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thankyou simone for reply but my actual problem is im taking thiosinaminum for scars on my face from few weeks then i noticed im reducing my weight too that why i asked abt thios...plz help
  arpitM on 2013-03-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

see http://www.homeoint.org/clarke/t/thios.htm

part of the picture on this remedy is a person with body weight increase- so this remedy
can reduce weight.

You are proving the remedy which means you are taking too often or wrong potency.

There are other remedies for scars on the face such as Calendula Mother tincture 10 to 20
drops in half cup of water- swabbed on the face morning and evening.
Who is prescribing this for you?

If you want another opinion on your scars you can fill out the form that I gave you the link
on your other post. Be aware that homeopaths on here are going to prescribe what they
think are right remedies for your problem, they may not think this remedy is correct for you.

Please see the upper left forum front page- you can click on the button recent threads.
This will let you see your posts and reply on this post- as the same thread needs to be
used to prevent confusion.
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simone717 6 years ago
first i would like to say thankyou,simone.my age is 25 yrs,weight 55 kg.not have any physical or mental problem nor in my family members.im happy guy always try to make atmosphere and people happy around me.my problems is 7-9 month old i suffer from acne,boil and there scars.i started using silicia but the situation become more worst ,had got more acne on my face then completely stop this remedy after that i search information abt sulphur 30 potency and started taking 10 to 15 drops 3 times a day with thiosinaminum 30,both same potenct.i got amazing result from these remedy and continue.my acne has gone and scars also become lite.approax 1 month i noticed that im reducing weight also,though i had idle weight.then i stop both the remedy.again i search abt sulphur on net but haven't found any information about its tendency against weight and abt thiosinaminum before your post.still im in confuse should i continue sulphur.currently im on psorinum for my problems.but psorinum heals on problem very slow then i started taking 200 potency but not impress as much as from sulphur.now i have question should i continue sulphur 30 or not or prorinum.does sulphur has tendency to reduce weight and psorinum?
all these remedy i search through homeopathy websites.scars could curable from calendula.can it be taken internally or external for scars? suggest me some more scars remedy.plz suggest me some remedy for external use,effective ointments
arpitM 6 years ago
you are using remedies like allopathic medicine dose protocols.
In homeopathy, the right medicines are to activate your own life force
to do the clearing on its own. You never take medicines over and over everyday
unless you are using cell salts for a chronic issue or a mother tincture for a bit-
and you need supervision on doing this.

And never take a nosode, unless you are being supervised ( psorinum)

see the post- http://www.abchoomeopathy.com/forum2.php/377443
Remedies can be acting for months on you depending what you took.
And if you keep losing weight, perhaps one has to be antidoted.
Who put you on psorinum?

You are going to need a gap of no remedies for a bit of time to see what is what.

If you want help on here, please fill out the form questions.


And be sure to preface these questions with what remedies taken,what potency,
and what frequency so that people have all the information they need to help you out.
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simone717 6 years ago
Thanx simone.how r u?
no one put me on psorinum,just i.after searching at homeopathy websites.is im taking wrong remedy but im getting positive result frm psorinum and sulphur but the problem is im losing my weight also,my height 5.4 and my weight was 55kg now its 53 kg.in present i stop these remedy.suggest me the potency and doses in homeopathy,how to take.

1.suffering from acne,boils,scars,dry,rough,greasy,shiny skin
2,no any other physical sufferings do you have in my body
4,lose my confidence
5,7-9 month back after my brothers' marriage
7,don't know
arpitM 6 years ago
Hi ArpitM,

First more info is needed bc some of this is confusing.

You said in your earlier post: You were taking sulphur30c
every day and the acne was gone?

Is it gone? Explain further.

Next what went on at your brothers marriage? What was
you skin like before this? What do you think could
have caused this to start at this time? Were you
taking any antibiotics, or eating different food, or
upset or stressed?
simone717 6 years ago
hi Simone

yes i used sulphur 30c regularly with thiosinaminum daily that was extravagant for me.but now i stop both remedy cause of weight and don't know which remedy is responsible.my acnes gone but have some scars on my face.definately i may not using proper dose or potency but i must say i got relief atleast from acne,boils.
u didn't the answer about psorinum?
my skin was in good condition.i noticed after my brothers' wedding i got many acne on face.exactly don't know what could be the reason.im not taking any antibiotics bt yes sometimes i eat street food.im not in stress

1.suffering from acne,boils,scars,dry,rough,greasy,shiny skin
2,no any other physical sufferings do you have in my body
4,lose my confidence
5,7-9 month back after my brothers' marriage
7,don't know
8,don't know
9,i feel better in winters.i like winters.my skin become dull in summer.skin attract to the sun very easily
i like thunderstorm sometimes
i like being consoled during my tough times
im not sensitive to smell noise or light
i don't have any typical habits
i care my family and friends and give respect to them
11,no fear nor dream of any situation repeatedly
12,i crave sweets.eat food without aversions of anything
13,normal thirst
14,normal hunger
15,may be not
16,normal to more sweat on face in summer days and when i put some moisturiser on face
18,sleep well right side and sometimes left side posture
20,from my polite behaviour
21,ealrier i was not on any
22,my mother was diabetic patient.now my elder brother has too
23,i have weatish normal complexion and lookwise im handsome as people say.normal weight
arpitM 6 years ago
Hi- Yes you stop psorinum.

Homeopathic remedies are to stimulate your own life force to clear you.That is why
when you take them, and they have action of any kind, You wait-- and see how
long the action goes for-they can be working for weeks, months bc they stimulated
your life force to keep moving this out. You took a ton of stuff.

What I still don't know is-

Are you asking to be treated for acne? or just scars?
Bc you said the acne was gone earlier.

You only treat the current state.

example- person has a bad cough- takes the remedy and cough is going away.
Takes more remedy than needed and the cough comes back bc of overdose.

You have taken so many things you need a gap right now of a couple weeks.
And then see what is going on with acne or no acne.

On the scars, you can get Calendula Mother tincture, and put 20 drops into
a quarter cup of water, and then swab that on the skin in the morning and before bed.
But don't take anything internal for 2 weeks.
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simone717 6 years ago
I have been taking thiosinaminum 6c for over 5 months daily. At first I took it twice per day, but that made me too tired, then once per day, for abdominal scars from multiple surgeries over 30 years. At first I felt wonderful and started losing weight. Then I took a course of antibiotics and for the last 3 months since then feel progressively less vital, and gaining weight even though dieting and walking daily, and my DO said today that she feels a fibrousness to my constitution and to stop the Thios.

Should I take something to antidote the Thios and if so, what please?

Thank you.
Stephr123 6 years ago
you need to post your own thread and someone will help you
with your question.

Go to the front of the forum and see button that says-
post new topic. Click that and make a headline
and repost.

After antibiotics, you have to do probiotics and find
one that you like, take everyday for 2 months to
repopulate your gut flora. Important. But you need
an answer to the other question, so please repost.
simone717 6 years ago
Thank you simone.
Stephr123 6 years ago
Hi and thnx simone,

yes im asking for acne and scars both.my acne has gone but sometimes acne rise again,when im on sulphur its wonderful but when i noticed im losing weight then i stop sulphur and thiosinaminum both as i told u earlier post.and after a month i got few acne back then started psorinum but now i stop psorinum also as your advised.now i feel scared of coming back of acne.can i continue sulphur again with 30 potency or introduce me some other good remedy.

calendula mother tincture is for external use on face can it be taken internally also for scars?
arpitM 6 years ago
Calendual is for external use on scars.

You cannot pop a remedy pill every time you see a pimple.

You have to wait till around 4-24 and see what is going on
with you and skin etc- Remedies work for weeks internally.
You must have patience and see what your state is around the 24th to
get an idea of what the remedies you took did for you.

The remedies are to activate your own life force----- your own
life force is clearing things out. The remedy activates your life force
to do this. So you don't take sulphur etc when your life force
has already been mega activated- and things don't work in a
straight line either- you can really mess yourself up and cloud
the entire picture of what needs what if you keep taking things.

You can do the Calendula externally.
simone717 6 years ago

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