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food allergies and eczema

My 3 years old son has eczema because of food allergies. The foods he is allergic to are egg, lentils, coconut, green peas, nuts, sesame seeds and he shows reaction to chicken and goat meat as well.
His eczema started when he was two months old. And he had urinary reflux for which he was on a low dose daily antibiotics from the age of 3months. For the reflux he had urethral re-implantation surgery a couple of months ago.
He also has enlarged tonsillitis and adenoid.
last year we consulted a classical homeopath for his food allergies. he gave sulphur 200c, Calcarea Ars. 200c, Arsenicum Album 200c, Lycopodium 200c. None of these helped his condition. Actually some of the remedies worsen his conditions with no positive turn.
beginning of this year we went to another homeopath in India and he suggested combination remedies like Graphite pentarkan.
So now my son is taking graphite pentarkan thrice daily and rhus tox 200c and petroleum 1/2m once every other day. And he is also taking Drico and sulphur monthly once. And for tonsillitis he is taking a tablet called tone.
Even after taking all these remedies we don't see any substantial improvements and we notice he is getting more stubborn and cranky for every small thing.
can you please suggest me if taking all these remedies at once is ok and his personality change is caused by one of the remedy.
Thank you very much.
  Blue123 on 2010-12-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Yes, it can happen. This is not the way you should use these medicines. With a great power to cure, comes a great power to harm. The disease curing power in homeopathic medicines comes from the 'health altering' power. So, in immature hands, these can be very dangerous things.

Homeopathic remedies should be given based on the following cardinal principles:

Single medicine
Similar medicine
Minimum dose

The homeopath is violating all the above principles by giving multiple medicine and repeating them mechanically.

You need to stop the remedies immediately and give him a cooling down period of 10 days or so. If the symptoms persist after that period, we can see what needs to be done.

But, stop the remedies immediately.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you sameer. I will stop all the remedies from today.
And actually my son craves for chocolates and sweet items. He likes only bread, cheese, milk, yogurt and cheese pizza. He is not even willing to try other food items. As i have mentioned before he is adamant for every single and small things. He has very hard time falling asleep and always have restless sleep. But in the morning he wouldn't want to wake up. So when i mentioned all these to our homeopath he suggested taking cina 30c.
can i give this to my son, if so should i wait for 10days after stopping all the other remedies before starting cina 30c. Please advice.
Blue123 last decade
Well, your guess is as good as mine about the competence of a prescriber who is doing such blatant violation of everything homeopathy is built upon.

I would recommend just waiting for 10 days, and not giving anything.

Most probably your homeopath is going to Cina just by the anger and obstinacy of your child. That is a very narrow way to look at remedies and will very likely fail.

Just a dose or 2 is enough to start the curative process. These are not pills that one can keep popping for months. Homeopathic remedies (especially the deep acting ones) will have a pretty strong harmful impact on the health of a human being if repeated like that.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you Sameer. I will stop all the remedies for 10 days. Can you please study my son's case and recommend a suitable remedy for him.
Blue123 last decade
I would need much more information about the child in order to prescribe (once the 10 day cooling off period is over).

Please tell about his behavior, and everything else (what makes him happy, what makes him unhappy, general things which aggravate him or ameliorate him)
sameervermani last decade
Thank you Sameer. I know the following seems like a very long essay but I would like to present you the full history of my son so you could have the utmost information for selecting the remedy.
When i think about his personality the first thing that comes to my mind is his Adamant. He is adamant from what he wears to what he eats. Mostly he does not like to share his toys, but he likes to play with other kids toys and even cries for taking others toys with him. And once if he says no to one thing than it not possible to convince him. He will either keep saying no or he will try to convince us or he will just cry and try to avoid it. But if we play with him the game he likes than he is the very happy kid you could ever see. And he likes to play with other kids when they play the game he enjoys. We can make him to do lot of things when he is in the happy mood or by saying him that we will do the thing that he likes. For example he likes going to my brother's house and enjoys playing with my sister-in-law. if i say i will take him to their house if he does what i say then i can get him to do 90 percent of what i say.
Coming to his birth and the past history, he was born post due. The labor was induced but because of lack of contractions the doctor had to call for c-section. But he was a healthy child with 8pounds and 3 ounces weight and 22cm height. When he was born he had very fair (wheatish) complexion. But now his skin color changed a lot, it looks brown and in some parts where he has eczema it looks blackish brown. He was mostly breastfeed till the age of five months except a hand full of time of formula. In the initial months he used to have good appetite and was gaining healthy weight. When he was 2 months old he got fever and was diagnosed having urinary reflux on both the sides, one side was mild and the other side was between grade 3 and 4. So the doctors put him on 10 days course of Amoxicillin followed by a daily low dose of the same medicine. Around this we also started noticing discoloration in his skin mainly around the elbows, Knees and lower back. When we asked our pediatrician he said since it was November the discoloration could be winter rash and he suggested applying some moisturizer. But after the 6 month when he was started on solid foods his rashes increased and we notice intense itching whenever I ate certain foods since he was still breastfeed. So we pushed out pediatrician to test for food allergies. The first test was using his blood and he was allergic to Eggs, cashew nuts, coconut, lentils and green peas. Until one year he stayed home so other than the daily dose of antibiotics and the food allergies he was quite healthy and I need to mention that he was a very happy baby. Never cried for no reason, had never been cranky. Other than his sleeping time he was constantly engaged on something like playing with toys, moving around flowing the toys or just moving around exploring for something.
The bad part started when he started at the day care at the age of 11 months. He constantly fell sick and because of that more courses of Amoxicillin or just Tylenol depending on the illness. He spent most of the time at home than at the daycare. But his rashes and itching increased dramatically. At this time most of the part from elbow to wrist and knee to ankle were covered with patches of red rashes. So we consulted an allergist and she did scratch test which added peanuts and sesame seeds to the allergy list. When he was 1 year and 2months old we went to India and there we consulted a pediatrician who prescribed a regular dose of Zyrtec which made the rashes turn to oozing blisters. And on the return trip the blisters got infected and by the time we landed in US he had high fever because of infection and he had to be hospitalized for few days with another course of antibiotics.
But in the mean time the test we did for the urinary reflux showed that he had outgrown the reflux on both the sides, so the doctor called off the low dose Amoxicillin which he was taking every day. And he happen to stay home for sometime without any major problems. But his rashes were still there with less trouble by avoiding all the allergy causing foods. And when he started at the daycare again the itching increased, this is when we sought the classical homeopath whose remedies aggravated his rashes and itching without any improvement. So I took him to India and consulted the Indian homeopath who gave all the remedies which he is talking now. But after taking these remedies his allergy completely got cleared when we were in India except the skin discolorations. But in a week after I landed in US his rashes came back. Surprisingly he ate almost all the allergy causing foods except the nuts in India without any problems. He even ate fish once but that caused bad diarrhea for three days after.
And in the test we did for urinary reflux he again showed reflux on one side, so he undergone a surgery to fix the reflux a few months ago.
Once again Thank you very much for helping us out. I value your help very much and appreciate your service.
Blue123 last decade
Any fears or anxieties that he has ?

How about his anger ?

How extroverted is he ? How easily does he make friends ?

What are the diseases that run in the family ?

Anything which ameliorates or aggravates him in general (e.g. any strong impact of Sun, touch, open air, seaside, warmth, becoming cold, exercise, music... etc)

Tell me something which is striking about him, something which differentiates your son from other kids.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks Sameer.
Fears or anxieties - He does not want to be alone even for few minutes and anxious about washing his hair - makes sure i don't wash his hair, lunch he takes to school - always makes sure i have packed the bread and cheese that he likes.
Anger - he gets angry at times.
How extroverted is he ? How easily does he make friends ? - he is very happy when people are around him. He likes to play with kids but he forces people to do something he says. And at school he flows the teacher he likes or the same kid he likes every time even when that kid ignores him. And at school he does not like to try projects by himself instead he watches other kids doing even when the teaches pushes him hard to try on his own.

Diseases run in the family - Mother's side - mother's grand fathers both paternal and maternal had diabetics. mother's maternal grand mother died of throat cancer at young age and paternal grandmother died of heart attack because of high blood pressure. Mother's father had piles, mild blood pressure, suffered from depression and also had psychological problems, later committed suicide.
Mother's mother stays in decent health except skin and menstrual.
Father's side - Fathers paternal side not much health problems except back pain and since they all are tall people they tend to bend slightly permanently at their old age. Fathers maternal grand father died of paralysis attack. Father's mother had menstrual problems and had her uterus removed otherwise healthy.
Mother during pregnancy of the kid suffered lots of fluid retention, yeast infection and uncontrollably itchy abdomen in the last trimester and also had mile blood pressure in the last few weeks.
things Aggravate him - when the eczema is severe perspiration intensifies his itching. taking him in the sun also aggravates but when in India sun did not bother him at all.
And if any of the family people is sad for any reason he hugs the person and sits quietly next to the person. He prefers being with the mother. when he wakes up from sleep in the morning he demands for the mother.
He seems me to be a quick learner and logically sounds better than memory. Still sometimes surprises us with his memory.
He constantly does something and cannot sit in one place.
We do not see anything that differentiates him from other kids except the food allergy.
He is very reluctant in trying new food items.
Blue123 last decade
Couple more things that i missed in the earlier post.

My son does not seem to be hungry in the morning and until 2 or 3pm in the afternoon. But after that he gets very hungry and his appetite increases twice more than what he eats from morning until 2 or 3pm. And he wakes up in the middle of the sleep and says he is hungry.

He has very tough time falling asleep, and has restless sleep between 12am and 3 or 4am. After that he doesn't want to wake up at all almost until 10am in the morning.
And i could never keep him on a scheduled pattern of sleeping and eating, doesn't matter how hard i try.

His itching is intense when he tries to fall asleep and between 12am and 3 or 4am. And when he gets the sensation of urinating or bowel movement he starts scratching before he actually says that he has to use the restroom. And if he is upset of something the first thing he does is scratching before crying.

And his mother, myself have suffered from dust allergy which results in non stop sneezing from my childhood and when i was around 20 years of age it transformed into eczema only in the middle two fingers of the right hand which gets intense when i eat chicken or goat meat. And i used to fall sick constantly as a child and latter okay. Had and have skin complaints like childhood blisters and adult age acne and pigmentation. Have been suffering from fluid retention and PMS problems.

Thank you very much.
Blue123 last decade
How much time did you wait after Lycopodium 200c dose ?

And, the homeopath gave him Calcarea Arsenicosa ?

What is so different about India that he felt better there ? Is it the weather difference ?
sameervermani last decade
Also, can we say he is a very cautious child in general ?
sameervermani last decade
Thank you Sameer.
Following are the remedies he took under the guidance of a classical homeopath in US in the given order. I have also mentioned the time periods he took. Actually after Lycopodium the doctor wanted to have a cool off time so we waited few weeks before giving Sulphur.
The first remedy he started with was Calcarea Arsenicosa.

1. Calcarea Arsenicosa 200c - became worse after taking this for 3 weeks(once a week)
2. Arsenicum Album 200c - dissolved few pellets in water and administered few drops by mouth three times a day for a week
3. Lycopodium 200c - three weeks, once a week
4. Sulphur 200c - three doses in 24 hours

What is so different about India that he felt better there ? Is it the weather difference ?
- This what we are also confused about. If it is the weather then he should at least feel little better for the summer in US, but that is not the case. Actually the 2009 summer in US aggravated his eczema. So we are wondering could it be the carpet in US homes, which has not been confirmed by any tests.

Also, can we say he is a very cautious child in general ? - Yes. I have seen him playing the same games again and again when we go to park. And he wouldn't want to try new games whereas other kids go crazy with all the available games.

And one more thing i forgot to mention is, once at daycare he slapped a kid for no reason. And now also at home if i fake to hit somebody he enjoys it, but when i fake to hit him he wouldn't want it.

And i am noticing his adamant behavior is little better now, not sure if it is because of stopping all the remedies or the one dose of cina 200c he took on Thursday evening.
Blue123 last decade
Sameer, couple more items i missed to mention.
My son gets cold very often, it starts with little of runny nose and then becomes blocked with lots of green mucus.
While sleeping i notice his breath stops for few seconds and have breath that looks like a couple of noisy breaths combined (do not know the right word to say this) before it gets normal.
He is not a fleshy kid but still he snores. And compare to others we can hear him breathing.
All the above mentioned I had and still have. I have lots of white mucus every morning which i have to expectorate otherwise i feel the mucus in throat. So i am suspecting he also will have the same since lot of other symptoms matches mine.
Blue123 last decade
And, did you notice any changes when you gave him Lycopodium 200c ?
sameervermani last decade
i don't remember noticing any change. But definitely no positive change, otherwise we wouldn't have tried Sulphur.
Blue123 last decade
So this 'obstinacy' started, only after the homeopathic remedies, correct ?

Before this, he was a compliant child ?
sameervermani last decade
Also, can you remember which medicine started this obstinacy ?
sameervermani last decade
About the obstinacy, i couldn't be certain if it started after Homeopathy remedy. Because we approached a Homeopath around August of 2009, then he was less than 2 years of age. For that age he was a happy child compared to other cranky children around. But remember he used to have some demands but nothing compared to what he does now.
Blue123 last decade
What was the reason for the urinary reflux ?
sameervermani last decade
Reason for the Urinary reflux was when the bladder shrinks to flush out the urine the valve that joins the urethra to the bladder was not closing completely and letting the urine to flow up to the kidney. So the urethra had to be reposition where it will be closed when the bladder shrinks.
Now because of the UTI's he had in the past, a recent renal scan showed that he has couple of tiny scaring in one of the kidneys. Just would like to let you know this, not sure this should be considered when selecting the remedy.
Blue123 last decade
Sameer, while reading through the profile of Calcarea Arsenicosa, it says eczema on face and scalp, this reminds of the eczema that showed up on his face after taking this remedy. But i couldn't remember any other period other than that instance of my son having eczema on his face. His face looks pale though and is the only area of his body where the skin is little close to the color he had when he was born.
Not sure if this would help - i am a chronic sufferer of dandruff since my puberty.
Blue123 last decade
Okay, then, I have picked the remedy.

Have you ever given him Pulsatilla ?
sameervermani last decade
No Sameer.
Blue123 last decade
Once it has been 10 days from the last homeopathic remedy you gave, I want you to give him a single dose of Pulsatilla 200c in water.

Dissolve 2 pellets (or 2 drops if you have liquid dilution) in 250 ml spring water, stir, and give him a teaspoon from there ONCE.

Make sure nothing enters his mouth 1 hr before and 1 hr after the dose.

Report after 1 week from the dose please.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you very much sameer. I don't have pulsatilla. I have to order it anyway, so please let me know which is best, pellets or liquid dilution.
Blue123 last decade

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