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19 month old with Eczema/food allergies-help find remedy!

My son Nolan is 19 months old in a week. He has eczema on the backs of legs, mostly from a little above the knee down, also on the tops of feet, starting to get some on his upper inner thighs, along his back and just a touch now and then on his forearms. It gets worse in the heat and from many different foods. It's very itchy to him. He appears to be allergic to many many foods where when he eats them his eczema flares up vivid red. These foods include: all dairy, all citrus, eggs (possibly), cherries, strawberries, apricot, possibly lentils, cinnamon, tomatoes, chiles, eggplant, kiwi, and the list keeps growing.

I tried to have a homebirth but finally had to go the hospital- I labored for a very long 107 hours before he was born- he seemed to be pointed towards a corner of my pelvis and he finally changed position after I had an epidural to reduce my contractions- they were so strong and forceful and lasted so long that it seemed he couldn't move into position- he had a very bad bruise on the back of his head when he came out. His head is big and continues to be in the 90th percentile.

He has a very happy disposition, inquisitive. He is fairly demanding of my attention in that I stay home with him and he hasn't learned to occupy himself much yet and constantly wants to be in my lap while I'm on the computer, or wants me to hold him or that I at least be near him while he's playing- he gets a little upset when I start reading or seem distracted in some way. He is very outgoing- since birth he has always gone to everyone who wanted to hold him, and he continues to love meeting new people and interacting with them and smiles easily. While he wants/likes a lot of attention, he is also pretty independent and wants to walk around by himself and doesn't want to hold our hand, he doesn't like being restrained- he often kicks his bedcovers off his feet. He seems fairly bright as he says well over 200 words- could even be 300- he loves to dance and he loves music and singing- he loves to sing songs with us and has a very good ear for singing in tune. He's a very distracted eater and can't focus on eating when there are people around or anything else interesting to look at or do. He'll never fall asleep in a group setting no matter how tired he is or what time it is- his energy seems to feed off others and he gets very full of energy around people even if he's tired (just like me his mother). He responds fairly well to discipline, he gets over discipline very quickly and is back to his perky self right away. The only exception to this is not discipline, but once he fell off a chair about 4 months ago and split the bottom of his chin open and he cried and was inconsolable for quite awhile and was afraid to sit on that chair thereafter for quite some time- now he is fine with sitting there again. He seems to have a very good memory. Probably the biggest negative aspect to his personality is that he demands a lot attention to be on him or with him, and the biggest positive side to his personality is his outgoing/friendly/happy nature. He readily shares (for now!) even though he is not around other children his age hardly at all and hasn't had much practice in sharing. He seems to feel more content and satisfied if he is given a 'job' where he feels like he's doing something important and needed and grown up- when I ask him to help me carry out the garbage and I give him a smaller one he does it with much seriousness. He responds well to our asking him to do things that are grown up. He loves tools and likes to pretend to hammer and saw with our tools- he doesn't play with toys much at all- he just likes adult things. He loves to be scared and surprised- he loves all those games where you jump out at him unexpectedly and he'll laugh hysterically over and over. He totally gets humor and laughs very easily. He is very cuddly- especially when he wants your attention. He nursed for a full 14 months, and it is around that time that he started sleeping through the night as well. Everyone young and old seems to enjoy being with our son and there are 6 and 8 year old boys who hang out with him like he's their age because he's fun and 'cool'- and he's only 19 months old! Everytime I tell him to 'come here' whether it's to change his diaper or to get in the car, he immediately treats it like a game and gives me a mischievious smile and wants to play a chasing game- he's not trying to be bratty just wanting to play a game. He's not always the best listener- when I tell him not to do something he'll often try to ignore it for as long as he can until the threat of a stronger punishment. Other times he responds right away, but still takes his time in actually carrying out the request (like 'come here'- he'll walk very slowly towards me). He's a very messy child- just like his father- and tends to throw things everywhere- but when I ask him to pick things up and put them away he readily does so and is glad to do an 'adult job.' He likes to play with his food and do things like stir a spoon in a cup of water and then add pieces of his apple to the cup and stir some more- stuff like that. He doesn't sleep well if he's with me or my husband- he seems to get too wired when people are around and keeps fidgeting around for quite a long time before he'll fall asleep. He just seems like he's always ready to play a game and laugh at any moment. He is often very grumpy afterwards if he has a late afternoon nap and it takes quite awhile to get him to stop crying and complaining- however when he wakes up in the morning he is very cheerful and happy. He absolutely loves Bananas and Blueberries. He likes warm foods in general when it comes to actual meals- he won't eat most cold foods except for something like a smoothie. He seems to get frustrated rather easily when he is unable to do something that is currently beyond his ability and will start to cry/complain- for instance he'll throw his pen down and shake his body and head around if he can't draw what he was trying to. If I discipline him by putting him in his room with the door closed he will cry just for a little bit but then he'll give up and start looking at books or whatever- he doesn't seem to fight back too hard over things in general- especially if you're not there- he's more persistent if you're in view.
He doesn't seem shy at all- he'll walk right up to any kid or adult he doesn't know and try to interact even though he is just learning to talk- even if the kids are older he doesn't seem intimidated at all. He always seems to become the person people want to follow or go along with. He has never watched television. Overall his behavior is fine but his eczema has been getting worse lately even though I am taking more and more foods out- I am starting to be at a loss of what to do. The weather here is warming up. We hardly bathe him at all. Recently I put a simple ointment on his legs that happened to contain arnica and I don't know if it was a fluke but it really seemed to improve his skin temporarily.
He is NOT immunized at all. He has only had a fever 2xs- both minor. He had teeth very early- 2 teeth at 3 months, and 9 teeth by 10 months. He currently has probably 90% of his baby teeth fully grown in.

His skin where the eczema is is very dry and almost scaly feeling- there is NO pus or oozing or even cracking- just very red, very dry, scaly, itchy, and when it's been worse lately, little tiny hard round bumps too.

I don't know if this will help but I, his mother, have an autoimmune thyroid disease called Hashimotos- my immune system seems very overreactive and I wonder if he inherited some of this with his strong reaction to so many foods. His father/my husband had eczema and many food allergies as a baby/young boy as well including many of the same foods my son is allergic to- his eczema later turned into asthma and then depression which he has dealt with on and off for years- my husband feels best when he is very busy doing active projects outside and my son loves this as well. If my husband sits around too much or 'relaxes' he gets depressed. My husband was very shy as a boy though and my son definitely is the opposite in that respect. I apparently had eczema as a baby too and I've always been pretty outgoing. At the time my mom said switching to a soap laundry cleaner eliminated my eczema completely. I've tried that with my son and haven't noticed a difference yet- in fact it seems to be worse- but perhaps it's too soon to tell.
Please help me- if you have any questions I can answer I will do so right away. Thank you!
  mountainfever on 2011-06-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello mountainfever.

I will go through your case and give you your answer soon.

Parakletos; practitioner of classical homeopathy
Parakletos last decade
Thank you so much! Will be waiting anxiously!

A little more I thought of- Nolan (my son) loves being outside. He will often sing the tune of a simple song like 'twinkle twinkle little star' but he'll sing the names of his friends and family to that tune like 'bibi-bibi-zac-zac-papou-papou-mommy-daddy'. He loves to look at photos. He likes reading books with us.
mountainfever last decade
Could this be similar to your son's eczema:
Skin dry, hot, better bathing in cold water, cold applications. Has a transparent waxy appearrance ?

Hurts when you touch the area that is prone to eczema?

Is there any itching, or swelling ?

Parakletos last decade
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello again-
Skin dry, hot, better bathing in cold water, cold applications= YES

Transparent Waxy Appearance- NOT SURE- it's mostly blotchy red- but I can see how it could possibly be a bit transparent and waxy a little bit but that is not the most obvious appearance- the eczema is most obviously blotchy and red.

Hurts when you touch the are that is prone to excema- NO-I am not sure of this- he scratches it all the time and that doesn't seem to bother him so that kind of touching doesn't seem to actually hurt. We rub lotions all the time on these areas and he likes that and has never complained.

No swelling.

Thank you!

I thought of something else- he loves to play with and in water- he doesn't mind very cold water at all.
mountainfever last decade
Ok. Now, we have the following: Skin dry, hot, better bathing in cold water, cold applications = YES.
Worse by heat
Your son is also an active boy, wants / likes a lot of attention. Like being the center point.

Altogether this leads my thoughts to a medicine called Apis melifica.

In my opinion this is the medicine he needs.
You need to buy Apis, the potency 30C and 200C.

Liquid medicine is best, but the pills, granules, is also good.
Notify me when you bought them. Then I'll explain how the medication should be taken.

Regards; Parakletos
[message edited by Parakletos on Wed, 15 Jun 2011 22:54:14 BST]
Parakletos last decade
Okay I will buy the liquid-
Yes you are right he is active and needs/wants/likes a lot attention.

I'll let you know as soon as I recieve it.
mountainfever last decade
Does it matter where I buy the remedies? Do qualities differ? I want to make sure I get a good one. Thank you.
mountainfever last decade
I'm just going to add more in case we need it later:
He runs warm and gets hot easily- this is the same for his dad and me his mom. So rooms feel stuffy to us very easily- we live with our doors and windows open much of the time to keep fresh air flowing.
He has never been interested in stuffed animals at all and doesn't have any attachment to any one thing like a teddy bear or blanket. He likes hard things like tools and spoons, and doesn't care for soft things.
mountainfever last decade
'Does it matter where I buy the remedies? Do qualities differ? I want to make sure I get a good one. Thank you.'

Depends on where you live. Which country?
Parakletos last decade
'I'm just going to add more in case we need it later:
He runs warm and gets hot easily- this is the same for his dad and me his mom. So rooms feel stuffy to us very easily- we live with our doors and windows open much of the time to keep fresh air flowing.'

You sound like a Apis family. :-)
An important sign of apis is 'respiration; Difficult (dyspnea); wants doors and windows open'
Do you have a thyroid disorder, Apis can be a good remedy for you.
Do you like to swim in cool water? Or like cold applications or cold bathing ?
You can be so hurried some times that you becom clumsy and drops things?
Very active and busy ?
Feels hot or flushes of heat ?
Thyroid is swollen, hot and inflamed ?

Could this fit you?

Parakletos last decade
Oh my goodness this is so cool!!! Yes people come over our house and are always freezing because we have all the doors open and it's like 60 degrees and we all love it (although before I was pregnant I was actually cold all the time).

Thyroid Disorder: As a matter of fact YES! Actually it's an autommune disease- but I have Hashimoto's which is where my body makes antibodies against my thyroid and attack it and destroy it over time- I take a pretty effective thyroid med now and I no longer eat gluten and would love to quell the antibody attacks eventually if possible.

Swim in cool water: YES. That actually used to be one my favorite forms of exercise was swimming- it had the absolutely most rejuvenating feeling to me. However, when it comes to showers I love the hottest shower I can possibly stand- thats for when I get cold.

Very Active and Busy: YES. (as long as my thyroid is acting okay). Both my husband and I have a lot of hobbies and like to be productive all the time. We both get depressed if we did something like lounge at the beach- we like to hike and go backpacking instead.

I do notice that when I occasionally eat gluten now, which is rare, or have too much sugar, or eating something be allergic to, like eggplant- I do get a flush of heat in my body and feel all sweaty.

I don't think I'm clumsy though- but my husband is ALWAYS, CONSTANTLY losing things. Everyday he either can't find his keys or his phone or something like that for at least 1/2 hour. I would like to open up a case for him soon actually because he had major adrenal fatigue and deals with some pretty bad anxiety and feels very stressed easily the last few years.

Thanks for this! We'd both be happy to try a remedy too!
mountainfever last decade
We just got the remedies in the mail- could you tell us how to give them to him now?
mountainfever last decade
Take 3-4 drops, 30C, in a glass of clean water. Stir. Take a spoonful of this water and give to your son. Remember to give this medication at least half an hour before or after food and drink.
Important not to take any coffein (Coke etc) Also, peppermint, menthol, camphor.

At first you can give a spoonful of this water 2 times a day, morning and evening. Put a lid, foil or the like on the glass and place it in the refrigerator. Keeps for 3 days, you must create new, if necessary. But do not give more than 10 times. Do you see an improvement you have to stop.

Please let me know if anything should happen. Or if you have any questions.

Remember that there is a time difference in where we live. I live in Norway. And you live in?
If you or your husband take this medicine, you must begin with the 200C, the same procedure, but taking only one dose and wait a week, please give me a report.

Parakletos last decade
Okay I just wanted to make sure I understand everything correctly-
for my son: put 3-4 drops of the 30c in a glass of water- how much water in the glass? Like 8oz? or 4oz?
Then are you saying not to give my son the remedy of this more than 10 times total, or not more than 10 times from the same glass mixture? Lastly, if I see improvement I do stop? or I don't stop?

Sorry to be a little confused.

I live in United States, California.

I think both my husband and I would like to try the 200c as you suggested- so you mean the same procedure as in put 3-4 drop of 200c in a glass of water and stir and then take one spoonful?

Sorry to sound stupid- I just want to make sure I do it right.

Thank you so much! Will definitely report back.
mountainfever last decade
You are not stupid, of course not. I forgot to give you accurate information, sorry.

In Norway, I would say about 2dl, it is probably 6 to 7 OZ.

When it comes to you and your husband, you must take only one dose and wait about a week. You would also probably want Apis in potency 1M. Do not take a second dose until you have consulted with me. Do not use the same spoon!

You live in California, then it's 8 hours difference.

Parakletos last decade
Hello. How are you? Anything to report?

Parakletos last decade
Hi there! I was just saying today that I've noticed that Nolan's excema really is improved! He was sick all last week, which made it hard to tell because his excema always goes away anyway when he's sick, but he's been pretty much fine for 4 days now and it was really hot yesterday which means his excema should have been worse again, but it wasn't! I really think the remedy is working- it's been a gradual thing that I didn't really notice at first.

The only thing is we have been unable to successfully give him the remedy 2xs a day. We have been managing 1x in the morning only- it's just been difficult in the evening with eating and then bed right after, it seems there's never a time I can remember to give him the second dose when he hasn't already eaten something recently. I've been giving him 2 spoonfuls in the morning because he doesn't seem to get all of it down (some spills down his chin) so he's probably getting more like 1.5 spoonfuls of the remedy once a day.

Should I do anything different now?

I haven't had to put any creams on him at all the last two weeks and he hardly ever itches it now- just a little now when he wakes up from a nap or when we change his diaper- but it is definitely MUCH improved.

What should we do now? Thank you so much for your help! I am so amazed by how well this seems to be working. I haven't tried giving him any foods that usually make his eczema worse- will there ever be a time you think where he'll be able to eat these foods without having it get worse?

Anyway- looking forward to complete healing.
mountainfever last decade
I should add that his skin is still not blemish free or anything but it certainly looks much better (and obviously feels much better to my son since he hardly itches)- it's still a bit rough to the touch, but no red blotches and such.

So he is much better, but of course he is not completely better yet.
mountainfever last decade
Hello moutainfever.
Great to hear that there has been an improvement. Do you remember how many doses you have given your son?
When you have given him 30C 10 times and it still is eczema, try 200C, but then you just give one dose and wait 5 - 6 days. Contact me before you give him the next dose.
I go away on Thursday, and come home Sunday. Do not know if I can access the internet during that period. If you do not get any reply from me then you know why. :-)

Parakletos last decade
Hi again!
Sorry it has been so long since I've checked in-
my update is that we did 2 200c doses, about 2 weeks apart. The first one proved immediate improvement for several days. Then I think he may have had some foods he's allergic to (like some tomato or peanut) and it came back a little bit- although not nearly as bad as before. I for some reason didn't get around to asking you what I should do next and decided to just give him another single 200c dose- I did this two weeks after the first dose. I can't recall at this moment if it made it all better- his eczema is so much better than it was- but it's not completely gone yet- what would you suggest I do next or is there any other questions I can answer? I do know that sometimes we get a little lax and let him have a piece of cheese or tomato or something else he seems to be allergic to and it makes his eczema flare up a little- it gets kind of dry and scabby a bit. Anyway- I'd love to pursue trying to cure it completely if you have any other ideas. Thanks so much! I'm sorry I didn't consult earlier.
mountainfever last decade
Hello there.
Sounds good, great that this medication has helped the eczema to your son.
I think you just give him another dose of Apis 200C. Wait a week or two.

Just ask if there are any questions. :-)

Sincerely, R. Flemming
Parakletos last decade
Hello again-

I just want to state for the record of this case for any others reading that this remedy has worked superbly for our son. It seems to get rid of it almost entirely and its only when he eats things that he is really allergic too (like tomatoes, and too much dairy) that it breaks out again but never as bad as it was and is easily cured with another dose.

Thanks so much!
mountainfever last decade
Hello again to you too. :-)

Very glad to hear that this medication has helped your son. Still, there remains something, before healing is complete. I think you should get Apis melifica in 1M. (Need not be liquid, pills are good.) Once you have received this medication, please contact me. I'm not so much on forums these days, but you will find my e-mail on my profile.

Parakletos last decade
Okay I will do that! That would be great if the remedy can do even more than it's already done.

Will order and email you soon.

Lessismore- did you try this remedy for your son too and it worked out well?
mountainfever last decade

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