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I am much much better these days thank you for asking! I was taking Ignatia LM1 for about 4 weeks but I started getting over sensitive to everything so I stopped that.

My homeopath is thinking of trying Carcinocin LM1 but at the moment I am taking my flower essences twice daily. I made up a combination from stock bottles of Mustard, Holly, White Chestnut, Walnut and Honeysuckle and it works really well! I am also taking Seroctin on Jim Sheldon's recommendation after coming off Prozac about 3 months ago.

I still have my ups and downs but I know that is normal and it will pass given time. I have been going to the gym most days and generally looking after myself.

I dont know which remedy is working or if its a combination of everything but something is working for sure!
waterfall last decade
Dear Jim Sheldon,
I am going through some stressful experiences and would like your input in terms of herbs and homeopathic remedies. Is there a forum I could post some personal history and answer any questions you might have concerning my own history? I am very open about my struggles and challenges so please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks
jayjoseph last decade
Pleased to hear from you, waterfall. You seem to be doing fine. Keep us posted from time to time.
Minsa last decade
Hello again

Another update: I was doing fine, coping well with life's ups and downs and then I was hit (litterally) with another obstacle. This one came in the shape of a large car which went into the back of mine, writing off my car,injuring me and leaving me with a whole load of legal issues, not to mention having to find a new car for the small amount of money the insurance company are paying out.

I need my car, I dont like the idea of having to rely on other people or public transport to get me around. I need to rethink all my routines for each day, of how I will get to my destinations. And I feel really bitter that the other guy will be driving around none the wiser that his carelessness has distressed me so much.

It happened so fast I didnt realise it was happening but I feel so down now and a few days ago I was fine. I guess see my ex hasnt helped my case either. I saw him for the first time in a couple of months the other day.

I am not taking any regular medication or remedies apart from my own combination of flower essences.

Does anyone have any ideas of why I attracted this accident into my life when everything was going well? And does anyone have an idea of a remedy to stop me constantly bursting into tears - even when I should be laughing? What is wrong with me?
waterfall last decade
hi waterfall - did your homeopath give you the carcinosin yet to take, as this could be very helpful?
otherwise could you describe how else you feel when you are tearful - do you crave sympathy/cuddles or the opposite? do you get trembly? does your appetite suffer?
erika last decade
No I never did get the carcinosin but in the past I have taken it - about a 18 months ago.

When I get tearful I just want to be left alone to cry and get it all out. I do find that if I can talk it out it gets better but I actually just want to run away from it and be alone. I've always been this way. I dont get trembly but I do sometimes feel or am sick and I do lose my appetite.

I just feel overly sensitive, every little thing sets me off. A friend sent me a funny picture and even although I found it funny instead of laughing I found myself wanting to cry. And another friend offered to lend me money to buy a new car and that did make me cry, I was really touched but its just overwhelming.
waterfall last decade
you could try natrum mur. 30c - take 3 doses in one day and see if that helps.
erika last decade
I will try it - thank you.

I cant believe I am feeling like this again. I really thought I was over it and suddenly on Friday, literally in a matter of hours I went from being upbeat to a complete mess. I dont understand it. I wish I could.
waterfall last decade
you are doing just fine - just take each day as it comes. life is so weird like that - up one minute and down the next!! Hang on in there!!! you are doing ok really, really , really!!
as well as the nat mur you could take one or two doses of arnica to help get over the shock of the crash.
keep in touch and hope you feel better soon :)
erika last decade
Ah - beat you to that one, I took some Arnica already after my crash for a couple of days.

Thank you very much for your advice, sometimes its just good to talk (type) about it. I find it hard to do face to face though, much easier on the forum.

Thanks again, will let you know how I progress.
waterfall last decade
looking forward to hearing from you - glad you pipped me to the post with arnica! hope it helped. my thoughts are with you - stay strong, erika :)
erika last decade
So the good news is that I have stopped bursting into tears at the drop of a hat but the other news is that I know just feel like I have no drive, no will to do anything.

I was thinking of trying Phos Ac and see if that perks me up a bit?
waterfall last decade
although you have no drive etc. do you actually feel worse or better in yourself than when you were crying all the time?
if you feel better in yourself then take another dose of nat mur.
if you feel worse in yourself then you could try the phos-ac or consider aurum.
erika last decade
I do feel better in myself. I feel less overwhelmed by all the bad stuff and am feeling more positive.

You think I should stick with the nat mur then?
waterfall last decade
yes, stick with the nat - mur. take for one more day (3 doses in one day as previously)and report back how you get on with this. :)
erika last decade
Again its been good and bad days. Some days I cant stop crying, some days I feel fine.

I feel dreadful at the moment. My ex who I still love deeply has just told me he is seeing someone else. This is the worst possible pain. Rejection, hurt, unloved, unwanted, I feel it all. I cant stop crying.
waterfall last decade
I am also craving cigarettes even although I gave up a year ago.

I am taking Fringed Violet and Sturt Desert Pea at the moment and no homeopathic remedies until I see my homeopath next week.

How do I deal with the extreme hurt caused by this? I feel empty, lost.
waterfall last decade
The Bach Flowers of Sweet Chestnut, White Chestnut, Chicory and Willow should be of help to you right now until you can visit your homeopath. Together, they should help stop the circulating thoughts and feeling of being "left." They should also quell your unresolved anger and bitterness toward your boyfriend. I would dose them directly out of the stock bottle, 2 drops from each bottle, at least four times a day.

Jane525 last decade
I'm not angry or bitter. Just very very hurt. And confused. And I dont understand what went wrong. I feel so lonely.
waterfall last decade
Look at Heather Bach Flower. Sweet Chestnut and White Chestnut still would help.
Jane525 last decade
Read the article on depression at Vedic Wisdom
it will help you. There is also a natural cure given for depression.
niceday9 last decade
I,m such a mess, I cant stop crying and I cant eat, I feel sick and when I cry I get so hysterical I retch although nothing comes up because I cant eat.

Heartbreak is the worst pain.
waterfall last decade
I looked at the Verdic Wisdom site but I cant afford the 120 dollars for the natural depression cure.

Please someone help me. i am so stuck in grief.
waterfall last decade
This pain is too much to bear. Please someone respond, even to talk and not suggest remedies.
waterfall last decade
I'm not a christian in the sense of going to church (ever - except weddings and funerals), but if ever there was a guy who understood life, it was Jesus. I happen to believe he's been misunderstood, and his wisdom has been twisted by knaves to make traps for fools, but anyway...

He said: "He who would follow me, should give all thier possesions to the poor..."

I consider myself very fortunate in that, one summer, not long after breaking up with my first love, I ran out of money entirely and lived in my small van for about 6 months.

The engine stopped working, so I was eventually rooted to the spot in a college car park in my tin shed.

My one connection to the outside world was a mobile phone. One of my work colleagues, bless him, stole my my mobile phone, so I was no longer communicating with my friends and family either. I was pretty damn upset.

Shortly after this, my van got broken into (not hard to do) and my tapes got stolen. For obvious reasons, the thief did not take the mound of smelly laundery or my sleeping bag, and I suppose if I had more stuff at the time of the 'burglary', I'd have lost that too.

I felt surprisingly happy; it occured to me that actually, this was as low as things were likely to go. My ex was as likely to return to me as my tapes and mobile phone. I had (almost) nothing.

Apart from my health (treasure of treasures) I had nothing left to lose. What a relief! I don't recall a time in my life when I felt more relaxed - nothing could go wrong. If you're lying on the ground, you really can't trip over! The only way from here was up.

Since then, life has been progressively kinder, and now , with wife, baby, small business, house, 2 cars, etc etc, I'm much more anxious than ever. I've so much to loose.

What I'm trying to say, in my long winded way, is simply that your situation is so laden with potential. You're in a position to be given the best in life.

It seems harsh to say so, but things clearly weren't quite right with your ex, or he wouldn't be your ex. But while you were with him, it is pretty unlikely you would ever meet Mr Right.

Yeah your car has given you a lot of stuff to sort out, but if your mind is so focussed on being depressed, it's great that the universe has given you the little project of trying to find a new car.

Yeah, car crashes suck. I had somebody go into the back of my car once and her first words were "what happened?" Don't some people look where they're going?

But hey, you're alive. Not every 'not at fault' car crash is survived. Life can end so very very suddenly. Squeeze in what you can before you go.

My advise to you is not to focus on your depression. Don't look for remedies; don't think about it.

Obsessive thinking is, it seems, a common response to seperatio, and with it comes so much energy. But don't drown in it - turn it to your advantage.

Find something positive you want to do, and throw all your energies into that. The one thing, that's been at the back of your mind for years that you want to do when you have enough time / money / inspiration. Write a novel? Start a business? Build a house? Make an ocean liner out of lollypop sticks? Whater it is, dive in. When you wake up at 3 am and can't go back to sleep because you're thinking of him. Get out of bed and work on your project.

This was a friend's advice to me - hence the business I now run; the wife, the son, and nice house came later, but none of them would have happened without my business (my project).

I'm curious though, what's your one thing going to be?
monza last decade
It really helps me to hear stories of how other people have climbed up from rock bottom. It does give me hope that I can do the same.

My problem is that I have no energy or will to do anything. I force myself to come to work because I know I will be much worse at home by myself with all that time to brood. But I dont even feel like getting out of bed these days.

I just cant get past how 2 people can love each other so deeply and then after breaking up he can move on so quickly. And the love is still there because I feel it when I see him and he says he feels it too.

I know I need to stop seeing him and contacting him. It just feels like he is the only one who can make my hurt go away. Because he caused it, he can cure it - isnt that the law of similars?
waterfall last decade

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