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Dear Santosh

You can follow the therapy, you have faith in.

However,I don't agree with the following statement.


which I have discovered is more effective that the classical remedies that are prescribed by the so called classical homeopaths which has resulted in the patient being left more miserable than before. They also take weeks to help the patient if they eventually do and my Joepathy remedies invariably work almost instantly in minutes or even hours.'


Totally unwarranted, uncalled for, diatribe about a therapy in which the prescriber lacks any experience.

better answer to the point, and avoid unnecessary provocations.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Turningpoint

My apologies for not responding to your post of October 26 which I believe was due to my being compelled to keep up the daily grind in replying to the posts from the classical homeopaths who shadow every post that I make to help patients as they feel that my posts are dangerous to the well being of patients even when they can see from the response of the patients as reported by you, can even be considered miraculous.

You will observe that none of the 2 detractors have commented on your report so far and it is very likely that they will not do so even when they see my post which will bring this thread to the top of the list today. They like to pretend that only their classical remedies can help patients when the truth is before their eyes to see that Joepathy works in a manner that even I often cannot believe how it does.

I am naturally delighted that Arnica in the wet dose has helped your patient and you have reported that your patient discovered on the very day that she took the Arnica the her BS dropped from 337 to 162 in hours. This drop is quite usual and I would like to know how she is responding today.

Arnica is being used by juvenile diabetics too with the same positive result. You will obviously agree that it is far safer than using insulin injected in the case of children who will not be able to inject themselves daily, sometimes twice daily.

You may like to know that Arnica has helped at least one Type I diabetic to stop the insulin and to use only the drugs in a low dose in combination with Cinnamon powder dosage 1/4 teaspoonful twice daily.

Please report your patient's response today after almost a month on my therapy. Please also indicate if she is taking Cinnamon powder and does she still have to use Metformin or other drugs which some have to do in a lower dosage to maintain the BS levels down to about 120.

It will be interesting to see whether the 2 classical homeopaths will comment on this post and my guess is that they will choose to ignore it as it will detract from their classical agenda which is really what they are promoting... Not the cure but the criticism of any therapy that I and a few others like me prescribe as they only wish to show off their deep understanding which is their own interpretation of Homeopathy.

I like to heal, they like to criticize even when I do heal with my Joepathy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

I am in Canada and most of the stores here have Arnica Montana 30c. Is this the same or should I find only Arnica 30c for your wet dose remedy. please reply and thanks for sharing your remedy with everyone.
apatel last decade
Since our comments are invited, we will do so.

As sajjad pointed out in the other thread on diabetes, Arnica is given in the reperteries as one of the possible medicines for Diabetes.

So, it can help those, who are susceptible to it.

if 100 patients try it, 10 people may get benefitted by it, as for them it is a similar medicine.

for others, it is just taking water, thankfully for the enlightenment you got from one of our classical homeopaths, Dr.Luc.

Dr.Luc has benefitted the patients here immensely, indirectly, by making your remedies rather harmless, to most of the patients, by suggesting the plussing method to you.

Perhaps, he realised that this is the only way, he can prevent harm from prescribers like you.

I really thank him from the bottom of my heart.


P.S. Please understand that you discovered nothing. Please avoid using that word.
gavinimurthy last decade
To Apatel

The Arnica that you have in Canada is precisely what I have used for the last 11 years nightly. You have not indicated for which ailment you wish to use it and I can presume that you may be also a Diabetic. Please follow my instructions on how to make the wet dose and use it accordingly. If you are a Diabetic, please record your BS levels before and 24 hours after you take the wet dose. You can also add the Cinnamon powder which too has helped to control their BS level and you may like to know that this Arnica Cinnamon combination will enable you to stop using the usual drugs like Metformin used to treat Diabetes.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Murthy

I am grateful to you for informing me that you discovered that I was not the first to record that Arnica has been recommended for the control of Diabetes. In fact it was just yesterday that I discovered it mentioned in Clarke's work The Prescriber. You may like to know that I had given Arnica to a Type I Diabetic who had a non healing wound in his toe and he discovered that his BS level had dropped in a manner that he had never experienced every before. He was a doctor of medicine himself and his medical training just refused to permit using the Arnica although he had proof of its amazing ability to control BS levels. This was about 2 years ago and I naturally thought that I was the first to identify a new use for Arnica which I now know I am not.

I would like you please to also check your Homeopathic texts and ascertain if anyone else had discovered that Nat Phos 6x reduced weight and it the Ultimate cure for Obesity. You are best able to do so as although your own weight did not respond to it about 2 years ago when I first prescribed it to you, you did mention that you felt unusually lighter on your feet. You did not lessen your weight because you are addicted to your coffee and I have always discovered that Nat Phos is a very shy remedy and does not usually work if the patient uses drugs, coffee, preserved meats containing saltpeter. It may however be uses with Arnica which does not interfere with its weight reduction properties.

I would like to ask you just one question on Diabetes and Arnica.

Have you or for that matter any other Homeopath prescribed it ever before to help a Diabetic ?

It is one thing to have is listed with about 100 other remedies for Diabetes. But has it been used before ? Also has it been proved by taking massive doses of the remedy, to produce Blood Sugar ? I would doubt it very much.

The Cinnamon too was not my discovery as I had shared this information with you on your Hpathy forum and you had the kindness to acknowledge it on that forum where you are not welcome any more and therefore decided to fill your time on the ABC by proving to be a pest here.

You are advised to watch your posts as you too may follow your soul mate in Homeopathic crime.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

You always bring Hpathy into discussion every time. I told you umpteen times that I am a part of hpathy and will remain so.

I refrained from telling this to the public so far, out of courtesy.It is time to bare it all.

It is you who have been kicked out of Hpathy and otherhealth and earned the tiltle of 'LUNATIC' at NCH, which is now picked up by google too.

If you refer to the above table,Arnica is grade 3,in clinical.

Clinical means used by many and confirmed by many.

You have a limited exposure, and get peeved when we tell you that, others have done a particular thing much before you.

I am only 50, has a comfortable job with good income, and all the time on my hands to keep exposing false propaganda.

You can't match me with your 77 age, the need to earn your bread daily, and the need for a daily dose of Arnica.

Quit it, and confine yourself to giving your self glorifying speeches to those few, who are willing to listen to you.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

I would like to put the record straight about me on NCH. There was a resident band of skeptics numbering about 4 who were originally tolerated on that forum to which I was invited to post by the administrator over a year ago. I was subject to daily interference in the same manner that you and your soul mates have done by shadowing my every post and I decided to withdraw from it when it was getting too hot for me to handle which is when the administrator appointed me to be a moderator which drew the title Lunatic which as you state was picked first by by the Randi site to which one of the skeptics on the NCH who was banned posted my status on the NCH to assuage his anger. This was picked up by Google and will remain there to give types like you the pleasure of calling me a Lunatic which I am sure I am not and which I hope that the rest of the world also rejects. You must realize that on an open forum which is in the world domain any word that is often repeated is picked up as you have yourself remarked only a few days ago. It is only if the person who is identified thus provides proof in his subsequent behaviour to justify the title, that is will invariable be used permanently to qualify him.

In your case Murthy, you have been the bane of the prescribers from the time that you appointed yourself as the homeopathic constable on the ABC and the manner that you proceed to discharge your duties have often made me wonder if you are under contract to a group of classical homeopaths for a fee to continue to be the pest that you are even though I and others including Simon the moderator have publicly upbraided you for your pains in being the infernal nuisance that you know and fully realize that you are on the ABC.

You state
'I am only 50, has a comfortable job with good income, and all the time on my hands to keep exposing false propaganda. '

I am indeed surprised how you hold your job even though you boast of a good income as your employers may find that you are not fulfilling your duties as you seem to spend all your waking hours interfering with every one of my posts, to the chagrin of the patients whom you often have confused with your inane comments on your usual classical theme which has compelled some of my patients to rudely order you to stop forthwith. Your problem is that you do not understand the word LOVE which every homeopath must have inborn in him unless he is like you only dedicated to destroy everything you touch which you have done admirably well.

In my case I can well afford to stay at home at my age but you may like to know that at 77 years of age, I still drive myself to work even though my company has the services of 4 chauffeurs any one of whom I can monopolize as my personal chauffeur but I feel that driving which I first commenced to do at 9 years of age has also been one of my hobbies as is motor engineering and I believe that in driving the mind is kept at full functional level which is important at my age. You may like to know that I was the first person in Sri Lanka to own a BMW and I brought back with me in 1955 a BMW 502 which I purchased from the factory in Munich. This car is still roadworthy and in perfect working condition thanks to my personal upkeep of the car, although I do not drive daily as I used to in the old days as it lacks air conditioning and power steering and brakes. I now drive a BMW 320d which I enjoy driving.

My hands are very steady without any tremor and it is only my eyesight that is not 100% as I will have to have a cataract in one eye replaced with an implant. Except for this one problem I do not suffer from any other medical condition in spite of your ally Nisha's attempts at charming my heart to malfunction, which it has not done for the last 77 years and does not show any signs of obliging her.

You may also remember that I have 2 sons who joined me after their post graduate studies in universities in the US, and are involved in the family business. They have taken over from me and as I stated above, I can well afford to stay back at home as I can still direct the business even from home with my computer and phone.

Home incidentally is a very comfortable residence which I designed and built without any architects to impose their ideas and is built on the Atrium plan directly opposite the Campbell park and open ground of about 14 acres. The design of my house has been copied by many architects as they have discovered that its openness is a new departure to living although it takes a lot of space at 7500 sq feet area and 6 rooms one of which is my library which houses over 5000 books. My house has a large Atrium and garden in the center open to the sky with a pond with some priceless Koi Carp in it which I imported from Narita about 10 years ago and are about 60cm long.

You scoff at my daily dose of Arnica but I believe that you too can benefit from it and would recommend that you take a daily dose of 1 teaspoonful before you sleep as it will help you to step down from your attitude of hatred that you have successfully promoted on this peaceful forum.

I note that you have remained silent to my question which I shall repeat below:

I would like to ask you just one question on Diabetes and Arnica.
Have you or for that matter any other Homeopath prescribed it ever before to help a Diabetic ?

Joe De Livera last decade
The folllowing is the only point worth answering.


'Have you or for that matter any other Homeopath prescribed it ever before to help a Diabetic ? '


I answered it already in my above post and quote it again.

'If you refer to the above table,Arnica is grade 3,in clinical.

Clinical means used by many and confirmed by many.'

Repertories include clinical confirmations. If it is grade 3, that means many doctors have used it, and confirmed it that it worked for some cases.

In the analysis provided by Dr.Sajjad ,Arnica and Ph-ac are grade 3 in clinical.

That means some persons got benefitted by Arnica, and some by Ph-ac, and these have been confirmed.

A repertory will not give grade 3 ,to any medicine, unless the feedback comes from more than a handful of doctors.

So, it is obvious that many doctors used Arnica, and found it working for SOME cases.

If you want to know who are those doctors, you have to contact the author of the repertory.

I am sure Joe is not one of them, as you are not a doctor,and your feed back,if any, will not be considerd.

I again repeat Arnica will not cure all the problems on this earth, for all the people. It can help some for some problems.

You refuse to understand this simple thing.

Incidentally Arnica works best for mental cases, as given in the table by Sajjad.

No doubt, it works for you.

gavinimurthy last decade
Respected gavinmurthy,
i thankyou very much for your responce. i m sorry tosay that whatever is written between 'Quote nd unquote' in your response r not my word

With due regards to all of u learned schoolers of homeopathy, i would like to say that v should work for betterment for the cause of sufferer and the follower of homoeopathy. I had some where read that
'An argument is futile, when a man convinced against his own will still remains of the same opinion'

This is my opinion, nd not binding to thge readers, that all learned schoolers in this forum may try to strictly stick to the betterment of homeopathy ideology nd not argumental idology which is in no way helping a good homeopathy cause.
Santosh44 last decade
Dear Santosh

The above quote is not from you, but, from the post of joe, just ahead of my post.

Obviously you didn't read it, as most of us normally do, when extraneous matters are discussed.

We are all trying to help you in our own way. It is a matter of few days more, when everything will be sorted out.

Meanwhile, please concentrate in what is relavant to you, and don't bother about the rest of the discussion.

gavinimurthy last decade
Thanks Joe for your quick reply. Yes, I am trying to control blood sugar level. Although my blood sugar is within limit, i would like to reduce the drugs I take to keep under control. I have bought Arnica Montana 30c and prepared the wet dose as described by you. However, the taste of the dose is just like water before I put in the globules. Is that how it is supposed to be. I did shake it and all the globules are dissolved, but there is absolutely no change in the taste of the dose. Please let me know
apatel last decade
Dear joe and those who r taking CINNAMON.
PLS I KNOW SO MANY ALTERNATIVE MED Drs r claiming that cinnamin brings down sugar why i never tried that other wise i go for every thing because one of my HAKEEM DR told me they use cinnamin tea to bring up low pressure,since centuries.so cinnamin is a remedy curing low blood pressure[cinnamin tea].note those who r suffering high blood pressure,it can harm those .for your kind information in high blood pressure Aniseed tea is best .good luck.....
purdaysee last decade
There is NO cure for [ sugar] diabetes in homeopathy or alternative med ,,please please Dont leave ur insulin other wise you r dead duck.Dont listen to -----but one thing yes few med do help just little bit ,i use R40 some times it helps only to bring my sugar down 2 points no more .but if i walk 1 mile that also bring my sugar down 2 points.NOTE ther is no way to live with out insulin,one mbbs Dr one homeopath one haqeem ,tried 10 years every thing but no luck.so ---
purdaysee last decade
I apologize for intervening on this thread, but this is something I would like to say here since it is an example of the point I wish to make.
I think lengthy diatribes, whether from Murthy or Joe or xyz on a patient's thread are disruptive. I agree with Murthy, but I do not agree with the manner of intervention - I think if you disagree with a prescription, just state that it is a non- homeopathic prescription or a short statement of why you disagree and refer the patient to furthur information on 'theory of supression' or 'psuedo homeopathy', and let them make their decision. There are plenty of general threads where we can argue the merits and fallacies of prescriptions and principles. No need to trade insults and accusations on a patient's thread unless it is absolutely necessary or invited.
ripas last decade
To Apatel

I cannot remember advising you on your Blood Sugar but if yours is above normal you can safely use Arnica 30c in the wet dose. The 3 pellets that you have inserted into the 500ml bottle of water cannot be tasted but the remedy will be present in the liquid which will help you which you can verify in a few days after you start on the Arnica therapy. You are also advised to use 1/4 teaspoonful of Cinnamon powder twice daily as a tea to help you with your diabetes.

Please report your response with data on your BL levels before and after the therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Purdaysee

I was interested to read your comments on how Cinnamon helps to INCREASE blood pressure which I did not know up to now.

I have proof that Arnica reduces BS and BP levels and I owe my own BP at <120/80 and pulse <65 to my daily dose of Arnica 30c of which is sip a teaspoonful nightly.

As for your fear that patients will STOP their dependence on any drugs like Metrotmin or Insulin that they are taking this would indeed be foolish. I have always instructed them to monitor their BS levels daily and to reduce the drugs to enable the Arnica/Cinnamon therapy to take over. You may be interested to know that many patients whom I have treated have been able to STOP their dependence on drugs and only use the therapy I have prescribed.
Joe De Livera last decade
It will be interesting to know the names of those people who stopped allopathic medication, and are totally cured by this Arnica/Cinnamon therapy, on a long term basis.

Any references please?

gavinimurthy last decade
I fail to see how providing you with the names of my patients can convince you.

In any case you must know that there is a certain etiquette between patient and doctor and even though I do not pretend to be one I still feel that I cannot disclose the names of my patients to you which in any case will not help you as they are only names.

Can't you think of a more positive way of harnessing your devious mind to help patients on this forum rather than to keep bugging me as you have done ever since you returned to the ABC a few weeks ago and succeeded in creating a state of seige on the forum ?
Joe De Livera last decade

I would like to add that NONE of my patients has been TOTALLY CURED of their Diabetes which they will be compelled to treat with the Arnica/Cinnamon combination therapy, throughout their life. You will observe that this therapy is far safer and cheaper that depending on drugs which can only hasten the end of the patient's life.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for this clarification.

gavinimurthy last decade
dear dear joe
Believe me i m not argueing .i put that just for information.these remedies do help but dont cure, believe me joe.we r not looking for something to bring down sugar just 2 to 4 points but we r looking cure.though i do believe NAT PHOS,ARSNIC BRUM,R40 HELP EVEN SYZYGIUMQ and URINIUM NITRICUM 3X BOTH COMBINED reduce sugar in urine in fortnight. but again u cant servive with out ellopathic med,i heard cries of person who packed insulin and went for alternative med...pls Arnica is very good remedy but not a cure for diabet--------they say Argentum met cures diabetes,sugar in urine and kidney condition allso good for horrible offensive lucoreahoea,less than 3 days foul smell last entirely.but it did not cure my diabetes,yes it helped lot----not cure.
purdaysee last decade
Though ellopathic drugs controle ur sugar and give u 101 other complications,gratest gift is blood pressure, heart attack ,and drugs to not cure but help for angina even give u gratest gift of HEART FAILURE.still with these poisons u can buy time is not it great.
purdaysee last decade
Please tell me which element in GRAM MASALA is cinnamon,

is it LONG, DARCHINI, or any thing else.......

Pelase reply me at sohailgtr at yahoo dot com also, i will be very thanks full to you.....

with best regards

msohails last decade
m.sohail yes it is DARCHINI
they say BANABA lower blood sugar and known by some as butonical INSULIN
GYMNEMA SULVESTRE ...can lower blood sugarin type 1 type 2 diabetics.
zinc zinc is necessary for pancrease just like BOITIN

try it if u like or ???
purdaysee last decade
dear Joe or Murthy
i have been type1 diabetic for one month. i am desperate to reduce/stop my insulin but i too am a health professional and am beginning to understand more about diabetes.
my doctor has suggested that he would like me to go up to 4 injections per day within the next 12 months.
i do not mind which remedies you recommend as long as they are SAFE. i do not mind if it puts my blood pressure up a little as i am suffering a little from low blood pressure and am about to start investigations for Addisons disease.
i personally do not understand your personal conflicts, i would expect that you both just wish to help the patient/client and unfortunatly your bickering makes you both appear a little unprofessional. nevertheless i am looking to people with expertise for expert help. if you feel you are not expert then i understand this but will choose not to follow the advice.
i feel however i am very keen to try many methods to help my glycemic control and would be grateful for any advice which may be suitable to me at this time and then may be fortunate enough to make a more informed choice
thankyou very much for your time
ninaginn last decade

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