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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Wow - that is an amazing story! I listened to the tape that came with my order and there were some incredible stories on there too! It is all really encouraging!

I will try Honeysuckle as you recommed.

I do realise this is something I must go through now rather than have it come back again. It just gets quite hard sometimes. But it is really really helpful to come onto the forum and talk and you give such wonderful advice! Thank you!
waterfall last decade
So I seemed to be getting on really well with the Seroctin - this week I have been really happy and positive. Until today, I feel really crappy after having spoken to my ex.

I just cant accept that he's not going to be in my life as anything other than a friend. I cant stand the thought of him in a relationship with someone else.

For the past couple of days I have atually been quite hyper and I found it difficult to get to sleep last night - I wonder if I am taking too much Seroctin - 3 in the morning and 3 at night?

I also have gone down to Ignatia LM1 every 2 days instead of every day as my emotions were all over the place.
waterfall last decade

I think you need to stop the Ignatia. Let the remedy work. You are drowning in your emotions, literally.

Keep taking the Bach honeysuckle.

The Seroctin is fine at 3 in the morn and 3 in eve.

You talked to your ex. What else do you expect right now but a flare up of emotions? You are like going through withdrawal, like a person goes off drugs, you are going off a relationship. It takes time.

My best advice is to get out of yourself and DO something for someone else. Volunteer. Walk someone's dog. Get out of your head and on with YOUR life.

Jim Sheldon ND last decade
I want to stop the Ignatia. I talked to my homeopath and she told me to go down to every 2 days as she feels without it I might be even worse. I am due to see her again in 2 weeks. She also recommended Walnut bach remedy but I dont want to go over the top with too many flower remedies - I already take White Chestnut, Holly, Mustard and Honeysuckle although not every day.

I do get out lots - I go to the gym and I work in a bar 1 or 2 nights a week plus go out with friends. And when I am doing these things I am fine. But I still have moments of overwhelming heartache and I just cant control it, I can be in floods of tears anywhere, work, home, car, gym - I cant stop it when it happens.
waterfall last decade
With Bach Flowers, one can take up to four in one formula. You can have a separate remedy bottle of Walnut (a great remedy for transitions in life and making a break from the past).

However, you MUST take them every day. Typically, you would place four drops of EACH Bach Flower remedy into a one ounce dropper bottle. Fill the bottle 4/5 with spring water and the remaining with brandy. Shake vigorously for at least 25 shakes. From this treatment bottle, take four drops under your tongue, four times a day. You can take it more often, but you do not need to take more than four drops. This should be continued for 21 days in a row. Thisi allows your body to hold the newer frequency and transform into it. After 21 days, take a look at where you are and see what remedies can be removed and what others may need to be added. It's a very powerful, yet subtle, form of healing that I truly believe in.

Jim Sheldon ND last decade
I just feel that no one is every going to be as wonderful as he is. No one will have the same connection or understanding with me.

I truly feel I have lost my soul mate and that even if I do get into another relationship it will never be as fantastic as this one was.

All my friends tell me the usual, "you'll meet someone else, he's a fool to break up with you" - but they would say that wouldnt they and it doesnt help because thats not how I feel and its not what I want.
waterfall last decade
If anyone needed Honeysuckle and Walnut Bach Flower remedies, it's you! Make the remedy bottle as I instructed and start taking it at least four times a day. Carry the remedy bottles to work. Don't be without them. The Seroctin dose is just fine. I'm glad you have it!

Regarding Soul Mates, let me tell you something: I truly, honestly, forthrightly believed I had found mine two decades ago. The pieces fit. Everybody said we were great together. We were planning our future together. Then one day, she left me. Said she'd met someone else and that she didn't really believe in all that "Soul Mate" stuff anyway. I was devastated. Since I was a guy, I had to buck up and not show it. But trust me, I was depressed for months. (Men DO take these things badly, don't kid yourself.) Then, lo and behold, when the time was right, I met the woman I am married to now. Are we "Soul Mates?" Hmmm. I asked myself that a lot in our early years together. I had a romantic ideal about a soul mate. I had this vision of all perfection and running through fields. My wife makes me think....no, she FORCES me to think. I help to calm her down and help her gain a better perspective when she's flying off the coop. We have a deadly honest relationship that I don't think most couples could handle. But through that honesty, we have cut out all the crap and come to a higher understanding of what REAL LOVE is. Is she my soul mate? I feel we were destined to be together in this lifetime. She's the only women I've ever felt completely comfortable with and who I know I can share anything with and she won't judge me. Is she my soul mate? We were just friends for nearly six years before we became closer. I never considered for an instant that she was anything more than a good buddy, let alone soul mate....I was looking for that image of perfection that our society has now created in the form of the word: SOUL MATE.

I love my wife truly and completely. She doesn't give me happiness. She gives me contentment. Contentment is far more lasting. Contentment holds water. Happiness can leak. We can be silent in the same room and say a million words. I know her thoughts and she knows mine.

Is she my soul mate? Or is the one who left me all those years ago?

You tell me.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
That sounds wonderful and it also sounds like what I had with my ex. But he doesnt want a relationship, he wants to be free to deal with his issues and 'find himself'.

But we had such a good understanding with each other, I was more comfortable with him than anyone else I've ever met and I just dont see ever having that with anyone else.
waterfall last decade
I cant stop crying and its making me throw up. I feel so devestated, I just cant believe its over, that he wont be more than a friend.

When we were together I wasnt at all clingy or needy but I feel I am now and I dont want to be. I just desperately dont want to lose him but it feels like I have.
waterfall last decade
I appreciate all the help given to this Depression Thread. I thought it is good to add a few lines that would allow the body to act through nature.

Even though it looks difficult and almost believing that one finds it impossible to get over situations, finally it is to be understood well that time is the healer.

I would suggest you to get hold of any of Wayne Dyer's book. He teaches exactly what's that is really going on in our lives and how to caputre the essence of our life. It is not just talk but at the core being in us, we will understand. If you are interested, I could send you some of his talk. I am certain that you will be helped. Your mind will be at peace and you will be see the whole events that you are going through from a different persepective. Finally it is our perspective of things that talk to our inner mind.

Your life will have new meaning and you will find that you could be a blessing to so many others fellow human beings. It is nothing to do with religion or belief systems. It is all to do with one's inner mind where the non-stop chattering is going on during our entire walking hours. And one has to find a coach even though the coach might not be physically present all the time.

Anyhow I pray that life energy flows through you and you get to feel them.

Keep posted.
ultimatecure last decade
Ultimatecure - I would really appreciate any info you could send me.

I have tried a lot of self help books - Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear and do it anyway, end the struggle and dance with life, why people dont heal and how they can by caroline myss, starting over - cant remember the author. They all do make a lot of sense but I find I just cant put it into practise. It doesnt stay with me - you know?

But I would appreciate anything you could send.

Its such a difficult thing to go through - I do need help.

Thank you
waterfall last decade
Yes I agree with you. There are lots of books in the market. I have myself gone through so many. But you can be assured of one thing. You will get the right line the right word the right way at the right time. YOu know what, the very fact that you are looking for solutions is an indication that in your mind you know that there HAS to be a way out. And you WILL find it. It is not just some positive thinking or talk. You need to dig dig dig deeper. Sure, if I can help you help yourself even 1 percent, there will be a cumulative effect and you will be on your way to understanding what's this is all about. And please remember: your investment in books so far is not going waste. Yes you may think it has given you nothing much, but your search HAS to bear fruit. NEVER equate past to your future. ok now tell me how do I send something for you to listen, understand and apply. Is your email posted here?

Keep up the effort.
ultimatecure last decade

I would be really grateful if you could send me anything to fj_scottish at hotmail.com.

I do have positive days but when i have a bad day its just so overwhelming. And I have dreams about my ex which really affect me hugely and bring back the pain. Last week it got to the point where I didnt want to sleep in case I dreamed about him. I want to get on with my life, not to be thinking of him all the time, wondering what he is doing and if he is thinking of me etc.
waterfall last decade
Hi waterfall. I may sound unsympathetic, but that's because I think too much head-patting and stroking is just going to make you wallow more and more.
Its over. If that's final, accept it and get on. Of course you're going to feel bad sometimes - so WHAT - live through it - that's how we grow.
It may not help you, but there are far worse things in life than losing a guy you care about. It may feel like the worst thing in the world NOW - I have a test for things that feel bad - 'will it matter 2/ 5 years from now?' Most things don't / won't.
You WILL get over this and through it. Don't make it harder on yourself. Let it go.
Minsa last decade
Good Morning.

Emotions are the one that makes or breaks us. The essence of happiness is you controlling your emotions rather than emotions becoming the master. Yes Minsa's advise has to be taken. It's taking things in the right spirit. You should not feel out of the way just because you are feeling bad. Accept that feeling as natural. Tell yourself :

"I am not really feeling great at this time. But I know it is natural. But I know I will pass through this phase. I thank the Universe for providing me with help from all around me. I am surrounded by thoughts that will see me through because my purpose here is not to just sit and brood but to GET UP AND DUST MYSELF and accomplish. I know very well that it is not in falling but in getting up that will make my character, my life and my destiny.I will be an example to my friends or anyone who I meet in my day to day affairs. "

I shall send you to your email. I would suggest you listen to it without distraction. Sit at one place and put on your headphones and listen. Remember, it's a decision away for you to tell the world :
Hey, I have done it. My testimonial is here. I am a living proof. That's it. Period."
ultimatecure last decade
Minsa - I see what you are saying and of course I dont want to wallow in my own self pity. I want nothing more than to be able to get on with my life and be content with myself. I dont want my happiness to rely on my being with someone I love. And I certainly dont want people feeling sorry for me and head-patting as you put it.

I have shifted now from crying all the time to just being down. I have no energy, no will to do anything. I've lost my smile, feel really unhappy.

Ultimatecure - I hope you send your email soon, I just feel I need a boost, something to kick me out of this negative thinking. I dont like feeling like this, its not natural to me. Plus it gets everyone else around me down and that makes me feel guilty.

Too many emotions, feels overwhelming. Too many worries, not just about my break up, about money, about family and friends. My grandfather is seriously ill - has been for a few months now and my grandmother is not too well either which takes its toll on my parents. A friend of mine has just split up with her boyfriend and another friend's mother just found out she has breast cancer. Feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders at the moment.

It actually helps to be typing all of this. Kinda puts it in perspective.
waterfall last decade

Your description of things point out to the fact that you will undergo a change for good soon.

Pray for "strength to change things that you can change and strength to accept things that you cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference".

Keep telling the world "I am coming through this strong". Whatever you put out will come back multifold.

Look out for the mail.

Keep posted.
ultimatecure last decade
Thank you - I will have to check tonight when I get home as I dont have access to that email from work. Not that I could listen to it at work anyway!

I feel a little better now anyway - things always seem worse in the morning and especially on a monday!

I really appreciate you doing this Ultimatecure :-)
waterfall last decade
Update - I feel not too bad today, in face I would go so far as to say I feel pretty good and positive!

What is confusing me is how can I feel so down and weepy and just plain dreadful one day and then bounce back the next?

Ultimatecure - I didnt receive that mail from you, would you be kind enough to try again as I would really like to hear what this guy has to say.

Jim - I was going to make up a 'feel-good' flower remedy mix of a few remedies (Honeysuckle, Walnut, White Chestnut and Holly) but the bottles I have arent stock bottles, will that matter? Should I put more drops in the mix?

Thanks to everyone who has been helping me, its good to know there is support out there and I really appreciate the time you guys sacrifice to help others.
waterfall last decade
Excuse me for the delay. You should receive it anytime now.

Good you are feeling good. As long as you know that you will bounch back and keep up your mind power on that, dont bother about the low moments. Pat yourself on the back whenever you feel nice. Say to yourself :" Yes. I feel good. I know I am getting better and better. I have ultimatecure giving me the right input. I have other likeminded friends whom I dont know but are working for my benefit"

Keep posted and keep your spirit high. (without the spirit in the bottle anyway :)!

You can be HIGH on life without all the artificial HIGH methods. Smile at 5 people today. And dont worry about the response. Talk a kind word in the elevator. Say "Great!" when someone asks you 'How are you?" Get going..
ultimatecure last decade

You'll need to purchase stock bottles to make the remedy bottle I described. I'm not sure what you have and it may be too diluted.

Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Hi, waterfall. You'll feel better, you'll feel bad again, you'll feel like everything's going wrong, you'll sometimes feel like 'okay, not too bad a day... but what'll tomorrow be like?' What I'm trying to say is that this is a process, and I'm sure you know that everyone has patches of downright misery - let it all out, but at the same time, KNOW that it will pass, like everything passes, good and bad; things will get better, and life goes on. What do you do? Is your time occupied? Leave yourself the least possible time to think of how rotten things are. Allow yourself a short time to brood, then PUT IT AWAY and refuse to think of it.
Of course it'll get better.
Minsa last decade
Hi waterfall:

i was just as depressed than you are and tried many homeopathic remedies under care of a homeopath but without any significant effect and then tried allopathic antidepressants.....they have side effects and all but I believe they work much faster and better than homeopathic meds.......TRY LEXAPRO ..start at 10mg and you can go upto 40 mg...it is one of the safest and has minimum side effects and minimum withdrawal symptoms....do consult a good psychiatrist and a psychotherapist....dont stop the flower remedies and the herbal stuff (but dont mix lexapro with st john's wort)...If your sleep is not good , try Anafranil instead.

I have been following your misery thru your posts...i think its enough...forget homeopathy and go to a good psychiatrist, especially if you feel worthless, having suicidal ideas, lack energy and are generally not enjoying life...you deserve to enjoy life ...dont waste time on homeopathy...i did the same mistake and then had to suffer unnecessarily.

PS: I am a great fan of homeopathy but i also know its limitations and when allopathy is necessary (forget all the bad propaganda that allopathy just covers up the symptoms and doesnt cure the disease......my aim is that you must enjoy your life....as soon as possible...and i am not a sales/marketing rep of any allopathic drug...just talking from experience.
Alfalfa Q last decade
Check out these drugs on rxlist.com.

Awfully irresponsible, I think to prescribe these - and probably illegal unless you are an allopath.
Minsa last decade
BTW, how are you, waterfall, and how do you feel these days?
Minsa last decade
I am much much better these days thank you for asking! I was taking Ignatia LM1 for about 4 weeks but I started getting over sensitive to everything so I stopped that.

My homeopath is thinking of trying Carcinocin LM1 but at the moment I am taking my flower essences twice daily. I made up a combination from stock bottles of Mustard, Holly, White Chestnut, Walnut and Honeysuckle and it works really well! I am also taking Seroctin on Jim Sheldon's recommendation after coming off Prozac about 3 months ago.

I still have my ups and downs but I know that is normal and it will pass given time. I have been going to the gym most days and generally looking after myself.

I dont know which remedy is working or if its a combination of everything but something is working for sure!
waterfall last decade

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