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Seeking help with sinus infections...


I am seeking help with reoccurring acute sinus infections. I have been treated constitutionally by a classical homeopath for 2 years, yet this continues to be a problem. Here is the info:

Infections started occurring 8 years ago after I weaned my second child, and ever since happen routinely every Spring and Fall.

I initially suspected seasonal allergies, but when I went for testing, all results were negative.

I still get infections even when religiously doing preventive nasal irrigation daily.

I have an otherwise strong immune system; it is very rare for me to catch a cold or flu - and if I do it is mild.

Infection never happens as a result of a cold or flu; they don't seem to be precipitated by anything other than mild environmental allergy symptoms including:

-constant need to blow my nose, but either nothing comes out or scanty clear watery discharge
-pressure in my sinuses and ears
-brief throat irritation right before an infection sets in
-stiff neck
-mysterious mild congestion and some crustiness in my right nostril - the right side seems to be the main problem
-I can still breathe fine up until a full infection has taken hold.

Strangely, I never have any infected pus, nasal discharge or mucous. Sometimes after starting a course of antibiotics and the infection has started to clear up, I will have a little green/yellow, but otherwise there is none.

I have never been able to get did of an infection without antibiotics, but not for lack of trying every possible natural treatment. My symptoms when I do have a full blown infection are:
- extreme fatigue and weakness;
-I feel like my legs are so weak they will give out
-major sinus pressure and pain
-ear pressure
-intermittent fever
-dark circles around my eyes
-no mucus or discharge

CT scan has shown no abnormalities

I rarely suffer from headaches

No coughing

My sinuses do not seem to be affected by humidity, air pressure or temperature

No chemicals, perfumes or irritants are used in our home

I don't use any nasal sprays or decongestants

Dulcamara and kali bi have not been effective in the past.

I am looking for remedy suggestions that I can take when an infection seems immanent. I would like nothing more that to treat these infections naturally and avoid antibiotics.

Thank you so much for any help.
  auroreorange on 2014-04-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please answer these questions to do with what happens when the allergy symptoms begin and get going- and there will be more after this.


Are they itchy? Where?
Are they sore? Where?
Do you rub them? Does that help?
Are they watery? Is there any pus?
Are they red? Where exactly?
Does the light bother you?
Anything else on the eyes.


is it sore? where?
Is it itchy? Where?
Is it watery? Is there thick mucous or what type of mucous if any?
Do you sneeze? how much?
is it red? where?
Anything else about the nose.


Any swelling? where?
Itching? Where?
burning? where?
Redness? Where
Anything else about the face.


itching? where?
burning? where?
Noticeable taste? what is it like?
anything else.


Better or worse at any time of day or night?
Does anything help to make it better or make it worse?
Any particular mood that goes on associated when this comes on? or
what are you feeling when it happens?

Please list what you have tried- homeopathic and allopathic ( so everything is
in one spot for me to look at)


What area of the world are you in?
Do you live near any farms? or factories?
What is the climate like?
What weather do you like and what weather do you hate?

Thank you.
simone717 9 years ago
Thanks for your prompt answer!

Eyes do feel a bit sore, dry and irritated, rubbing them does temporarily help. They are not water and there is no pus. Yes, light does bother me though.

Nose - no other symptoms than what I listed; no itching, redness or mucous.

Face - no itching, burning or redness; rather I look quite pale.

Throat - feels irritated at the onset of infection, but not during or at any other time.

The allergy type symptoms (sinus stuffiness) are worse in the morning, but when I have an actual infection, no time of day is better, it is just constant.

My mood when it happens - busy and overwhelmed.

I love in British Columbia, Canada. I am not near any farms or factories, the area is mountainous and forested. The climate is damp and rainy in late autumn, winter and spring, moderately hot and dry in the summer and early autumn. I don't do well with dark, damp & rainy weather; I actually have symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and have to use bright light therapy he's cause my sleep cycle gets messed up, and I am tired and lethargic.

What I have tried in the past to treat infections:

-Saline nasal irrigation (neti pot), also tried adding betadine, colloidal silver and xylitol

-homeopathic: kali bi 200C, Dulcamara 200C, Merurcurius Solubilis 200C, Arsenicum 30C, Spongia Tosta 30C, Mercurius Vivus 30C

Drinking apple cider vinegar & hot water

Bromelain and Auercetin supplements

Elderberry syrup

Nasal decongestant spray

Corticosteroid nasal spray

Colloidal silver (by mouth)

Oil of oregano (by mouth)

Thanks so much!
auroreorange 9 years ago
Hi again.

What was the homeopath giving you for a constitutional
remedy? And are you taking the constitutional remedy

Please list what you were given, the potency and the
amount of doses.

What were the results of this?

Allergies -

You did not mention sneezing- do you sneeze and how
much? Are there any bouts of sneezing and then it
just stops?

Do you feel like your nose is swollen internally or there is
inflammation when this begins or at some point?

Do you have a loss of smell at all?

Does your mouth and throat get really dry?

Is the eye irritation worse from eye movement?

Does your face get hot?

Are you sensitive to the smell of flowers?

simone717 9 years ago
The first constitutional remedy I received was Lac Felinum and then Calcarea Muriatica. She tried a few others on me without much effect - but I didn't get the names of them. I was always started on 200C, then 1M and in some cases 10M. Never more often than once per week. I never had any improvement of my sinuses with the constitutional treatment.

I rarely sneeze. My sinuses do feel swollen internally, and it often extends to my ears and down the sides of my neck, where I am assuming the dusts human tubes drain into the throat.

No loss of smell but my eyes get dry and I have dry mouth and frequent thirst.

Eye irritation is not worse from eye movement, and I am not sensitive to the smell of flowers. Face does not get hot.

Also worth mentioning, when I have an infection I have major pressure around my eyes, like they are being pinched.
auroreorange 9 years ago

Be aware that you can only take one remedy at a time.If you are taking
constitutional remedies -they can have effects for months. Sometimes
the allergy symptoms are part of a layer that is not being addressed yet
by the constitutional remedy.

You should check with your homeopath so that she has all the info and
can advise you whether she thinks you can take something for the
allergies or not- I would not want this to interfere with your

I suggest when this comes on again- if your homeopath is in agreement,
that you try Sticta Pulmonaris30c You have a lot of matches with that remedy.
I would start out dissolving 3 pills in a quarter cup of water put it in a bottle
and take one cap as a dose. After the first dose, hit the bottle 6x before
any other doses. If there is no effect, try again in 4 hours, if no effect
then try one more time.

If you have any worsening then stop. Wait for things to return and that
is when you dose again. If it gets better, stop and wait for things to
return again before another dose.

If you try this, please do report on here how it is going after a couple days.
If there is no effect another remedy needs to be chosen.

btw, of course wait for things to show up before you try this- it is not
a preventative. And using the saline nasal spray - no meds- the sterile ones
from the drug store are much better and safer than a neti pot.

Best wishes,

[message edited by simone717 on Thu, 03 Apr 2014 04:23:24 BST]
simone717 9 years ago
Calcarea carbonica was also briefly tried constitutionally, 200C and 1M.
auroreorange 9 years ago
Thank you so much for the advice. I haven't been treated constitutionally for almost 2 years - forgot to mention that in my last reply. I was coming up with stricta as well in my research, and I appreciate your opinion on it and dosage information. I will check back on results if/when I have the occasion to use it.

Best regards.
auroreorange 9 years ago
One more question- which potency of Stricta Pulmonaris?
auroreorange 9 years ago
Start with 30c to see if there is
any effect.
simone717 9 years ago
Great, thanks.
auroreorange 9 years ago

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