding this.
brokenheart last decade
Yes, it is a belief in ayurveda that masturbation (leave aside too much!) is 'harmful'. There are loads of guys who are sure they are weak and tired because they masturbate - I think the belief causes the symptoms.
There might be something to what mustafa says, but please, people from the sub-continent, masturbation is not a sin and NOT harmful - in fact, it is a healthy release of sexual energy.
Minsa last decade
P.S. brokenheart, BTW, I know a sex therapist who suggests masturbation before sex if a guy has problems with premature ejaculation!
Minsa last decade
Hello all,

While doing over masterbation. Your body learns to have orgasm as quickly as possible(increased desire leading to decreased ability which can lead to premature response. ), As a result it causes pemature ejaculation.An average man is supposed to ejaculate after 2.5 to 3 minutes.Some people believe that first masterbation and then sex .If you over ejaculate , your prostate will get inflammed, causing prostatitis, point to be noted is ejaculation gives relief to prostate but over ejacualtion infalmes it. While i never said masterbation is bad or a sin, I always used the word over masterbation.If ur doing it more than three times a weak, its over masterbation.

Best Regards
mustafa2480 last decade

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