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Hi am 50 and diabetic since last four years. Usually I control BS by sports but I feel insensitivity in my left foot toe and sometime pain too. I take herb 'Budpiao' that make it up to some extent to lower the pain. In homeopathy, can be possible to cure it? Also pls indicate side effect of A.Phos Q when used for long time. Eckbaull Nayyer Islamabad Pakistan.
Barrister last decade
To Barrister

Please read my post dated Feb 2 2006 above for full information on using the therapy that I have perfected for the control of Diabetes.

This may help you, including your toe.

I have no experience with using the remedy that you indicated in your post -- A. Phos Q
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Dr. Joe. Yesterday, as i read this thread n took Arnica 30 (8 drops) but today, there was some problem in my stomach...so tell me its dose as well...

I forget to mention that i belong to 2nd category of diabetics. I am feeling dizziness, laziness and i cant concentrate on anything from last few days.

Though, i use to play sports to control my BS, and i cant stay with High BS for a long time. But from last few days, am feeling insentivity in my left foot toe.

As it is said, that Diabetics is silent killer - but i never let it overcome on me in last four years...But I wonder, that from last few days, am feeling so down and laziness.

Please also suggest the dose of cinnamon and Arnica 30. I will highly appreciate if you tell me, how you got Arnica 30 as remedy for diabetics, because it is used to heal wounds.

Barrister last decade
Dear Joe. I have been taking Arnica wet dose, cinnamin tea and 1.5 hour daily walk regularly since last 10 months.I am sorry to say that I have observed absolutely no effect on diabetes or hair loss.
libra last decade
To Barrister

I am not qualified to be addressed as Doctor.

It would be easier to treat you if you stated your Blood Sugar levels without any medication and also what medication you are using today.

Your feelings of unease are all due to your BS level and I hope that this therapy can help you.

It was a chance observation on my part when I gave Arnica 30c to a known Type I Diabetic to heal his non healing wound on his toe. He reported that his BS level had plumetted and I then tested it on other diabetics and they invariably reported lower BS levels on the following day. I added Cinnamon powder and with these 2 remedies many Diabetics Type II have succeeded in controlling their diabetes without any drugs which will eventually kill the patient usually by renal failure.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Libra

I am sorry to note that Arnica has not helped you. I presume that you are one of the 20% who have not reacted positively to these 2 remedies which include Cinnamon which I note you also use.

What is your fasting BS level and what drugs have you taken for your Diabetes ?
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe,

I've started taken Arnica 30 and Cinnamon...but i am feeling burning like hot. Please suggest me that i should take Cinnamon in crude form or in homeopathy form.


Eckbaull Nayyer
Barrister last decade
Your report of feeling hot has not been reported to me so far.

If you have used only 1/4 teaspoonful of Cinnamon twice daily, this cannot be the cause of your unease.

Suggest you stop the cinnamon and use the Arnica only and report in a couple of days.

Reminder to check your BS levels frequently as you will discover that they drop dramatically with the combined therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi I am 29 and have diabetes since 1 year, I use only pills( Daimicron MR) daily one ,My sugar level on fasting is 140. Daily on Television I see that many homeopathic doctors cliam that they can completly recover diabetes patient for the treatment from 6- 12 months. I want to know that the are true or not? Shall I start treatment from them?IS it true that people can be completly recover by homeopathic treament from diabetes?
Please reply. Thank you
Shujaat last decade
To Shujaat

Please visit the following links on Diabetes:


The remedies that I have successfully used for the control of Diabetes are
Arnica 30c in the wet dose taken twice daily and
Cinnamon powder dose 1/4 teaspoonful taken twice daily.

This combination should normally bring down your Blood sugar levels down to
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe,

In one of your posts you state to use 3 globules of Arnica 30c diluted in 500ml of water. Sorry for my naivity, but what is a 'globule'.
tamara72 last decade
Globule = Pellet
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
One of my friend is diabitic and I showed him your post,he started to take therapy posted by you and his BS came down to 190 from 250+ in 1 week's time!!!He is going to meet his doctor on Monday and will ask him to cut his dosage as BS has gone down.He is NOT taking insuline but taking tabs(allopathy).He has told me to pass on his best wishes for you so please accept it dear Joe.
For how long he should take cinnamon powder and Arnica 30C 1 teaspoon?He takes Cinnamon powder once in a day,will that do?(to avoid acidity he takes once in a day).
turningpoint last decade
The experience of your friend is quite standard and is exactly the response that others who have used this therapy have also experienced.

Quite frankly it even amazed me when I first was informed of this phenomenon from my first patient who was a type I diabetic to whom I had given Arnica 30c to help cure his wound on his toe. He was a doctor himself and was injecting himself 4 times daily. When he discovered that his BS had plumetted he rang me up and inquired what sort of magic pill I had given him as his BS had dropped in a manner that it had never done before.

Your friend can continue with the Arnica 30 therapy which I presume he is taking in the wet dose, a teaspoonful twice daily. He must reduce the standard drugs he is using for his problem if his BS goes down below 100 as otherwise he can go into Hypoglycemia which is a dangerous state to be in as he will feel very tired and may even pass out till he is given some sugar immediately.

As for the Cinnamon powder, if he can control his diabetes with the Arnica alone he need not use it. OK to use in just once daily.

I do hope that my critics will read this post to know the benefits of what they call Joepathy.
Joe De Livera last decade
It could be the Cinnamon powder that is helping.

Anyway, as Joe suggests try with Arnica alone, and let us know the result.

If your friend has heart enlargement, and is taking blood thinners, it may be dangerous to continue Arnica forever.

See the thread 'Arnica-is it a safe remedy.'

bandarbabu2000 last decade

The thread is

'Is Arnica safe for everybody?'

bandarbabu2000 last decade

Can you please explain the reason why you warn about not using Arnica if one is taking any drugs for thinning the blood ?

As you know Arnica is in itself a blood thinner and I cannot quite figure out your advice.

You may like to know that I have many who have discovered that they have turned over a new page in their lives with a nightly dose of Arnica and would urge you to also use it for just 2 weeks and experience the difference it can make in your life.

No Coffee of course.

Joe De Livera last decade
Arnica may increase the risk of bleeding. If you have diabetes or use anticoagulants (blood thinners) or antiplatelet drugs and are considering using arnica, discuss this with a health care professional. It may be necessary to stop taking arnica before some surgeries.

Source: http://www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/8513/31402/351356.html?d=dmtContent

Dear Joe

Arnica along with the allopathic blood thinners,may make the blood too thin,and there is the risk of uncontrolled bleeding,in case of injury/operations.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Murthy,

As you may remember I was in surgery for my prostate in 2002 exactly 4 years ago on my 73rd Birthday. You may like to know that I prepared myself by taking Arnica 30c which was the only potency that I had with me which I had taken to the US where I had gone to visit my grandchildren, twice daily on the day before surgery and also a few hours before surgery. I woke up with the usual dangle of IV tubes and promptly ordered the nurse to remove the Morphine which was part of the IV network. She just plain refused to do so and when I was adamant she called my surgeon who also tried to dissuade me from its removal. I signed a paper absolving them of any responsibility in the event of any potential danger and proceeded to take just 2 pellets of Arnica every 2 hours sublingually. I was relatively free from pain on the first and second day considering that I had a cut in my abdomen of about 9 inches which was held together with clips. On the third day I was disconnected from the IV tubes and visited the toilet and on the fifth day I was discharged and walked to my car through the corridors of the hospital to the amazement of the nursing staff who had all assembled to see this walking wonder of a 73 year old man who was able to walk unaided in just 5 days after surgery.

I have often maintained that the majority of my therapies are based on my own 'provings' on myself and I can assure you from my own experience and the experience of many other patients who have used my therapy that there is absolutely no fear of Arnica ever causing any bleeding. I do realize that any agent that thins the blood must ipso facto also promote bleeding. I can assure you that Arnica does not ever do so and I hope that research will be done to answer your question which seems rational but which is far from the truth.

Another case that comes to my mind is that of my secretary who was caught up in the bomb blast in the bus terminal in Colombo in 1983 when about 200 people suffered from the blast and about 100 were killed. She was also caught in the bomb which was in a bus about 25 feet from her own bus in which she was seated. She phoned me and I arranged for her rescue from the terminal and when she arrived in my office which by then was closed, I gave her 4 pellets of Arnica and took her to hospital and after she was treated for her wounds which were superficial with just one deep cut, I took her home for the night where I gave her Arnica in the dose of 2 pellets every 2 hours and she was mobile the following morning after a good night's deep sleep without any pain.

These are just 2 incidents that I am personally aware of and my own case of refusing Morphine and preferring to use Arnica 30 may be a world record, especially with the resultant recovery in about 4 weeks when I returned to my desk. Please note that I was 73 years of age at the time of my surgery.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

What worked for you ,may not work for others.

Homeopathy is different from allopathy.

Here we are dealing with subtle energies, and there we are dealing with material doses.

This for that won't give long lasting results in homeopathy.

It can be dangerous too.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Murthy

This is where we differ fundamentally. I have quoted just 2 cases which I was personally aware of to prove how Arnica worked.

If you wade through the many thousands of posts on Arnica you will discover that it has helped many other patients whom I have also helped in post surgical recovery with Arnica. It will therefore be safe to assume logically of course that what worked for so many patients with the same symptoms should therefore also work for others in similar circumstances.

I just cannot understand the logic in your classical thinking that what worked for hundreds cannot work for your patient. This is where the delusion creeps into classical homeopathy where you wish to promote a theory when the practical application of the theory and the result do not follow your classical guidelines which you have all helped to maintain as you fear that your own brand of classical homeopathy will die out unless you maintain that exclusivity that your attitude promotes, which is now being questioned by the patients who have had remarkable cures with my own brand of therapy, now called Joepathy, which will I hope be the new medium of Homeopathic cure in the future.

I do agree with your reference to 'Subtle Energies' of homeopathic remedies but the fact remains that these same energies do conform to the same logical laws that allopathic therapy results in, and the sooner that you and other classical homeopaths accept these basic truths the better for your patients who are now being educated at least on this and 2 other forums the NCH and Kuldeep's new Homeopathy and More to a new vision of Homeopathy which cannot be surpressed any more as the patients who have been suffering under the classical homeopaths are fed up with their antics which have not got them (the patients) anywhere.

I again reaffirm that there has never been any danger to the patient that has ever resulted in his using my therapy.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

You made your point.

I made my point.

Let the case rest here.

Let the people decide what they want.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Another feedback from me dear Joe...
On 11th of Oct.BS was 337
Patient tried your remedy and on 25th night at 9 her BS found 162!!!Amazing stuff from you dear Joe.
Patinet is a lady,age-60 and she is so much thankful to you.Will this same remedy work for type-1 diabetes as my friend's daughter is suffeting from it since birth-her age is 13 yrs,please do advise special therapy for juvenile diabetes as well.thanks a millions Joe and may god bless you.
turningpoint last decade
Respected Joe,
I had gone thru all this topic. I m a follower of homeopathy and as i understand that homeopathy treatment is based on proven facts. further i dont want to fall in arguments, if one feels good then its OK if not then to OK.

Further i want to try arnica in wet dose, but as u mentioned that spring water is to be used but i m sorry that i could not find it in Delhi, India. May i use disttled water and/or mineral water as a substitute for spring water or not. if not then what should i do? kindly advice.
Santosh44 last decade
To Santosh

Thank you for your vote of confidence in my therapy which I have discovered is more effective that the classical remedies that are prescribed by the so called classical homeopaths which has resulted in the patient being left more miserable than before. They also take weeks to help the patient if they eventually do and my Joepathy remedies invariably work almost instantly in minutes or even hours.

Answering your question about Spring water, this is water that comes from deep bore wells and is usually pure. You can get this water from your nearest supermarket and must not be confused with Mineral water which is water from mineral springs like Pellier water which fizzles like soda.

Tap water which is boiled and filtered will also be OK.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Santosh

You can follow the therapy, you have faith in.

However,I don't agree with the following statement.


which I have discovered is more effective that the classical remedies that are prescribed by the so called classical homeopaths which has resulted in the patient being left more miserable than before. They also take weeks to help the patient if they eventually do and my Joepathy remedies invariably work almost instantly in minutes or even hours.'


Totally unwarranted, uncalled for, diatribe about a therapy in which the prescriber lacks any experience.

better answer to the point, and avoid unnecessary provocations.

gavinimurthy last decade

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